DISCLAIMER: This Wynonna Earp recap contains more spoilers than the number of impressions Jeremy can do. And that’s just counting the Seinfeld ones. You’ve been warned. Make your peace, and enter at your own risk.

Welcome back, Earpers! Holy Purgatory, Wynonna Earp blessed us with a whopper of a season finale! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been revived via smelling salts at least a dozen times. Demon Clootie has finally risen. Wynonna and Doc sent the Widows back to Hell where they belong. Our Earp heir also gave birth on a pool table in Shorty’s. Rosita flipped the tables on our heroes (not literally, of course) and Doc sentenced Bobo Del Rey to the same fate he had – a lifetime in the well. Oh, and Mama Earp is back in the picture. Yeah, I think it’s safe to say Emily Andras and the Powers That Be gave us plenty to chew on until next year. 

Alright, WayHaught lovers, ready to delve into the Season 2 finale? Be sure to grab your whiskey and doughnuts for this one. Oh, and tissues aplenty. You’ll need all of the above. 

We open with where we left off – Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund) is being led away by the Widow sisters, Mercedes (Dani Kind) and Beth (Meghan Heffern). Our villains are escorting Bobo to Demon Clootie’s resting place. As wives of a long deceased demon, it’s only fitting to make sure his rising is to his liking. You know, make sandwiches for him and perhaps throw in a human sacrifice or two.

Anyway, they’re on their merry way when Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), fresh off the barn explosion (that voluminous hair is telling), comes in gun blazing and corners the trio. Bobo approaches her and reveals he’s tired of “supporting the losing side,” and while he would never hurt her, he won’t support her anymore. Waverly alludes to him being her father, and he doesn’t refute it. Hmm. Papa Bobo isn’t very good at this dad thing. 

Thankfully, our very own Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) joins the conversation, with Peacemaker at the ready. She’s already contracting and in no mood to deal with Widow crap. Mercedes and Beth comment on how both sisters would taste appealing. Wynonna fires Peacemaker at them, but unfortunately the bullets bounce off an invisible force field, one of the sister’s devising. They claim said bullets cannot hurt them. Then, Bobo hurls a huge rock in our sisterly heroes’ direction. He should join Professor Xavier with his mind abilities. 

Next, we see Demon Clootie has indeed awakened, and a gnarly hand stretches out from a wooden coffin. I guess I would also look gnarly after being dead for over a century. 

Meanwhile, Waverly tends to Wynonna after being knocked backwards via Bobo. Baby Earp seems to be okay. Waves apologizes to Wynonna and, after the life-altering events of that day, said mishap doesn’t seem that important in the grand scheme of things. Then, Wynonna’s pain intensifies, and we all know what happens next – The Earp Baby Cometh. Wynonna requests that Doc be found immediately, wherever he may be. 

Later, Dolls (Shamier Anderson) wakes up in a body bag at the precinct. Remember when the world existed without Wynonna in the previous episode? Well, Dolls died in that version of life. Thankfully, he’s with us now. Then, our favorite Black Badge agent heads to the Homestead, where he finds Waverly, Nicole (Katherine Barrell) and Jeremy (Varun Saranga). They give him the crash course in everything that’s happened thus far – including Clootie being on the rise. Wynonna joins them and gives everyone a pep talk worthy of Braveheart, urging everyone to help conjure a solid game plan to defeat their enemies. Then, she runs off to pee, which is the new normal. Dolls leaves to go find Doc.

Meanwhile, the Widows and Bobo wind up at an abandoned shack of some sort. Beth is incredulous to believe her beloved husband would be buried there, in ruins. They enter, and locate Demon Clootie’s coffin. His hand finds the open air, attempting to escape from said coffin but still very weak. Beth coddles him, showers him with vomit-worthy compliments.

Pictured: A wife reuniting with her demon husband.


Then, Mercedes chops off his protruding arm. Beth turns on her sister. Bobo observes the scene with much amusement. Mercedes uses her widow powers on Beth and Bobo, which causes an avalanche of debris, trapping them inside the shack. Mercedes stomps outside as if on a runway. We see her slip on the ring old Clootie was wearing on the hand she lobbed off. Her hair lengthens and turns white, and her gown completely changes as well. Basically, she’s giving me Lord of the Rings vibes.

Later, after a rigorous urinating session in the bathroom, Wynonna shows her friends the ancient plate that Ewan and the Order initially wanted. She places Peacemaker next to it, and both light up as the gun already does. Aw, a match made in sending Revenants to Hell!

So, our gang has their assignments – Dolls is going to find Doc, Jeremy is doing research on how to stop the Widows. Nicole is assembling the moving parts to a plan Wynonna urged her to set in motion. Wynonna and Waverly are paying the Iron Witch a visit. Wynonna is pretty good at this coaching thing. 

Later, our Earp sisters arrive at Gretta’s (Rachael Ancheril) place, in search of answers. Gretta apologizes profusely for the curse, realizing how much her life fell apart when Wynonna didn’t exist. Our Earp heir shows her the ancient plate, and Gretta reveals it’s made of the same element that protects the Homestead from evil beings. The Iron Witch assists our sisters in melting said plate down to a bullet – one that can demolish a Widow, since regular ol’ bullets are pointless. 

Meanwhile, Dolls locates our dear Doc (Tim Rozon). He’s peering inside the well that housed him for so long. We see tears roll down his face. Since the third seal AKA his ring is broken, Doc is now truly mortal. God, Rozon is so talented, so adept at subtlety and nuance. Dolls persuades him to step down from the edge of the well, and apologizes for killing him in the Wynonna-less timeline. But, now she needs his help defeating the Widows and giving birth to Baby Earp. The time for action is nigh, Doc! Our favorite gunslinger in the West springs into action. 

Pictured: Shamier Anderson and Tim Rozon

Later, while waiting for Gretta to finish up with the bullet, Waves reveals to Wynonna that Nicole is married to another woman, and she’s not a real Earp. Well, by biological standards, anyway. So many bombshells! Gretta brings Wynonna her ancient plate bullet. Waverly is confused as to why there’s only one, but Wynonna doesn’t plan on taking out the Widows – she’s got her sights set on Clootie himself. Cut off the head of an eel, his minions perish. Or something like that. 

Meanwhile, Nicole and Jeremy are hard at work researching Clootie’s whereabouts. Nicole asks him why he stayed after Black Badge dissolved. Jeremy reveals that our Purgatory people welcomed him with open arms, and allowed him to be who he truly was. Nicole piggybacks off that sentiment by referring to our group as a “family.” Earpers gotta stick together! How sweet. Suddenly, Elven Queen Mercedes arrives to spoil said sweet moment. She unleashes her upgraded Widow powers, now at full force, on our innocent duo. 

Galadriel has arrived!

Then, Dolls hops in Doc’s car. He has a mission of his own. Dolls comments on Doc’s little known obsession over Adele. This endears me to Mr. Holliday more than words can express. Doc, on the other hand, tells Doll’s to never mess with his radio again, lest he wishes to receive the Fury of the Doc. Sounds like someone might be a tad ashamed of their obsession. 

Showdown time! Wynonna and Waverly are en route to a hospital when they’re roadblocked by Elven Queen Mercedes. We see a horde of bodies strewn about the ground behind her. Nicole and Jeremy are trapped there as well, via Mercede’s freezing Widow powers. Then, Beth arrives, angry that Mercedes tried to kill her. She takes our Waves as hostage. Two ultimatums now present themselves to Wynonna – help Elven Queen Mercedes destroy Clootie or Waverly dies. Beth’s ultimatum consists of, well, pretty much the same thing but slightly reversed. If Wynonna were to aid Mercedes in her quest, then Waverly would die. Regardless, Waves is poised to bite the dust, which I am 100% not okay with. 

Pictured (L to R): Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Meghan Heffern

Then, Doc shows up, much to Wynonna’s relief. He swings into action with a plan of is own, one that Wynonna only catches on to as they’re in the middle of executing said plan. Doc decides to shoot the baby. That’s the best scenario, right? Beth wants to feed their child to Clootie so he grows stronger, and by taking Baby Earp out of the equation they can effectively squash Clootie’s growth. Waverly loses all calm, thinking Doc is going to slaughter her sister in front of her.

Of course, we know it’s either all a ruse or a very insane plan. Doc raises his gun. Wynonna does the same, pointing hers at Doc. Maybe they can both go out together. We see them pull their triggers in tandem. Both bullets release, and we see in slow motion that Doc’s bullet effectively slices Wynonna’s plate bullet in half. Each half flies off to the side and buries itself in the head of a Widow. Both Widows are decimated upon impact. 

Yay for crazy plans! Doc takes Wynonna into his arms, and both are relieved that his concoction actually worked. Waves is irritated, and with good reason. She would’ve liked to be in on said crazy plan, instead of worrying they would kill each other. Wynonna’s contractions are now closer together, and Doc knows this because he read it on “the Wikipedia.” Seriously, I love that man. They take Wynonna into Shorty’s, since it’s closer than the hospital at the moment. Nicole scampers off to make sure Wynonna’s secret mission is carried out. Secrets don’t make friends, Nicole! 

Meanwhile, Rosita (Tamara Duarte) emerges from downstairs and joins our labor team. Doc and Jeremy decide to pay Demon Clootie, or Balshar to his closest friends, a visit. You know, to make sure he hasn’t risen and all Hell hasn’t broken loose. Wynonna reveals to Jeremy before he leaves that she’s glad he stayed in Purgatory. Ugh, these guys are so close it makes me heart all aflutter. Waverly admits she’s read about at-home births, so they use her knowledge to bring a baby into a bar. 

Later, Dolls arrives at the Purgatory line, or the end of the Ghost River Triangle. Ewan (Brendan Fehr) and his Brotherhood friends are waiting for him, clad in their creepy crimson ceremonial robes. Our moonlighting firefighter tells Dolls they still plan on raising Wynonna’s baby themselves. They will train her to be a fighter, and an effective heir when the time comes. So, nobody is allowed to leave town, especially said baby. Dolls ducks behind Doc’s car and begins shooting The Brotherhood down. You get ’em, Dolls!

Pictured: A Lizard Dragon Man about to take down some firefighters with fire.

Meanwhile, Wynonna is currently laying on a pool table and instantly regrets her decision to do so, when there are comfortable couches at her disposal. She has a sisterly talk with Waves, and reminds her that she’s an Earp regardless of her DNA. Suddenly, Rosita knocks our Waverly unconscious. She tells Wynonna that her Revenant friends are coming for that baby. Rosita the Revenant also reveals that she was one of the good ones, but Wynonna never saw it. She just threatened to send Rosita back to Hell. Wynonna is just like all the Earps before her. Then, Wynonna vows to take Rosita down once all this is over. Yes, that’s my girl! Send those demons back to Hell!

It’s baby time!

So, Rosita aids Wynonna in her at-bar birth, just until the baby is born and the Revenants can snatch it up. You know, demolish the future Earp heir before she comes of age. 

Then, we see Doc and Jeremy arriving at Clootie’s resurrection spot. Bobo is standing outside, and appears to be waiting for them. He tells Doc he pledged Waverly to ol’ Clootie, as a source of sustenance. Jeremy comes in gun blazing, to which Bobo responds with by flinging a knife with his mind powers into the air. It pierces, with precision, through Doc’s hand, pinning him to the shack. You leave my Doc alone! 

Later, Rosita is telling Wynonna how dilated she is. Waves rouses from her unwanted temporary sleep and brandishes Peacemaker in Rosita’s direction. Wynonna urges her sister to pull the trigger. She emphatically impresses upon Waves that she is an Earp, more than anyone. She can do this. Rosita initially scoffs, claiming Waverly isn’t even 27. Then, fear sets in for Rosita when she sees how determined Waverly is. Wynonna yells at Peacemaker to fire. The gun turns blue instead of yellow, but a bullet fires and glances off Rosita’s temple. Rosita, taking the hint, leaves the bar. 

Bye, bye, Rosita.

Meanwhile, Dolls is still in a standoff with Ewan and co. So far, our favorite agent has taken down a few members of The Brotherhood. Ewan reminds him that they’ll raise Baby Earp to have integrity, morals and all that. Plus, an Earp/Holliday baby will be a demon-slaying machine. Suddenly, Dolls goes into Lizard Man mode, breathing fire on the men before him. We can only assume they all burned. 

Then, Doc pulls the blade out of his hand. Bobo threatens to pull the metal out of Jeremy’s body (he was in an accident when he was younger, thus the metal), but our favorite new Purgatory resident fires his non-metal gun. He did his research! Doc kicks Bobo onto a piece of wood with two thick blades protruding from it. Bobo may be able to move metal, but can he free himself? Probably not. As the Revenant lays there, punctured by the blades, Doc tells him this is for condemning him to that well. 

It’s payback time.

Later, we see Wynonna holding Baby Earp in her arms, post-birth. She’s a wellspring of emotion. Scrofano is an underrated talent as well, and deserves way more recognition than she gets. Wynonna knows the next step in the plan – Nicole is going to drive the baby over the Ghost River Triangle and out of Purgatory. Now, whether the baby bursts into flames is another story. This will also help determine whether Doc is the father or the Revenant. Waverly will join her, and this will also prove as a Revenant test for her as well. Waves takes Baby Earp out of Wynonna’s arms, and my heart shatters for her. 

I need more tissues.

Then, Nicole, Waverly and Baby Earp arrive at the town line. Waverly decides to walk the baby across herself. As they get to the other side, we see that neither of them are Revenants, but two human beings. Huzzah! 

Next, the Revenants come calling at Shorty’s, and they find Wynonna alone. That is, until Dolls joins her. Our duo begins shooting down the horde of demons at the door. One of them, Stevie (Reamonn Joshee), inquires the whereabouts of Baby Earp. Wynonna replies that she’s far away from all of this. Boom!

Fighting off Revenants since 2016.

Meanwhile, Jeremy vows to stay with Bobo while Doc goes to the rendezvous point to meet his daughter. Jeremy even refers to Nicole and Waverly as “WayHaught,” and I died of happiness at hearing that. 

Then, a helicopter descends where Nicole and Waverly are. Perry (Patrick Kwok-Choon) steps out of said helicopter. He even brought a wet nurse to help with transitioning. Doc finally arrives and Waverly passes off Baby Earp to him. Doc’s face lights up like a Christmas tree. And, once again, I’m weeping. Does anyone have any more tissues? Anyway, he gives Baby Earp to Perry. The helicopter leaves. 

Like father, like daughter.

Meanwhile, Dolls and Wynonna exit Shorty’s after having sent those Revenants to Hell. Wynonna sees the helicopter fly above their heads, and realizes a few things: Baby Earp is not part Revenant, and therefore Doc’s daughter. Also, Waverly isn’t a Revenant either. Yay!

Then, Doc stands atop the well once again, but he’s peering at Bobo, who’s currently residing at the bottom of said well. Interesting, how Doc resigned Bobo to the same fate as he had over a century ago. Bobo cries that Clootie will save him, and the demon will raise havoc on Purgatory. Doc slides a large piece of heavy wood over the opening of the well, and of course Bobo can’t move wood with his mind. He’s screwed.

Later, Doc finds Wynonna sitting outside, forlorn. They discuss whether it was the right call to send Baby Earp away. Wynonna knows in her heart it was, as does Doc. It’s too dangerous for her in Purgatory. Then, Wynonna reveals that Baby Earp’s name is Alice, after Doc’s mother, which makes Doc and I both cry again. Wynonna leans in for a kiss, and our two former lovebirds share a smooch. Yes, this is what the people want! Give us more WynHolliday! 

Next, Wynonna rides her motorcycle out of town lines. Nicole is sitting in her police car, holding a folder containing information on the Demon Clootie. She also has his ring in her possession. We see Jeremy, Waverly and Dolls happily chatting over coffee. All is right with the world – for now. There’s still a demon on the loose. 

Then, we see Wynonna stop her motorcycle near a cluster of mountains. She approaches a woman whose back is turned to us. Wynonna tells this woman that she was right about Clootie. She refers to mystery woman as “Mama.” Oh s***!

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Holy Purgatory, Batman! Wynonna Earp does it again with a Season 2 finale that managed to outdo last year’s finale! So many things happened, and I’m shocked they were able to cram it all into a 45 minute episode without it feeling too forced or rushed. I laughed, I wept and I jumped out of my seat. To me, that’s the testament to a strong season finale. 

Do you think Rosita is gone for good, since Waverly was unable to send her back to Hell? Will Doc reveal to Wynonna that he went to Hell when he died in the alternate universe? Do you think we’ll see Baby Earp again? Will Mama Earp join our Purgatory gang in taking down Balshar? Also, how will they destroy Balshar? We’re going to have a year to mull over these questions and more, Earpers. Meanwhile, to catch up on the Season 2 madness you can read my Wynonna Earp recaps here, only on Geek Girl Authority. 

Wynonna Earp will return for Season 3 in 2018. 




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