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Brian K. Vaughan’s revered and popular comic series Y: The Last Man has landed at FX. We’ve heard this before with this comic but as a film and not a television series. All attempts at making Y: The Last Man into a film with New Line have fallen flat and the rights have returned to Vaughan.

According to a Hollywood Reporter exclusive: FX is teaming with Vaughan and Color Force’s Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson to develop the dystopian sci-fi comic as an ongoing series… A search is under way to find a writer to develop the series with Vaughan. A director for the potential series has not yet been determined. Y: The Last Man, which is purely in development at this time, will be produced by FX and FX Productions.

The Hollywood Reporter also said that FX has declined to comment.

This is very exciting news. The multiple award winning Y: The Last Man, published by Vertigo, is hailed as one of the best graphic novels ever and is certainly one of my favorites. The dystopian/science fiction tale revolves around Yorick Brown who, along with his pet Capuchin monkey, Ampersand, are the only males to survive the simultaneous death of all male mammals on Earth. Yes, simultaneous – chaos ensues.

Turning Y: The Last Man into a television series is a much better compliment to the story than a film would be. The series, much like The Walking Dead, will benefit from being serialized.

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One question! What will they do with Ampersand? Will he be a trained Capuchin monkey or will they CGI the little guy. I would say the former. Also, who should be cast as Agent 355 – one of the most badass female characters in fiction. What say you?

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