DISCLAIMER: This recap of Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 3, “Digestif,” contains spoilers. Proceed at your peril. 

Welcome back to The Wilderness, acolytes. “Digestif” depicts the aftermath of our teens’ cannibalistic turn in the previous episode. Some handle it better than others. One prevailing commonality linking the teens with their adult counterparts is hallucinations. Everyone hallucinates this go-round. The performances are soul-stirring and visceral. Raw, even. There are also a lot of veiled comments, from Shauna’s monologue about looking someone in the eyes before they kill them to Lottie and Nat’s conversation about queen bees. Something tells me these remarks hint at what else transpires in the wilderness. 

We get biblical references, with the dead birds and bees. Side note: Ben’s not long for this world. He’s already hallucinating because of starvation. I give him a few more episodes. 

Ready to delve into “Digestif”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open with a handful of quick cuts, from Jackie’s skeletal, bloody hand (yum) to the teens picking the flesh off her bones and Ben (Steven Krueger) lying in bed. He looks utterly out of it. Then, we transition to a flashback scene featuring Ben and Paul (François Arnaud). I love how these sequences present like a VHS tape is rewinding. Ben tastes Paul’s clam chowder. He can definitely taste the cumin that’s not in it. Paul stresses over the upcoming Chowderfest, so Ben offers his relaxation services. After all, he minored in “chillaxing.” The pair start making out. When the flashback fades, we see Ben staring into space. 

Meanwhile, teen Taissa (Jasmin Savoy Brown) finds Natalie (Sophie Thatcher) sitting on the cabin’s porch steps. She looks unfocused, like Ben. Taissa notices something’s amiss with Jackie’s corpse, aka she’s pretty much bones at this point. Taissa starts sobbing, so Van (Liv Hewson) tries to calm her down. Tai doesn’t recall eating Jackie’s face. Oof. Taissa wonders if she was sleepwalking despite Van’s insistence she made direct eye contact. Taissa vomits. Imagine finding out you ate someone’s face after essentially blacking out. 

Teen Taissa and Teen Van sit next to each other in the cabin in the wilderness in Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 3, "Digestif."

(L-R): Jasmin Savoy Brown as Teen Taissa and Liv Hewson as Teen Van in YELLOWJACKETS, “Digestif,” Season 2 Episode 3. Photo Credit: Colin Bentley/SHOWTIME.

Next, Nat offers to gather Jackie’s remains and transport them to the plane wreckage. Then, they can bury her with the rest when it’s springtime. Shauna (Sophie Nélisse) sits in silence, practically catatonic. In 2021, adult Nat (Juliette Lewis) watches while Lottie (Simone Kessell) leads a therapy session. Someone’s crying. Nat decides to explore the surrounding cabins in Lottie’s little cult. She finds Lisa (Nicole Maines) chopping off a chicken’s head. She tells Nat the place before them with the antlers belongs to “Charlotte,” aka Lottie. Oh, and it’s locked. Nat advises Lisa to keep her hand away from the ax blade when she cuts. Sound advice. 

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Then, adult Taissa (Tawny Cypress) has a vision at the hospital of the nurse informing her that Simone (Rukiya Bernard) needs another blood transfusion. Sammy (Aiden Stoxx) asks Taissa if Simone’s going to die. Taissa wakes with a start, with the nurse asking Tai about the symbol she drew on Simone’s palm. It’s the symbol. Tai frantically smudges and removes the mark before kissing Simone’s hand, staying by her wife’s side. 

Meanwhile, adult Misty (Christina Ricci) meets Walter (Elijah Wood) in person. He owns a boat called The Great Expectations, which sits at the ready by the dock in case he needs to depart. Misty learns the man Walter plans to interrogate — the one who’s been living at the motel for three months — is none other than Randy (Jeff Holman). You know, Jeff’s bestie. Misty hides on Walter’s boat and decides to feed Walter questions through his earbuds. Randy would undoubtedly recognize her if she remained in sight. 

Adult Natalie sits outside in the sunshine while looking pensive in Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 3, "Digestif."

Juliette Lewis as Natalie in YELLOWJACKETS, “Digestif,” Season 2 Episode 3. Photo Credit: Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME.

Later, Jeff (Warren Kole) and Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) sit at a diner. Jeff rants about strawberry lube and how Shauna wanted to incorporate it into their bedroom routine. However, Jeff claimed it was for “bisexuals and goths.” Jeff is iconic. Jeff assumes Shauna cheated on him with Adam because he’s a boring partner. However, Shauna insists she did it because she didn’t know what would happen next. She enjoyed the unpredictability of it all. 

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Next, the pair are driving in their minivan when Jeff decides, on a whim, to take a trip to Williamsburg. A little spontaneity never hurts anybody. Shauna seems to go along with it when, suddenly, Jeff hits someone. Both exit the vehicle to help the potential victim when the latter pulls a gun on them. He wants their van. However, Shauna’s fight response kicks into high gear, and she swiftly steals the weapon from him. Jeff tries to wrest the gun from Shauna’s grip, and while they’re distracted, the guy hops into their van and drives away. 

A flabbergasted Jeff can’t wrap his mind around why Shauna would do that. Has he forgotten about the 19 months she spent in the wilderness trying to survive? Meanwhile, Lottie shows Nat where they keep the bees at the camp. She describes how the queen kills all the would-be queens. There’s so much subtext in this conversation. Much of what’s communicated is between the lines, through glances and physicality. Lottie talks about how the bee deaths aren’t brutal but merely “what has to be done.” She’s referencing the wilderness. 

Adult Misty stands in front of Walter on a dock while Walter's on a boat in Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 3, "Digestif."

(L-R): Christina Ricci as Misty and Elijah Wood as Walter in YELLOWJACKETS, “Digestif,” Season 2 Episode 3. Photo Credit: Colin Bentley/SHOWTIME.

Then, teen Lottie (Courtney Eaton) tries to give Nat her tea. Of course, Nat shuns Lottie’s supernatural, witchy ways. She continues putting Jackie’s remains in a sack. Travis (Kevin Alves) offers to accompany Nat to the plane wreckage, but she decides to go alone. Shauna observes from afar while Nat leaves with Jackie’s remains. She confesses to Lottie that she feels remorse regarding their actions. Shauna feels like everything’s out of control, and it terrifies her. I love how this remark contrasts what adult Shauna says in the diner. The character changes here are interesting. 

Lottie believes this is what Jackie would’ve wanted — to nourish Shauna’s baby. She suggests they throw a baby shower to boost morale and as a show of support for Shauna. Mari (Alexa Barajas), Misty (Samantha Hanratty), Crystal (Nuha Jes Izman), Gen (Mya Lowe) and Akilah (Nia Sondaya) are on board for it. 

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In the present, Walter asks Randy the questions Misty gives him. Randy assumes Walter, from the “FBI,” is there because of his parking tickets. Walter asks whether Randy’s covering for “his friend,” which Randy assumes is Jeff. When Natalie’s finally brought into the conversation, Randy claims he doesn’t recall seeing her. Misty orders Walter to hit Randy, but our fake FBI agent hesitates. He flees to Misty’s side, where the latter persuades him to go through with the slap. Randy’s infamous for making a classmate of theirs eat a frog when they were in elementary school. The hit is well-deserved. 

Adult Taissa stands in front of a mirror while staring at her reflection in Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 3, "Digestif."

Tawny Cypress as Taissa in YELLOWJACKETS, “Digestif,” Season 2 Episode 3. Photo Credit: Colin Bentley/SHOWTIME.

Ben enters the cabin and finds the girls working hard on their baby shower gifts. He imagines Gen foaming at the mouth and claiming she’s still hungry. It’s like something out of a horror movie. When she asks him what his problem is, Ben silently retreats to his room in response. We return to another flashback featuring Ben and Paul. They’re still kissing. After they get their fill, Ben reveals he plans to accompany the Yellowjackets to Nationals. He has to see it through. Paul wonders why he’s sticking with the team after Ben complained about them being “vicious little monsters.” 

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Their discussion culminates in Paul asking Ben to leave. Paul wants Ben to move in with him, and he loves our fave coach, but Ben won’t commit. Of course, this is 1996, where it’s tough for two men in a relationship to live out in the open. Something tells me this was his last conversation with Paul before the crash. Now, we see Nat wading through the knee-deep snow toward the plane. She puts the sack of Jackie’s remains inside. Then, she sits with Jackie for a while. She thanks Jackie for nourishing them for the winter. 

Suddenly, Nat spots a white moose. It’s massive. She trains her rifle on it and fires. Nat misses, angering the moose. It charges at her and rams its antlers into the side of the plane. Nat crawls backward in an attempt to flee from it. However, when she looks up, the white moose is gone. It was never there, to begin with. Becoming a cannibal makes you hallucinate. Meanwhile, Walter slaps Randy as per Misty’s instructions. Randy reveals he saw a group of people donning purple that hung around their van for a few days. They also drank all the Fanta in the vending machine. Criminals!

Adult Shauna stands in a parking lot while holding a gun with Jeff next to her in Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 3, "Digestif."

(L-R): Melanie Lynskey as Shauna and Warren Kole as Jeff Sadecki in YELLOWJACKETS, “Digestif,” Season 2 Episode 3. Photo Credit: Colin Bentley/SHOWTIME.

Later, in the wilderness, Van notices Taissa is in sleepwalk mode. She asks Tai if she can accompany the latter outside. Once out in the cold, Van asks Tai if she’s following someone. Sleepwalking, Taissa reveals it’s the man with no eyes. She follows him when Taissa gives permission. When Van asks who’s taken control of her girlfriend, she spots the strange symbol on the tree. Taissa led them there. Suddenly, Tai wakes. Van asks about the man with no eyes, and Tai’s memory flashes back to when she was a little girl, and her grandmother was dying. She saw the No-Eyed Man in the mirror. 

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Then, Jeff confronts Kevyn (Alex Wyndham) at the gym. He claims Shauna was disturbed by Kevyn’s visit. Kevyn reveals there were hundreds of texts between Shauna and Adam. Oh, and his source disclosed her affair. Jeff wholeheartedly denies it, stating that Kevyn needs a better source. Meanwhile, Shauna takes an Uber to the shop where the thief took her minivan. She was tracking him. Shauna brandishes the gun and enters said shop. She points it at one of the employees. Assuming she’s a fragile woman incapable of murder, he tries to talk Shauna out of using the gun. 

However, Shauna launches into a monologue about peeling the skin off someone’s bones (I’m assuming she’s referring to Jackie). She also states her hands aren’t shaking because of nerves but because of how badly she wants to kill. Holy sh*t. Melanie Lynskey’s performance here is a tour de force. She’s mesmerizing. This scene is also a masterclass in depicting tension onscreen. She doesn’t kill the man but takes her van out of the shop. That’s one way to get what you want. 

Jeff confronts Kevyn in a gym in Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 3, "Digestif."

(L-R): Warren Kole as Jeff Sadecki and Alex Wyndham as Kevyn Tan in YELLOWJACKETS, “Digestif,” Season 2 Episode 3. Photo Credit: Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME.

Next, we see Ben returning to Paul’s house with a change of heart. He wants to build a future with Paul. Screw the Yellowjackets. He’s going to move in with the love of his life. As the pair embrace, we see a news segment that showcases the plane crash in the Canadian wilderness. This scene is an imagining of what Ben wished had happened. He’s stewing in regret. My poor one-legged baby. 

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It’s baby shower time, and Shauna graciously accepts her gifts from the teens. Misty performs a monologue from Steel Magnolias — the one about a dead daughter. A mite tone deaf, but the intention is pure. Initially, we hear the girls snicker, but by the monologue’s end, tears streak their cheeks, and they clap enthusiastically for Misty. She might have a future in the business. 

Adult Taissa takes pills in front of the bathroom mirror at the hospital. When she turns her back, her reflection remains forward-facing. Taissa asks what her reflection wants, but Mirror Tai mouths what appears to be, “Go to her.” Then, Mirror Tai uses her hands to create the mask Van wore after wolves attacked her. Hmm. Perhaps we’ll see Lauren Ambrose as adult Van soon. After that strange event, Tai runs into her campaign manager. She asks for the latter’s keys. Tai calls Jessica Roberts. If you recall, Misty injected a killer drug into Jessica’s cigarettes after letting her go free. Tai’s about to find out Jessica’s fate. 

Teen Travis, Teen Lottie, Teen Taissa and Teen Shauna stand on the porch of the cabin in the wilderness in Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 3, "Digestif."

(L-R): Kevin Alves as Teen Travis, Courtney Eaton as Teen Lottie, Jasmin Savoy Brown as Teen Taissa and Sophie Nélisse as Teen Shauna in YELLOWJACKETS, “Digestif,” Season 2 Episode 3. Photo Credit: Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME.

Meanwhile, Walter asks Misty why she incessantly downvotes his Adam comments on the message board. Misty spins a web of lies, claiming she knows Adam’s mother and that he was an addict. Since Randy’s interrogation is a bust, they try to figure out their next steps. Misty wonders if the purple-wearing group, Lottie’s followers, used a credit card for the vending machine. Walter volunteers to do some digging. 

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After Shauna returns Callie’s stuffed animal to her (it was in the stolen van), Jeff confronts her. He asks why their minivan is parked in the driveway. Well, see, your wife gets sh*t done. Walter texts Misty and reveals the credit card used is from Cherry Corners, New York. He asks if she’d like to go on a road trip. Time to save Nat! Speaking of, Natalie attends one of Lottie’s group therapy sessions. Nat refuses to participate, but Lottie forces her. Lisa joins Nat and reveals how she felt when Nat stabbed her hand. Lottie gives Lisa a fork and urges her to inflict the same injury on Nat. Of course, our Nat wouldn’t put up with that. Instead, Lisa sobs, embracing Nat and claiming she forgives her. Weird. Lottie encourages violence, apparently. 

 Next, at the baby shower, teen Lottie gives Shauna a blanket with the symbol on it for “protection.” Nat protests, believing it’s bad luck. She thinks they should destroy it. Amid their arguing, Shauna’s nose starts bleeding. They hear a series of loud thumps outside as multiple somethings pummel the cabin’s exterior. The teens venture outdoors to find dead birds littering the snow. Tons of them. Natalie urges them to steer clear of the birds because they could be diseased. 

The teens stand in the snowy wilderness while looking at something off camera in Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 2, "Edible Complex."

YELLOWJACKETS Season 2 Episode 2, “Edible Complex.” Photo Credit: Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME.

“We should gather its blessings,” Lottie says. So, Van and Misty, Lottie’s most humble servants, gather the birds and place them before Lottie. Her head lines up perfectly with the antlers decorating the outside of the cabin. She’s 100 percent the Antler Queen. In the present, adult Lottie finds all of her bees are dead. There’s blood everywhere. She lets out a gut-wrenching sob. Then, one woman approaches her, speaking in French. According to some crafty internet folks, she says, “He wants blood.” In reality, the woman asked Lottie if she was joining them for lunch. We see the bees are alive and well. Lottie merely hallucinated. Uh-oh. 

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I’m more convinced, based on this episode, that Mari is Pit Girl from the pilot. Firstly, she adds a mini spear to her baby mobile for Shauna. Pit Girl dies via wooden stakes. Then, she hears the dripping noise nobody else hears. Hmm. Speculation, you all. 

Additionally, I’m not a doctor of any kind, but I’m leaning more toward Taissa having an identity disorder than something supernatural. Perhaps that’s my desire for the narrative not to rely too heavily on the witchy stuff. We shall see. 

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