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Remember back in February when we had no superhero films yet released for 2016 and then, Deadpool came out and, pretty much, changed the game for everybody? And then, everyone was surprised to see how well it did because it was rated-R? Well, that trend seems to be continuing in the yet-to-be-announced, yet-to-be-written, pie-in-the-sky, we-can’t-wait-for-more-details film, X-Force, which will see a team of more — violent — heroes coming together to take care of the threats the X-Men are too civilized to handle.

Think of them as more a team of rogues, like WB’s Suicide Squad.


In an interview with Den of Geek, Writer/X-Men World Builder, Simon Kinberg, said of the future X-Force film,

“When there are films that want to be raunchier, want to be darker, want to be violent or R-rated, [Fox will] be open to it. And not every movie should be. I don’t think that the main X-Men movies should be R-rated; I don’t think they’re R-rated stories. But if we were to make an X-Force movie, that probably should be R-rated.”

Just who would that include? Cable, who was announced IN the Deadpool movie by Deadpool breaking the fourth wall, is typically their leader. He has in his ranks characters like Wolfsbane, Domino, Boom Boom and Warpath, as well as Cannonball and his New Mutants team. It’s likely that Fox is organizing two individual tracks for their X-Men franchise — a PG one that features the classic X-Men team and a Rated-R one for Deadpool to play around in.

Looks like the studios are finally realizing that more than just kids will support superhero movies.

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