Still in shock over Hank’s revelation that he is Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon), Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) demands answers. As Doc begins his tale, a flashback plays. He is laying in bed, covered in a sickly sheen of sweat, in the midst of a coughing fit brought on by his consumption.  Wyatt Earp (Ryan Northcott) walks in, packed and ready to head to a town called Purgatory to fix a corrupted lawman. Doc tells Wyatt that he has heard rumors of the lawman that he is part devil, but Wyatt tells him there are no devils, just men that do good and evil deeds. Wyatt asks if Doc has enough breath in him for one last fight but Doc declines the invitation.

The flashback fades to present day with Doc standing in front of Wynonna by a creek, bottles and cans lined up at a distance. She challenges him to showcase his gunslinging skills since Doc is supposed to be the sharpest shot of his time. Wynonna barely finishes issuing the challenge before Doc shatters a bottle and knocks a can down. He then proceeds to trick-shoot the remaining cans and even blasts a quarter off the fence. Wynonna tries to hide how impressed she is, but fails in an adorable fangirl way – and the sexual tension that sparked between the two in Episode 1 returns. She then asks the sensible question: if he is Doc Holliday, how is he alive? She aptly notes that if he were a revenant, he would not be able to set foot on the homestead. When asked if he is a ghost, Doc pulls Wynonna’s hand to his chest, “If I were a ghost, would my heart be poundin’ like it is?” The man’s reputation for being a smooth ladies’ man shows brilliantly in his facial expression through the entire scene, a credit to Tim Rozon. Doc then reveals he made a bargain, after parting ways with Wyatt, for “eternal longevity,” including a cure for tuberculosis and everlasting youth (or at least keeping him from aging more). He also claims to know nothing about the Earp curse and that he is in Purgatory for “unfinished business.” He parts with a hat tip while Wynonna once again stands in disbelief that Hank is “Doc Freakin’ Holliday.”

Wynonna Earp The Blade Doc Shooting


Somewhere in Purgatory, a brunette begs tearfully for forgiveness from a blonde. The blonde does not forgive her, instead she tells the pleading woman that she needs help and storms out of the house. The brunette hangs her head and cries out into the empty house. Then a voice, distorted in the way the demonic revenants speak, recites in a sing-songy poetic voice: “Tick-tock, tick-tock, forgiven or not?” In response, the brunette places a cloth over the nearby mirror, begging for more time. The voice tells her that her time is up and the cloth is sucked into the mirror. A hand emerges, holding a barber’s straight-edge blade, and slices through the air. As the scene cuts to black, a woman’s scream is heard. The brunette is then seen on the floor, blood pouring out of her slit throat.

After the opening credits, the brunette is covered in a tarp and the police are investigating her murder. Agent Dolls (Shamier Anderson) and Wynonna Earp arrive on scene to find REPENT SINNERS written in blood on the mirror. Agent Dolls lifts the tarp and makes a reference to his history – “I haven’t seen this much blood since Kandahar” – but he declines further explanation as it was a classified mission. Wynonna recognizes the victim as Megan Halshford, a girl from her high school days.

At the makeshift office for Black Badge inside the sheriff’s department, Agent Dolls enlists Waverly’s expertise in the revenants to identify anyone that would leave the message found at the crime scene. She points them to Father Robert Malick, a man that Wyatt killed for murdering multiple women. When Wynonna and Agent Dolls prepare to leave to find Father Malick, Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) all but begs to join them. Agent Dolls turns her down and walks out while Wynonna stays behind to talk to Waverly. Wynonna’s face deflates when Waverly cuts her off, already knowing that Hank is Doc Holliday. Her loss of excitement twists to annoyance when she points out that Doc could help with the revenant hunting. Waverly tells her that she followed Doc to Bobo Del Rey and he shot at her head.

Immediately, Wynonna is throwing Doc against a wall in anger, the big sister protections coming full force. Doc defends himself saying he did it to protect himself and Waverly; if found out he’s friendly with the Earps, he loses his revenue from the poker games, and Waverly was poking around a den of revenants and he did not want her harmed. This new revelation that Bobo Del Rey is harboring revenants in the trailer park sets Wynonna off on her first lead to finding Father Malick.

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Agent Dolls and Wynonna gather their weapons at the gate to the trailer park. Armed guards open the gate and let them walk through. Wynonna asks Agent Dolls why they can’t just come in guns-blazing and demand Father Malick. Agent Dolls points out they are way out numbered and out gunned and that the rules of engagement for Black Badge is to not open fire first. The men surrounding the pair as they walk to the center of the park are clad in stereotypical biker gang attire: black, leather, bandanas, and as much facial hair as humanly possible. Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund) walks out of a trailer in his signature fur coat, still buckling his jeans as he saunters toward Wynonna. He extends his hand to Wynonna but his polite gesture is rejected. Bobo easily gets under Wynonna’s skin by talking about her family and then calling her crazy. Agent Dolls, ever the politic government agent, interrupts and shows Bobo his badge and tells him that with the badge, he has the authority and ability to make life Hell for Bobo and his crew. Unimpressed, Bobo brings up the incident in New Mexico: “Let me guess, black choppers, tomahawks, and one smooth crater in the ground?” It turns out, he had friends in that town. Bobo doesn’t let that prevent him from helping Wynonna, though; he allows safe passage to Father Malick’s tent. As Agent Dolls and Wynonna pass him, he repeats the phrase “tick-tock, tick-tock,” mocking their hunt.

Father Malick (Terry Lawrence) resides in a dirty and smelly tent. He is covered in filth, his nails long, yellow, and grimy. He refers to all women as whores, selling the narrative that he is the killer, but when provided a photo of the crime scene (sans body) and accused of the murder, he pulls the sheet back to show that he is a double amputee and therefore unable to perform the kill. Agent Dolls notices a look in the man’s eye; Father Malick knows who the real killer is. However, getting a name from him proves a fruitless endeavor.

When Wynonna and Agent Dolls arrive back at the sheriff’s department, she sees a reflection of a man holding a straight blade in the side mirror of the SUV, but the man does not physically exist behind the vehicle. A quick flashback is triggered to a man in silhouette waving the blade during the attack at the homestead. Agent Dolls pulls her out of it quickly and she tells him the revenant is one of the seven. The fact that the revenant seems to appear and disappear frightens Wynonna. Agent Dolls keeps his cool, and mentions that Officer Haught may have identified a witness for the murder, another woman from Wynonna’s high school adventures.

Wynonna Earp The Blade Barber Reflection


Samantha Baker (Aimee Beaudon) says Megan called her saying she needed to confess an indiscretion from their teen years: she had been the driver that killed Samantha’s father. Samantha says it was something she could never forgive, gave Wynonna a dirty, accusatory look, and walked away.

At Shorty’s Bar, Doc approaches Waverly and gets blown off by both her and Gus, who has taken over the bar with Shorty’s passing. Doc finds a depressed man sitting alone with a bottle whiskey, and invites himself to the pity party. The man admits to having done bad things for which his wife cannot forgive him, therefore he deserves the punishment he has coming. Doc tries to cheer the man up by saying he chooses to focus more on the wrongs done to him than the wrongs he has done and therefore puts his energy into revenge. The man’s face stays worried as he gets up to go to the restroom. In the restroom, the voice returns: “Tick-tock, tick-tock, forgiven or not?” The man looks around to find an empty restroom and runs to hide in a stall, but the man with the straight-edge razor unscrews the hinges and corners his next victim.

Wynonna and Agent Dolls leave their meeting with Samantha and Wynonna relives her frustration with returning to Purgatory: she was in and out of foster homes and considered an outcast and was bullied by the popular girls in school. She admits to being at the party before Megan kills Samantha’s father, sleeping with Megan’s boyfriend in payback, which is why Megan flew out in a rush, taking a car when she didn’t have her license. Agent Dolls does his best to convince Wynonna she wasn’t at fault.

Doc Holliday, realizing the man he had been sitting with was gone awhile, rushes in to the restroom to have him settle up the bill only to find him dead, blood writing REPENT SINNERS across the mirror. The same revenant that Wynonna saw in the car’s mirror appears next to Doc in the reflection and starts the rhyme: “Tick-tock, tick-tock.” Doc draws his knife defensively, looking around to find an empty restroom, then stares at the mirror in horror. Knife still in hand, he turns just in time for Waverly to walk by, see the open restroom door, all the blood, the dead man, and draw the wrong conclusion.

Wynonna and Agent Dolls arrive and look over the new crime scene. Wynonna identifies the man as her former probation officer. Waverly is not impressed that Doc – still referred to as Hank – is not the suspect; she makes it well known she doesn’t trust him, which piques Agent Dolls’ interest. When neither sister will talk about Hank’s secret, Agent Dolls leaves the room.

Doc Holliday is sitting handcuffed to a table in an interview room at the sheriff’s station. Agent Dolls brings him coffee and tries to convince Doc that Wynonna has told all of his secrets. Their conversation becomes a testosterone driven pissing contest about their respective relationships with Wynonna. Wynonna and Waverly watch from the other side of the glass and get worried when Agent Dolls suddenly begins laughing. When Agent Dolls leaves the room, he joins the sisters and point blank asks why Wynonna hadn’t mentioned she was hanging out with Doc Holliday. Sheriff Nedley (Greg Lawson) interrupts Wynonna’s playful banter response to say that the dead man’s wife is asking for her specifically.

Wynonna Earp The Blade Doc in Jail


At the new widow’s house, the dead man’s wife explains that her husband confessed to being a drug dealer in town, babbling on about a specter haunting him, and needing to be forgiven. Then she says the ghost came for her in the mirror and that she only has a few minutes left to clear her guilt. Agent Dolls orders all the mirrors and reflective surfaces covered. When Wynonna follows the woman to the bedroom to help her, the woman turns to Wynonna to confess her own crimes. As she confesses, the voice returns: “Tick-tock, tick-tock, forgiven or not?” Wynonna hurriedly says she does forgive the woman, but since it isn’t a sincere forgiveness, he pulls the covering off a mirror and reveals himself. Wynonna shoots the mirror, shattering it, but not killing the revenant. To her horror, she sees him appear behind the woman in a reflection in the television. The woman is dead before Wynonna turns around. The revenant licks blood off his straight-blade from another mirror before telling Wynonna she has two hours to cleanse her own guilt. Agent Dolls runs into the room as Wynonna shoots the mirror.

Back at their office, Wynonna whines about this revenant having a reflection clause making him seem to be immune to Peacemaker. Agent Dolls reminds her he is a demon and that means he can be killed, they just need to find his physical form. He has a lightbulb moment, saying they need to transmogrify the revenant the next time he appears, which means pulling him from his reflection to a flesh and blood form. As he explains this to Wynonna, he gets more and more excited; he says he had done this before, back in Kandahar, but it wasn’t one-hundred-percent a success because some people did die. He admits he did not have all the tools and that is why he did fail before. He tasks Wynonna with clearing her conscious as Plan B while he gathers the necessities for Plan A, the transmogrification. He also needs the revenant’s name, which means Waverly gets pulled in for her research. Before he walks out of the room, Wynonna calls to him, worried, and asks how bad the situation is. He smiles and reassures her he has what they need.

Wynonna runs to Shorty’s and begins confessing to anything and everything she can think of to everyone she sees that she has wronged in some way, no matter how small the slight. She succeeds in starting a bar fight before telling Waverly she needs to help find the revenant’s name.

Waverly takes a pile of files to the jail cell to get help from Doc (in exchange for his freedom) since he saw the revenant. The revenant is August Hamilton, the local barber. He was the town confessor since there was no church, and he disappeared when Wyatt Earp put him on the witness list for a cattle rustler trial. As far as August and the powers-that-be are concerned, by forcing him to testify, Wyatt essentially signed August’s death warrant, making him a revenant.

Back at Black Badge, Agent Dolls is upset to have Doc Holliday out of prison, no matter the reason why, and a shouting match argument ensues between the two men and Wynonna. Waverly yells for peace to save Wynonna, which leads to a big ritual setup in the back offices consisting of bright lights, a black obsidian mirror, and a pentagram painted on a sheet. Since Waverly is fluent in many languages, she is handed the spell book, much to Wynonna’s surprise. Agent Dolls lays out the candles and warns the group that other spirits may be able to come through and to be ready for anything.

Wynonna Earp The Blade Ritual


When everything is set up, Waverly begins the chanting. The black mirror lights up blue and Agent Dolls is possessed by the target revenant. A taser knocks out Agent Dolls, and August takes advantage of the distraction, makes an appearance, and takes a swing at Wynonna before jumping back into the black obsidian mirror. He reappears, charging Wynonna, but when she shoots him with Peacemaker, he shatters like a mirror. Wynonna performs CPR and revives Agent Dolls who coughs up water, which, when combined with wet footprints, gives a clue as to August’s current location. Agent Dolls is put on desk duty by Wynonna and Doc takes his place on the revenant hunt; Agent Dolls response is to threaten Doc if the mission goes south. Doc pulls Wynonna aside and tells her he may know where August is – there is a place where people make problems go away with a weight and a chain.

Doc leads the Earp sisters to a muddy, more-pond-than-lake, which Waverly explains was mostly drained for frakking. Wynonna spots the revenants reflection on the water and shoots it, causing the reflection to disappear. When the trio get closer to the water’s edge, August bursts from the water, chain around his ankle, and flies to land. Wynonna is paralyzed, blocking a shot from Doc. The revenant recites his rhyme once more and Doc tells him to leave Wynonna alone as it is he that the barber really wants – Doc was the one to send him to his watery grave. August replies that he knows Doc feels no remorse and prefers the blood of Wynonna. The barber gives Wynonna a chance to confess and beg for forgiveness, laughing each time Waverly shows no pain at any of the offenses. It comes out that Waverly is upset that Wynonna is the heir and that is the grudge that holds Wynonna’s curse with August. When Wynonna agrees wholeheartedly and Waverly forgives her, the spell is broken and she is able to move, allowing Doc to shoot the blade from the revenant’s hand. The next thing he sees is Peacemaker, glowing orange in his face.

Wynonna Earp The Blade Barber August Death

Some time later, Wynonna drives Doc to some location by a river and they discuss his apparent lack of remorse. He says the only regret he has is never apologizing to Wyatt. When Wynonna presses him, telling him that the story he told her was that he and Wyatt were on good terms, he assures her that he was probably drunk and therefore lying to protect himself.

Back at the homestead, Wynonna apologizes to Waverly as she sorts more research. Wynonna agrees she shouldn’t be the heir, she doesn’t deserve it, and Waverly has every reason to hate her. They do a little sisterly bonding over some imported bubblegum sake.

Back riverside, Doc lights a small fire and remembers the last time he saw Wyatt: He is cured, in bed with two of his “calico queens”, when Wyatt walks into the room. Wyatt berates Doc for claiming to be too sick to ride but then suddenly being healthy enough to entertain whores. Wyatt asks if Doc made a deal with the devil, but Doc waves away Wyatt’s concerns; he says he did it so he could ride once more with Wyatt. Wyatt wants no part of the actions of Doc, a selfish coward too afraid to die. Wyatt mentions demons walking the earth, intent on killing the Earp lineage, and with Doc making a deal with one, he is dead to Wyatt. The two part ways with those words.

The show ends with Doc throwing Wyatt’s US Marshal badge into the fire.

Wynonna Earp The Blade Doc and Wyatt Farewell

Total Revenant Kill Count: 6/77

 Wynonna Earp returns to Syfy on Friday, June 9, 2017, at 10/9c.

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