WYNONNA EARP begins in a night club filled with dance music and colored strobe lights and a crowded dance floor. In a corner, Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) stands, watching. She stalks into the crowd as Deputy Agent Dolls’ (Shamier Anderson) voice begins to tell her about the rules and expectations of a Black Badge Division agent.

The scene jumps to Agent Dolls and Wynonna sitting in a black SUV, before Wynonna stepped foot into the club. He continues his spiel and Wynonna cuts in, reiterating that these specific demons are called “revenants”. Agent Dolls opens a file with a dossier on one of the 77: Red (David Haysom), a balding man with wide eyes and sharp looking teeth. Wynonna has a flashback of him standing in her home.

Wynonna pulls Peacemaker out of the glove compartment but Agent Dolls hands her a government issue weapon, which she calls “fancy, but powerless” as the cursed revenants are thought to only be killed with Peacemaker. Agent Dolls sends Wynonna into the club for her first solo mission.

Inside the club, Wynonna stalks through the dancing crowd and spies her target wooing a blonde. When he notices her, he whines about Earps always interrupting his good time before biting off his lady’s finger. Wynonna stumbles over trying to scream out her official title but settles for “crazy chick with a gun” before firing a shot in the air, starting a stampede for the door. Another revenant tackles her to the ground and takes her service weapon, upset to find out it isn’t Peacemaker.  Wynonna punches him and wrestles him into submission before finding her gun. She shoots him in the head, with a club full of witnesses and walks off to find the target revenant.

Outside, Agent Dolls lets out an exasperated sigh when the dancers start pouring out the door, screaming and tripping each other. He grabs his own weapon and heads inside to provide back up.

Wynonna finds her target revenant and stares him down with her weapon drawn. Agent Dolls runs up behind her and yells at her just as she opens fire, hitting her target multiple times in the chest. He falls but no fire consumes him. Agent Dolls chastises Wynonna for not being discreet before realizing Red got away.

Outside the club, Agent Dolls continues reprimanding Wynonna while she all but says “I told you so” about the government weapon not being enough to kill the revenants.

Wynonna Earp Keep Home Fires Burning Red


The next day, full sun illuminates two rusted warehouses. A security guard enters one, his flashlight shining into the darkened space to see a humanoid figure, possibly just his reflection. He cuts his hand on the wall and the flashlight dies and a deep, gravelly voice asks “What is the target?” The security guard does not answer, turning as a shadow overtakes him and blocks out the sunlight from the open door. The doorway is blocked by a black robed shadow with bright yellow burning eyes. The door shuts as the shadow man says, “Very well, you are it.” The scene fades to black and the man screams.

After the opening credits, the Doc Holliday dressed character (Tim Rozon) exits his camper to find spray paint vandalizing the door. In the RV camp, the revenants from the club, Red and Levi (Christian Goutsis), are playing poker with two others. They are discussing Wynonna and the plans “the boss” has when Doc interrupts to ask to join. His true identity is hinted at but never outright exposed, but the demons allow him to sit and be dealt in.

Across Purgatory, in an empty field, Agent Dolls and Wynonna pull various weapons from cases on wooden tables. Agent Dolls mentions how Purgatory is a concentration point of demon activity. He explains the history of Black Badge: it was a secret branch of the Marshals founded in the 1900s by Teddy Roosevelt to eradicate supernatural forces. Wynonna’s grandfather, “One Year Wonder” Edward Earp, worked with Roosevelt, according to Agent Dolls, and Wynonna mentions how he came close to eliminating all 77 revenants in only eleven months.

The weapons are pulled for target practice, Agent Dolls taking notes as Wynonna fires them into stacked hay bales. Between shots, Agent Dolls again admonishes Wynonna for her actions in the club and tells her she will be handling all the paperwork required. Black Badge is supposed to be a discreet and secret organization that the public knows nothing about. A disagreement erupts when Wynonna says the public should know that demons exist. In response, Agent Dolls pulls from his pocket a folded photograph of a crater in the desert. It is what remains of a town in New Mexico where the populace learned of the supernatural – the government response was to nuke the place to “contain the story.”

As if on cue to break the mood, Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Champ (Dylan Koroll) drive by in a bright red jeep. The conversation between Wynonna and Agent Dolls turns to relationships and how Agent Dolls does not do them.

Back at the cards table, the revenants are laughing and carousing while the Doc Holliday man tells tales of his past life. Levi returns to the table with a message that the “boss man” wants to see the newcomer. The laughter dies and the crowd appears to get nervous. The mustached man takes his winnings and says that it is “about time” for the meeting.

The next scene starts with him being thrown to the ground, however. A boot steps on his head, silencing his poetic musings. The boot belongs to the “boss man” (Michael Eklund), a man with a short, styled Mohawk, trimmed beard, and big fur coat, who calls the man on the ground Hank. He expresses his displeasure at Hank not remaining in his camper and joining in the festivities inside the camp itself. Hank, while still on the ground and under a boot, pulls his gun on the man above him. He says he would like to work with the man, that he could be part of the crew, since he feels they follow the “old code” that the current people do not. He mentions how he cannot be aligned with the Earps because of his betrayal of Wyatt and how they would likely kill him once they figure out who he really is.

The boss man agrees if Hank can help determine what the Earp sisters are up to, even offering him what he really wants: revenge. Hank’s face drops the smile and a serious yearning burns in his eyes.

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At an empty Shorty’s Saloon, Wynonna sets a table while Gus (Natasha Girgis) pours a glass of wine, claiming it is medicinal and acceptable, even though she just got out of the hospital. When Waverly arrives, Wynonna pulls out crayon drawings Waverly did as a child. They are the typical family drawings and one of Waverly and her imaginary friend, Bobo. When Gus walks out of the room, Waverly does her best to convince Wynonna to let her join Black Badge; Wynonna tries to dissuade her by telling her about the failed mission at the club.

Right on cue, Red walks into Shorty’s, immediately demanding Peacemaker. Gus reenters the room with an electric knife and tells Wynonna to get the gun. Peacemaker sits halfway between Red and Wynonna and a race to the weapon ensues with the revenant in demon mode with red eyes and evil voice. Red narrowly reaches the gun first, but an unexpected thing happens: it burns and melds to his skin and he cannot let it go. Wynonna slowly walks to the man, who had fallen behind the bar, and picks up the gun. She sends Red to Hell and Levi, who had been watching from outside, runs away.


Wynonna Earp Keep Home Fires Burning Revenant Red's Death


Later, Waverly is cleaning Shorty’s before the bar opens for the day. A new-to-town officer, Officer Nichole Haught (Katherine Barrell), arrives asking for a cup of coffee, wanting to introduce herself. An adorable exchange between the two serves as an awkward potential relationship set-up.

At the sheriff’s station, Sheriff Nedley (Greg Lawson) complains to Agent Dolls that Black Badge is taking over the offices over some classified mission and that he can’t get a straight answer from either Washington D.C. or from Ottowa, Canada. Agent Dolls shuts the door of an office on him.

Back at Shorty’s Saloon, Shorty is refusing to take gold coin from Hank, who just wants a beer. Waverly comes to the rescue, covering Hank’s tab with her own tips while calling him a Wyatt Earp groupie and saying she has an excellent judge of character and thinks Hank is one of the good guys. Hank disagrees when Waverly walks away.

In the commandeered offices, Wynonna waves Peacemaker while Agent Dolls has lunch. She tells him about how revenants cannot tough the gun and that it really is the only thing that can put them down. Officer Haught walks in with a delivered package and is met with hostility from Agent Dolls for being in an unauthorized area.

Levi returns to the RV park, which is shown to have armed revenants in guard towers. He tells the revenant leader about how Red attacked Wynonna and ended up back in Hell. After giving Levi a beating for the crime of thinking, the leader lays out a new plan to hire a professional. Levi questions this plan because it requires “amorphous blood, willingly given” and none of the revenants human familiars will do it. The leader tells him he has someone in mind.

Above Shorty’s Saloon, in Waverly’s apartment, Hank, dressed in modern clothes and a hoodie, rifles through drawers and boxes searching for something that will appease the revenant leader. He finds a notebook presumably belonging to Wyatt Earp with a photograph of him inside. He tucks this into his waistband and picks up a pair of decorative stitched men’s jeans just as Wynonna Earp walks in the door. In answer to her calling him out, he turns and quick-draws his own gun, shooting Peacemaker out of Wynonna’s hand. He runs past her, out the door, and away.

Hank’s camper has gained another tag over the door, in front of which the revenant leader sits and waits for Hank’s return. He walks around the corner and sits with the fur coat clad man, who asks how the research is going before telling him that Hank is needed to enlist some help killing Wynonna.

Later, Levi leads Hank out of the RV park and tells him the assassin they are recruiting is Jim “Killer Miller” Miller (Stephen R. Hart), a man that once killed his own grandparents and his brother-in-law before taking up mercenary killing as a hobby. His kills were rumored to include Jesse James and he was said to “move like a shadow”, which leads into his revenant form: a shadow now known as the “Shadow Assassin” that can only be activated with a blood sacrifice. The conversation takes a turn when Levi asks Hank what he is since he is as old as the revenants but not a revenant. It is revealed that Hank was Wyatt Earp’s right hand man, confirming his identity as Doc Holliday.

Over at the Earp homestead, Waverly runs into house worried because Wynonna had sent her three dozen text messages. Wynonna tells her that her apartment has been broken into and is therefore not safe, the same story as Gus’ place and the saloon. Wynonna pulls Waverly on a short trip down memory lane before Agent Dolls walks into the room asking questions about the attack that happened when they were children. He surmises the demons were physically unable to step foot on the homestead because ammonite wards off evil, which may be why the homestead was built where it was. Agent Dolls tells Wynonna the sisters need to look around for something “occultish” that may be unfamiliar or out of place if they want to have a safe place.

Back at the abandoned warehouse, Levi and Hank/Doc Holliday walk into the dark building discussing Wynonna and Shadow. Doc questions Shadow’s abilities since Wynonna is quick. The pair find a dug out cave or burrow and Doc slices his hand open to deliver the blood summons. He smears his blood on the entrance and is immediately pulled toward the darkness as the Shadow Assassin awakes. Doc loses his composure and starts screaming about never going back into the dark while Levi yells that he needs to give Shadow the target by tossing in something of the heir’s. Having only the notebook stolen from Waverly, Doc tosses that to the darkness in front of him. The pull ceases and the shadow man forms and walks past them out into the sunlight. Levi, face full of vengeance, remarks that the Earp heir will get what’s coming to her, but his face falls to fear and regret when Doc tells him the item belongs to Waverly Earp and not Wynonna Earp.

Wynonna Earp Keep Home Fires Burning Doc Activating Shadow Assassin


Back at the homestead, Waverly and Wynonna search the house for whatever Agent Dolls hinted they look for. More memories emerge for Wynonna, but Waverly begins to show annoyance at not having as many good memories since she was the youngest, barely six when the attack happened. The lights begin to flicker and go out, causing the girls to jump when Agent Dolls calls from the sheriff’s office. He corrects himself by saying the mineral found on the homestead is ammolite and not ammonite, “prized by the Blackfoot for the ability to ward off evil”. He also says the homestead is built on an entire bedrock of the mineral and that in order to negate its power, a talisman must be buried in the ground. Wynonna mentions it is growing dark early and quickly and that they would be unable to go on a hunt for the buried trinket. Agent Dolls grows concerned when he looks over his shoulder to the window and sees sunlight still pouring in while Wynonna reports darkened skies. He tells her to stay near a light source and that he is on his way. When they hang up, Wynonna pulls Waverly outside for a fire-pit afternoon.

Wynonna tells Waverly what Agent Dolls said about the talisman being buried and Waverly has her own flashback moment: her imaginary friend, Bobo, giving her instructions on how and where to bury a twine-wrapped bone thing. She realizes Bobo wasn’t imaginary, but a real person, and before she can say any more, the mini-bonfire blows out and the sisters are left in the mid-afternoon dark. Wynonna leaves Waverly alone to check on the generator. While in the barn, the Shadow Assassin talks to her and kills her lantern. She crawls on the ground to find something she dropped only to find herself at his feet, staring up at yellow eyes. She then runs back into the house to Waverly, rambling about her encounter. It is revealed that the thing she dropped in the barn was Peacemaker and she tells Waverly to hide because Shadow Man is outside and he is one of the 7 that came for their father and sister. Instead of staying afraid, Waverly picks up a shotgun and gets angry. She watches over Wynonna as she runs to the barn, but the Shadow Assassin is already inside the house, standing behind Waverly. Waverly escapes the house and the sisters get into Waverly’s jeep but soon figure out that Shadow Assassin is draining the battery. Waverly then reveals that she knows where the talisman is buried because she buried it.

The girls run together across the homestead to the fence-line, which Waverly remembers Bobo never crossed; he stayed outside the homestead and guided Waverly to bury the talisman in the pet cemetery because if she did, it would stop her parents from fighting. The Shadow Assassin stalks them at his own pace, confident he will catch his prey. Agent Dolls drives up, arriving as backup, but tells Wynonna she is the only one that can kill Shadow Assassin.

As Waverly begins to dig, the shadow man gets close enough to taunt the girls. Wynonna takes a shot but the bullet strikes metal and deflects. The sound rings in Waverly’s ears and she remembers from her research that Killer Miller wore plate metal like a bullet-proof vest. Wynonna runs off to distract Shadow Assassin, but he doesn’t follow far before turning back to Waverly because Wynonna is not the target. He mentions the regret Bobo will feel at Waverly’s loss, but with his back turned, the plate is no longer protecting him and Wynonna’s shots from Peacemaker tear holes in Shadow Assassin’s back. Wynonna is able to get close enough to fire directly between his eyes, sending him to Hell and bringing sunlight back to the sky.

Wynonna Earp Keep Home Fires Burning Shadow Assassin Death


Desperate, Levi swings an axe at Agent Dolls while Waverly continues to dig feverishly. Agent Dolls disarms him and Wynonna sends him back to the other revenants with a message that she is coming for them.

Waverly finds the talisman and throws it off the homestead. As it flies through the air, Levi is dragged through the air, across the fence. Waverly screams in celebration while Wynonna and Agent Dolls watch somberly.

Later, walking down the street in Purgatory, Agent Dolls confirms Wynonna’s fears about if the town finds out about the paranormal. He tells her to just go home and make it a home.

That night, back at the homestead, the sisters once again sit around a fire where Waverly excitedly squeals about joining Black Badge. Wynonna tones down Waverly’s excitement by telling her she will only be a consultant for Black Badge, not an agent, under the condition that she move in to the house on the homestead with Wynonna. They exchange friendly, sisterly banter while Doc – referred to as Henry – installs a shiny new mailbox. They speculate on who he is and what he wants as he can’t be a revenant. Waverly says he looks good in Champ’s jeans and Wynonna realizes he is the man she interrupted breaking into Waverly’s apartment. The girls disagree on him as Waverly says he strikes her as one of the good guys while Wynonna says she feels her body proclaiming him one of the bad boys. Doc completes his task and tips his hat at the ladies huddled in blankets around the fire watching him before walking away.

Waverly acknowledges that she blamed Wynonna for the death of their father and the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Willa and apologizes as she now knows that she caused it when she planted the talisman. Wynonna reassures her sister that Bobo is the one at fault.

Across town at another bonfire, Doc walks from the darkness into the firelight and tells the revenants that Wynonna is more than they expected. The leader tells Doc that his loyalty is still not confirmed whereas Levi’s loyalty is now in question. Thought Levi failed to bring Wynonna’s head, he did bring information damning for Doc. Since Doc has proven to be faithful and helpful to the revenants, he is charged with punishing Levi by dragging him over “the line” (the border of the Ghost River Triangle that contains the revenants) and chaining him there to suffer.  Begrudgingly, Doc takes the chain and apologizes to Levi, who screams and begs for his life. As Levi crosses the border, his skin begins to burn and smoke. The revenant leader removes his fur coat and flames ignite along his spine the same way as the revenant marks appear. He stands atop his seat and makes a speech about not wanting to kill the heir, but sticking to their plan to find freedom to roam the earth.

Watching Levi suffer, the revenant leader tells Doc that he can deliver on his earlier promise of vengeance, that he can deliver her. Doc’s response is to say “Well, then, Bobo, we are officially in busiess.”

The episode ends with Doc shaking hands with Bobo, the leader of the revenants, and walking off into the night.

Wynonna Earp Home Fires Burning Bobo Del Rey


Total Revenant Kill Count: 3/77

Wynonna Earp returns to Syfy on Friday, June 9, 2017, at 10/9c.

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