“Willa?” a young girl’s voice echoes in the background as Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) runs through her childhood home, still the perfect picture of a house, before the revenants attacked. She’s wearing a flowing white gown with long, billowy sleeves, all delicately embroidered with flowers. Try as she might, she can’t see out any of the windows and a hazy fog diffuses all the lights. When the girl’s voice turns to a scream, Wynonna begins to frantically search the house. She finds her sister Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) on the staircase watching her. She calls Wynonna “Willa” and when Wynonna tries to correct her, she eerily points to Wynonna’s dress. The dress belongs to Willa and frightens Wynonna. When she asks Waverly, “but I’m alive, right?”, Waverly is nowhere to be found. Thunder cracks overhead and Wynonna glances up to find a huge hole in the ceiling where the second floor should be. Above, dark storm clouds roll.

Another young girl’s voice yells out “get them!” and Wynonna points to several skeletons at her feet, presumably revenants, “I killed them so hard!” The voice taunts Wynonna that she missed one, that he isn’t good enough to get them all. When Wynonna screams, Waverly runs through, past a young Willa wearing the same dress as Wynonna, to close a window.

With the window closed, Waverly runs to the couch to comfort Wynonna, waking up from a nightmare. She tells her sister she can no longer pretend the killing people, even demons, isn’t affecting her and that she needs to talk to someone. They briefly discuss Willa and how Waverly doesn’t remember her as well as Wynonna.

Across Purgatory, as the sun rises, a very disfigured Levi (Christian Goutsis) chews off his foot to escape the punishment decreed by Bobo (see Episode 2).

At Black Badge, Agent Dolls (Shamier Anderson) exercises shirtless, sweat glistening his muscular form, a sight Wynonna momentarily enjoys before announcing her entrance with coffee. Agent Dolls informs her that the building thermostat is broken, so he is taking advantage of the extra heat to burn more calories. He also informs her that they have a meeting with the town judge, someone Wynonna is not thrilled about seeing again.

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Judge Cryderman demands to know what, exactly, has brought Black Badge to his town, all while being very derisive and rude to Wynonna, a “bad seed” of Purgatory. When the conversation turns to Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund), the judge perks up, curious to find out what the government agent and town trouble-maker think the local trailer park owner is getting into. Agent Dolls shows the judge a photo of Bobo’s men carrying a crate and several more armed men standing guard. Judge Cryderman says that Bobo has connections and he doesn’t want any extra trouble in town. Agent Dolls surprises Wynonna by quickly bonding with the judge over duck hunting, which allows them the opportunity to investigate Bobo.

In a rush to serve the forthcoming search warrant, Agent Dolls runs around the Black Badge office gathering tactical gear and weaponry while Wynonna whines about having to deal the red tape of bureaucracy. Agent Dolls once again reminds her that Peacemaker and a shoot-first attitude can’t always be the operating procedure – that is how towns become craters, conspiracies are born, and psych wards get sane patients. The plan is to have Waverly watch and photograph while Agent Dolls and Wynonna, with the help of the police, raid the trailer park. Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) will review the results of her surveillance to put names to faces. The only part of the plan known to Judge Cryderman is the impending raid.

At the trailer park, Waverly amuses herself with play by play commentary while she snaps photos. Agent Dolls and Wynonna tear Bobo’s trailer apart, turning up nothing.

In the woods, back inside the Ghost River Triangle, Levi drags himself through the leaves on the ground, cursing Doc as he makes slow progress.

Bobo lights a cigarette, feigning ignorance while Agent Dolls questions him about the crate. He knows how to get under Wynonna’s skin and, instead of answering Agent Dolls, directs innuendo-laced remarks her way. Wynonna reacts violently, angered that the raid came up empty, and jumps on top of a car, fires her gun, and delivers her own ultimatum: deliver the remaining two revenants that attacked her home and they will leave in peace. Agent Dolls, weapon drawn, tries to diffuse the situation, but Bobo gives an attack order. The police hold back most of Bobo’s men, but Wynonna still gets physical in a beautifully choreographed one-on-many fight scene while Agent Dolls arrests Bobo, who shifts to demon mode to tell Agent Dolls “what’s done is done.” He stares directly into Waverly’s camera, as if he knew she was there the whole time, before Agent Dolls shoves him into the SUV. Wynonna climbs into her truck and pulls off – but with a stowaway clinging to her undercarriage.

Wynonna Earp Digging Up Bones Wynonna On a Car


Back at the offices, Agent Dolls counts up the results of the search warrant: mostly several counts of resisting arrest. He tells Wynonna that this is the result of “going cowboy”, not to mention the fact that Bobo’s men will be after her. As Agent Dolls gets up to go speak with Judge Cryderman, Wynonna mentions that Waverly noticed the trailer park was nearly empty and that it appears that Bobo was tipped off about the raid. This stops Agent Dolls momentarily.

Bobo is leaning back in a chair, handcuffed to the table, still wrapped in his fur coat, with his eyes closed when the door to the interrogation room opens. He is surprised to hear Waverly in the room. She hugs the wall by the door, questioning how he knew she was at the trailer park. Bobo kicks the other chair out and demands Waverly sit so they can talk. She continues to ask questions about why he chose her as a child but she only gets non-answers and riddles.

Wynonna walks in and orders Waverly to leave before she disables the camera and closes a shade over the two-way mirror. She draws Peacemaker and, as it begins to glow, Bobo starts begging for his life. He throws his arm out and pulls, telekinetically, the gun from Wynonna’s hand to his, shocking the Earp heir. He shows no regard for the burning and smoking the gun is causing; instead, he openly threats Wynonna. Only when it sounds like someone is coming does he relinquish the weapon and sit peacefully back in his chair. An officer steps in to let Bobo’s lawyer, Miss Stone (Rayisa Kondracki), walk into the room. She leaves moments later with her client.

Doc is waiting for Wynonna outside the sheriff’s office. She blows him off and climbs into her truck and is immediately held at knifepoint by the man that clung to the underside of her vehicle after the fruitless raid. The truck tires squeal on the pavement as he demands Wynonna drive.

As the truck passes Doc, Waverly notices something is wrong and motions Doc to get into her Jeep.

Judge Cryderman informs Agent Dolls that Bobo Del Rey’s attorney is threatening a lawsuit against the city and it is on Black Badge to apologize personally to prevent that from happening. Agent Dolls lets the judge know that Bobo had an informant, accusing the man without outright saying it, and in response, Judge Cryderman threatens Agent Doll’s job.

Wynonna’s truck drives out of Purgatory, but Waverly’s jeep pulls out in front of Wynonna from a side road. Slamming on her brakes causes the revenant in the back seat to fly forward into the front floorboard and Wynonna is able to get out of the car and get to Peacemaker. Before she can fire, the revenant pulls a last-ditch effort to save himself by telling her that he knows who attacked her family; though he doesn’t know their names, he claims to have a photograph of all seven with her father’s body. Doc walks up to the truck and recognizes the man as Ambrose Fish (Tyrell Crews). Wynonna and Waverly exchange a confused look as Doc and Fish have a very bromantic reunion hug.

Wynonna Earp Digging Up Bones Doc Hugs Fish


Inside a picturesque home set before the mountains, Bobo and his attorney share an intimately aggressive kiss. When Miss Stone breaks away, biting Bobo’s lip, she tearfully tells him that she can hear “them” calling constantly inside her head. When Bobo responds by questioning how he should refer to her, Constance or Miss Stone, she unleashes her power, forcing him to the ground, and demands to be called Mrs. Clootie – the same name that Waverly had circled when she was helping Doc searching for a woman at a railroad ceremony (see Episode 3). As much as Constance Clootie / Miss Stone / The Stone Witch proves to be a dominating mistress, she also comes off as not fully mentally stable.

Over at Shorty’s Saloon, Wynonna sits looking upset as Fish and Doc catch up. Wynonna sends Doc after a bottle of alcohol and leans in to get Fish to talk. He breaks down, saying he fell in love with a photographer and got dragged along for a ride, ending up on Wyatt Earp’s bad side. He and his boyfriend made a pact that, if ever one of the heirs killed them, they would meet up at the same place, day, and time, every time one or the other resurrected. This time, the boyfriend was a no-show and Bobo was somehow involved. Fish makes a deal with Wynonna: he will willingly die by Peacemaker once he knows his beloved’s fate. Wynonna agrees to help in exchange for getting a copy of the photo of the seven revenants. Her first lead is a revenant named “Vinnie the Vulture”, which worries Doc to no end.

In a shack, just as Fish said, Wynonna finds Vinnie (Josh Bertwistle), ties him up, and starts demanding answers. When Vinnie starts projecting Ward’s voice, she begins torturing Vinnie. The more Ward’s voice escapes Vinnie’s mouth, the more agitated she becomes until Vinnie finally cracks: he cries out that Bobo had Doc drag Levi over Hell’s Gate, across the line, “to teach him a lesson.” When Vinnie shifts to demon, Wynonna puts Peacemaker to his forehead and sends him back to Hell.

Wynonna Earp Digging Up Bones Vinnie


Wynonna cleanses her mind with shots back at the bar. When she tells Fish she can take him to see his boyfriend, but she wants the photo first, he fesses they will need to commit a little B&E to get to it. The location? The police station!

In the basement of the police station, comedy ensues. Expecting to find men working and to use her feminine wiles the key to breaking in, Wynonna instead must rely on Doc’s charm to get them past women repairing the heating and air units.

Upstairs, in the judge’s office, Agent Dolls relays the apology from Black Badge to Bobo’s attorney. Judge Cryderman insults Wynonna’s character, trying to appease Miss Stone while metaphorically poking Agent Dolls with a stick. Agent Dolls does not rise to the bait, but he does defend Wynonna for her “unconventional” methods. As tensions rise, an alarm is sounded that the building is under threat of carbon monoxide and an evacuation is ordered. Miss Stone rolls her eyes and walks out but the judge grabs Agent Dolls and threatens to call his bosses.

Downstairs, Wynonna and Fish knock a policeman unconscious when he refuses to evacuate the building.

Taking advantage of the empty offices, Doc slips in to the back area that houses Black Badge. He finds Waverly’s research but Miss Stone finds him shortly thereafter. She taunts him about his time in the well. When he reaches for his gun, she freezes him with a spell. What seems like mere moments was long enough for her to make her escape and leave him breathless and dizzy, stumbling to the nearest desk.

Wynonna Earp Digging Up Bones Stone Witch


Leaving the records room, Wynona and Fish run into Agent Dolls. Wynonna gives him a very quirky “I can explain later” look and he practically sighs as he lowers his gun to let the two run away.

Outside the trailer park, in what appears to be a junk yard or salvage yard, Bobo oversees his men carry the missing crates and weapons out of hiding. Waverly hides nearby with her camera, warily watching Bobo as he walks behind his men.

At Shorty’s, Wynonna and Fish dig through the boxes they lifted from the police station while Doc stands nearby. Fish demands to be taken to his love and, since the dates on the negatives match the dates of the attack, Wynonna agrees to take him to find Levi. Doc perks up – it appears he did not realize Levi was the revenant in question. Wynonna tells him not to play dumb and Doc informs her that she has met him, too: he was working with the Shadow Assassin. Wynonna gets a confused look, “Axe Guy?”

Wynonna parks the truck short of the opening in the fence known as Hell’s Gate. Wynonna warns Fish that she doesn’t know what they will find and Doc tells him that crossing the gate will be painful. He stays behind while Doc and Wynonna venture forth. Once out of earshot, Doc advocate lying, saying no matter what they find, they tell Fish they couldn’t find him. Wynonna sticks to her guns: she made a deal and she will keep it. Their arguing is for naught, as all they find is Levi’s gnawed off foot and the boot it was once inside. Wynonna blames Doc, her anger toward him barely remaining below the surface.

The trio begin searching the woods inside the Ghost River Triangle, the only sanctuary in the immediate area. Wynonna is the first to spot Levi, barely a shell of a man, huddled around a log. Fish runs over and gently cradles the disfigured body of his boyfriend. Levi calms a little in Fish’s embrace. Wynonna asks if Doc will tell Fish how Levi ended up outside the Triangle, but Fish already knows. Where Wynonna expects anger, she finds forgiveness; Ambrose Fish tells Doc Holliday that  vengeance is hollow, and the first spark of shame or regret crosses the cardshark’s face. Fish turns to Wynonna and says he is certain she will be the one to break the curse. He then thanks her for the forthcoming mercy killing. Wynonna shoots the lovers and they are swallowed up by Hell, the light of the flames illuminating the pain and hollowness within each of the two surviving people.

Wynonna Earp Digging Up Bones Levi and Fish


Back inside the picturesque wooden home, Miss Stone lays between two nearly complete skeletons singing a lullaby. “Uncle Bobo,” as she called the revenant leader, is finding and completing the skeletons in exchange for a lead. In another twisted mental split, Miss Stone and Bobo exchange dominance roles and more information: Doc scares the Stone Witch.

Walking back to the truck from the woods, Doc and Wynonna argue over how Fish and Levi were handled. Wynonna brings in her own mental health needs, to which Doc retorts that he spent nearly a century aching for revenge against the woman that cursed him, that made him a monster – and if he can survive that, Wynonna can survive putting down the evil men in her path. He admits to seeing her, knowing she’s in town, and would stake every revenant in town if it meant getting his hands on Constance Clootie. Wynonna disagrees, doesn’t see Doc as a monster, and pushes back; she needs rules to stay sane. I’m a heated response, Doc claims Wynonna is exactly like him. Passion is a fickle thing…as riled up as he is, it takes one breath after calling them the same for him to remove his hat, pull Wynonna in for a kiss, and the sexual tension that surfaced episodes before explodes between them and they go for a roll in the hay -err, brush.

Wynonna Earp Digging Up Bones Wynonna and Doc


Later, back at the Black Badge offices, Agent Dolls develops the film Wynonna and Fish recovered. Wynonna hovers, antsy for a result. She mentions how clear headed she feels after putting down three revenants, that she thinks at least offering them a chance at peace or redemption can save her conscious. Agent Dolls reluctantly agrees, on the condition that she keep in mind the end goal. For him, the end goal is a job, but for Wynonna, it is vengeance – against seven men shown in a hunter’s trophy photograph that develops after Wynonna walks away.

Total Revenant Kill Count: 9/77

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