Games for cell phones have come a long way since Snake on the first green tinted screens able to display more than just a phone number. The technology inside a mobile device now allows for full on 4K quality video with some impressive sound systems as well as touch-screen interactive abilities. This has made mobile gaming a very popular pastime with game developers pushing for better or more addictive content and users expecting entertainment at their fingertips. Brands have jumped in, promoting their products with simple games, and television has stepped in with tie-in games, running concurrent storylines in the game and in the show. The latest to join the craze is The X-Files with The X-Files: Deep State

The X-Files‘ official Facebook page released a teaser image for a mobile-platform game coming in 2018 from Creative Mobile and FoxNext Games. The tagline for the show has historically been “The truth is out there,” but the line released with the game announcement? “The truth is closer than ever.” This sounds very ominous and intriguing!

The truth is closer than ever – do you have what it takes to find it?

Posted by The X-Files on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The tease image also included a web address: Being the curious kitten that I am, I clicked and followed. I recommend you do the same! Aside from inviting players to sign up for email updates, there is an interactive website that just demands clicking and exploring. There is already at least one challenge waiting: reconstruct a shredded document.

X-Files Deep State Mobile Game Tease Shredded Paper Game

Sadly, the final result is not shown – the moment you finish reconstructing the page, the screen cuts away to a CONGRATULATIONS! screen and asks for your email and tells you to “await further instructions”. But, one thing did catch my eye before I placed that last strip in order…it appears that there may have been an oopsie in the game? Or, being The X-Files, it was deliberately done? Who do I talk to about this? Because I don’t want to find myself second-guessing everything and tracing down dead-end conspiracy theories….

X-Files Deep State Mobile Game Tease Shredded Paper Game Oopsie?

Was this a developer/designer’s mistake? Or was this intentional?

The game, which will be available on Android, IOS, and Facebook, will be free to download and play but will have in-app purchases. It is slated to be very interactive with the player with character customization and each of the player’s actions (moral dilemmas and decision making) will alter the course of each user’s experience. The game will coincide with the release of the new season (based on the countdown, February 6, 2018), however the storyline is set between Seasons 9 and 10, in the spring of 2010. There will be an overarching myth of alien invasion and government conspiracies with a “monster of the week” style feature in each new, monthly case. 

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What secrets do you think this game has to offer? What mysteries are headed our way?  February is so far away and all I have are questions! Watch the teaser trailer below and tell me: will you be playing along? 

From Creative Mobile:
Players assume the role of an FBI Special Agent, investigating mysterious crime scenes that defy explanation. They must uncover hidden clues, collect evidence, solve puzzles, interrogate witnesses and suspects to solve the case.

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