With all of the hype around the upcoming Xbox Series X, I was surprised we have not heard more about the Xbox All Access plan from Microsoft. The plan was originally announced back in October, it is essentially a way to purchase one of the Xbox One systems with the ability to upgrade to the new Xbox Series X down the line. There are three tiers in which you can join and one special offer that actually ends this month! If you are looking to purchase yourself an Xbox One or interested in getting the new one next holiday season, check out this offer.

Each tier of Xbox All Access includes an Xbox One system. The lowest tier, starting at $19.99 a month includes the Xbox One S All-Digital console. The $22.99 a month includes and Xbox One S and the $30.99 a month includes the Xbox One X. There are 24 monthly payments made out once the lease starts and all three tiers also include 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (normally $14.99 a month). If you purchase the Xbox One X and pay the 24 months, you are spending over $700for the system and the game pass! It is far overpriced for what you can purchase it for in stores today. Microsoft itself is selling it for $349 as a bundle with different games and gamers can decide afterwards if you want to add the game pass on.

What they really want you to do with this plan is to upgrade. After the equivalent of 18 payments on any tier (and obviously after it’s release) you are able to upgrade to the brand new Xbox Series X console. Right now up until December 31, 2019, if you choose tier 3, you only need to make the equivalent of 12 payments in order to upgrade. Honestly, this is the only reason it seems to pick that tier, since you will still be spending way more than the console is worth in order to upgrade after 18 payments. Similar to a cellphone upgrade, you will need to turn in the old console and all of the paraphernalia that was sent to you in good condition.

Now one of the downsides is that once you upgrade to the Xbox Series X, it looks like you start paying all over again with a new Xbox All Access. With no actual monthly cost available right now, it is a real shot in the dark with how much you will spend monthly after the swap. I would venture to say it will definitely be more than the $30.99 cost of the Xbox One X. You will still be getting the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with the program but there is nothing regarding upgrading past the Xbox Series X. A little more information on what that monthly payment, upgrade options might have made this offer a whole lot better.

The other downside and one I am not crazy about is that idea that this is a credit line you are taking out with Citizens One and currently just available through Amazon. Now they do state that there is no interest or fees, but for younger gamers, this might be something that may fit into their budget but just don’t have the credit score to do. It is almost easier to wait until the Xbox Series X comes out for preorder and just pay it off as the months go by. However, doing it this way does put a console in their hands right away and you don’t get the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass as well.

Does the Xbox All Access program appeal to you? Why or why not? Remember if you are interested in it and looking to grab the Xbox One X, do it by December 31, 2019 to get the 12 month upgrade deal to have you Xbox Series X by next holiday season! For more information you can check out the Xbox All Access program online.

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