Earpers, today is not a good day. According to The Hollywood ReporterWynonna Earp will be concluding its run on Syfy after the second half of its fourth season airs. 

Now, Syfy’s decision to pull the beloved Emily Andras supernatural Western comes after a lack of funding for Season Four from IDW Entertainment. The Hollywood Reporter also reveals that it was impossible for Syfy to produce the series on its own since IDW has the rights. This move is purported to be a reversal for Syfy as IDW was expected to finance a fifth season of the popular show. 

But, there may be hope. “Wynonna Earp producers will continue to look for a new home for the series. A production deal for season five hinges on finding a new distributor to air it.”

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Wynonna Earp is based on a comic book series by Beau Smith. The show stars Melanie Scrofano as the titular Wynonna, Wyatt Earp’s great-great-granddaughter. She’s saddled with a family curse that forces her to send demons called Revenants that stalk the Ghost River Triangle back to Hell. Said demons were initially slaughtered by Wyatt Earp himself. Any time an Earp heir dies, these Revenants are revived. Tim Rozon also stars as Doc Holliday, the famed gunslinger. Dominique Provost-Chalkley portrays Wynonna’s endearing little sister Waverly. Kat Barrell plays Nicole Haught, who starts out her tenure on the series as a Purgatory officer. 

There was a delay in filming prior to Season Four in 2019 when production was derailed due to the aforementioned lack of funding. Earpers took to social media and beyond to fight for their show. Thankfully, work on the series resumed after IDW Entertainment joined forces with Cineflix Studios. 

Here’s a statement from Andras:

I’d like to thank our wonderful cast and crew, all of whom were instrumental in bringing Wynonna Earp to our loyal and passionate audience. We couldn’t be prouder of these last six episodes on Syfy, and are thrilled to share them with our beloved fans, who have changed our lives forever. I have been honored to tell Wynonna and her family’s story, and along with Seven24, Cineflix and CTV Sci-Fi, are hopeful we can continue to share their inspiring tales in the future.

Lately, the hashtag #FiveforWynonna has been making the Twitter rounds. I suspect fans will fight tooth and nail to ensure that Wynonna Earp finds a new home. I hope a Season Five comes to fruition.

The back half of Season Four will premiere on March 5 at 10 pm for its final six episodes on Syfy. A finale is scheduled for April 9. 




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