The seventh episode of Wynonna Earp starts with a close up of salt being poured on a wood floor. No person, no voice, just the sound of salt hitting and bouncing off the planks for five seconds. Then, a fade to black.

Deep in the woods, Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) sleeps outside between a small tent and a roaring campfire. A lantern is lit, hanging off a nearby tree. In the fire light, Doc jerks from a nightmare as feet approach his head. He startles awake as a revenant holds a knife to his throat. The revenant now identified as John (Robert Nogier) was the victim of Wynonna Earp’s motorcycle bombing in the first episode. Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) slips out from the trees and, with the help of Peacemaker, sends John to his fiery grave.

Doc stumbles to his feet, his own gun drawn. Wynonna asks why he is out in the woods, screaming in his sleep, letting himself get ambushed by revenants. Doc takes a swig of a nearly empty bottle of alcohol, which leaves the impression Doc was in a drunken stupor and not simply asleep. Though he tries to dismiss Wynonna, she sits and pulls out a photo of the seven demons that attacked her homestead and carried off her father. Six of the men have been crossed off with red Xs, but one is nearly unidentifiable; Wynonna seeks Doc’s help to figure out who he is so she can get her revenge for her father’s death. Doc refuses to help – he has already been exiled by the revenants for helping the heir and so far, he has gotten nothing but grief for his troubles.

Wynonna Earp Walkin' After Midnight Revenant John Death

At the blacksmith’s forge, the blacksmith (Rachael Ancheril) startles awake sitting inside a salt circle, shotgun in hand, waiting for the inevitable arrival of the Stone Witch. She calls out, sensing the woman is nearby. Constance Clootie (Rayisa Kondracki) walks into the room with two lackeys following, asking for the location of her son. She tries bargaining with the Mattie the blacksmith, offering eternal youth (presumably with the same spell as she cast on Doc Holliday) and a cure for the blacksmith’s tumor, but the Mattie declines. A magic fight kicks off, a battle of wills between the two women.

At Shorty’s Saloon, Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) pours her sister a cup of coffee as she listens to Wynonna relay the previous night’s adventure in the woods. Wynonna offers to have Agent Dolls (Shamier Anderson) run tests on Waverly’s new possession, a skull that belongs to the Stone Witch’s son. Waverly declines and the two share a sister moment over being single.

After getting her morning pick-me-up, Wynonna heads in to the Black Badge Office. Agent Dolls scans the photo with a magnifying glass and notices that the unknown revenant is holding a gentleman’s cane and has a ring with a spade on it. Agent Dolls grabs his jacket to pick up take out before the two settle in to scour over Waverly’s research.

Later that morning, at the blacksmith’s place, Constance Clootie compliments Mattie for surviving as long as she has. She still remains inside the salt circle, but she’s battle weary, covered in blood and dirt. Her will breaks when Constance’s response to her defiant words is a spell to dry out the blacksmith’s mouth and throat, while holding a ladle of water at Mattie’s eye level. Her thirst too strong to overcome, Mattie crawls like a mule following a carrot over the line of salt. When Constance lies down beside her and asks who has the skull, Mattie gathers enough defiance to smart-talk and answer in riddles. Smiling, the witch charges her athamé and begins to torture the dark haired woman.

At the Earp homestead, Wynonna blasts her music while dancing around, decorating the house for an engagement party. Doc walks in and his initial reason for his visit disappears at the sight of the skull. He recognizes it as part of the Stone Witch’s treasured skeletons and his temptation is quite visible as he reaches for the skull in Waverly’s hands. When he inspects it, the odd dental structure is revealed: the skull has a second set of upper teeth behind the first. He tells Waverly to be careful with it as it is not human. He also tells her that Bobo Del Rey was digging up bones and was missing a head, so she needs to be careful about with whom she shares her secret. When Waverly returns the skull to the mantel, Doc tells her his reasoning for his visit: he wants to apologize to Wynonna for being so rude during their last encounter. Trying to push him out the door before her party guests arrive, Waverly accepts his apology on behalf of Wynonna and invites Doc to move onto the Earp homestead, land naturally protected from the revenants. Plus, she adds, having him around would help with the loneliness of being so far from town as well as having someone to help chop wood and “help us not die.” Doc tentatively accepts the offer and departs to the barn.

Wynonna Earp Walkin' After Midnight Doc and Waverly wtih Skull

Wynonna browses through pages of pictures of spades on the internet inside Black Badge headquarters. Agent Dolls, who was supposed to be out getting food, calls from right outside the Purgatory Sheriff Department to inform Wynonna he will be gone for awhile and will need her to standby for further instructions, like digging in his files. He then, uncharacteristically, praises her and says he believes she can break the curse without him. Suspicious, Wynonna gives him a code word to say if he’s being held against his will. Instead, he hangs up the phone after promising to buy dinner when he returns. Wynonna is left confused inside the building while Agent Dolls hands the takeout to one man in a suit and his phone to another. He also relinquishes his service weapon before getting in the back of a vehicle.

As Waverly finishes placing decorations and snack foods, there is a knock at her front door. Outside, in the dark evening, two women arrive for the engagement party carrying liquor. They inform Waverly that he rest of the girls bailed because of the house’s reputation. As the girls wander through the home, Waverly does some touch-ups, like removing a price tag from a pillow, and thoughtlessly puts the scissors in the waistband of her skirt, as if she were still working at the bar and needing to stash a pen in a pocket. The girls then toast to the evening.

At the sheriff’s department, Wynonna finds Officer Nichole Haught (Katherine Barrell) hanging out at her desk past sundown. She pops the top on a bottle of whiskey and commiserates with Officer Haught over boss troubles. The officer lets slip that she feels better about not being the only one in town invited to “the party”, which catches Wynonna off guard.

At the party, bride-to-be Steph (Siobhan Williams) shows off her ring. Waverly is crushed to learn from Chrissy (Dana Hollenbach) that she isn’t a bridesmaid and that all the wedding duties have been done. The conversation turns sour over the subject of Waverly’s love life moments before Doc arrives with an armload of wood for the fireplace. Waverly pulls him inside to help revive her dying party.

On the floor, propped up against Officer Haught’s desk, Wynonna and the officer share the bottle of alcohol and tell tales of the bride-to-be. When their talk turns to Waverly, Wynonna completely misses the longing in Officer Haught’s face when she speaks about Wynonna’s sister. Instead, Wynonna’s attention is pulled to a photo on the floor. It is a headshot of “victim number three” in a serial murder the sheriff is trying to solve. Officer Haught pulls down the file and gives Wynonna the short summary. Wynonna remarks that “Dolls picked a great time to leave” and then her nose begins to bleed while she is holding a photo from the coroner’s report. She tells the officer she needs to see the body.

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Since Doc Holliday is a card player, it only makes sense that he deals out poker to help Waverly’s party liven up some. He does a little card trick, changing Waverly’s five of spades and 2 of clubs into a pair of black kings. A Doc Holliday special wink graces his smiling face before he turns toward a sound outside. The barn door is open and he slips out to investigate. Waverly follows, feeling the uneasy tension from her guests, and watches from the safety of the house as Doc draws his gun and pokes his head into the barn. With the scissors still peeking out from her skirt, she grabs her sweater and runs outside while her guest of honor rolls her eyes and tosses back the last of her drink.

Inside the barn, the blacksmith, bloodied and bruised, stumbles out of hiding to warn Doc that the Stone Witch is coming. She calls him out by name, instantly putting Doc on guard as they have not met. Mattie informs Doc that once the bones are reunited, Constance Clootie will free the revenants from the Ghost River Triangle. She tasks Doc with getting Waverly somewhere safe before “the witching hour” when the Stone Witch will arrive. When Doc expresses his wishes to kill the witch, Mattie makes him promise to get Waverly to safety in exchange for the secret to kill Constance. She uses the last of her life to share the secret to kill the witch: gather part of her flesh, be it hair or blood, and dip a piece of gallows silk in it; the act will bind the witch, but it will only work following the witching hour, when she will be at her weakest. Doc runs outside the barn when Waverly calls to him, explaining away the noise and open barn door as nothing but the wind.

Officer Haught and Wynonna walk down to the empty morgue to look at Victim Number Three. While Officer Haught checks toe tags, Wynonna is downing more liquid courage. Wynonna pulls back the sheet, asks “who did this?” and both women jump as the medical examiner, Dr. Reggie (Ryan Belleville) answers from behind them. He glances over the autopsy report that was filed – not by him – and does his best to answer the questions the two women have, like how the victim died because her organs had been removed while she was alive and connected to an IV. If that wasn’t strange enough, her wounds were cauterized as they were inflicted.

Doc lights a cigarillo on Waverly’s porch, waiting for Constance to arrive, with Mattie’s beg for his promise running through his mind.

Officer Haught questions the medical examiner while Wynonna stares at the body on the slab; she sees a welt that she is trying to decipher – it is shaped like a spade, which she noticed in the photograph and is why she wanted to see the body. Dr. Reggie comments that he missed it during his review and as they discuss what would cause such a mark, there is a noise and someone walks into the cooler. Considering the three hovering over the victim are the only ones known to be in the morgue, they go investigate. The officer runs off to check the back exit while Wynonna and the doctor make the short trip to the cooler from the autopsy room. When Wynonna and Dr. Reggie return, they find the victim’s eyes open and a jack of spades playing card shoved in her mouth. Officer Haught returns, out of breath, and is shocked to see Wynonna’s nose bleeding again.

Wynonna Earp Walkin' After Midnight Jack of Spades


Doc pays his respects to the blacksmith in the barn and apologizes for breaking his oath; in his mind, the best way to protect Waverly is to kill Constance.

Waverly’s guests begin to get a little antsy and wander the house. When Waverly freaks out trying to keep them downstairs, Steph heads to the front door to get a smoke. Instead, she sees a man who is not Doc walking up. The man, one of Constance Clootie’s lackeys, is mistaken for a stripper. Knowing she didn’t hire a stripper, and realizing the man is staring straight at Waverly, who starts scoping out defense weaponry.

Outside, Doc remains hidden in the barn, watching as Constance and her other goon arrive. She senses Doc’s intention to shoot moments before he opens fire, pulling her goon between her and Doc. The gunfire alerts the girls inside the house to the trouble and sends the awkwardly undressing lackey straight to Waverly. He lifts her by her throat, demanding to know where the skull is. Doc arrives, weapon drawn, and distracts the man holding Waverly in the air. The spunky Earp sister grabs the scissors out of her skirt waistband and buries it in the man’s head. After he falls, Waverly notices that Chrissy is missing.

Far away from Purgatory, Agent Dolls waits in what appears to be a closed autoshop. A woman in a white pantsuit, Agent Lucado (Kate Drummond), approaches and opens a file. Nervous, Agent Dolls begins to defend his work in Purgatory, but she cuts him off. His three month hunt for a demon conspiracy has not produced any physical evidence, just piles of useless reports. Agent Lucado walks off to discuss Agent Dolls’ case with “the board” and hints that he should expect to be reassigned.

Wynonna Earp Walkin' After Midnight Agents Lucado and Dolls


Officer Haught follows Wynonna into the police station’s break room. She thinks someone is toying with Wynonna and wants to know why, especially considering the woman in the morgue was completely unrelated to the Earp heir. Along the same line of thought, she asks why all the weird cases get thrown to Wynonna, as well. After insulting Nichole, Wynonna turns on her, accusing her of planting the playing card. Officer Haught storms out of the room.

Constance finds an open space on a hill just outside the Earp residence and marks a triangle in the snow. She begins chanting, holding her athame aloft. Inside the house, Waverly freaks out about killing a man while Steph cries about not having any phone reception. Doc reveals that he was shooting at the Stone Witch, who made him ageless and threw in into the bottom of a well, the same well that he escaped from when Wynonna went to get Peacemaker (see Episode 1). At the mention of the witch, who is still chanting outside, Waverly springs into action, spreading salt at the doorways. Steph, overwhelmed by what is happening, calls Waverly mental, which snaps something inside Waverly – she explains how she knows she’s a freak and that her knowledge that makes her a freak is what is saving Steph. Their little exchange in the kitchen is interrupted by the lackey, scissors still protruding from the side of his head, shuffles in, in full zombie-mode. Doc shoots him but, as Waverly points out, “You can’t kill him ‘cause he’s already dead!” They succeed in getting him outside and Waverly has an epiphany: the Stone Witch is outside, Bobo has two skeletons, she has a skull, and if the witch is after her for the skull, she must be trying to complete and resurrect the creatures.

When Doc asks Waverly where the skull is hidden, she refuses to give it up, accepting her role as Keeper of the Bones. Steph finally has enough and runs outside where the Stone Witch kills her and turns her into another zombie, adding the former guest of honor to the two lackeys and the blacksmith, all of whom converge on the front porch.

Alone in the Black Badge offices, Wynonna calls Agent Dolls again and leaves him a voicemail about the last of the seven that attacked her home and how he has found her. Agent Dolls is not the one listening to the voicemail, though; Agent Lucado has Agent Dolls’ phone in an office overlooking the car shop. When Wynonna’s phone rings after hanging up, she answers without looking, expecting it to be Agent Dolls. In surprise, she asks Waverly, “What do you mean you killed a stripper??”

Waverly tells Doc that Wynonna is on her way and he rails on about how dynamite could solve their problem because zombies can’t attack when they are in pieces. A window breaks and Doc sends Waverly upstairs to get ammo while he remains downstairs to defend the home. Upstairs, Waverly stumbles upon Chrissy hiding in a closet. While Chrissy reminds Waverly that the Earp girl never stayed out of a fight and always found a way to win, Waverly pulls the skull from its hiding space in a vent. Chrissy’s pep talk gives Waverly another epiphany: the Stone Witch is “just another bully.”

Doc turns toward the stairs, sensing someone behind him, and comes face to face with Chrissy. Chrissy tells him that Waverly apologized for lying to Doc before crawling out a window.

Outside, the zombies are slow to react when Waverly appears between them and Constance. Instead of handing over the skull, Waverly asks why she would give Doc immortality an then lock him away. The witch’s reasoning is simple: Wyatt loved Doc and since Wyatt took away people she loved (her sons), she took away someone Wyatt loved. She then reveals that revenants are resurrecting demons made from humans whereas her boys were “something more” and that is why they weren’t part of the Earp curse. Waverly then crushes the skull against the barn, an action that results in Waverly being thrown against the wall, too. Wynonna arrives and shoots the athame from Constance’s hand, but Doc yells out that the Stone Witch is his to kill. He shoots her in the shoulder, which kills her concentration and drops the zombies.  She disappears and a pink Cadillac drives off. Wynonna rounds on Doc, who sends her off to check on Waverly as he feels out his own shoulder. Waverly holds her arm and makes jokes with Wynonna, but gives Doc a very angry look.

Wynonna Earp Walkin' After Midnight Waverly with the Skull


Inside the house, Waverly sits over the food from the party in the kitchen when Doc walks in. He takes off his hat to explain, but Waverly already knows that Mattie was there to warn Doc about Constance but he used her as bait instead. Doc looks all kinds of remorseful as he accepts Waverly’s hatred, but she doesn’t hate him for his actions, just says he was acting within his character. She calls him out for loving Wynonna, which he denies; this seems to be the one straw too many and she stands up, tears in her eyes, and informs him that is one tell is that he is always lying.

The next morning, Officer Haught is out at the Earp homestead to take statements from Chrissy on the night’s events. When Nichole asks Wynonna why her house was targeted, Wynonna invites her to breakfast before she fills her in. Nichole and Waverly share a momentary smile and wave before she drives off with Wynonna.

In the black site, Agent Lucado approaches Agent Dolls, surprised he stayed around for the full eight hours she was away. She informs him that without any proof, she is shutting down the Purgatory division. As a last ditch effort to stay in Purgatory, Agent Dolls makes one last offer: he will hand over a “never before documented” being that is not a demon or revenant. The unspoken being is presumed to be Doc Holliday.

Doc wanders out to the triangle where Constance had been standing the night before. He finds drops of red blood in the snow, which he gathers into a snuff box. When he reaches out to pick up the dropped athame, his shoulder twinges. He pulls back his jacket and shirt to reveal a gunshot wound in the exact spot where he shot the witch. A noise pulls his attention and he walks up to the road to find Officer Haught’s vehicle slowly rolling down by, both doors wide open with bloody hand prints smeared along the white paint.

Wynonna Earp Walkin' After Midnight Doc with Officer Haught's Cop Car



Total Revenant Kill Count: 13/77

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