Microids and PlayMagic dropped a brand-new trailer for the upcoming XIII remake today. The cel-shaded first-person shooter originally released in November 2003 and has become a cult classic. The team worked hard to remain faithful to the material, while also updating it to please the most sophisticated of gamers. The new trailer shows off all the exciting weapons we are going to be getting our hands on.

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In the XIII remake, players will take control of an unnamed man who awakes with a bad case of amnesia. His only clue toward his identity is a tattoo of XIII on his collarbone and a key to a locker. But he hasn’t forgotten everything. Especially his knack for kicking ass and taking names. On his hunt for his identity, XIII will uncover a political conspiracy that may point to his involvement with the assassination of the US President Sheridan. He will need to get to the bottom of this quick, before he ends up on the wrong side of this history.

The new XIII remake trailer gives us a look at some of the weapons we will be able to get our hands on. Things start out simple — we get our fists and a 9 mm pistol. Things heat up from there, showing off the M16, double barrel hunting shotgun, a bazooka and even a harpoon. But of course, we have to remember that sometimes it’s best to improvise. You know, like with a book or a bottle. There is a lot to work with, so pick your favorite and get ready to take down your enemies.

XIII remake is set to release on November 10, 2020, on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out the new trailer below and let us know what your weapon of choice is!



Julia Roth
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