The sixth episode of Wynonna Earp begins with the heroine being body slammed to a wall, reaching out to Peacemaker on a ledge nearby. Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Agent Dolls (Shamier Anderson) are sparring in the Black Badge office to train Wynonna to not be so dependent on Peacemaker because, unlike the revenants she is fighting, she cannot resurrect after death. At the tail end of several losses, she finally manages to lands a hit and knocks him to the ground. After her victory dance, she pulls out a photo of the seven demons that attacked her home; they are standing next to her father, strung up like a hunting trophy. Five of the demons have red Xs over their faces; she has already sent them back to Hell. Agent Dolls tasks Wynonna with sharing the photo with her sister, Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), to identify the remaining two revenants. As Wynonna leaves, Agent Dolls fights back a tremor in his hand, possibly better explaining how Wynonna was able to best him than simply her finally getting limber.

Outside on a snowy hiking trail, a hiker is tackled into the brush by a blur. What appears to be his head is thrown back onto the trail.

On a construction site, Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) argues with Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund) about the Stone Witch’s location; Bobo gave Doc an address of her last known location but Doc expected her current location so he could kill her. The two end their partnership as Bobo is unwilling to help Doc further and Doc refuses to be Bobo’s lackey. 

The Earp sisters get dinner at a local diner run by Mama Olive (Valerie Planche) and her daughter Hetty (Alex Paxton-Beesley). Wynonna shows Waverly the picture with some blown up headshots of the two unidentified demons. One is faceless, so they focus in on a revenant wearing a bandana over his face with a visible neck tattoo. The tattoo resembles a cattle brand, which could potentially be identified by the blacksmith, but the thought of that visit scares Waverly.

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The blacksmith’s workshop is outside of town with a yard full of various welded art structures and statues mingled with scrap metal and deer skulls. The Black Badge SUV parks and Agent Dolls walks with Wynonna up to the blacksmith’s door. They both freeze in place when Wynonna steps on a buried landmine. The blacksmith emerges with a red-hot poker held as a defensive weapon. The blacksmith pulls off a welding hood and reveals a dark head of hair and a sour scowl: she is not fond of trespassers or Earps and tells Wynonna she can feel her negative energy from inside the building. She is also suspicious of Agent Dolls, relenting only when he puts perspective on the situation: “if you don’t help us, you’re going to be helping things far more worse than an Earp.” She rolls her eyes, tells them the landmine is not live, and invites them inside.

Inside the forge, the blacksmith pulls out several cattle brands that she has collected over the years, some dating back to the 1800s. The brand Wynonna seeks belongs to the Tate family, a family of cattle rustlers. Switching subjects, the blacksmith reads Agent Doll’s energy and tells him that she knows he is in pain. Ominously, she ignores his reasoning of it being a cold and tells him his soul is being torn by a battle deep inside and that he needs to protect it. Agent Dolls declines her offer of help and leaves, Wynonna following.

Back at the Earp homestead, Waverly and her boyfriend Champ (Dylan Koroll) unload a truck of stuff. Waverly recoils when Champ gets handsy and gets annoyed when he calls her pretty and smart like she couldn’t possibly be both (a comment she even makes). Their relationship seems to be starting to get a little rocky, but Waverly does not say anything about breaking up. As they continue to unload the truck, Waverly notices a letter stuffed in one of the boxes. It is a poem written by her recently deceased uncle, which she hides when Wynonna walks out to ask if the cattle brand ever came up in her research. The family Tate, she says, became Tatenhill, the same as Tatenhill Farms, a straight-laced, fully legal operation.

Wynonna Earp Constant Cravings Waverly Poem


Immediately following this revelation, Champ pulls the cover off a Harley-Davidson Screaming Eagle, which pulls all of Wynonna’s attention. Waverly lets her know that Uncle Curtis left it to Wynonna in his will. Wynonna breaks down into a squealing fit, climbing atop the motorcycle while still strapped in the bed of the truck, and purring and petting her new ride. She sobers up when Doc appears and asks for a moment of private discussion.

They go to the barn and Wynonna starts stammering and rambling nervously. After a moment of miscommunication and situational misunderstanding, Doc asks for Wynonna to set up a meeting for him with Agent Dolls.

Agent Dolls is on the phone with a superior, breathless, holding an empty vial. He tells the man on the other end of the phone that his supply is running low and that he has had to dilute a dosage. When Wynonna calls for him from another room, he hides a case that held the empty vial and an injection gun, takes a deep breath to compose himself, and opens the door to face her. While standing in the door, Agent Dolls uses Wynonna as a go-between, refusing to talk directly to Doc, who is against the back wall. Doc does the same, only speaking to Wynonna. She ignores them both and walks out for donuts. The two men square off in the center of the room and Doc asks Agent Dolls to help locate the woman formerly known as Constance Clootie: Bobo’s lawyer C.C. Stone, the Stone Witch. In exchange for hard evidence on Bobo and his otherworldly activities, Agent Dolls agrees. A handshake seals the deal. Doc comments to his new partner that he was taught to never trust a man with sweaty palms….

Wynonna Earp Constant Cravings Doc and Agent Dolls Shake Hands


Wynonna and Agent Dolls take a trip out to Tatenhill Farms where they are met by a revenant dressed as the man in the photograph, with added red glowing eyes and a bloodied butcher’s cleaver. He throws the blade, barely missing the agents, and runs to the gate nearby. He slips and turns to find Peacemaker in his face. Instead of taking him prisoner, as Agent Dolls wants, Wynonna pulls the trigger and gets her revenge for her father’s death. Agent Dolls is exceptionally upset, stemming from his agitation after the earlier phone call, but in his anger release beating of the fence, he finds a human hand where the revenant was standing. Wynonna suddenly catches what the revenant Tate said: “leave us alone.”

Wynonna Earp Constant Cravings Revenant Herman Tate Death

Screenshot: Wynonna Earp, S01E06 Constant Cravings

Inside the Tate home, Wynonna and Agent Dolls find bloody meat and body parts of all kinds. Wynonna finds a family photo album that serves as a kill scrapbook .

At the construction site, Doc sneaks around dressed as a construction worker, trading his trademark hat and leather jacket for a hard hat and bright neon yellow safety vest. He breaks into a locked building where he finds two nearly complete skeletons. Bethany (Sasha Barry), dressed in a thick fur-like coat, torn stockings, and heels, follows him inside, soliciting him for another go-round. Instead, Doc asks her questions about Bobo’s activities – it turns out the construction site is an excavation site to find bones for the Stone Witch.

At the Black Badge offices, Doc tests body parts recovered from the Tate home while Wynonna gathers information on the missing persons reports and compares them to the scrap book. She notices the missing persons follow a pattern: they all begin when the Earp heir comes of age and cease when the heir is killed. The one inconsistency? The disappearances begin again before Wynonna but after her father Ward; they spike again before Wynonna is the heir. Her thoughts are interrupted when Agent Dolls makes the startling discovery that the bone marrow has been sucked clean of the bones and the bite marks on the bone are from a human female. Yup, a cannibal revenant.

On a deserted road,  Bethany hitchhikes back to town. A grey van stops and she is pulled inside, blood splattering the window.

Waverly pours over the poetic riddle from Uncle Curtis inside Shorty’s Saloon. The words begin to make sense for her despite Champ’s negativity.

Returning to the Tate farm, Wynonna and Agent Dolls retrace the dead revenant’s steps. They stare out across a wide open field, wondering what he could have been running to past the gate. As they head out into the field, Wynonna remarks that Agent Dolls looks sickly, he puffs his chest out and pretends to be fine. As they walk, they come upon a storm cellar door partially buried in the snow. Inside, they find a furnished living space that Wynonna recognizes from a photo at the diner. Based on the presence of a chain and manacle, Agent Dolls suspects Mama Olive may have been kept in the cellar against against her will. A shadow appears over the entrance and the two quickly climb up to give chase to another person dressed identical to the former revenant Tate.

At Shorty’s, Waverly continues to puzzle out the riddle and succeeds in finding a hidden compartment in the bar’s piano. Inside, she finds a box with a skull. In the skull’s mouth is a note from Curtis telling Waverly she is now “the keeper of the bones.” He instructs her to guard the skull and tell nobody except the blacksmith. Champ’s vulgar, innuendo-laden response to Waverly’s tone of wonder pushes her to realize she wants more than what he can offer, especially since his dream for them is for her to be nothing more than a barmaid for life. She breaks up with Champ, takes the box, and walks out.

Running through the snow, Agent Dolls trails Wynonna as she gains on another revenant Tate. The same blur that attacked the hiker scoops up Agent Dolls, leaving Wynonna alone as she tackles her target. The two wrestle and the revenant’s hat falls off revealing Hetty, the waitress from the diner and Mama Olive’s daughter. She tells Wynonna that the revenant she killed was Herman, her brother, and denies any part of the cannibalism – that was all Mama Olive. Only then does Wynonna realize Agent Dolls is missing.

A very nervous Waverly stands outside the blacksmith’s forge. When the blacksmith emerges, she practically whispers that she was left a skull and she needs her help. The blacksmith beckons her guest inside.

Hetty leads Wynonna back to Mama Olive’s cellar, with Peacemaker between them, begging for Wynonna to free her from her mother, to let her live. When they arrive, the cellar door is locked from the inside and no matter how many shots Wynonna hits it with, the door remains shut.

The blacksmith recites a charm over Waverly, who sits with her hand on the top of the skull. She asks if Waverly is open to acceptance to which she replies “I do. …did I just marry a skull?” The blacksmith continues, her voice gaining a quality similar to that of the revenants, and binds Waverly to the skull as “The Keeper of the Bones and the Stone Witch’s Son.” A power flows and startles both women. The blacksmith immediately freaks out and starts looking for salt to protect herself; when she bound the skull to Curtis, the skull did not share who it originally belonged to, but learning it is the Stone Witch’s son’s skull sends a newfound fear into her. She tells Waverly that they are both in danger and that the Stone Witch will be after them now.

Wynonna Earp Constant Cravings Blacksmith Blessing Waverly Keeper of the Bones


In dim candle light, Agent Dolls wakes to find Mama Olive waiting to pounce. While Wynonna and Hetty look for the key, he tries to reason with the hungry revenant. Hetty explains how one really bad winter, their food stores emptied and they were forced to eat the guests of the hotel her family ran. Having the same conversation in the cellar, Mamma Olive tells Agent Dolls she enjoyed the taste and picked off guests even when there was no need. Hetty explains to Wynonna that Sheriff Wyatt Earp arrived investigating the local missing. It was Herman that wanted to save Mamma Olive while Hetty was just caught in the crossfire. In the end, all three were dead and destined to be revenants.

Before Hetty and Wynonna can arrive with the key, Agent Dolls takes the opportunity to give Mamma Olive the bad news: Herman won’t be helping her any more. She lunges at him, mouth opening unnaturally wide.

As Wynonna is unlocking the door to the cellar, Mamma Olive is cowering in the corner, blood dripping from her mouth. She calls Agent Dolls “spoiled,” saying there is something wrong with him. He agrees as he slumps against a support post. Wynonna handcuffs Hetty to the door before dropping down next to him and sending Mamma Olive up in flames. Just before Wynonna shoots her, though, Mamma Olive tells her that it was Hetty that wanted her father, Ward Earp, dead. Hetty rips the door off the hinges and flees, leaving Wynonna and Agent Dolls behind.

Wynonna Earp Constant Cravings Mamma Olive


Since the ladder is still inside, Wynonna climbs out and tracks Hetty down. Hetty tries to explain that it was necessity that warranted Ward’s death; when an Earp heir came of age, Mamma Olive would get hungrier and hungrier, becoming more ravenous as time passed. Killing Wynonna’s father was the only way to stop the murdering. Hetty submits to her fate, facing Wynonna and telling her that she can end the curse.

Wynonna Earp Constant Cravings Hetty Tate


Much later, Agent Dolls goes for a run in Big City, dressed the part of a night runner in sweats and matching hoodie. A nervous man sits alone on a park bench and Agent Dolls stops beside him and thanks him for “bringing his lunch”. The man tries to warn Agent Dolls that the content of the lunch box is tracked and he could get into a lot of trouble for smuggling it out. He then emphasizes that Agent Dolls needs to fix his own problems so he will no longer be cut off from the supply of whatever it is because he will not help again.

Doc is waiting for Agent Dolls at the police station to give him an update on his search for dirt on Bobo. Agent Dolls tells him the deal is off and to leave Wynonna alone before he gets her killed. Doc isn’t taking that answer and pushes, calling out Agent Dolls for his erratic behavior; he recognizes the symptoms of an addict and retorts back that if he was the cause of Wynonna’s demise, at least he wouldn’t be in withdrawal while it happened. They part ways with one understanding: they are each other’s enemy.

At the homestead, inside the barn, Wynonna cleans her new ride. Doc walks in, and, through the course of their conversation, Wynonna squashes all hope of a continued sexual relationship; she would prefer to remain friends because friends stay.

With only a desk lamp illuminating the room, Agent Dolls opens the lunch box and fumbles a vial found inside. His hands are shaking severely enough that he can barely load the injection gun. Once loaded, he presses it to his hip and delivers a full dose. He leans back in the chair as the high washes through him. His eyes start to dilate, but then shift to a goat-like shape, yellow in color.


Total Revenant Kill Count: 12/77

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