Welcome back to Wynonna Wednesday, Earpers! If you’re like me you eat, sleep and breathe all things Wynonna Earp. Each week we’ll delve deeper into our favorite s**tshow. I suggest you stockpile on whiskey and doughnuts. Perhaps some tasty tacos?

Now, for this column I’m going to explore the connections between Earp adjacent Nicole Haught and the magical Tara Maclay. Wynonna Earp was most certainly inspired by Joss Whedon cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So, besides being one half of two iconic couples, what else do these bad*** heroines have in common? Join me for some Grade A analyzing below. Let us Earp!

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The Newcomers

Pictured: Katherine Barrell as Nicole Haught

Now, Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell) wasn’t always included in the Earp shenanigans. She didn’t grow up in Purgatory. In fact, Nicole moved to Purgatory upon graduating from police academy. She worked at the local precinct under Sheriff Nedley’s tutelage. Eventually, Nicole was promoted from deputy to sheriff. After becoming smitten with Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), her involvement with the Earp gang increased. Once she was initiated into the Black Badge Division, Nicole became privy to all of Purgatory’s supernatural happenings. She was officially dubbed as part of the Earp family and her relationship with Waverly really took flight. 

Pictured: Amber Benson as Tara Maclay

Next, we have Tara Maclay (Amber Benson). She didn’t appear on Buffy the Vampire Slayer until the series’ fourth season. Tara instantly bonded with Willow (Alyson Hannigan), as she too is a witch. The duo became inseparable, casting spells together and delving deeper into the magical depths. Tara learned of Buffy’s destiny as the Chosen One, and our Scooby gang’s mission to protect Sunnydale from the creatures rising out of the Hellmouth. Tara and Willow’s relationship, like Nicole and Waverly, evolved beyond friendship and crash landed into romance. 

So, both women were initially newcomers to their respective circles. They learned of the supernatural and quickly took up the mantle in protecting humanity from the forces of darkness. Of course, their girlfriends played a big role in introducing Nicole and Tara to the world beyond the visible. 

The Lovers 

Pictured: Katherine Barrell and Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Waverly Earp

Of course, we Earpers know these two as WayHaught. Know and love, I might add. Nicole is singlehandedly responsible in helping Waverly discover her sexuality. She also aided Waverly in living truthfully, thriving and existing comfortably in her own skin. Nicole is fiercely loyal to Waverly, and will stop at nothing to protect her beloved. Don’t mind me – I’m just cutting onions over here. 

Pictured: Amber Benson as Tara Maclay and Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg

Now, we know that Tara and Willow’s relationship was unprecedented for its time. A lesbian couple on television in the early 2000s was unheard of. These two have launched to cult status, especially after Tara was tragically murdered in Season 6. Tara also helped Willow unveil her true identity and sexuality. Even after Tara, Willow continued to date women. Tara loved and accepted Willow unconditionally, despite their tumultuous romance. Long live Willara!

So, Nicole and Tara both aided their respective ladies in living their best lives. They became fan favorites. Not to mention, each fierce leading lady is one half of two iconic lesbian couples. Talk about breaking barriers! 

The Attitude

Pictured: Katherine Barrell

Nicole is fiercely loyal to her loved ones. She loves without conditions. Nicole is incredibly kind and selfless almost to a fault. She genuinely enjoys working in law enforcememt, and strives to aid those in need. Nicole has a strong moral compass. She’s outspoken, intelligent and quite the physical fighter. Sheriff Haught is someone you’d want in your corner when the going gets tough. 

Tara is introverted with a quiet, demure personality. She has a gentle and loving heart, wearing it proudly on her sleeve. Tara has a sharp intellect and is an adept practitioner of witchcraft. She is immensely loyal to her friends and Willow, willing to fight the good fight for those she cares about. 

Now, this is where their paths begin to deviate. While Nicole and Tara share similar personality traits, both differs vastly in other ways. Nicole is more extroverted and outspoken, while Tara is introverted and soft spoken. Nicole is more keen to run headfirst into danger (being a cop helps with that). However, both Nicole and Tara are loyal to their loved ones and morally sound. 

Of course, they say opposites attract. These two would definitely be friends. After slaying a vampire, they’d head over to Shorty’s for a drink. Nicole would gush over Waverly, and in turn Tara would gush over Willow. Tara would introduce Nicole to witchcraft. Nicole would teach Tara how to physically defend herself. Oh, and they’d lament over the cons of living in Purgatory and Sunnydale. Sounds like bosom buddies to me! 

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Well, that’s all I wrote, Earpers. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, your whiskey bottles full and doughnuts at the ready for next week’s Wynonna Wednesday! Wherein I may or may not be comparing Jeremy Chetri vs. Xander Harris. You’ll have to tune in Wednesday to find out. I promise that every Wednesday will be no chill, Earpers. All the no chill.



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