The story picks up inside Shorty’s Saloon where Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) hauls boxes down from Waverly’s apartment. Shorty (Peter Skagen) mentions how nice it is to see the sisters moving in and offers to help since Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) is working. Wynonna declines and takes a stool next Henry (Tim Rozon), whom she still does not know is Doc Holliday. She hits on him, telling him that as a loner that drinks too much, he is just her type. He smiles and stands to leave asking her what about Wynonna makes her his type. The sexual tension between the two is strong enough that Waverly notices from across the bar and teases Wynonna about it moments later. Wynonna turns the attention to Waverly’s research, which is to be presented to Agent Dolls (Shamier Anderson) soon.

At the Big City town square, the deputy mayor speaks in celebration of Shirley Dixon Day, a day dedicated to the deaf and mute wife of one of the town’s founders that buried a time capsule of poetry and other items of her time. The capsule is to be dug up so that ground breaking on a new library may begin. In the crowd, three revenants, one of whom had been killed by a prior Earp heir and recently resurrected, eagerly await the capsule’s reemergence to get something they buried with it in 1906. When the deputy mayor pulls up the box, the revenants attack, stealing Dixon’s diary, a thing they refer to as “the voice of a mute”. When trying to put the diary in a satchel, a severed hand falls out. After picking it up, the revenant with the bag gives permission to another to make one kill: the deputy mayor. The deputy mayor begs for his life, telling the trio they can just leave, to which the man with the bag replies they are trying.

Secluded away in the back offices at the sheriff’s department, Waverly opens up a trifold with a portable version of her wall of research. She explains what makes the Ghost River Triangle: the mountains to the north down to where the North and South Ghost Rivers meet form a triangle, within which lies thousands of square miles of forest, foothills, prairie, and badlands. Big City is bisected by one of the sides of the triangle, too. The Ghost River triangle is the physical formation that contains the Earp Curse and “acts like a prison” for the revenants. If any try to escape, when they cross the line formed by the landmarks, they “suffer Hell on Earth”. Agent Dolls asks if the outlaws turned demons can be identified because, if the Ghost River Triangle is a prison, Black Badge is now their wardens, and the prisoners must be known so they can be contained.

A strong knock at the door from Officer Haught (Katherine Barrell) interrupts the briefing. She informs Agent Dolls that there was an incoming call that sounded unusual, something he had asked to be notified about, which prompts him to dismiss Waverly and leave with Officer Haught. Wynonna follows and Waverly begins to pack up her files. A photograph falls out and when she picks it up, she sees Hank’s face with Doc Holliday’s name written on the back.

Wynonna Earp Leavin On Your Mind Doc Holliday Photograph


Doc Holliday sits in his camper wearing reading glasses, flipping through a book with his pistol on the cushion next to him. A woman, one of Bobo’s girls named Bethany (Sasha Barry), knocks and tells Doc that Bobo sent her with a message. He declines to hear of the job Bobo has for him but takes up Bethany’s offer to take her to bed to piss off the revenant leader.

Back at the sheriff’s office, a laptop displays gruesome crime scene photos and Wynonna asks what makes the case theirs. Agent Dolls explains the deputy mayor’s body was filleted, like a fish, in front of witnesses. The missing diary is also mentioned, which alone is not noteworthy, but when paired with a severed hand might be of note. Agent Dolls opens up security feed footage of a public bench where a man was attacked and his left hand was forcibly removed by the same three revenants. Wynonna recognizes one of the demons from the attack at the homestead the night her father died.

When pressed about the items, Agent Dolls suspects a ritual of some form will be performed. The revenants have already secured the words of a mute and, after identifying the man, the left hand of an innocent murderer, also known as a Hand of Glory, which can open gateways. It is surmised the group is trying to escape the Ghost River Triangle with the presumed ritual. A third item is usually required, so Agent Dolls tells Wynonna they need to think of something that seems to be a paradox that could aid in the ritual. She gets up and walks out, mumbling about needing a drink.

In a graveyard, a man walks with a shovel to a grave marked Stanley Gatewood, a man that died in 1979. A cemetery worker interrupts when the man begins to dig. The man turns, revealing himself as the murdering revenant from the time capsule. He kills the cemetery worker in the same manner as the deputy mayor.

Inside Shorty’s, Hank spins a tale to Waverly about writing a book on the Earp history and asks her help in looking for information on a woman from about the time of Wyatt’s life in Purgatory. Wynonna pulls out a box of collected newspapers and tries to get Hank to reveal himself as Doc Holliday by showing a news article of his wife, Big Nose Kate. Hank brushes her off and insists that the woman he seeks was at the railroad spike ceremony. Waverly finds the news article but finds no photos, just a list of names. Hank thanks her for her help and appears to be leaving. Waverly asks where he is staying so she can come deliver any additional information she finds and he tells her he is in a place that no lady should venture: a trailer park owned by Bobo Del Rey. He tips his hat and leaves.

Back at the cemetery, Wynonna sits before a headstone marking the memory of Ward and Willa Earp, her father and sister, both of whom died in 2000. She is disturbed by the sounds of an angry man and goes to investigate, ready to tell off the offending person interrupting her grieving. She finds Stanley Gatewood’s grave almost entirely dug up and the revenant yelling about numbers. When Wynonna realizes who he is, she draws her weapon, but he says he is “never going back” and runs away. In his haste to get away, he drops a piece of paper and Wynonna picks it up.

Wynonna Earp Leavin On Your Mind Marty at Cemetery


She takes her find to Agent Dolls at the sheriff’s department. Agent Dolls mentions Stanley Gatwood was a bank man that loved foreclosing on farmers before asking why Wynonna didn’t kill the revenant. It turns out the paper was a list of numbers to bank vaults from the Bank of Purgatory, which is now a surplus store. Agent Dolls says that the early contractors were too cheap to remove things that were too heavy, so they would build right over them, so the safes or vaults would still be at the surplus store.

The pair pull up in the government black SUV to see the revenant’s van, previously identified as fleeing the scene of both the hand severing and the Big City attack, parked outside the store.

Inside the store, Champ (Dylan Koroll) and Shorty walk around doing their own shopping. The three revenants are spread throughout the store but when the lookout sees the SUV and Wynonna out front, he sounds an alarm, creating a hostage situation inside. The crazy, murderous revenant, Marty (Murray Farnell), keeps referencing wanting Champ’s body and soon owning it.

Outside, Sheriff Nedley (Greg Lawson) and Officer Haught arrive saying there was a report of shots fired. Agent Dolls tells them to stand down while Wynonna argues that she, with the bank codes, should go in and trade herself for the hostages. Agent Dolls reluctantly gives her a cell phone and tells her to give it to whomever is in charge and to be careful. He takes Peacemaker to keep it safe and caresses his hand down the back of her neck in an unusually intimate gesture before letting her walk into the store.

The leader of the revenants accepts Wynonna’s offer, but keeps Shorty and Champ inside with her because they need three people for their ritual. Officer Haught recognizes Champ’s truck and notices he was not part of the released hostages. Agent Dolls tells Officer Haught to call Waverly and let her know about the situation.

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Across Purgatory, Bobo marks out a location on a map, which he folds over to hide the moment Doc walks up to turn in his key to his trailer. Doc claims to be leaving since he has done favor after favor for Bobo with nothing to show for it. He also tells Bobo that some of his underlings are starting to get antsy and are rumored to be looking for a way out of the Ghost River Triangle without him. Instead of concerning himself with this bit of news, Bobo tells Doc that he knows he is looking for the Stone Witch and coming up empty.  He mentions she is close by and has been filling his “weaker brethren” with “ideas of escape” and he knows her name. He promises to provide it in exchange for Doc’s continued help since Wynonna is starting to trust him. Their conversation is interrupted when Waverly, who had followed Doc, gets a phone call and her ringtone alerts the men to her location. Bobo tasks Doc with taking care of her.

Doc walks several paces toward Waverly’s not-so-hidden hiding spot and opens fire, missing and hitting the trailer next to her head. Knowing Doc Holliday as an expert marksman, it is unlikely he actually missed, though.

In the basement of the surplus store, Wynonna is dragged by the leader, Sam (Roger LeBlanc) to the safe only to find Marty had stabbed the other revenant, Gary (Andrew Legg). It is revealed that the Stone Witch had chosen those three revenants because Sam knew about the hand, Gary knew about the book, and Marty knew about the third piece, which is locked inside the safe. Wynonna keeps her cool, explaining that since she didn’t put down Gary, he isn’t really dead and will resurrect shortly. Sam has Marty cut the ties on her hands and directs her to open the safe.

At Shorty’s, Waverly is reviewing her list of names from the newspaper article, which has several crossed out and one circled: Constance Clootie. Henry barges into the closed bar and demands to know what Waverly was doing following him. She asks what he’s doing with Bobo, if he knows what Bobo is and what he did to her family. Henry tells her “you don’t know what I am”, to which she responds, “I know what you’re supposed to be.” She tells him she knows he is Doc Holliday and that he is supposed to be one of the good guys that helps Wyatt’s family. He dissuades that notion by being bitter, telling her that if anyone is going to “clear the Earp name”, it won’t be her. She tears the list of names out of the notebook and storms out after calling him “just another a-hole”.

Down inside the surplus store, Wynonna cracks the safe revealing a few boxes. Inside one is a “loveless heart”, the heart-shaped locket of a cheating wife. The revenants then walk Wynonna, Shorty, and Champ out to the van and Wynonna drives them away, to the chagrin of Sheriff Nedley. Agent Dolls pulls Peacemaker out of the SUV and looks in the direction the van left.

The van parks in a grass field in front of a barn and the hostages are pulled out roughly. Shorty is slumped against the tire, not looking very great; he appears to be hiding an injury incurred when the revenants showed up at the store. Sam takes the three items, the diary, hand, and locket, to a stone circle and, while placing them into a pot, he reveals they owe the Stone Witch for their safe passage out of the Ghost River Triangle.

The group are then viewed from a distance through a scope. Agent Dolls has arrived!

Wynonna Earp Leavin On Your Mind Ritual Site


Wynonna reaches up behind her ear and pulls a small chip into view. She looks at it like she hopes it is working and returns it to its hiding spot. Champ starts to become hysterical, sure that their captors are going to sacrifice them. Wynonna reassures him she won’t let that happen.

Shorty, pale and sweating, pulls his hand from inside his jacket to reveal blood. He tells Wynonna that her uncle, Curtis, was right about the monsters in town and laments not living to see it again.

From the scope, Agent Dolls watches Wynonna stand to face Marty, who lowers his gun and pulls out his knife. Agent Dolls picks up Peacemaker from the ground beside him and begins a stealth advancement on foot.

Sam reminds Marty they need the hostages alive, but when Marty insists he called dibs on Champ, Sam shoots him in the chest. Sam remarks on Shorty’s failing health and how he needs Champ’s body, leading Wynonna to figure out he is planning a possession. He confesses his post-possession plan to find a family and torture them to death before he returns to the pot inside the circle and begins chanting, back turned to Wynonna and his hostages.

After offering herself up, a bargain completely ignored, Wynonna tells Champ to run. He has a momentary lapse of character where he comes back making sure he is ok to save himself. Wynonna tells him to do it for Waverly.

As the spell begins to activate, Sam stands up in celebration only to realize Champ has left. Before he can start looking for his missing hostage, Sam begins convulsing. Black smoke, the demonic soul inside him, pours out of his mouth. It arcs and spirals through the air toward Wynonna and Shorty. Though Wynonna is trying to protect Shorty, he uses the last of his strength to remind her she is a good girl and stands at the last moment to intercept the demonic smoke. Sam, in Shorty’s body, takes a moment to figure out where he is. He curses the Stone Witch, ignoring Wynonna’s questions as he walks away. A pink Cadillac drives up to the barn, presumably the Stone Witch.

By the fence line, Champ runs to Agent Dolls, who tells to keep running. Agent Dolls lifts Peacemaker instead of his own service weapon, and continues toward the van.

Sam-possessed-Shorty walks toward the car, stopping only when Wynonna throws a rock at his back. He turns back to Wynonna to kill her since she wouldn’t just let him walk away. Wynonna keeps trying to talk to Shorty, telling him to fight off Sam. Sam tells her he is no longer there and Wynonna tackles him.

Agent Dolls slips around the back of the van and aims Peacemaker. He waits for a clean shot of Shorty and fires…but nothing happens. So when Shorty lifts a stone over his head, ready to smash Wynonna’s head, Agent Dolls pistol whips him with Peacemaker instead.

Agent Dolls helps Wynonna to standing and hands her Peacemaker. She immediately shoots Sam’s original body and Marty. While Marty goes up in familiar flames, Sam’s body stays behind with black goo oozing out of his forehead. The pink car drives away.

Wynonna Earp Leavin On Your Mind Marty Death

Screenshot: Wynonna Earp, S01E03 Leavin’ On Your Mind

Agent Dolls informs her that she must shoot Shorty because that is where the revenant is hiding. After an emotional plea from Shorty, who gains momentary control over his own body, Wynonna tearfully pulls the trigger and sends Sam back to Hell. Interestingly, Sam’s body was engulfed in flames while Shorty’s bullet wound bled human blood.

Wynonna breaks down, dropping Peacemaker and hunching over Shorty’s body as Agent Dolls walks back to the car.

Wynonna Earp Leavin On Your Mind Sam Death

Screenshot: Wynonna Earp, S01E03 Leavin’ On Your Mind

The next scene starts at a wake for Shorty inside the saloon. Officer Haught tries to console Waverly but Champ rushes in to kiss on his girlfriend. Officer Haught pulls away and leaves.

In an exchange with Champ, Waverly relays the cover story: the three revenants were brainwashed by a cult and they caused Shorty’s death.

Officer Haught approaches Agent Dolls about the time capsule murder, which Black Badge is claiming as unsolved and returning to Big City Metro. She starts dishing about the case and Agent Dolls tells another cover story: Shorty died of a heart attack due to the stress of the ordeal.

At a pool table, Waverly tells Wynonna she might have been able to help, if they were a real team. Wynonna says she is unsure if they are a team or if they really are the good guys. Waverly laments that “the good guys are in short supply these days” but she knows that Wynonna is one of them. Waverly ducks out when Agent Dolls walks up, leaving him to try to console Wynonna over shooting Shorty. He does a poor job, the best way a seasoned, hardened government agent can, and tells her that there is more work to be done. She then informs him she found the tracker he hid and asked what took him so long. He responds by saying he was there the whole time but needed to see if they could actually perform the spell. He then called Shorty “collateral damage”, which prompts Wynonna to say that after working with him, she doesn’t think she can look in the mirror as she walks away.

Wynonna goes home to the homestead to find Hank inside, offering his own condolences for the bartender. Wynonna tries to blow him off but he keeps talking, following her from room to room. He refuses to let her pass when she attempts to walk around him but he squares off in front of her instead. He removes his hat and properly introduces himself as John Henry, “most people just call me Doc.”

The episode ends with Doc holding Wynonna’s hand, shock full on her face, “Wynonna Earp, I am at your disposal.”

Wynonna Earp Leavin On Your Mind Doc

Screenshot: Wynonna Earp, S01E03 Leavin’ On Your Mind


Total Revenant Kill Count: 5/77

 Wynonna Earp returns to Syfy on Friday, June 9, 2017, at 10/9c.


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