The Season 1 finale picks up right where the previous episode left off. A Winter Solstice party at the Waynewright Hotel has gone south in a big way and a bounty has been placed on Wynonna’s head! Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) and Agent Dolls (Shamier Anderson) do their best to guard Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) from the gala attendees, all of whom have been drugged by their host Bobo Del Rey and his spiked champagne.

Between dodging hands and being sandwiched by her bodyguards, Wynonna accuses Doc of leaving. He retorts that he at least returned. Wynonna defends herself from a townsperson that lunges past Agent Dolls and Doc shoots another, but they slowly shuffle to the wall without incident. Doc apologizes before shoving her through an open window. With Wynonna outside, the boys split their new assignment: find an antidote for the town.

At a gate signifying the edge of the Ghost River Triangle, Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund) and Willa Earp (Natalie Krill) share a passionate kiss. They walk hand-in-hand through the gate but don’t get very far before Bobo begins to feel the searing pain promised to revenants that cross the boundary. He begs Willa to drag him back to safety. She runs through the words of the letter, mentally checking off everything required: a willing heir, the Winter Solstice, a revenant of the heir’s choosing. All the boxes are checked, but it did not work and she is confused as to why. Bobo asks if she has Peacemaker because “the heir ain’t the heir without the gun.” She reaches for Wynonna’s purse, an overlarge clutch, and opens it to find a gun that is definitely not Peacemaker.

Waverly runs through the streets of Purgatory in her heels and seagreen dress, hiding from townsfolk that want to use her to get to Wynonna. In her arms, she carries her own clutch, and she stops by a car to check to make sure her guarded treasure is still inside. Comforted that Peacemaker is still with her and not with Willa, she takes a relaxing sigh of relief – and gets a cloth over her mouth from around the back of the vehicle.

Pacing at the gate, Willa tries to figure out where Peacemaker could be, which sister took it, and how screwed she and Bobo are without it. Bobo, suddenly a broken man seeking solace, begins to question what they will do now, not wanting to spend another year locked inside the Triangle. Willa comforts him, stroking his head as he leans into her, and defines their new plan: she will find Peacemaker while he hides, then they will run away together, leaving the town to whatever fate waits.

Wynonna Earp I Walk The Line Willa and Bobo Del Rey at the Gate


Inside the Black Badge offices, Doc follows Agent Dolls to a safe full of weapons, telling him that the poison was manufactured in the basement of Shorty’s Saloon. He knows this because he was held there. The two arm up for war while Doc brings up an interesting point: the revenants were not in attendance at Bobo’s little soiree. Agent Dolls cracks a joke about them not being at the trailer park enjoying tea. Doc chooses to confront the lawman about his drug habit – he holds two vials in his hand and demands answers before he fights by Agent Dolls’ side. Agent Dolls explains it away as medication that he has had to take since he was a kid to keep himself alive. And “some parts” dead.

Having overheard the majority of their conversation, Officer Nichole Haught (Katherine Barrell) chooses that moment to run in. She pretends like she doesn’t know anything about what is going on. She sees the open case of weapons and asks if she can join in on the fun. Her face falls when Agent Dolls tells her the situation is classified. Doc rolls his eyes gives her the short summary of Purgatory’s demon infestation. He introduces himself as that Doc Holliday and gives Dolls a verbal screw you for turning away capable help.

Her response? “Finally! Thank you!” – she knew something was going on but her girlfriend, Waverly Earp, would always dance around the topic. Agent Dolls just stares in shock but Doc tosses her a gun asking if she’s in for the ride. Agent Dolls comes to his senses and officially deputizes Agent Haught into the Black Badge Division and tasks her with finding and keeping the Earp girls safe and checking on Sheriff Nedley while he and Doc steal the antidote. Nichole’s big and bright smile is the perfect payoff to the constant sidelining all season long.

Wynonna Earp I Walk The Line New Black Badge Division Deputy Agent Nichole Haught


Wynonna, still in her red dress, runs in her house calling for her sisters. She runs into her room to quickly change, calling out to anyone that is in the house. Pete (Ryan Irving), a man Wynonna recognizes as one of the ones she danced with in her drunken coping / mental purge (see Episode 9), shambles into her bedroom. His face is bloody where he attempted scratching out his own eyes. He calls her a cancer on the town that he needs to take her to Bobo. Wynonna raises a high heel shoe, ready to stab him with the stiletto heel.Before she needs to defend herself, Willa knocks Pete out with a frying pan. Wynonna gratefully hugs her sister, not seeing the eye roll contempt on her face during the embrace. Willa makes up a story about being dragged away and separated from Waverly and reaching in to the bag to find it empty. She knows from Wynonna’s look of horror that she did not take the weapon.

Willa runs down her version of events, trying to figure out where Peacemaker ended up. Wynonna, on the other hand, ties up Pete to keep him from continuing his attack when he wakes up. She digs out Pete’s phone to call Waverly, blowing through Willa’s questions. Willa’s impatience gets the better of her and she pulls the phone out of Wynonna’s hand. She pushes for a hunt for their missing gun while also advocating killing Pete. Wynonna then questions Willa’s love for Waverly and begins to register concern over Willa’s willingness to kill a human to justify an end target.

Before she can say a thing, though, the house phone rings. Chrissy Nedley (Dana Hollenbach) is holding Waverly hostage in Sheriff Nedley’s office. All she wants is Wynonna’s head to deliver to Bobo. Willa objects, wanting to focus on finding Peacemaker now that they know where Waverly is. Wynonna snaps: “Peacemaker is just a gun. Waverly is Waverly.”

Bobo, holding his side in pain, walks through the woods. He walks between two trees and finds a man standing and waiting for him. Juan-Carlo (Shaun Johnston) warns Bobo against his course of action. Bobo surmises he must be close to succeeding for the mysterious man to be making a face-to-face meeting happen. It is revealed through their discussion that Willa is “too far gone” for Juan-Carlo to be talking to her. He adds to the lines already known about the lead: if the heir willingly crosses the border with a revenant “with hate in her heart,” it will be catastrophic for everyone. Bobo walks away from Juan-Carlo, a man in love, blind to the monster Willa has become. But he recognizes that she isn’t like she once was. He tells the man that once they are outside the Ghost River Triangle, he will find a way to save her.

The next morning, Wynonna and Willa barge into the Sheriff’s office looking for Chrissy and Waverly. Chrissy drops and convulses as they arrive and Willa runs to untie Waverly. When her sister asks if Chrissy is alright, Willa essentially tells her to stop worrying because they need to go find Peacemaker. Waverly protectively grabs her purse and holds it close. This sends Willa into a tailspin – how dare Waverly take the gun from the heir?

Waverly throws the gun to Wynonna as Willa lunges for it. She leaves the office, trying her hardest to run from her oldest sister. Willa begins making crazy accusations against Waverly. Waverly then reveals to Wynonna that she took Peacemaker because Willa changed when she got her memories back. Willa pulls a gun out from her back and holds her sisters at gun point. She demands Wynonna pay for all the pain and death she has caused the town.

Waverly’s cell phone begins to ring and newly-deputized Agent Haught walks in, caught in Willa’s sight as the Earp heir turns to the woman walking in the door. Willa threatens to shoot Nichole if Wynonna doesn’t hand over Peacemaker. She also outs Waverly and Nichole’s relationship to Wynonna. Waverly begs Wynonna to hand the gun over because she loves Nichole and can’t lose her. Her confession of love is enough to convince Wynonna to hand over Waverly’s purse. Willa shoots the officer anyway on her way out the door.

Wynonna Earp I Walk The Line Willa Turns


Waverly rushes over to her girlfriend but Wynonna takes her time, noticing there is no blood on the ground. Wynonna swears she will stay home if Nichole has been a revenant this whole time, but it is just a bulletproof vest under her uniform. Wynonna jokes that Waverly finally picked a “smart one.” Agent Haught tells them that the boys went to Shorty’s for the antidote so they should be alright to chase after Willa. Waverly kisses her as Wynonna runs out the door.

Wynonna and Waverly power walk down the street, anger fueling them both. Wynonna is certain Bobo poisoned Willa’s mind and that she can be cured, just like the rest of the town. Waverly is simply pissed that her girlfriend got the same treatment as her teddy bear as a kid: wanton destruction for the fun of it. The girls turn down an alley and run right into a wall of drugged party goers. They turn to escape but find themselves blocked in. 

Doc cocks his pistol as Agent Dolls asks one last time if he would like something newer. Doc, being Doc, replies that a man should never go into battle with a borrowed gun. You know, that old-school principal thing. The two rush into Shorty’s to find every last revenant inside. Agent Dolls suggests that Bobo told them to guard the place, not realizing he was making a break for the border with the heir and leaving them behind. As expected, an epic shootout begins. 

Wynonna Earp I Walk The Line Agent Dolls and Doc Prepare for Gunfight


The gunfire can be heard outside, cluing in Waverly and Wynonna as to how well the hunt for the antidote is going. Wynonna offers herself up and promises to go willingly if they just let Waverly go. Sheriff Nedley (Greg Lawson) steps up and starts telling Wynonna how much of a screw up she has been in Purgatory. (And being the law enforcement on her case all the time, he is uniquely qualified to make these statements). But then he hits reason, giving a rousing speech to rally the town against Bobo, defending Wynonna as their only hope.

Of course, there is always one hysteric in the group that counters the sensible decision and threatens everything. Nedley is able to calm her down, though, providing safe passage for Wynonna and Waverly. As the girls walk away, he jokingly compares the poisoning to the chili cookoff in ’05 and thanks them for telling him Chrissy is alive.

Shot in the gut, Agent Dolls walks out the front door of Shorty’s with Doc’s help while Doc continues shooting into the bar. Agent Dolls collapses in the street and Doc pulls out the two vials he swiped from the safe in the Black Badge office. One is blue and one is purple and he doesn’t know which one Agent Dolls needs – so he bases his decision on the fact he once had a horse named Lavender, a total Doc logic move. 

He pulls out the injection gun that he also stole and loads in the vial and gives Dolls a shot in the neck. When Dolls jolts awake, Doc calls him “the laziest junkie” he knows. Agent Dolls suddenly jumps to his feet, his eyes bright yellow, and asks Doc how much and which vial he used, a complete look of shock over the gunslinger’s face. Growling like a beast, invigorated from the vial, Dolls tells Doc to stay back. He smiles a wicked smile, walks into the bar, and closes the door behind him. Seconds later, revenants are thrown through the windows leaving Doc to wonder what Agent Dolls is. He rejoins Dolls inside the bar.

On their way to Shorty’s, Waverly stops and tells Wynonna that she needs to go do something that only she can do and sends Wynonna on her own after Doc and Dolls. Wynonna gives her a kiss on the forehead and the two share an intimate sister moment before parting ways.

Wynonna arrives to find a trashed bar with very badly injured and semi-dead revenants strewn about (since they were not put down by Peacemaker, they will resurrect soon). Dolls and Doc walk up from the basement with the poison, discussing their plan of getting Black Badge to test it and find a cure for the town. When they see Wynonna, they stop and let her know of their fun exploits. Doc is impressed that Agent Dolls threw Big Steve through a window and amicably banter, showing their newfound camaraderie. It’s too soon to call it friendship. Killing the mood, Wynonna reveals that Willa is helping Bobo and she has the gun, too.

It takes until Dolls is reacting to this news before Wynonna notices he has been shot. She reaches out to inspect his wound, but Dolls pulls away and tells her not to touch him, which gets Doc’s attention (he is still hurt over finding them kissing earlier). Dolls informs Wynonna that he called Agent Lucado, his boss, and she will be bringing in the cavalry. But does this mean crater in the ground or actual boots helping contain and fix the situation? Wynonna pulls Doc aside and asks what is wrong with Dolls but Doc changes the subject, insisting they go after Willa. Dolls butts in and tells Wynonna she could use Doc. “One of the fastest gunslingers in the West,” which earns him a hat tip from the immortal man. He gives Doc the combination to the gun safe and wishes the pair luck.

Bobo enters the tree house looking for Willa but finds Waverly instead. He greets her with an evil, hungry smile. They dance around the tree in a slow circle with Bobo chasing Waverly, both holding onto the trunk in the middle of the room as they go along, talking. Waverly wants answers from Robert Svane (which translates to Robert Swan, a link to the paper swans all over the floor) about Willa. Did he twist reason and seduce a thirteen year old girl so he could get freedom from his prison? Quiet outrage meets her accusations as Bobo growls out that he never touched Willa. Instead, he insists he saved her by hiding her away from the other revenants, telling them he had killed her.

He slumps to a chair, the fight gone from his soul. Bobo admits that he was never like this before the Stone Witch stole Willa months before she turned twenty-seven (the year she became the heir). He cherished the goodness he found in Ward Earp’s children and Willa’s disappearance broke him. Bobo agreed to work for Constance on the chance he’d get Willa back. He picks up an origami bird and stares at it a moment before telling Waverly he did it because “swans mate for life.” She pleads with him to let Willa go. But instead of responding to her words, he gently cups her face and drops a bomb: Waverly is not an Earp. The sentence was not said in anger or with any malice. The pain he feels toward losing the Willa he once knew seems to morph into something else, something indefinable.

Wynonna Earp I Walk The Line Waverly and Bobo Del Rey in Treehouse

Before Waverly can react, Willa’s voice calls out for Bobo. He directs Waverly to hide, taking a breath to compose himself, and turns to the door as it opens. He hugs Willa and masterfully turns her so that her back is to Waverly’s hiding spot. Waverly huddles and cries behind the upturned bedframe as Willa tells Bobo she now has the gun. She explains that “the little snitch Waverly” had it. Bobo guides her out the door. He spares one last glance at Waverly before he follows Willa.

Wynonna digs into the Black Badge gun safe and asks Doc for a pep talk. He starts talking about a coonhound he once had. A good and loyal dog that always came when called, but she went rabid and needed to be put down. He holds his hat in his hands as he continues, letting her know that Wyatt had offered to do the deed for him. But he couldn’t let him. He knew that, as his dog, as his pet, he was responsible for her well being and care, which included ending her life.

Wynonna objects to Willa being compared to a dog and instead focuses in on how Willa is older, better, the true heir, and she has Peacemaker, while Bobo is telekinetic. Doc briefly suggests they could run, live a life together being farmers in the country. He admits that he did not return to Purgatory to be a farmer and he hopes that if Wynonna is not willing to put down Willa, that at least Willa can see reason.

In the Waynewright hotel, Black Badge has set up a makeshift hospital with townsfolk laid up in cots. Agent Dolls is bandaged up, talking to Agent Lucado (Kate Drummond) about the situation. The antidote is expected in thirty-six hours and most of the town has been given antipsychotics. Lucado admonishes Dolls for not informing Black Badge that there were two active Earp heirs. She tells him that if the situation is survived, Dolls will not be left unattended again.

Defending himself, Agent Dolls insists he always followed orders and would do whatever it takes to complete the mission he was sent to Purgatory to do: keep the world safe from the demons within. That includes being Wynonna’s backup at the gate. Lucado expressly forbids this action, threatening to haul Dolls up on charges of treason if he goes near the action at the Ghost River Triangle border. Black Badge wants to observe and report what happens if/when Bobo and Willa successfully open a gateway out of their prison.

Agent Lucado begins to walk away from Agent Dolls but he calls her back, asking why she hates him. She spits out that he is a monster and that is the only reason he was a lone survivor of Kandahar. With the amount of anger and disgust she spews in that little biting remark, it is almost like she blames him for the death of someone dear to her.

There is no surprise attack when Wynonna and Doc catch up to Willa and Bobo. Wynonna screams out her sisters name and fires a shot in the air while Doc just starts shooting at their quarry. Bobo sends Willa on and turns to deflect every bullet Doc fires. After pulling a Matrix-like move and then redirecting a bullet back at Doc, Bobo just goes right for the source, pulling Doc’s pistol into his own hand. Wynonna pulls out a nice big Black Badge special, invites Bobo to take it, and after he does, reveals she is still holding the pin to a grenade she taped to the weapon. He tosses it back toward Wynonna and Doc, but it explodes in midair, throwing everyone to the ground. Doc’s bell is rung pretty hard and he tells Wynonna to go on, he’ll be alright. Bobo is laid out on his back asking for Willa but she is nowhere near. Wynonna catches up to her sister at the gate, Willa and Peacemaker are mere feet from crossing. Wynonna tells her to wake up and remember that she is Willa Earp. The bitter anger inside the elder Earp replies back that she is also the rightful heir.

Wynonna Earp I Walk The Line Wynonna and Willa at the Gate


Willa runs through an arch made from two stone pillars and a wrought iron sign. The ground begins to rumble and a once invisible field sparks between the pillars, illuminating orange runes. The world outside the Ghost River Triangle turns black, engulfing Willa. From the outside, a rippling field can be seen extending upwards from the gate. The ground shaking begins to coincide with seems to be heavy footfalls and then a monster roars.

Something grows beneath the snow behind Willa, who has gone a little psychotic herself, thrilled to learn that she is the lead and is happy the prison is open. She calls the whole town evil and deserving of whatever it is that is coming. Bobo calls out for Willa again. She shows no care in the world for him, saying she will go alone if he can’t get out to be with her. Wynonna tells her that she isn’t alone, they can be sisters again, but Willa needs to return across the line.

Willa then reveals that Bobo was not the only one that visited her in the treehouse. Someone or something else came in the middle of the night. Whispered promises, twisting her mind and destroying the good that once was Willa. She tells Wynonna that death can be a mercy and that she is doing this for Wynonna’s own good.

Finally on his feet again, Doc stumbles over to Bobo, gun raised. Bobo appears to have given up hope for Willa and his own escape. He raises his arm defensively and tells Doc to shoot “the old one.”

In a standoff, guns pointing at each other, Willa tells Wynonna that she is faster and will kill Wynonna quick. Willa’s face betrays her resolve to kill her younger sister. As she readies to pull the trigger, the thing that was growing in the snow reveals itself behind her in the distance: a roiling ball of tentacles. Willa pulls the trigger on Peacemaker but all that happens is a -click- sound. The gun doesn’t jam, it doesn’t fizzle, it just refuses to fire. Wynonna cries softly in pity for Willa, who asks confusedly what happened. “You went wrong,” answers Wynonna before a gunshot explodes from behind her. Agent Dolls stands with his gun still raised as Willa looks in shock at the blood in her hand. A tentacle snakes up from the earth and lifts Willa into the air and she drops Peacemaker.

Wynonna runs into the dark realm to pick up her gun. Doc and Dolls do their best to provide cover fire from inside the Triangle, shooting at the creature. Wynonna lifts Peacemaker and tells Willa to make her peace. The muzzle of the gun, instead of lighting up orange, begins to glow blue. She shoots Willa right between the eyes. Willa’s death seems to enrage the monster; it drops the former heir as it sends tentacles after Wynonna.

She turns to run back through the gate, dropping into a slide to avoid a wickedly huge mouth on the tip of the creature’s appendage. She and the thing cross into the Ghost River Triangle together. The moment Peacemaker joins them, the gate reseals itself. Bright orange markings appear in the ripple and the gate chops off the tentacle, which dissolves into ashes in the snow. The sky on the other side of the gate returns to normal, though the trees that had fallen remain down and Willa’s body is splayed out in the snow. Doc rushes over to hold Wynonna with Dolls keeping his distance.

Wynonna Earp I Walk The Line Peacemaker Glows Blue at Willa's Death


Wynonna Earp I Walk The Line Wynonna and Monster at Gate


Wynonna holds Peacemaker over Bobo, her one reason for getting out of bed most days since becoming the heir. But she doesn’t immediately shoot him. He begs for her to hurry up and do it because he is already in Hell, but she just asks if he really did love Willa. He bites back: “Did you?”

Agent Lucado and her men jump in and carry off Bobo, planning on taking him to a black site outside the Ghost River Triangle, much to Bobo’s horror. Wynonna informs the agent that the Earp curse won’t end until she sends every revenant to Hell with Peacemaker. In a cold response, Lucado tells her that whatever is left of Bobo will be returned in a few months. Bobo begs to be shot as he is dragged and loaded into a transport truck. Inside the truck is Agent Dolls, bound, for the crime of disobeying the direct order to stay from the gate. Agent Lucado’s contempt for Agent Dolls is so tangible that Wynonna picks up that her vendetta is personal, not because Dolls helped save Purgatory.

As Agent Lucado walks away, she asks another if the town’s coordinates have been recorded. She tells him to order a strike once the prisoner convoy is out of range of the soon-to-be crater.

At the WELCOME TO WYATT EARP COUNTRY welcome sign, Wynonna sits in the brush on the side of the road. The stranger, Juan-Carlo, appears, startling her. He compliments her on her job well done and asks that she be careful with Peacemaker. He is not a revenant as evidenced by the fact that he is outside the Triangle. She remarks that there are things outside, too, that need to be put down. Juan-Carlo agrees, telling her that the Ghost River Triangle is not just a prison – it’s also a sanctuary for something. When he shows no sign of harming her, Wynonna turns her back on him to watch for a truck. He wishes her luck and says he and his associates will be watching her. She turns back to retort but finds nobody there.

The Black Badge prisoner transport drives along by itself down the road. Bobo asks what Agent Dolls did to get where he is before sensing the border coming up. As they cross, he doubles over in pain and begins to smolder. Behind the vehicle, Wynonna steps out into the road and lifts Peacemaker. Tears sting her eyes as Bobo lights up, smiling his thanks to the heir. Agent Dolls snaps out of his trance at the sight of Bobo burning at his feet and looks back, smiling at Wynonna as he is hauled away.

Wynonna Earp I Walk The Line Revenant Bobo Del Rey Death


Back at the gate, all dressed in black, Waverly, Wynonna, and Doc walk along the path in the snow, Waverly several yards ahead of the couple. Wynonna tells Doc about how they played by the gate as children. How the tree they spent the most time under fell after Willa was taken. She vows to plant another one after she kills all the revenants. After that, she will kill the tentacle monster. Doc asks about Agent Dolls, expecting Wynonna to let him be. She notes how the odds are against them with him being locked up by Black Badge. And he did shoot Willa first but, she resolves, they will get him back, too.

While the two talk, Waverly bends down to look at a black puddle in front of the gate where the tentacle dissolved. Being the curious research type, she takes off her glove to touch it. The goo, once on her hand, comes to life and infects her, sliding up her arm and turning her eyes black. As she is infected, the monster screams from outside the gate, putting Wynonna and Doc on alert. They both draw their weapons, agreeing that something is coming. Waverly turns to them, takes a deep, happy sigh, asks if they are ready. When Wynonna says she’s ready for anything, Waverly’s face drops to a serious, determined look and she draws a gun.

The season ends with a gun barrel cutting to a black screen with a gunshot echoing.

Wynonna Earp I Walk The Line Waverly Possessed


Total Revenant Kill Count: 21/77

Wynonna Earp returns to Syfy on Friday, June 9, 2017, at 10/9c.

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