Dream team Ben Rock and Bob DeRosa are proud to announce the second season of their anthology project, 20 Seconds to Live. It’s the web-series for people who hate happy endings and it’s known for its killer hook: every episode features a new set of characters and when a 20-second timer counts down to zero, someone dies! Figuring out who gets it and how is much of the fun.


Already being familiar with Rock and DeRosa’s work (Video Palace is the bee’s knees, y’all) I knew I was in for a treat. And, boy, was I right. I love me a good anthology series and I’m happy to report both seasons of 20 Seconds to Live are a wonderful example of an anthology done right. What’s not to love? There’s the brilliant cast and wonderfully eclectic stories with the grizzly guarantee that someone will die in each one in the most unpredictable, amusing way possible. Gory too. I mean, there’s a lot of gore going on.

Plus! Each episode is only a few minutes long. Talk about short, sweet and to the point. I was able to watch the entire new season for this review on my commute to work. It’s just a fun handful of installments that I honestly can’t praise enough.

This season’s all-star cast includes Billy Gardell (Mike & Molly), Jonathan Mangum (co-host on Let’s Make A Deal), Devin Sidell (Rob Zombie’s 31), Joe Fria (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2), and John Berchtold (Manhunt: Unabomber). New episodes will be released every Friday in October.

Joining Rock and DeRosa behind the scenes are producer Cat Pasciak (Atari: Game Over), co-producer Rebecca Larsen (Scream of the Bikini), director of photography George Feucht (SiREN), composer Jonathan Price (Ouija House), with special make-up and gore effects by Jason Collins & Autonomous F/X (Stan Against Evil).

Treat yourself this spooky season by watching the latest episode of 20 Seconds to Live down below! And catch up on season 1 at www.20SecondsToLive.Com

New episodes every Friday in October!



Fallon Marie Gannon