With the incredible scene between Nicole and Waverly in episode two of Wynonna Earp, it’s hard to even try and think about what else Emily Andras and company have up their sleeve that could possibly kill the fandom even more. Believe it or not, there is.

Waverly in a cheerleading outfit. Also, Waverly performing a “for your eyes” only routine for Nicole. Who, like everyone else watching, can’t barely function response other than simply “Wow”. Not even a minute later we learn that Waverly is without underwear when she does an impressive leg raise. To which Wynonna and her impeccable timing get a glimpse of. As soon as she’s responsive, Nicole goes to start her shift, leaving Waverly and Wynonna to talk about intended plans for their high school 10 year homecoming hockey game.

Cut to one of the former high school hockey players reminiscing over the glory days with a bottle of whisky. A demonic scarecrow suddenly appears to “take what’s his”. He causes the poor man to snatch his own liver straight out of his own body. We then come to learn that he was a former superstar right wing for the ’07 champs. That was the last Purgatory High School team to win the cup and a single game.

Without even batting an eye, Nedley makes the decision to pass it off to Black Badge and Nicole opposes the decision just as quickly. Nedley wants to have the scene covered up as quickly as possible to not cause a panic. He whispers something to Wynonna, who is eating a delicious donut while taking photos, so Nicole doesn’t hear anything. Nicole is AGAIN feeling left out and the frustration is etched on her face. What does the fiery redhead have to do to get in on these demon shenanigans?!

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Shorty’s or, shall I say, Doc’s is finally open for business. He and Rosita have a heated conversation while she’s stocking up alcohol about their secret plan. All this talk about finding something pure and the lab set up makes them sound like Jesse and Walt from Breaking Bad. Wynonna enters to look for Doc, but finds Rosita behind the bar. She can’t help but be slightly mystified by the woman’s bosom before asking about where Doc is. Rosita straight up ignores her and goes back to working. Mercedes “Wynonna’s my homegirl” Gardener waves Wynonna over for shots. 

Mercedes vents about her ridiculous younger siblings and spots a former classmate nearby. She insists that Wynonna needs some dating action and calls him over. Wynonna is like “Hey, Perry. Sup.” Perry makes the conversation as awkward as he possibly can by basically saying “Aren’t you the crazy girl that the whole town, including me, were afraid of?”. When Wynonna goes after Doc, Perry expresses his interest in Wynonna to Mercedes by asking for her number. 

When Wynonna catches up to Doc she tries to get him up to speed on the current events. Since he’s been too busy fronting a bar for his drug business. This leads to a hilarious exchange of Wynonna trying to explain hockey to Doc. Rosita literally inserts herself in between them to collect empty glasses. Wynonna let’s her opinion known of the bartender with a few wise cracks. Tensions are still running a little high between Doc and Wynonna.

An adorable Jeremy appears! Thankfully, the Earp heir isn’t trying to disarm him with an umbrella this time. While explaining the forensic evidence to Wynonna, Jeremy is simultaneously asking about BBD, Nicole, and Dolls. Wynonna doesn’t relent showing that she’s still hesitant about trusting him. Jeremy points something out about one of the photos that catches her attention. Going over to further exam the photo, Wynonna receives a surprise call from Perry.

He asks her out and Wynonna obliges. Not the same reason he does as he could be the key to discovering what demonic creature is trying take over Purgatory this week. Her hunch is right because when they hang up, Perry is shown draining the blood out of a skinned rabbit. Usually, I would assume that he’s making a pair of fur gloves or something (because I’m getting cold just watching this show), but this is Purgatory we’re talking about.

Wynonna is taking this cover very seriously, because she’s doing something that we’ve never see her do before: making decisions on what kind of lipstick to wear. This makes Waverly giddy because her sister is going to finally let loose. After a distressing week of losing Dolls and being traumatized by having to kill Willa, that is. Wynonna assures her she’s only going out with Perry for the sake of the case. When Wynonna leaves, Waverly, I mean, Gooverly works up an appetite and has herself a snack before the night’s festivities by swallowing a tube of lipstick. At least it isn’t a mutated spider?

There’s a pep rally for the homecoming game where Mercedes is going on a spiel about how the town is going to be turned around with the fortune her parents left. Perry is wondering where his buddy Bryce is and storms off somewhere with Wynonna hot on his trail. When she catches up to him, they talk about the past and how Purgatory has a knack for staying in it. Suddenly, a drunk crying Skip appears and tells Perry where Bryce, ummm, B-Train really is and that’s long gone. Perry insists on helping Skip home. Meanwhile, Wynonna is thinking what every else is thinking…B-Train?!

The Earp sisters run into each other outside. Wynonna tells Waverly that they’ve got to get to Skip’s house ASAP and Waverly said that she was there to see Nicole. Wynonna  tries to remind her of the time she missed her valedictorian speech because of Champ and that Waverly is an Earp. Obviously, this stings Waves as it’s very well possible that she isn’t even an Earp. Waverly gets snippy and tells Wynonna off before stomping into the building to look for Nicole. When she does find the Deputy, she tries getting her attention. Nicole let’s Waverly know that she’s done working in a couple of hours, but Waverly isn’t listening because Waverly is no longer Waverly. She’s now Gooverly and  ambushes Nicole with a big unexpected kiss.

Let’s take a brief break and talk about this part. When Nicole and Waverly consummated their relationship last week, there’s was a debate among fans about whether or not it was Gooverly or Waverly who gave Nicole the consent. This particular scene does a good job of making the clear distinction between the two and that it was all Waverly during their first time last week. When the demon takes over, Waverly becomes a lot more aggressive, possessive, and dominant. If it were Gooverly in that scene, it would’ve had a much more different tone and Nicole wouldn’t have taken the lead the way she did.

Nicole tears away from the kiss and reminds Waverly that she’s at work in public. Which is not the time for extreme PDA. During this she catches a pencil neck creep sitting on the bench under the cheerleaders recording up skirts. Nicole demands his phone and he refuses. Waverly gets worried, telling Nicole to let it go because this creep is Tucker Gardener, Mercedes’s brother. The phone falls to the ground when Nicole tried to apprehend with Tucker’s refusal. Nicole who is fed up, arrests him, and ignores Waverly’s warning as she escorts him away.

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Wynonna finally gets to Skip’s only to find him on the porch drunk whining about B-Train, to which Wynonna is taking great pleasure in the horrid nickname. Her laughter turns into concern when she notices some ritualistic symbol painted with blood on the front door. Skip says that Perry was the blood artist. Scary Scarecrow appears and tries to get Skip to de-liver (hahaha, get it) himself. Wynonna scares off the demon and turns around to find Skip running away from the scene.

Back at the station, Nicole is throwing mad shade at Nedley’s office as she sees him giving Beth Gardner back Tucker’s cellphone. Nicole approaches Nedley only to be further angered at the fact that Tucker is not being charged. Nedley explains why Tucker is being let off easily and uses the most white male privilege excuse of them all – “Boys will be boys.”. Really, Nedley?

Nedley tells Nicole that until she’s chills out, she will be on the desk doing paper work. Again, the Gardener’s are mentioned as if that last name holds all the power. Nicole goes into the kitchen to load up on coffee before diving into paper work for the rest of her shift and then finds Wynonna. Nicole takes this as an opportunity to talk about Waverly’s sometimes odd behavior.

The only thing wrong with this is that Nicole mentions Willa’s demise. This immediately strikes a nerve in the older Earp. Especially when Nicole says that Waverly is starting to become more cold and cruel. Wynonna takes this as Nicole saying that Waverly is becoming more like herself. She immediately brings up if Nicole is asking about this because of Waverly keeping her out Black Badge. Nicole notices the implication and tells Wynonna to forget it.

The trio of Waves, Wynonna, and Doc are back at the homestead talking about what was scrawled on Skip’s blood. Wynonna is getting more frustrated that they’re chasing after small time demons for Black Badge. She feels like there is a much more powerful entity oncoming. She even says she can feel her hair tingling because of it. Maybe what she’s feeling is standing right next to her disguised as Waverly. They hear a knock on a door and it’s Perry saying that he heard everything. Before he even has the chance to explain, Doc knocks him out. Waverly does the explaining for him by confirming that he wasn’t summoning demons with the symbol, but he was summoning protection.

When Perry comes to, thanks to the help of Doc’s vapors, he’s interrogated. He spills the beans on why the potato sack demon is hunting him and his friends. He reveals that his coach gave them a spell because they sucked so bad at hockey. Being young and naive, they didn’t take it seriously and recited it. Only catch was that the spell was only good for 10 years, but now it is back to collect.

Wynonna is over the seeming pointless demon chasing and scurries out the door to kill it. Doc stops her and says that it’s important to keep the demon alive because it could be used to save Dolls! This brings to light Doc’s secret basement lab and, as I talked about in last week’s recap, it’s to cook drugs for Dolls. In order to get it done right, pure demon blood needed to be extracted. Doc and Perry run into Nedley while looking for Cam and Skip, only to find Cam dead as dead can be by tearing out his own eyes.

Waverly is shown leaving Skip’s house too and almost runs into Tucker who lurks from the shadows like the creep that he is. He tries to give some psuedo apology. Not to mention he told Waverly that she needs to smile more. Ugh. He demands to have Waverly get her “cop friend” to treat him with more respect. When Waverly exclaims that the “cop friend” is her girlfriend, this snake has the nerve to tell her she’s confused and wrong. This is probably the only time I was happy to see Gooverly appear. She lifts Tucker up by the throat, rips a necklace from around his neck, and continues on with her day.

Wynonna is back at the school to retrieve the trophy. The current hockey team is planning to use for good luck and refuses to hand it over. Not even a 300 pound goon can stop Wynonna as she starts to kick his ass. Mercedes is nearby, looking on proudly while referring to her buddy as “Crazy awesome bitch”.  You know what this episode has yet to have? A bad ass slow motion shot. We get just that when a smug Wynonna is walking out of the school, trophy in hand and middle finger in the air. 

Cue Nicole buried in paperwork with Skip in the drunk tank, shouting about something coming after him. Nicole dismisses it as drunk jargon but is completely caught off guard when a shadowy figure appears at the office door. Nicole whips out her gun and definitely ready to shoot any demon intruder that comes through the door. Her anger is no match as she’s flung across the room, crashing to the ground. The creature continues to pour on physical damage before Doc is able to subdue it with a gunshot to the shoulder, sending it scurrying off to the other room.

Perry decides to be a hero and run to the other and recite the very same spell from 10 years ago. It doesn’t work and he almost faces the demise of his other two friends. Wynonna comes in with the trophy and is able to trap the demon inside instead of killing it with Peace Maker. As quick as she can make us laugh our butts off, Melanie Scrofano can make us get wrapped up in feels even quicker. She and Perry share a kiss even though they both know that exploring any type of a relationship is a no go.

Poor Nicole. Demoted from Black Badge. Left out of the know. Being forced to release Tucker without him receiving any consequence because privilege. Tension with both Wynonna and Waverly. Now, she’s stuck sweeping up glass after being throttled around when her job was to get paperwork done. This scene with Nedley is my favorite from this episode. Nicole has worked so hard, loves her job, and wants to do her best to protect people. But lately she’s found herself in a grey area where she doesn’t see herself as having a purpose. It’s hard to not feel like that when you’re being pushed away from your circle of friends whenever something crazy is happening to the city and they have to go rescue it.

Nedley reminds her that she does have one and that’s being a good cop. Which is why he recruited her to take over as Sheriff when he retires. This is a nice pay off for her and fills that Black Badge void. Now she has been given the permission to assist Nedley with their cases as she works her way into an eventual promotion as Sheriff. Nedley concludes his talk by handing her a file that reads confidential and belongs to none other than Tucker Gardener.

Speaking of the devil, he’s telling Beth about what happened with Waverly earlier in the episode. Mercedes is not buying it and when Beth, said they needed to stick together as family, she let’s them have it. She tells Tucker he won’t be suing anyone and she’s tired of his bull. Tucker reminds her that if she dies, he doesn’t have to wait until he’s twenty one years old to get his money. He gets upset and runs to his room when his big sister cuts off his financial life. After having to deal with her siblings, Mercedes, decides to have a glass of wine. Unfortunately, she barely gets a sip in before the women in black appears from behind. Mercedes screams as the scene goes to back and a cracking sound is heard. Noooo, not Mercedes!

Wynonna and Waverly are going over how to extract blood from the trophy demon by translating the incantation. Wynonna let’s Waverly know how brave Nicole was protecting Skip. But also that Waverly is the best and she doesn’t want Nicole to forget that. Waverly assures her that won’t be an issues and asks for the lipstick she ate earlier. She also, steals a shiny drink mixer, and stuffs it into her purse.

Wynonna is carrying the trophy downstairs after Doc is giving Rosita a lecture about what and what not to do while drawing blood from the creature. He explains the purpose of the lab to her and that Rosita is going to be the one concocting the formula for Dolls. Wynonna is unconvinced and refers to her as Boobs McSeltzer. She’s reminded to not judge a woman by her cup size when Doc tells her that Rosita has an advance degree in biochemistry.

Wynonna becomes frustrated, asking why didn’t he tell her about it from the beginning. Remember when Dolls whispered into Doc’s ear before escaping the factory? It was this plan and a promise to not tell Wynonna because it would put her in danger. He would be the one Dolls could afford to lose, not her. Doc also tells her that he isn’t doing this for Dolls, but for her. They need to get it to Dolls because he’s crazy if he steps foot in Purgatory.

About that. It’s already too late because Dolls is trapped in the barn and sick with a possessed Waverly. We see she’s been hoarding a collection of shiny metal objects. Dolls let’s out a scream at the sight of her black eyes to end the episode.


Final Thoughts 

How in the heck does this show keep getting better?? This is my favorite episode of this season. I feel like a lot was approached in this episode especially with Waverly steadily losing control of whatever it is that possessed her and Nicole’s storyline. Not to mention we get a little bit more of an insight of what Doc has planned.

Speaking of, Nicole was the highlight for me in this episode. It was very nice to see her get that pay off at the end and I think as time goes on throughout the season, she’s going to have a bit more of a pull with helping Nedley. Also, I cannot wait for the eventual showdown between her and Tucker.  Mercedes calls him the “town pervert” and to me, that sends a clue of what is possibly in that file. Especially with his infatuation with Waverly.

Another thing I want to highlight are the terms of endearment that Nicole and Waverly effortless call each other. They called each other “baby” three times in this episode which is very rare for a LGBT relationship in a TV show.  We’re used to being lucky if they called each other baby three times in a single season. Hats off to the Wynonna Earp crew because they are hell bent on destroying any trope that exists and it’s wonderful as well as refreshing.