The entire season of Star Trek: Picard is now available for free in the United States on CBS All Access. The news came along with an incredibly heartwarming video on Patrick Stewart’s social media accounts that may have made this writer blurry-eyed with tears. 

In the video Star Trek actors, producers and even real life astronaut Mae Jemison talk about the impact that the Star Trek franchise has had on generations of people and on themselves. The video is effective and quite beautiful. 

Starting today and ending April 23rd, all Star Trek series can be streamed for free including Star Trek: Picard. Viewers can sign up at CBS All Access using the code: GIFT. That latter is noteworthy as the season finale is this Thursday. It’s also an incredibly helpful gesture as many Americans are currently on lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. As a life long Star Trek fan, I know this will be a lovely elixir for many folks. 

Check out Patrick Stewart’s message and the video below. 



This was originally published on 3/24/20





Audrey Kearns