According to Deadline, it’s appearing more and more that the X-Men TV show from Burn Notice creator, Matt Nix, is close to going in to production. This was initially announced a few months ago, but has recently gone silent in the news.

As they say about the project, Fox chairman Gary Newman noted to Deadline that he expects the final draft to come in shortly and a pilot pickup within the next week or two. But, the even better news here is that, according to Deadline, Exploratory casting already is underway, with the process expected to ramp up once the official greenlight comes.

The only thing we know about this currently untitled series is that it is set in the X-Men universe and will follow two parents who are forced to go on the run from a hostile government organization after they discover that their children possess mutant powers. Eventually, they join up with an underground network of mutants where they learn that, to survive, they’ll have to learn how to use their mutant powers and fight for survival.


No one site has a definitive lead on what the series is actually about, though we’d love to put forth our speculation that it will involve some of the characters from the mid-90’s answer to the New Mutants, Generation-X. This comic saw characters like Husk, Chamber and Synch. It could also, finally, give us a live action Jubilee that we all like. Along with this, the character of Monet St. Croix could be the two children on the run. This would be interesting because it becomes apparent that their power is to merge into one person that goes by the mutant moniker “M.”

But, honestly, this is just pure speculation. This series could go in a thousand directions, we just happen to believe that the teenage characters of Generation X makes a lot of sense.

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