The gang is back together again in our first official trailer for Young Justice: Outsiders. The show that fans “demanded” back will be continuing their story. Not only do we have a new trailer, but we also learned just when fans will be able to see their favorite characters again. It’s so much sooner than you think!

The trailer refreshes us on what we know, thanks to a news conference and a transmission from Wonder Woman on Watchtower. Metahuman children are being kidnapped and used as “weapons of mass destruction” on Earth. One of those metahumans is the Princess Tara of Markovia. Some members of the Justice League are sent to a mysterious island while members of Young Justice have a mission in space! A big chance for the younger members. But in order to combat this growing threat of metahumans, the team needs new recruits. Including the Prince of Markovia, Brion. He tests out his new powers and discovers he may have some clothing issues when he’s done. 

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The series is looking to still be incredibly action packed and set to bring both sadness and fun. Those things go hand-in-hand with Young Justice, right? Joking aside, this is a highly anticipated series and you’ll only have to wait a little over a month to get it. My biggest question is – just when do they plan on bringing Wally back? You know it’s gonna happen. It’s only a matter of time…

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Young Justice: Outsiders premieres on DC Universe on January 4th, 2019!