Welcome back to Wynonna Wednesday, Earpers! Last week, we delved into a Season 3 recap of Wynonna Earp. This week, I want to talk about that explosive season premiere episode — “On the Road Again.” You know the one. Hold on to your butts. Grab some whiskey and doughnuts. Let’s get to Earping. 

The Easter eggs!

And I’m not talking about Cadbury Creme. There were quite a few callbacks to previous Wynonna Earp seasons. Not to mention, delectable Easter eggs that only Earpers will comprehend. For example — when Nedley (Greg Lawson) urges Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) to pick up the pace because he feels like he’s been standing in Shorty’s for two years. Admittedly, I had to suppress the loudest cackle known to humankind when I heard that. That little “nudge nudge wink wink” was just for us.

Secondly, when Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) approaches her father Julian’s stone throne in the Garden. She mutters “tacos are tasty” under her breath, which was a nice callback to Season 2 when Lucado allowed her to go on a Black Badge mission solo. Nedley telling Wynonna that “nobody f*cks with our family” also felt like an Earper homage. The waterworks were flowing unfettered at that point. 

Remember when Doc (Tim Rozon) finally finds our Waves in the Garden and she thanks him for sucking…Bulshar’s poison from Wynonna’s throat? Not only was that a nod to the Season 3 finale, but a tongue-in-cheek reminder that Doc is still a vampire who does suck. A lot. Of course, before Waves finishes the sentence, Doc interprets that remark as failing on his part. Triple the meaning! Doc finding Waverly bound by a well and saying, “Of course it would be a well. But I am a weapon.” Obviously, the “well” bit hearkened back to Doc spending 150 years at the bottom of one. “I am a weapon” was a reference to Doc’s final line to Wynonna before he crossed the threshold into the Garden. 

Lastly, Nedley remarking that “nothing happens” on the couch in the sheriff’s office. Ahem. It’s only the place where WayHaught took bloom! 

Still of Melanie Scrofano and Kat Barrell in Wynonna Earp.

WYNONNA EARP — “On the Road Again” Episode 401 — Pictured: (l-r) Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp, Katherine Barrell as Officer Nicole Haught — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

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The one-liners!

As per usual, Wynonna Earp never runs short on cleverly delivered one-liners. Naturally, Wynonna bore the brunt of them with her typical sardonic charm. “Clear eyes, full bra, can’t lose” is probably my favorite line of the episode. “If you die, I’ll kill you!” is a close second. Whenever Wynonna refers to Nicole (Kat Barrell) as “Daddy” and then later Nicole also calls herself Daddy was pure, unadulterated gold. And, because comedy comes in threes, Wynonna asking “Daddy” if they can keep Rachel (Martina Ortiz-Luis) was also brilliant. 

Jeremy (Varun Saranga) telling the government lackeys that the Homestead is “for gays only.” When Mercedes (Dani Kind) says “Everything behind the tits” in regards to her genuinely being herself. Basically, any Mercedes line in this episode is t-shirt worthy. 

And I’d be remiss if I left out “One small step for MILF, one giant leap for MILF-kind” from this list. But we already know that Wynonna has the best quips in all of Quip Land. 

Still of Martina Ortiz-Luis in Wynonna Earp.

WYNONNA EARP — “On the Road Again” Episode 401 — Pictured: Martina Ortiz-Luis as Rachel — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

The story!

I can already tell this season will be rife with twists and turns aplenty. I’m already digging the design of the Garden. This elusive “beast” that needs a consistent human blood supply. Waverly finding a quartet of books dedicated to each of our main protagonists. I’m sure we’ll soon discover which book Waverly snagged and what they all mean. Wynonna and Nicole having a side adventure to a long-abandoned Black Badge Division building only to find it overrun by zombies. The introduction of Rachel who’s a Valdez, but not the one we were expecting. She also fits right in with our witty crew. Honestly, I love this twist. I trust the Powers That Be to craft a sound story with a major payoff. 

Additionally, I love that the Garden isn’t the paradise it was purported to be. There’s something sinister lurking about and I can’t wait to uncover it. Also: how did Nicole fall through a grate in an abandoned building and wind up in the Garden sans clothes? While this episode certainly answered questions, it also raised a horde of news ones in the aftermath.

Regardless, this story is a wholly unique one. Wynonna Earp is undergoing a revitalization of sorts. As much as the two-year lag pained me, I think it served as a turning point for the series. A clean slate. Not that the show was going stale to begin with, but I think the prolonged wait allowed for more ingenuity to blossom. 

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What did you think of “On the Road Again?” Sound off in the comments below! Be sure to join me next week for more Wynonna Earp shenanigans on Wynonna Wednesday. Until then — tacos are tasty. 



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