Episode 9 of Wynonna Earp opens with Dorothy’s “Gun In My Hand” playing over the scene of very drunk Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) dancing to her own music inside Shorty’s Saloon. A handsy man moves in to take advantage of the situation, but Wynonna has flashes of being held by Dr. Reggie and pushes him away. She steals another man’s drink and offers a kiss to make up for her action, but flashes of the revenant Jack cause her to push him away. He fights for another kiss, manhandling her until Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) steps in.

While Wynonna was dancing, before he stepped in to save her from a man trying to get something more, Doc explained to a stranger at the bar (assuming he was even listening) that Earps are survivors, a long line of people committed to a cause and as a result, quick to recover when needed. The special quirk about Wynonna was that she is all of the above with the added bonus of “demons for miles.” The impression is left that he is speaking of far more than the true demons she is hunting.

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Doc asks if Wynonna is alright but she scurries off to the bathroom to empty her stomach. Doc is waiting in the restroom when she gets done heaving up the liquor. She cries that she thought she would feel different when the seven revenants that attacked her home, killed her sister and took off with her father, were dead. Instead, the feeling in her chest, a “spring coiled so tight,” hasn’t gone away. Wynonna asks Doc what Wyatt Earp did to cause the curse, but Doc doesn’t know; the best answer he has is that Wyatt tried hard to be a good man, but it may not have been enough. Wynonna stares at her reflection in the mirror and says, “Maybe it’s good to be bad.”

Off at the excavation site, outside the wooden shack that holds the skeleton of the Stone Witch’s sons, several revenants bemoan their duty of guarding. As they joke amongst themselves and laugh, they realize a woman’s voice has joined the laughter. It is the Stone Witch (Rayisa Kondracki). She pulls out an automatic rifle and blows them all full of holes.

The next morning, wearing dark sunglasses, a lacy, see-through top, tight leather pants, and carrying coffee, Wynonna struts into the Black Badge office, startling Agent Dolls (Shamier Anderson). Wynonna explains to him that she woke up knowing exactly how to handle the situation: break the seventy-seven down into groups of seven and slowly, all seventy-seven will be gone. She has killed the seven that attacked her home and has already completed the second set of seven. She then dares Agent Dolls to kill her happy buzz.

Wynonna Earp Bury Me with My Guns On Wynonna Earp

Screenshot: Wynonna Earp, S01E09 Bury Me with My Guns On

It is said one should never ask for anything for they will surely get what they want. Wynonna’s day is ruined when Agent Dolls informs her that the Black Badge head office requires a psychological assessment and that the analyst is waiting for her.

The assessment is conducted in an interview room with Wynonna connected to a machine resembling a digital lie detector. The woman asks her questions but Wynonna refuses to respond truthfully, releasing witty and sarcastic retorts with ease, making Agent Dolls smile from the observation room. When the questions come to “disturbing and repeating flashbacks,” Wynonna fails to deliver more than a negative response and fails to convince the machine she is telling the truth. Agent Dolls notices that the assessor is straying from the standardized and possibly pre-approved questions and buries his head in his hands when the analysts brings up Wynonna’s possible connections to a bombing from years prior.

In the hallway, Wynonna confronts Agent Dolls for not ending the questioning, but he points out that if he had, it would have looked like he was helping her hide information. After a short-lived, heated argument, Wynonna, with tears in her eyes, demands that Agent Dolls at least admit that he cares about her. He remains silent, refusing to speak, and she turns to leave. When she reaches the door, he calls out to inform her that since she failed the assessment, she is suspended until further notice. He takes her badge and she storms off, Peacemaker still strapped around her hip.

Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) cleans glasses at the bar and watches as a lawyer hands her aunt, Gus (Natascha Girgis), a “generous” offer for the purchase of Shorty’s. One of the handsy men from the night before sidles up to the bar for a drink, and Waverly does her best to be cordial and welcoming while trying to pay attention to the lawyer as he explains to Gus the fine print in the offer. The man fails to notice that Waverly is not interested in talking with him and brings up her recent breakup as a way to ask her out. Waverly shoots him down, none to gently, just as Wynonna arrives and pushes him off his barstool so she can talk to Waverly, who informs Wynonna that Gus might be selling the bar. Wynonna thinks the lawyer might be a revenant and promises Waverly that no one will take the bar.

She follows him into the restroom and holds him at gunpoint, demanding answers. When the man pees on himself, she apologizes and he runs off.

In a hotel room, Constance Clootie finally accepts that one of her sons will never be reborn since his skull was smashed (see Episode 7). She carefully picks through the two skeletons and borrows from the one without a head to complete the one with a head. As she finishes, magic ripples through her and she begins to chant. She falls to the bed, drained. The completed skeleton reforms with the bones hovering in place until the magic reforms muscle and skin. A naked man stands, facing the window. The Stone Witch calls her son’s name, Drek (Zachary Parsons-Lozinski), but when she reaches to touch him, she is thrown backwards as he screams an inhuman sound. When she sits up, he turns around, and she gasps at his disfigured face. It takes a moment for him to recognize her as his mother but his attention is soon on the bones still stretched out on the floor, which he immediately knows is his brother. Drek promises to kill the “bad man” that Constance refers to when she explains why only one of the boys is alive, but she forbids it. He turns from her when she touches him, in pain because his skin is new and tender, but he then sees his reflection in a mirror and cries out. She promises to fix him when her magic returns. She tells him that when they leave Purgatory, once he is healed, they “will be gods.”

Wynonna Earp Bury Me with My Guns On Constance Clootie Stone Witch Son Drek


At the homestead, Wynonna rails on about Agent Dolls to Doc, who is pouring them both whiskey. He tells her that she needs to find a way to let off the steam she has built inside her. She continues, saying she just needs to know for sure that he is there for her. Doc pauses to set the bottle on the table and turns to tell her that Agent Dolls is “a hypocrite at best” and a liar at worst, but his tone shifts to concern when he notices she’s shivering, propped against the door jamb. She tells him that she almost killed a man by accident, but then admits that it was more than a case of mistaken identity: she had a hunger to kill something. Doc explains it away as “the itch,” a need for the drug-like high of killing another human being. When she tries to say that maybe be addicted to something is better than being a victim, Doc gently tells her she was never a victim – she is simply Wynonna Earp. She initiates a very passionate kiss, one that Doc very reluctantly pulls away from, but when Wynonna repeats his advice of blowing off steam, he heartily jumps back into the kiss. He only pulls away when Wynonna presses on his bullet wound while trying to get his shirt off. He quickly puts it out of his mind and they make their way to the next room, mouths together and arms roaming.

At the sheriff’s department, Officer Nichole Haught (Katherine Barrell) sits as Sheriff Nedley (Greg Lawson) reviews her report of Wynonna’s Jack of Knives case (see Episode 8). He crumples it and drops it in the trash, calling it a joke. Officer Haught defends her words, which Sheriff Nedley attributes to being kidnapped and drugged. He calls the town “quirky” and suggests Nichole take a few more days off. She offers to rewrite her report and leaves. Once the door is shut, Sheriff Nedley pulls the report back out of the trash.

Outside the sheriff’s office, Officer Haught almost runs over Waverly when she runs out the door. Waverly makes a joke, asking where the hold up is at, which results in a blank stare from the officer. She pulls Waverly along with her as she starts down the sidewalk and asks if they can talk. The conversation that follows is one of an adorable misunderstanding. Nichole is asking for confirmation that she is not crazy, that there is something supernatural going on in Purgatory. Waverly, however, blissfully unaware, misinterprets the conversation as Nichole hitting on her, claiming the situation is personal and far different for her since she has never been with a woman. It takes a few minutes of talk, the misunderstanding comes to light when Waverly says, “I get it, you’re a lesbian, not a unicorn, right?” Nichole rushes off, not fully comprehending Waverly’s question, instead thinking she is making fun of her.

That night, Constance Clootie, in her pink Cadillac, drives to the bridge that crosses one of the Ghost Rivers, a marker and boundary for the Ghost River Triangle. In the road stand several revenants, Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund) included. They carry torches and a flamethrower, so instead of confronting them in person, the Stone Witch presses her foot on the accelerator and attempts to drive through them. Bobo, with his telekinetic powers, stops her car. She tells Drek to remain in the vehicle while she gets out to talk to Bobo. He has one of his men dump a bag of bones on the ground, claiming Constance is a “bad mommy” for abandoning one of her boys. Drek gets out of the car to back up his mother. Bobo reminds Constance that they had a deal but she doesn’t see it as anywhere near fairly complete as Bobo lied for months about the progress of her boys’ excavation. He sees his end of the bargain as done because he delivered her boys as much as he could and demands the payment: he wants “the lead” that she promised him that would be the key to the revenant’s ability to leave the Ghost River Triangle. She breaks down and admits that she doesn’t have it, that “it” at least remains within the Triangle. The revenants draw weapons, which prompts Drek to screech a demonic howl. Bobo grabs the flamethrower and lights up the bones of Drek’s brother, and since the boys are connected, Drek burns from the inside out.

At that some moment at the Earp homestead, Wynonna and Doc are rolling in bed. Doc pauses, feeling the agony of the Stone Witch. He is elated because he now knows that if he can feel her, he can find her anywhere she goes.

Later, as Doc and Wynonna dress, they discuss hunting and killing Constance; Doc is for the killing but Wynonna refuses to let Doc commit suicide by proxy. When her phone rings, Wynonna turns her back on Doc, who slips out the door. She has a plan but it requires Doc listening to her and not killing himself.

Agent Dolls fights with a broken coffee pot in the break room of the sheriff’s department. Sheriff Nedley walks in, takes Agent Dolls’ empty mug, and orders him to follow. In Nedley’s office, he pours liquor in Agent Dolls’ cup and tells him to call him Randy. In a show of respect, Agent Dolls asks to be called Xavier. The sheriff starts with a story about the weather vane that always points west and how he fixed it himself, but even with a cleaning and oil, it only points westward in a high wind. When Agent Dolls gets impatient, Nedley tells him that he guessed that Black Badge was in town to investigate paranormal activities, but he was smart enough not to say anything. He gets to the root of the matter: he needs to know what is going on to keep his deputy, Officer Haught, safe so he doesn’t have to find a new deputy, one that is far less smart and level headed. In a show of faith, he hands over a small file of what he has been tracking, including information on Bobo and his trailer park. Agent Dolls reminds him that his work is classified and he just needs trust, which gives a spark of hope to the sheriff. Randy makes a show to invite Xavier to Happy Hour at Shorty’s, letting him know that “sometimes, learning things is just a matter of blending in.”

Wynonna Earp Bury Me with My Guns On Agent Dolls and Sheriff Nedley in the Office

Screenshot: Wynonna Earp, S01E09 Bury Me with My Guns On

Waverly walks along the road by herself, out in the snow, arms crossed, doing her best to ignore Officer Haught driving alongside her. Nichole offers her a ride, but Waverly only acquiesces when she is threatened, jokingly, with the taser.

In the car, parked on the side of the road, Waverly apologizes for being rude, but she puts it on Nichole for flip-flopping on whether or not she wants to talk. Waverly unloads on Nichole about how Gus is selling the bar and everything is changing, but nobody ever stops to ask Waverly how she is doing in all the mess. Nichole tries to comfort her, telling her that she has just dated a lot of bad people, but Waverly bites back that she and Nichole aren’t dating, which gives Nichole a very pained look. Waverly sort of apologizes with a “maybe just friends” response after Nichole says that she would never ask Waverly to be anything she isn’t. Nichole drives Waverly where she needs to go, nothing actually resolved between the two.

Constance sits in the middle of the road, back against her car, with the smoldering ashes of her boys keeping her company. Doc walks up and she begs for Doc to get her across the line in exchange for anything he wants. Bobo and his boys return, having been hidden down on the bank of the river out of sight. Doc pushes her away, realizing she used herself as bait to get him there. Wynonna arrives, Peacemaker held high. To her surprise, Doc draws on her. She yells out that Agent Dolls and Sheriff Nedley are in the trees as backup, but Doc sees through her bluff. Bobo recognizes their faceoff as a lover’s quarrel and orders his boys to holster their weapons. Wynonna slowly lowers her, too. Doc, however, shifts his stance from pointing his weapon at Wynonna to drawing on Bobo. Doc reminds Bobo that he had promised him the witch, and he is merely collecting. He reminds the revenant that they all come from a time when a man’s word was law because a man’s reputation was his only true worth. Bobo relents, telling Doc to take Constance and go. He then receives a phone call and heads out with his revenants in tow, promising “a very special surprise” for Wynonna.

At Shorty’s, Waverly serves coffee to Xavier and Randy at the bar. Sitting at a table nearby, Gus signs the paperwork to sell the place. Waverly confronts her, upset that Gus could do such a thing. Gus defends her actions by telling the hard-headed Waverly that she can do so much more than be a barmaid in a Podunk town. When Waverly argues that she knows she can be, but she likes her current situation, Gus gently responds that it is written in the contract that Shorty’s will remain as-is, just under new ownership. She then hands her niece a check “for freedom,” a hefty sum of money to fund a new life wherever Waverly chooses. Gus continues her soft advice giving with a line about Life throwing surprises at people, especially in regards to who a person loves. She gives her niece a knowing wink and a kiss on the cheek before walking away.

From a table along the wall, Agent Dolls watches as a man in a cowboy hat, one of the revenants that was with Bobo at the bridge named Peeper, walks into the saloon and heads straight for Waverly at the bar. He says he has a message for Wynonna and that he will wait for her to arrive. This intrigues Agent Dolls.

Doc and Wynonna shove Constance into the barn at the Earp residence. Her eyes alight on her athamé and she begins speaking a summoning spell, catching Wynonna off guard when the dagger flies through the air. When it flies a second time, Wynonna catches it and throws salt on the witch. Doc takes out the gallows silk the blacksmith provided and binds the Stone Witch’s hands. With Constance rendered magicless, Wynonna rounds on Doc, accusing him of taking away another of her kills. She attacks his character because he made a deal with a witch for immortal life and a deal with the devil (in this instance, Bobo) to get the witch. Doc responds in kind, calling Wynonna a “broken woman,” which earns him a punch in the face, much to the delight of Constance. Her giddy giggling draws their attention to her and Doc draws his gun on the witch. Wynonna pulls Peacemaker on him, threatening to make a deal with the witch between them.

Wynonna Earp Bury Me with My Guns On Doc Holliday Wynonna Earp Constance Clootie


While Doc paces, Wynonna pulls up a chair and demands answers from Constance. The Earp curse is a gift of her demon husband (now deceased) as revenge for the killing of her demon spawn. She reiterates how Doc’s immortality was her own revenge on Wyatt for the same crime. The witch gets satisfaction from the pain crossing Doc’s face (Tim Rozon is a master at Doc’s facial expressions) when she reveals that she told Wyatt of the deal, breaking his heart. She threw Doc down a well so that if and when Wyatt wanted to forgive him, he could never be found. When she calls Doc a “perpetual second choice” and insinuates that Wynonna will pick Agent Dolls over him, he draws his gun again. Wynonna talks him down, using her own recent experience with her revenge against the seven as reasoning for not taking immediate action; an empty win that leaves a person in the same pain as before is not a win. Besides, she has an idea on how to make the witch’s punishment last awhile.

Constance is bound in the back of Wynonna’s truck. Doc asks why they are in a desert and Wynonna tells him to taste the ground. The desert is a salt flat and, upon hearing so, the witch begins begging, willing to trade secrets on Bobo for her freedom. Doc’s concern over burying Constance comes up, but, as Wynonna points out, “loopholes are a beautiful thing”; if Doc digs the hole, but Wynonna buries her in it, Doc isn’t the one harming the witch and therefore will not feel the reciprocating pain.

Waverly runs in to the sheriff’s department, right up to Officer Haught. She makes sure Sheriff Nedley is out of the office before barging in, Nichole running in after her. Waverly shuts all the blinds and then closes the door behind Nichole before leaping into a kiss, her momentum moving the two across the room to the couch. When Nichole mentions Waverly earlier wanting to be just friends, Waverly begins babbling about things she has always wanted to do but has been too scared to do. She ends with the revelation that being with Nichole scares her. Nichole smiles and talks her down, then pulls her in for another kiss.

Constance, buried up to her neck in salt, hysterically fills in the information on Bobo and “the lead” that he seeks. “The lead” is the key to escaping the Triangle, but that is all she says of the matter. Doc and Wynonna walk away, leaving the woman pleading into the empty air.  Doc offers to buy Wynonna a drink in thanks for her help before they drive off.

Wynonna Earp Bury Me with My Guns On Constance Clootie Buried In Salt


At Black Badge, Agent Dolls informs Wynonna that she passed her second psychological assessment, even though she never took it; his report claims she was taking it under his supervision during the time she was out burying Constance. He calls her a good deputy and hands her back her badge, providing more proof that he is not acting like himself. He then opens a door to the back office telling her that he got her a gift. The “gift” is Peeper (Nathan Pronyshyn), bound and handcuffed to a chair. Wynonna pulls out Peacemaker, puts on her game face, and enters the room. Peeper tells her that Bobo chose him to personally deliver a message, and he knows that he won’t make it out alive – he claims it is an honor and worth the privilege of seeing the look on Wynonna’s face when he relays the message: Bobo bought Shorty’s.

Without another word, Wynonna puts Peeper down.

Bobo and his men barge in on Shorty’s, throwing the doors wide open, laying claim to their new property.

Wynonna Earp Bury Me with My Guns On Wynonna Earp Shooting Peeper

Screenshot: Wynonna Earp, S01E09 Bury Me with My Guns On

Wynonna Earp Bury Me with My Guns On Bobo Owning Shorty's Saloon

Screenshot: Wynonna Earp, S01E09 Bury Me with My Guns On

Total Revenant Kill Count: 15/77

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