Reeling from the news that Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund) bought Shorty’s Saloon, sisters Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) and Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) storm into the bar, Waverly’s former place of employment, shouting for Bobo. One of the revenants grabs Waverly and Wynonna draws Peacemaker. Tensions rise as he screams out the Earp curse heir is in the building and every demon in the place draws their weapons. The commotion brings Bobo into the bar, making his entrance down the stairs from the apartment space above the bar, also Waverly’s former residence. He and Wynonna share few witty jabs while Waverly screams about how the bar and its contents belong to the Earps. As they are leaving, Bobo steals the necklace from Waverly’s neck as payment for their disrupting his business – it turns out, the necklace belonged to their deceased older sister, Willa, which enrages Waverly to no end.

Agent Xavier Dolls (Shamier Anderson) sits listening to something through a pair of headphones inside the Black Badge offices as Wynonna and Waverly walk in, smiling. He unplugs the headphones and plays the audio over laptop speakers and it is revealed that during Waverly’s tantrum, she placed a bug inside Shorty’s.

Wynonna Earp She Wouldn't Be Gone Agent Xavier Dolls Smiling


Outside Purgatory, somewhere inside the Ghost River Triangle, a woman dressed in a fur coat walks through the snow. She heads for a small, two-pump gas station with what appears to be a small car sales lot attached. A red-eyed revenant watches her approach, hunger in his voice. He opens the door to welcome her and she calls out asking for a phone. His innuendo laced response swiftly changes to a fearful look and back-peddling when he sees her face; she has two black marks over her right eye from forehead to cheek. He yells to her that the next gas station is a mile down the road and sends her off, ignoring her pleas as he runs back inside and locks the door. A wolf growl cuts off her crying and begging him to tell her mother she’s sorry for running away. The demon watches from inside the safety of his station, tears streaming down his own face, as the young woman is killed by the wolf.

Waverly sits with the headphones on, yelling to the room updates from the bug in the bar. Trying to ignore the revenant’s speculation about his manhood, Agent Dolls asks Wynonna how long she has known Bobo is telekinetic; she acts like it isn’t a big deal, feeling cocky and confident about having Peacemaker, Wyatt’s gun, by her side. Waverly comments that, based on what she is hearing, no matter whether human or demon, all men are the same, and then she walks out for a break. Agent Dolls and Wynonna begin to speculate on Bobo’s motives and escape plan without “the lead” that the Stone Witch, Constance Clootie, promised and failed to deliver that would help him leave the prison of the Ghost River Triangle. They realize that buying Shorty’s was a defensive move, since the bar is always full of humans and killing a demon in front of a human is grounds for Black Badge to fly in and create a crater where the town sits.

Agent Dolls plops into the chair Waverly vacated and plays the audio over the speakers again. Inside the bar, the revenants begin questioning Bobo’s ability to keep them safe so close to Wynonna. The gas station clerk bursts in, breathless, screaming about Lou being back. Bobo claims this is impossible since they had a deal and had divvied up territories within the Ghost River Triangle. He is outraged at the mere mention of Lou’s name and promises “the Levi treatment” (see Episode 3) to the next person that defies his wishes. He grabs the gas station clerk during his rant and a sudden feedback screech pierces the air and sends painful throbs throughout the demon’s mouth; his tin filling is picking up and bouncing back the frequency of the bug, which Bobo uses to find the bug that Waverly planted in the bar. Before destroying it, Bobo speaks directly into it and spills the beans on Wynonna and Doc Holliday’s friends-with-benefits, stress relief relationship with very colorful metaphoric language.

Wynonna Earp She Wouldn't Be Gone Bobo Del Rey Talking Into Bug


Agent Dolls looks a little surprised, momentarily dejected, then covers it all with slight amusement, especially as Wynonna does mental and logical gymnastics to do her best at completely ignore the revelation and instead focuses in on Lou. Agent Dolls accepts Wynonna’s deflection and gathers his coat to head off to find information on Lou. Wynonna asks where he is headed, if he is going to be AWOL again; it is plausible that he is going to go beat the information out of Whiskey Jim, a revenant he has stashed away without Wynonna’s knowledge (see Episode 8).

Outside the Black Badge offices, in the main sheriff’s station, Officer Nichole Haught (Katherine Barrell) walks over to Waverly, who is standing by the water cooler pretending to take notes. They walk together into Sheriff Nedley’s private office but before they can kiss, Wynonna comes out of the Black Badge office. The two women play it cool and lean against the door frame as if they are just talking. Ignoring the stammering response when she asks them why they are in Nedley’s office, Wynonna just blurts out “Doc and I slept together.” Officer Haught excuses herself when she realizes that, while it wasn’t a surprise to her, it was unexpected for Waverly. Waverly’s concern is more for the fact that Doc is over one-hundred years old whereas Wynonna is only twenty-seven. Her second concern is whether or not Wynonna loves Doc, which goes to show her naiveté in regards to relationships.

Trussed up in a warehouse, Whiskey Jim wakes to find Bobo in front of him. Beaten and bruised, Jim swears to Bobo that he has told Agent Dolls nothing. Bobo smiles, he knows this, but he wants Jim to start talking. The glint in his eye does not bode well for Black Badge.

Constance Clootie’s pink Cadillac drives up to the Earp homestead, putting Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) on alert. Much to his relief, Wynonna is driving the car, not the Stone Witch. She walks up to the porch and tosses Doc the keys, offering him his “enemy’s horse.” When Wynonna suggests painting it something other than pink, the clash between their times is made very apparent – in Doc’s day, pink was a good, strong, masculine color, whereas today, as Wynonna points out, it is more associated with girls than boys. She then lets him know that practically the whole town now knows they’ve been knockin’ boots, which Doc doesn’t mind, but he does get a little hurt look again when Wynonna insists, again, “there’s not really an us,” but he hides it quickly behind a drag on his cigarillo. Wynonna’s phone breaks the silence between the two, alerting her that Agent Dolls is changing locations; she walks off, curious to see where her boss has been spending his time, and Doc watches her, pain evident in his eyes.

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Wynonna makes her way through prefab buildings, watching every direction possible looking for any clue as to why Agent Dolls would be there. She finds his parked SUV and kicks the tire, setting off the alarm. She then leans against the passenger side door, waiting to see if he will come out. He pops out of a door, gun raised, and is surprised to see Wynonna. He kills the alarm and his tone is incredulous when he accuses Wynonna of tracking him. He claims he is only doing his job and that, as a deputy, Wynonna is on a need-to-know basis with his actions; she misplaces his words as derision and punishment for sleeping with Doc Holliday. She plays the damaged damsel card, luring him in close and softly asking him to not be one of the many men that have hurt her lately and, because Agent Dolls is a man with an interest in Wynonna, it works long enough for her to handcuff him to the SUV. Hey, the honey-pot play is a classic for a reason! She slips past him, determined to see what he has been hiding, and ignores his orders to stay outside.

Inside the building, Wynonna finds Whiskey Jim tied to a chair, suspended from the ceiling at an angle. She asks how long he has been held captive, but he isn’t sure. When she asks what Agent Dolls wants with him, he mentions nothing but scientific experimentation; no questions have ever been asked, just more needles poked into the demon. Wynonna begins her own short interrogation, hand on Peacemaker in its holster. She barely gets one question out about Lou before Agent Dolls bursts through the door. Jim reveals what he knows: Lou is Bobo’s archenemy and keeps trying to overthrow Bobo’s reign over his revenant hoard. Bobo is afraid of Lou, even as powerful as he is. This enmity is explained away as the two having once been friends and then suffering a falling out; Lou wanted to rule over the humans inside the Ghost River Triangle whereas Bobo wanted to blend in. During their last encounter, when Bobo ran away from a fight, Lou stole something powerful from Bobo to prevent others from coming after him again. When Jim refuses to say where to find Lou, Wynonna presses Peacemaker against his chest, which causes a nasty and painful little burn; Lou can be found in the Pine Barrens. To thank him for his intel, Wynonna presses Peacemaker to Jim’s forehead and – the scene ends. Wynonna isn’t the type to condone torture, so it is assumed she sent Whiskey Jim to a fiery grave.

Wynonna Earp She Wouldn't Be Gone Revenant Whiskey Jim Death

Carrying rolled up maps, Wynonna leads Agent Dolls to a table inside Black Badge next to the wall of Waverly’s research. She explains that the Pine Barrens are rumored to be haunted, with the rumors and legends going back quite a ways. She unrolls the maps as she mentions another incident, a chemical spill that happened recently. Agent Dolls disagrees, claiming that Whiskey Jim gave up Lou’s location far too easily and quickly, but Wynonna counters with the fact that he had already been tortured for possibly weeks. Agent Dolls lets slip, in his defense of keeping the revenant captive, that Jim was being used to appease Black Badge while he searched for a mole. After first freaking out thinking she was the mole, Wynonna breathes a sigh of relief: the entire time Agent Dolls just up and disappeared, reappeared later with bruises, she thought he was “don’t tell your friends ‘cause it’s gonna scare them sick.” He reiterates that he is not sick…exactly – but Wynonna misses that last uttered word as she dives into the map with a marker, circling where the most likely location of Lou can be.

When Agent Dolls argues with Wynonna’s map, claiming that torture never works, Wynonna spits out that the demons are like cockroaches, soulless bugs for the killing. Agent Dolls wants none of that, though, and tells Wynonna not to get so hard and callous that she forgets that she is human.

The black SUV throws up the snow as Agent Dolls drives up and parks in a clearing outside the Pine Barrens. Dressed in their warmest winter coats, he and Wynonna gear up from the back of the vehicle while Wynonna does her best to make Agent Dolls feel as least prepared as possible for the simple fact that he grew up in Arizona. Wynonna gives a rundown of survival tips, even though Agent Dolls has had “hostile environment survival” training. Wynonna begins the trek to the woods, leaving her boss to close the SUV’s rear hatch.

Debating on swinging the sledgehammer over his shoulder, Doc paces in front of the pink Cadillac as Waverly walks out to ask about the car. She makes a joke, but Doc takes exception to the phrase “knocked boots” and saves his honor by proclaiming that a gentleman always removes his boots. Waverly then tries to drag Doc into a conversation about his relationship (or lack thereof) with Wynonna, but he deflects back to the car and takes a few false swings. As she walks off, Waverly suggests he not destroy it, but instead use it to learn to drive. He gives the car an appraising glance, seriously considering Waverly’s suggestion.

Wynonna Earp She Wouldn't Be Gone Doc Holliday and Waverly Earp Talk About Cadillac

Wynonna and Agent Dolls march through the trees, worn out as the sky is beginning to fade. A bird calls from overhead, pulling Agent Dolls’ attention upward. Since he is behind her, Wynonna doesn’t realize that he is no longer following, and she walks out of his sight range. The two get separated and Agent Dolls calls out for Wynonna, but she doesn’t hear him. She hollers back to Agent Dolls but a voice that isn’t quite her bosses responds, and she walks toward it, finding a bright light in her path. Agent Dolls has his own not-quite-Wynonna voice calling out his name, Xavier, leading him in circles. Wynonna drops Peacemaker and her belt as she walks into the light, transfixed. Xavier, on the other hand, is lost staring at the trees and the birds.

Wynonna Earp She Wouldn't Be Gone Wynonna Walks Into Light


Wynonna wakes up on a rug in a room, dressed in a white gown, surrounded by several young women in white dresses and furs, similar to the woman that ran to the gas station. She is told that she has been reborn and will be meeting Yiska. When asked who she is, Wynonna provides a fake name, Courtney. A man walks in, claiming to be the man she seeks. Yiska (Gord Rand) is dressed in a white cotton pants and shirt, a thong of bear claws hangs about his neck. He asks if she has come seeking asylum from the mind controlling radio waves and phone towers, which she hesitantly affirms, prompting Eve (Natalie Krill), one of the women in the room, to toss her phone into a fire. Wynonna’s rebellious nature is hard to suppress, leading to a remark from Yiska that she has a darkness within her and he studies her for a moment. Eve speaks up again reminding Yiska that The Light chose Courtney for a reason. The entire ordeal reeks of mind control and cult, but Wynonna tries to contain her contempt for her situation. Yiska then leaves the room with the proclamation that her bath is ready.

Eve and Margo (Hannah Duke) lead Wynonna up a dais to a copper tub full of warm water and the whole room of women with empty stares watch as she steps into the water, gown still on. She sits while Margo sponges water over her back, trying to calm her nerves.

After her bath, Eve leads Wynonna, once again dressed in her own dark clothing, to a room filled with cots and women filing in with bedding. She inquires about her gun, but Eve calls it a thing of evil. Doing her best to ingratiate herself with her hostess, Wynonna pleas the case for guns, especially hers: “I only shoot bad guys. That’s the point of me.” Somehow, the conversation of “good guys / bad guys” turns into a subcontextual converstation for the place where the women are and Wynonna is pleading with Eve to be the good guy, pushing past the fear to do what is right, even if it hurts. A noise in the main room breaks their conversation as Agent Dolls, with a bag over his head, is brought in with cattle prods. One of the women provides a report to Yiska, letting him know that it took three zaps before the man calmed down. Agent Dolls looks around the room and, before he can say anything to her, sees a look from Wynonna to not give her away. He then looks directly at Yiska, piecing together the intel from Jim to surmise that Yiska is Lou.

That evening, Eve and Wynonna walk down the row of beds by candle light. Wynonna questions Eve about Yiska, learning that she is correct in guessing “Yiska” is not his real name. According to Yiska, the outside world fears him and, by misunderstanding the commune, fears it, as well. The girls sit across from one another on beds next to a fire place and Wynonna asks what will happen to “that man,” referring to Agent Dolls. Eve says he will be held in “the hole,” which is in the root cellar behind the greenhouse. Wynonna is irked to learn that each bed is assigned a chamber pot and looks around the room for an escape. Eve moves to sit beside her and confesses how she cried nonstop when she arrived until another woman in the commune brought her a hot chocolate and a handkerchief. Wynonna asks her where the woman is now, but Eve stares at the floor, “once you’re driven away, there’s no coming back.” With Eve opening up, Wynonna presses her luck and asks if Yiska has ever mentioned a man by the name of Bobo, which brings a smile to the woman’s face. She turns away from Wynonna, but the camera follows her face and a light of hope shines for a second before she begins the task of getting the bed ready for Wynonna. As she begins to say that she feels a connection to the new girl, Wynonna hits her with the chamber pot and knocks her out.

Wynonna Earp She Wouldn't Be Gone Wynonna Uses Chamber Pot To Knock Out Eve


The house appears to be a colonial design with a lengthy front drive lined with candle lit posts and trees leading up to a wooden bridge. The snow is falling and sticking to the windows of the greenhouse as Wynonna slips to the root cellar to untie Agent Dolls. They make their way back up to the ground level, discussing Yiska/Lou as they go. (Agent Dolls notes that “Yiska” is a Navajo name.) They exit the greenhouse to find Yiska and the whole commune standing in the candle light, waiting for them. Lou smiles, asks if Bobo has figured out yet that his fur coat won’t save him, which prompts Eve to ask just who Bobo is. Lou must defend his reputation when Wynonna answers that Bobo is a common enemy of her and Yiska. To the women, he claims to have no enemies, but to Wynonna, his eyes glow the demon red and he finishes “that are anything but pieces.” Agent Dolls gets an “oh crap” look on his face.

Wynonna Earp She Wouldn't Be Gone Revenant Yiska/Lou and His Commune


The two are led back into the main room of the house where the women of the commune now wear animal masks. Yiska marks down their right eyes with a smudge and tells them they are no longer welcome in the peaceful place because of their betrayal. Finally breaking her cover, Wynonna turns to the women and reveals herself as Wynonna Earp, from a long line of Earps that hunt men like Yiska. Lou stops and stares at Wynonna, a twinkle in his eye, “The heir?” He calls it fate and irony before tasking Eve and Margo to force their captives to drink from small wooden cups while they are granted their freedom. Sacks are thrown over their heads and blackness engulfs.

In downtown Purgatory, a panel van speeds through the streets, driven by a woman in an animal mask. It fishtails to a stop and Wynonna is thrown to the ground before it peels off again. She is still wearing the sack and her hands are loosely bound, but she quickly frees herself and asks the shocked bystanders for a phone. She digs in her pockets and finds a note.

At Black Badge, Wynonna and Waverly review the note, which contained a list of names and the word HELP at the bottom. Waverly looks online while Wynonna attempts to call Agent Dolls, confused as to why she was dropped in town without him. Waverly finds that the whole list of names is women found scattered throughout the Ghost River Triangle that were killed by wild animals, but in a torturous way since every bone in their bodies were broken. Wynonna makes the heartbreaking connection that the women were delinquents and runaways, just like she was. Waverly tries to make her feel better by saying at least now she has her big gun to combat Lou’s supposed weapon. Wynonna defeatedly admits to having lost her gun and her partner in the same place: the Pine Barrens. A thought strikes Waverly that Agent Dolls wasn’t dropped in Purgatory like Wynonna, but left to fend for himself in the woods. The girls leave the office and Wynonna rushes past Officer Haught but Waverly lingers to talk. As Nichole is in the process of asking Waverly what is wrong, the police scanner mentions a pink four door sedan driving erratically and this catches Waverly’s attention.

Wrapped in a thin blanket, Agent Dolls runs from the woods to the black SUV yelling for Wynonna. He gets into the driver’s seat, throws off the blanket, and reaches for a small black case. The thumb print reader accepts his finger and he quickly doses himself with the blue liquid inside. His eyes momentarily turn yellow, but fade quickly back to their normal brown. He pulls a back up weapon from the glove compartment and rewraps in the blanket before searching for the key. He finds a spare key but the engine is slow to turn over. A giant wolf, the same one that attacked the woman at the gas station, hops up on the hood. When his hands lower from the steering wheel to reach for the gun, the wolf releases another deep growl and bark. Behind the animal, he spies Wynonna’s gun hanging in a tree.

The license plate STONE COLD is mounted to the front of Doc Holliday’s new-to-him pink Cadillac. He offers a charming smile to Officer Haught as she walks up to his window. He tells it like it is: he self identifies and admits to having neither a license nor registration, which would be the worst thing to say to any other police officer. Waverly runs out of Nichole’s car to start yelling at Doc, who pleads with Nichole to arrest him before her partner can reach them (it would be a “kindness”).

Wynonna Earp She Wouldn't Be Gone Doc Getting Lectured


Wynonna treks through the woods yelling for Agent Dolls and is startled when he jumps out from nowhere and grabs her from behind. He shushes her, warning her that the wolf will hear them if she is not quiet. He hands over Peacemaker and the wolf in question howls out from somewhere nearby. Agent Dolls begins to head back to the SUV but Wynonna doesn’t follow – she is headed to “save the hippie chicks” from whatever weapon Lou has. With a frustrated groan, Agent Dolls follows her.

Officer Haught sits in her car drinking her coffee while Waverly stands outside Doc’s vehicle, questioning him. He explains that he has finished his business in Purgatory, having taken care of the Stone Witch, so there is nothing keeping him. Waverly is upset on Wynonna’s behalf, claiming they need him around and that Wynonna, specifically, needs him in her life. He reasons that Wynonna as Agent Dolls, which leaves a noticeable sour taste in his mouth. Waverly asks if he could at least try since she is trying with Nichole, but Doc’s response is heart-wrenching: “Difference is, she adores you back.” He tips his hat, starts the car’s engine, and drives off, leaving Waverly in the middle of the road.

Inside the commune, the women kneel before Yiska as he anoints each one with the black markings, skipping Eve as he makes his way down the line. When questioned, he claims the commune has been sullied and therefore needs to be disbanded in order to be rebuilt. Eve takes a stand and says loudly that Yiska is lying, which earns her a hard slap on the face for her disobedience. He then marks Eve’s face the same, calling her a poison.

As they run up to the house, Wynonna relays what she and Waverly discovered about the names on the list. Agent Dolls finally makes the connection that has been on the edges of his thoughts since being captured: “yiska” were Navajo mythological creatures that were humans able to take the form of animals, often called “skinwalkers.” When Wynonna mentions they are far from Navajo territory, Agent Dolls reminds her they are in the Ghost River Triangle as if to say anything is possible.

Inside the house, the women mill about, not sure what to do without Yiska to lead them. Eve is shocked to see Wynonna return and again mentions feeling a connection with her. Wynonna inquires about the face paint and Eve explains that it is a marking of the prey and that Yiska marked them all before leaving. A noise from outside draws everyone’s attention. Agent Dolls theorizes aloud that he and Wynonna led the skinwalker back to the house before asking if Eve knows how to find Yiska. She calls him a coward with an escape route and a snowmobile and Agent Dolls sends Wynonna with Eve to find Lou; the only way to save the women is to sever the tie between the skinwalker and its captor, which means killing Lou as soon as possible. Agent Dolls herds the women up the stairs while Eve leads Wynonna out the door.

Around the house, Eve calls out to Yiska, who is almost to an open-sided shed that houses the snowmobile. He turns, eyes burning red, and calls himself a god when Eve calls him a devil. He brags about outliving three heirs and boasts that he will outlive another. Wynonna draws Peacemaker, telling the demon before her that he cannot hide from it. He laughs that he isn’t going to hide. As he turns back to the snowmobile, a large bear stands up behind the women. The bear swipes Peacemaker from Wynonna’s hand, sending it flying into the snow. Eve runs after it, picks it up, and, as she aims at Yiska, it begins to glow orange – something it has historically only done for an Earp and recently only done for Wynonna. She pulls the trigger, knocking the demon to the ground, which opens up with hellfire to swallow him. As he goes, the bear atop Wynonna likewise bursts into flame, but instead of leaving to the underworld, a woman rolls off into the snow. She whispers thanks to Wynonna before running off into the woods. Wynonna turns to see Eve holding Peacemaker, confused as to what just happened. Wynonna says one word: impossible.

Wynonna Earp She Wouldn't Be Gone Eve Shoots Peacemaker


Wynonna Earp She Wouldn't Be Gone Revenant Yiska/Lou Death

At the police station, the women are being picked up one by one with Wynonna and Agent Dolls standing in the doorway to Black Badge. The skinwalker was Lou’s wife, Tadewi, and she was Lou’s secret weapon against Bobo. As more women leave with their families, it becomes more apparent that Wynonna is starting at Eve. When she is the only one remaining, Wynonna breaks down, refusing to hear Agent Doll’s explanation about psychological trauma causing amnesia or the possibility that Eve is lying about not remembering. She just snaps, blaming herself for stopping the search because everyone assumed she was dead – “she” referring to her older sister, Willa. Agent Dolls tells her to stop jumping to conclusions, that Peacemaker could have worked in her hands for any number of magical reasons. Wynonna stands still, crying, because there is one reason in particular. She walks over to Eve and beckons her to go home with her. The women walk out the front while Agent Dolls returns to his office.

Wynonna’s truck pulls up to the homestead and Waverly steps out onto the porch to talk to her about Doc, but Wynonna stops her before she can actually say anything. She begins to introduce Eve, one of the women rescued from the commune that will be staying with them awhile. Their aunt, Gus (Natascha Girgis), steps out to yell at the girls for lingering in the cold instead of coming inside to eat. When she lays eyes on Eve, she drops her beer, the glass shattering at her feet, and looks like she’s seen a ghost. In a way, she has. She recognizes Eve immediately as Willa.

Wynonna Earp She Wouldn't Be Gone Gus Sees Willa

Total Revenant Kill Count: 17/77

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