Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first and second season of the Netflix original series YOU.

Well, there goes the neighborhood. 

Less than a month since the release of You‘s long awaited second season, Netflix has given the people what they wanted and already renewed the series for a third season. The Penn Badgley-led drama will pick up right where season two left off, with parents to be Joe and Love (Victoria Pedrettisettling in nicely to their new home in the ‘burbs. And just when you think Joe might chill out and enjoy his super weird happily ever after? He appears to find a new obsession in his book loving neighbor. 

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The third season of You will feature ten more episodes from executive producers Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti. While the official casting has not been announced yet, it’s assumed Badgley and Pedretti will reprise their roles as everyone’s favorite psycho couple. It’s also likely the season will premiere sometime in 2021. If you are like me and way too impatient for this upcoming season, lucky for us author Caroline Kepnes has confirmed she is writing a third and fourth book for the You series!

This upcoming novel will apparently see Joe move to the Pacific Northwest with a plan to become a family man. At the moment it’s up in the air how much the series will follow the book, given the changes that have already been made. However, in an exclusive interview with EW Kepnes did discuss Joe’s mindset in this upcoming book. “I feel so thrilled that I get to keep telling that story, because that wasn’t the end…”

“Joe is really proud of himself because a lot of people in his position descend into darkness after having been through what he’s gone through in book two and then in the beginning of book three. And he decides that he’s going to be a better person and he’s very proud of himself for that. Having dealt with Love’s family and dating someone with this close relationship with their twin brother, he’s very focused on the idea that he should be the one with the family. But yeah, the main thrust of it is that he’s very proud of his strength…”

Something tells me that this road to being a better person will come with some sort of body count. 

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Fallon Marie Gannon