Welcome back to Wynonna Wednesday, Earpers! Last week, I dissected episode titles for Season 4 of Wynonna Earp. This week, I want to give you all a Season 3 recap. You know, dust off the Earp cobwebs. As I’m sure you’re all aware, our sh*tshow is returning to us in four days. So, hold on to your butts. Grab some whiskey and doughnuts. Let’s get to Earping.

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Now, Season 3 was all kinds of wacky — in the best way possible. There were shenanigans. Malarkey out the wazoo. Even some bedlam sprinkled here and there. Heartache. Heartbreak. Oh, and plenty of sardonic dick jokes thrown in for good measure. 

Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and her crew have been ramping up the Revenant slaying since she learned of Bulshar’s resurrection at the end of Season 2. At the beginning of Season 3, Purgatory is plagued with a slew of sleekly dressed vampires. One in particular, Petra, has Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Nicole (Kat Barrell) under her spell. Even Jeremy (Varun Saranga) is entranced by a sexy vampire. Meanwhile, Dolls (Shamier Anderson) is immune due to his Lizard Man powers. 

Doc (Tim Rozon) is kidnapped by a mysterious woman (Chantel Riley) whose face is shrouded. She reveals that the vamps want to turn Doc Holliday because, well, he’s Doc Holliday. The vampires are in Purgatory because they caught wind of Bulshar’s revival and they wish to pay fealty. Wynonna pays Mama Earp (Megan Follows) a visit in prison. She attempts to elicit more information regarding Bulshar, but the latter has a screw loose. Mama Earp loses control and is escorted back to her cell. Waverly has no idea that Mama Earp is still alive, let alone in prison just around the river bend. 

Next, Waverly, Jeremy, and Nicole knock Wynonna unconscious. They plan to offer Wynonna as a gift to Bulshar. A welcoming present! The vampires throw a massively opulent party at the Gardner mansion. Those pesky vamps coerce the relatives of original Purgatory settlers to the center of the room. Why? Because they’re first on the chopping block — first to be offered to Bulshar.

Still of Melanie Scrofano in Wynonna Earp.

However, things go awry when Dolls and Wynonna bust up the joint with some good ol’ fashioned vampire slaying. Our crew comes together and successfully slays all the vampires. Huzzah! Oh, and the mystery woman that initially kidnapped Doc? They go way back. In fact, she’s his wife from the 19th century. Kate was turned vampire after Doc disappeared and she’s been searching the world over for him ever since. She’s also a gifted tarot reader. A jack of all trades!

Later, Wynonna and Waverly are driving to the Homestead. At Dolls’ prodding, Wynonna has decided to open the Mama Earp can of worms to Waverly. Before she can get a word in edgewise, the truck inexplicably flips down a steep hill. Waverly is dragged out of the truck to a Revenant’s cabin in the woods. He has a penchant for feasting on ingenues, and Waverly fits the bill. Meanwhile, Wynonna wakes up precariously teetering on the edge of a cliff. Peacemaker is out of her reach. She begins hallucinating Mama Earp, who pushes Wynonna to pull herself up by her bootstraps. 

Eventually, Wynonna finds Waverly, but the latter is bereft of a voice. Literally. Thankfully, Wynonna kills the Revenant holding our Waves captive by luring him into a cavernous pit. A pit that’s rife with sharp stakes. Yay! Waves gets her voice back, just like Stella got her groove back. 

Still of Megan Follows and Melanie Scrofano in Wynonna Earp.

Next, everyone reunites and, temporarily, all seems well. Waverly is irate with Wynonna for keeping their mother a secret from her. Apparently, Mama Earp insisted that Wynonna remain mum about their prison visits. Nicole climbs down the cliff and fetches Peacemaker for Wynonna. One of Bulshar’s men appears and Doc tries to fight him. However, said Bulshar lackey has the ability to vanish in the form of a flock of birds. That’s where Dolls comes in. 

We learn that Dolls’ drugs have been negatively impacting him as of late. Black Badge really messed up his biological workings by transforming him into a Lizard Man. Jeremy has tried to modify Dolls’ drugs, but to no avail. Dolls is losing his grip on reality. However, Dolls says eff it and forges ahead into the fray. He takes on Bulshar’s man with a gust of fire. Said fire envelopes the both of them…and kills the both of them. RIP Dolls. You’re a real one. Wynonna Earp sure knows how to pack a punch. 

Then, the crew mourn Dolls. Wynonna falls into the arms of a whiskey bottle, as per her usual. Everyone hosts a wake for Dolls at Shortys. Even one of his Black Badge buddies drops by. Apparently, he’s in dire need of some Lizard Man serum, since Black Badge essentially ran a program that churned out super soldiers. Wynonna talks Lizard Man Two out of torturing Jeremy for said serum and sends the man on his way. 

Later, Wynonna learns from Jeremy that Kate, the vampire tarot reader, is actually Doc’s wife. Eventually, the gang bury Dolls next to the Earp Homestead. We also learn that the Cult of Bulshar is a real, tangible thing. This cult has been active since the 1920s and wrecked bloody havoc on Wynonna’s second favorite hangout, Pussy Willow. Nicole, who discovered an elusive black ring tucked away in the Cult of Bulshar police records, decides to chuck said ring into the woods. Oh, and she’s the sole survivor of a Cult of Bulshar massacre from years back. So, talk about triggering that PTSD.

Still of Jean Marchand in Wynonna Earp.

Waverly runs into an old friend named Robin (Justin Kelly). He’s returned to Purgatory to care for his sickly father. At this point, the forest within the Ghost River Triangle has been acting funky. Murdering people, for one. Sentient murder trees, folks. Only on Wynonna Earp! Sparks fly between Robin and Jeremy, and it’s all kinds of adorable. Robin and Jeremy encounter some sexy fog in the forest, along with an inexplicable staircase that leads to nowhere. Waverly pays her mother a visit at prison. Mama Earp has a manic episode and is promptly taken away. Then, while being transferred to another prison, Mama Earp steals Peacemaker and escapes. 

Meanwhile, Doc encounters Bulshar in the forest, wherein the latter strikes a deal. If Doc does Bulshar’s bidding, then he’ll get back his immortality. You know, normal guy stuff. 

Eventually, Mama Earp makes her way to the Homestead. Wynonna gets Peacemaker back. She proceeds to bind up Mama Earp because the latter keeps trying to cast a spell on Waverly. We later learn that Mama Earp has been incessantly plagued by a demon for decades. Said demon is also linked to Waverly in some way, which explains why Mama is so cold toward her. Oh, and Jolene (Zoie Palmer) arrives armed with freshly baked treats. Everyone knows her, right? 

Jolene has weaseled her way into the Earp family’s collective life. We learn she’s actually a demon who can entrance people with sweet pastries. In addition, she’s the demon that’s also torturing Mama Earp. However, everyone is initially blind to Jolene’s villainy. A karaoke party at Shorty’s quickly devolves into a drunken bar fight with all fists on deck. Wynonna and Mama Earp get locked up in the drunk tank together at the police station. Earlier, the Earp women killed a Revenant that they assumed was the demon. 

However, Jolene continues to sow the seeds of discord, driving a wedge between Waverly and her loved ones. She attempts to persuade Waves to commit suicide, since the pair are linked. Jolene and Waverly were actually born at the same time, representations of light and dark, respectively. Thankfully, Waves refuses to end it all and attacks Jolene instead. Wynonna and Mama Earp swoop in to save the day. But the sentient trees decide to yank Jolene into their dismal fold. Probably Bulshar’s punishment for failing to kill Waverly. 

Next, Christmas has arrived in Purgatory. Mama Earp is back to stay, and all seems well at the Homestead. Nicole is promoted to sheriff as Nedley (Greg Lawson) relinquishes his badge in favor of retirement. A horde of kids go missing, so Wynonna teams up with Charlie (Sebastian Pigott), an attractive fireman. The kids were being stored in an underground bunker of sorts, which turned out to be Bulshar’s hiding spot. Bulshar is busy collecting descendants of Purgatory’s first settlers for some ceremony or other. 

Waverly learns from Mama Earp that her real father’s name was Julian. He was angelic — literally. Mama Earp decides to free Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund), who’s been busy drinking banana liquor in Doc’s well. So, what’s the catch? Bobo must help Mama Earp find Julian. But Bobo continues to prattle on about Waverly and how much he wants to see his angel. Doc implores Kate to turn him into a vampire like her. Why? Because he wants to be present for the Earp sisters for as long as inhumanly possible. Kate acquiesces. 

Next, Nedley hands over the keys to a secret cache of supernatural stuff he’s collected over the years. Nicole is now sheriff, after all. While Wynonna and Nicole are enmeshed in a fight, as usual, a gnome spirit is released. Wynonna and Nicole make a trip to advocate for the latter’s promotion to town sheriff to the mayor of Purgatory. However, a string of bad luck befalls the pair. They end up handcuffed together and have to drive the mayor to the hospital. Waverly and Jeremy uncover broken artifacts from Nedley’s cache. One of them happens to be a broken mirror, which explains Wynonna and Nicole’s bad luck situation. 

After the pair manage to shoo the gnome spirit away, Nicole learns that Nedley was the one who saved her from the cult massacre, not Black Badge. Things get emotional. Doc helps Mama Earp get the hell out of dodge so the latter can find Julian. Mama Earp knows that Doc is now a vampire and calls him out on it. Doc hands Bulshar’s ring over to Wynonna, even though Nicole chucked it into the woods not long ago. 

Later, Wynonna and Waverly find Mama Earp’s note explaining why she left. All the emotions, folks. Wynonna discovers that Doc is a vampire and rescinds his invitation to her home in the most tear-jerking way possible. 

Doc is now bloodthirsty and stalking Purgatory like the creature of the night he now is. He almost drains Robin, but thankfully he exercises a modicum of restraint. Wynonna and Charlie go on a bona fide date which ends in supernatural shenanigans. Charlie attempts to wrestle Doc with a rope doused in holy water. Meanwhile, Wynonna heads over to Kate’s house to learn more about her history with Doc. 

Next, the charred remains of Mistress Clootie decides to have a night on the town. She’s unable to speak, but she’s in search of something. Perhaps a ring? Waverly puts on Bulshar’s ring and it imbues her with super strength. She even fights Mistress Clootie! Clootie absconds with something from Doc’s cigar box. We later learn that they’re a set of tarot cards that Kate drew for Sheriff Clootie/Bulshar way back in the day. In addition, we get backstory for Kate and how she met Doc over a century and a half ago. She worked as a tarot reader in Purgatory then, hence her interaction with Bulshar. 

Apparently, Bulshar never got to see what his “future” card had in store for him, which is why dead Mistress Clootie is on the hunt for it. Kate reads Wynonna’s cards and we learn that she’s Bulshar’s tarot twin. Back at the Homestead, Waverly is unable to remove Bulshar’s ring. Not only that, a word in Aramaic appears on said ring — “paradise.” Bulshar is after the Garden of Eden, which is currently protected by the Ghost River Triangle. Mind blown!

 Now, Wynonna and Doc are back at it again…making nooky in the barn. He’s still not invited to her house proper, but who says you can’t boink in a barn? Bulshar swoops in and blows some powder on the pair. Like a sleeping powder of sorts. The pair are stuck in a time loop. Every time Wynonna “dies,” she has to start over. Think of it as a warped video game. Waverly and Nicole visit a demon jeweler to see if the latter can remove Bulshar’s ring. He later winds up at the Gardner residence where Waverly takes him out with her new ring powers. Huzzah!

Even Bobo is stuck in this dreamworld. Wynonna squares off against Bulshar in said dreamworld. He urges her to hand over Peacemaker. If she refuses, then he’ll wreck havoc on her loved ones. So, to save her crew, she gives Bulshar Peacemaker. Finally, Waverly and co. are able to wake up the sleeping trio. 

Later, our team has Bobo confined to the same box that held Widow Mercedes. He throws around Juan Carlo’s name. Jeremy and Robin uncover a clue — a woman named Maeve who knows Doc. There’s also clues that Juan Carlo had a short sword intended for Wyatt Earp called “Peacemaker.” 

A woman named Kevin arrives at the Homestead. She reveals that she’s been sent to help the Earps. Kevin is from a long line of elusive ambassadors meant to maintain balance in the world. Oh, and Bulshar’s severed arm may be the key to taking the demon out for good. Apparently, it’s still nestled within the mine where he was resurrected. However, only a true champion can wield the weapon meant to destroy Bulshar. Waves is now sporting a fancy oven mitt over her ringed finger as she’s unable to touch people while wearing it. 

Meanwhile, Nicole, Doc, and Jeremy venture to Maeve’s humble abode. Back in the day, she helped Juan Carlo with his journal. She was also burned at the stake for being a witch. Her spirit was entrapped in fire. Thus, Maeve’s spirit is released when the trio light a fire at her cabin to keep warm. Maeve’s spirit proceeds to possess Nicole, which culminates into the latter setting the house ablaze. Charlie arrives with the fire department. He rescues Doc. But Doc’s vampire impulse overtakes him and he sucks Charlie dry. 

Oh, and remember the Garden of Eden thing? As it turns out, Bulshar used to be the Serpent in the Garden. Juan Carlo and Julian, both angels, were tasked with standing guard over the Garden. The pair attempted to banish Bulshar during a celestial event known as a “blood eclipse,” which occurs once every 120 years. And it’s about to happen the following day. 

Kevin also drops some truth bombs — Waverly’s father, Julian, is an angel. Thus, our Waves is half angel, and she’s the true champion. Mercedes (Dani Kind) makes her triumphant return with a scorched face, since she was previously possessed by a Widow. Thankfully, Waverly uses her angel ring powers to fix her face. Yay! But then Mercedes is yanked out of her lavish home by a mysterious figure. Nay!

Later, we see Charlie is dead as dead can be. But wait! Waverly is part angel! She touches his chest while sporting the ring and boom! Charlie is back in the Land of the Living. Resurrection! Wynonna finds a spooked Waverly sitting in the woods alone. Apparently, Waves keeps seeing visions of a staircase that leads to nowhere, akin to the one Jeremy and Robin spotted previously. Wynonna knocks her sister out cold and urges Charlie to drive her as far away from the Ghost River Triangle as possible. 

We learn that the blood eclipse is nigh. That’s when Bulshar plans to turn himself mortal so he can enter the Garden. Nicole and Robin begin evacuating Purgatory under the guise of a fire. However, we learn that Bulshar plans to wipe out all of humanity with his special blood eclipse day. Fun!

Meanwhile, Doc is more hungry than ever before. After he drained Charlie, Doc was beset with a thirst for blood that ultimately overpowered him. He takes in two innocent townsfolk and drains them dry with the help of Kate. But even Kate notices that something is amiss with Doc Holliday. 

Wynonna is taken captive by Revenants and dolled up for Bulshar. We see she’s taken to his underground bunker. Mercedes is there too! She’s his wife, but not of the sexual variety. He’s just her sugar daddy. Wynonna discovers that Bulshar is afraid of her touch. Meaning, if Wynonna makes physical contact with him, he’ll die. 

Charlie and Waverly wind up in the greenhouse wherein Waves fought Jolene. It was also Mama Earp’s hiding spot back in the day. She would have her trysts with Julian there too. The pair put the pieces together and discover that Charlie is Julian. He slips the ring off Waves’ finger and puts it on his own. Like father like daughter! Oh, and Doc arrives at the greenhouse. He attempts to drain both Waverly and Charlie-now-Julian. However, Julian’s angel powers kick in and he knocks Doc unconscious. So that’s why Doc has been blood crazy! Julian has angel blood, which is highly addictive. 

Meanwhile, Wynonna concocts a plan with the Revenants. Bulshar also plans on eradicating the Earp curse, which isn’t the worst thing in the world for Wynonna. However, she urges the Revenants to join her side so they can all take on Bulshar in tandem. Team work makes the dream work! The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all. So, Wynonna, the Revenants, and Mercedes escape Bulshar’s fortress. 

Next, Bulshar enlists in Bobo’s aid. He frees the Revenant from the confinement box at the police station. Bobo acquiesces and becomes Bulshar’s lieutenant. 

Later, Wynonna breaks the hold on the Homestead that prevents Revenants from crossing. Then, everyone has bourbon together before the big showdown. Everyone just having a good time! Waverly and Julian return to deliver the news to Wynonna. Julian is Waves’ father. Wynonna banged Julian. Gotta love the family ties that bind! 

Meanwhile, Nicole is helping Kate after Doc inadvertently shot her. Since the blood eclipse is almost here, daylight has pervaded every hour of every day. Darkness is not a thing at the moment. Thus, Kate is slower to heal from gunshot wounds. Suddenly, Bulshar’s lackeys that look like beekeepers appear. Kate and Nicole take them on. Nicole is shot in the process, but she soldiers on. Mercedes arrives at her house and allows Kate to stay with some stipulations. Odd couple time!

Still of Melanie Scrofano and Dominique Provost-Chalkley in Wynonna Earp.

Nicole passes out from blood loss in the middle of the road. Doc picks her up and returns her to the Homestead, where Julian utilizes his angel powers to heal her. At a cost to him, unfortunately. Bobo makes his way into Waverly’s room and asks the latter for a favor. When the time comes, he wants her to free him. Kill him. Doc hands Julian a massive sword that he found hidden in the greenhouse. Julian comments that if Doc’s soul was truly gone he wouldn’t be able to touch the sword. There’s hope for him yet. 

Julian gifts Waverly, his daughter, with his ring. It was never Bulshar’s to begin with — it always belonged to Julian. Suddenly, Bulshar and his lackeys descend upon the Homestead. Wynonna, the Revenants, Waverly, Julian, and Doc hunker down for a fight. After a bevy of bullets zoom back and forth, Wynonna is taken captive. Bulshar cuts her hand with an ax and someone approaches with a chainsaw from behind. But before Wynonna loses her head (literally), Julian appears and saves her. Bulshar orders Bobo to slaughter Julian, which he does with ease. 

Then, Waverly promptly runs outside to avenge her newfound father. She touches Bobo’s face and “frees him.” He leaves this plane and, most like, goes to hell. RIP Bobo. I’ll miss your demonic debauchery. Bulshar disappears. Jeremy and Robin arrive with a serum of sorts — it’s Bulshar’s severed arm mixed with Robin’s blood. The result? A liquid that can disguise the crew from Bulshar’s beekeepers. Waverly proposes to Nicole, but is interrupted by Wynonna. What else is new? 

Still of Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Melanie Scrofano in Wynonna Earp

Next, Wynonna drugs up the crew so she can go kill Bulshar alone. She also traps Doc in the barn. 

Later, Wynonna and an irritated Waverly head to the staircase. Peacemaker is now a sword that’s entrenched in the stone staircase. Bulshar breaks the Earp curse, which doesn’t help matters. Waverly picks up the sword and names Wynonna as the champion, since only angels have that ability. Suddenly, the sword morphs into a flaming sword in Wynonna’s hand, a la Peacemaker when it was a gun. She takes on Bulshar and effectively slays the snake — but not before he bites her. Waverly is trapped on the staircase by an invisible force. 

Doc arrives to suck the poison out of Wynonna’s system. Then, tree branches emerge from the threshold to the Garden (which is an open door atop the staircase) and they yank Waves inside. She disappears into the Garden. Doc follows suit and vows to save our Waves. 

Next, Wynonna heads home and finds it bereft of people. Nicole, Jeremy, and Robin are missing. Wynonna heads into town. Not a soul to be found. Lastly, she enters Shorty’s for a lone drink. However, she’s not alone — Nedley is there. So, the pair decide to team up and find the missing residents of Purgatory. And save Doc and Waves. There’s a lot of saving going on, you see. 

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Holy guacamole, Batman! Season 3 was certainly all that and a bag of chips. Be sure to join me next week for more Wynonna Earp shenanigans on Wynonna Wednesday. Until then — tacos are tasty. 

Wynonna Earp Season 4 premieres Sunday, July 26th at 10pm on your Syfy affiliate. 



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