This episode of Wynonna Earp starts off much steamier than the premiere. Wynonna and Doc are both in the shower with what initially looks like sexy times, but actually they’re rinsing off the gooey insides of the creature (who has not yet been named) with what Wynonna thinks is turnip water. In walks Lucado who reminds Wynonna of her statement about the creature they had to kill while not so kindly reminding her and Doc who they’re working for now..

Fast forward to a guy taking a number two at a construction sight while playing on a phone that looks much older and ancient that Doc Holliday. The portapotty begins to shake, rattle,  and the only thing he can think of doing is using his hard hat to cover up his weenis. A nearby coworker hears the commotion as well, opens the door, and is screaming at something we cannot see, but we do know that it isn’t good.

Construction co-worker, Mr. Kowalski, is at the Sheriff’s Department going over details with an obviously exasperated Officer Agent Haught. Waverly drops by in her cute and fuzzy cheetah jacket to visit, but Haught is all about work and no talk. She makes her disappointment in being un-deputized from the Black Badge Division clear to Waverly, who apologizes, before going off to solve the somewhat normal cases in Purgatory. After Nicole leaves, Waverly gets the sudden sticky fingers and steals the Sheriff’s bell. This scene is a reminder of how much I love Nicole.

Lucado is then shown trying to babysit Doc, Wynonna, and their demon hunting activities by reminding them that things are going to be done her way. In this particular scene, there’s a very noticeably cagey and grumpy Doc Holliday than usual. He even declines to go investigate demons due to a “prior commitment”. Could it be the fact that he still doesn’t have a hat? Lucado makes it clear that she doesn’t want to be in Purgatory anymore than they want to be under her supervision, but they have to try and do their job or else they will end up like Eliza (RIP). Wynonna picks up a nearby file and recognizes someone she went to high school with.

She ends up running into Mercedes Gardener and this honestly may be the first person that we’ve met that went to high school with Wynonna and didn’t end up hating her. They do a quick reminisce and share a hug. Mercedes reveals her plans on selling the building as a Condo while opening old Willa wounds which she doesn’t know are fresher in Wynonna’s mind than she thinks. Someone awfully suspicious is seen spraying down the possessed portapotty from earlier in the episode. Wynonna notices they’re peculiar behavior and tracks them down into the building. Turns out it’s Earl. Before Wynonna could begin to interrogate him, she smells an odor and begins to hallucinate a dark shadowy figure looming down the hallway. Pointing Peace Maker to shoot it, her movement is faltered as she begins to relive shooting Willa. Once she comes to, the ghost figure is gone and so is Earl. In her attempt to track him down, she runs smack dab into a large cocoon being held up by spider webs.

Somehow she gets it back to the station and begins to dissect it. As she squirms from coming in contact with it’s gooey insides, she smells the same odor from earlier and the same ghost like figure begins to appear only for her to whip around and find a startled Waverly. Seems that Doc’s prior commitment was actually buying Shorty’s. Nedley is with him scoping out the abandoned bar and explains that when he realized that the bar needed a new owner, Doc was who came to mind. Doc said that he doesn’t have the cash, but he will find it way to get it.

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Meanwhile, Waverly is digging into dead demon cocoon eagerly and fascinated at the findings. Wynonna is continues to be utterly disgusted. They use this time to talk about how Lucado is being ridiculous, Doc’s distance, and Dolls disappearance. This scene is a perfect example of how important Waverly is for Wynonna and keeps her grounded. Wynonna refers to Dolls as “Dead Demon Lizard”, but is quickly checked by the younger Earp who believes that he is still alive. They begin to talk about how WayHaught has been on the cool side of things as of late due to Nicole’s cold shoulder when in jumps out a ginormous spider. When I say ginormous, I don’t mean a spider that’s the size of a silver dollar. I mean ginormous as in it being the size of a labradoodle.

They’re able to keep it bay momentarily by trapping it with a trash can, but unsure of how long they’re able to, Wynonna whips out Peace Maker. Waverly quickly hops off the the trash can, pushes it over, and….there’s no spider. The Brave Little Toaster basically sticks her head in the trash to search, but quickly backs away as the spider comes crawling back out, giving Wynonna opportunity to shoot it dead. In this moment Wynonna tells Waverly Lucado can take her plans and shove it, because they’re going back to what they’ve always been doing whether her shoulder pad wearing self likes it or not.

Doc is still handling his own business by lingering outside behind what sounds like a club and approaches a woman named Rosita who is none too pleased by his presence. He’s inquiring on a proposition he made to her and she’s like “No, get out of my face.” He makes it clear that his offer isn’t money, but protection from whatever she’s running from.  There’s also talks of illegal goods. Doc, just what are you up to? Before they’re conversation continues, Waverly calls to declare his help and a symposium.

Back at the homestead Wynonna is feeling the same way I done showering after getting all nasty at work (except I’m a Shea Butter shampoo kinda gal). She’s steps into the kitchen and immediately arms herself with an umbrella while yelling “USURPER!” ready to jab the hell out of who’s sitting at the kitchen table. Poor Jeremy. Wynonna wants to know why he’s there and why’s the dead ass spider she killed earlier is just big chillin’ next to her snacks.  When she asks about Doc and when he’s coming, Jeremy reacts the same way anyone would when they find out they’re seeing their crush. With utter excitement and going outside to wait for them to arrive. Wynonna walks over to the fridge, talking out loud to herself about Dolls being gone while taking the time to look over a photo of she and her her sisters hanging on the fridge.

That happened to be the same photo that Willa cropped Waverly out of. Waverly comes across it Willa’s journal while sharing it with Nicole. The journal confirmed what we all already knew. That Willa hated Waverly and did not want her to be apart of their family. She also reveals to Nicole that Bobo said she wasn’t an Earp. Nicole reminds her that Bobo was a lunatic who would’ve said anything to rattle her. Even when Waverly doesn’t believe that Bobo would just lie about something like that, Nicole reassures her that she’s the “Earpiest Earper of them all” and I’m pretty sure I can literally feel my heart swell in my chest because Nicole is the girlfriend that everyone deserves. They begin to passionately kiss, but it is broken at the sound of footsteps. This is where “Oblivious” Wynonna becomes “Twat Blocking” Wynonna. Nicole takes this time to let herself out leaving Wynonna to tell Waverly about how she thinks Willa is haunting her. Turns out the smell, which is Shaladelle, is their mother’s old perfume that Willa loved best.  Waverly brings up a wonderful point that maybe she’s haunting Wynonna because they’ve refused to “let her go” and in order to do that, they needed to box her things and let it burn.

Jeremy is knuckle deep inside of the spider wishing how he was still at a the Black Badge Division lab. Doc tells him that the sooner he accepts that Purgatory is his new place of employment, the sooner he’d stop freaking out. For someone who seems to be a bit shy and socially awkward, Jeremy gets quite bold and basically tells Doc that he’d feel safe in his arms while caressing this majestic moustache. Doc is like “Yeah, that’s fine, just show me how to operate voice mail, please.” Waverly and Wynonna are now heading towards outside with a handful of Willa’s things to burn. Jeremy wants to know if they should be stopped and Doc, being older and wiser, tells him that unless you sedated them with  tranquilizers for a buffalo there’s really no point. One of the best things about the writing in this show is that you have to watch it at least once without any distraction because you will miss awesome things, like Melanie and Dominique improvising hilarious bantering about not wasting whiskey and pants being on fire.

Mercedes is shown roaming around the Condo while chatting with her sister about a house that was left by their parents. The woman in black is now haunting her as it slides from room to room in the background before making a skiddish sound, leaving Mercedes to freak out and do something that horror movie characters haven’t quite seem to grasp; when hearing a strange noise, don’t investigate. RUN.

Wynonna and Waverly are properly buzzed while watching the belongings of their older sister’s burn into ashes. Remember what I said about background activity and paying attention? When Wynonna opens the door to the barn to speak to Doc, a Wild Waverly appears in the background helicoptering a stuff animal over the fire. While she’s dancing around the fire in the background, Wynonna confides in Doc about her fear of being a leader. That the only thing she knows how to do is make life hell for the leader. Doc tells her it’s okay to miss Dolls and that he isn’t there because he doesn’t want to be, but because it will be foolish to go back to Purgatory with it being overrun by Black Badge Division. Wynonna mentions the party from the end of season one and opens up wounds by telling Doc that she wouldn’t have kissed Dolls if she knew he was going to be there. This is where Melanie Scrofano and Tim Rozon are at their best. The tension in this scene is enough to make you feel a punch in your gut with each verbal exchange between Doc and Wynonna as they bite back at each other about loyalty to the team and to each other.

Jeremy comes slipping and sliding through the snow to let Wynonna and Waverly know that the creature they killed was in fact a baby creature and it has a whole family of siblings. Conveniently, Mercedes calls Wynonna, pleading for her help as spiders have her surrounded into a corner. Wynonna makes it to the building in time to rescue her buddy from high school who confesses that she always believed Wynonna about what happened to Willa and that she should’ve stuck up for her more. Wynonna let’s her know that it’s all good because she’s pretty much an expert at killing demons now. She’s finally able to track down Earl who exclaims that he’s not the daddy of the spiders. That he’s tired of running.

Lucado is at the station unlocking her safe to retrieve some top secret files only to find nothing but an unlit joint left by none other than Doc. I’m sure it was done on purpose to let her know that it was him who took the documents.

Wynonna and Earl are going through some of the oldest parts of the Condo that was left behind by the catholic school it’s being built after. Earl tries to take a swing at Wynonna while she attempts to open a door, but she saw it coming from a mile away and was able to knock him upside the head and put him to sleep before Waverly came to help. Stupid Earl.

Lucado finds Doc setting up his newly bought establishment, demanding that he gives her back the documents or she’ll charge him with treason. What is it with this lady and wanting everyone to go to jail for treason? Especially when she’s just as guilty of it herself by hiring mercenaries and paying out of pocket to have Dolls killed. Doc throws that back into her face as blackmail if she were to arrest him. A deal is made between the two. He’ll give her the documents if she can give him cash so he can finalize buying out Shorty’s bar.

Wynonna and Waverly finally get the secret door open and find the creature siblings all egged up in a gigantic spider web nest. Waverly questions whether they should assemble the team for what’s about to go down. “Baby girl…we is the team.” That quote has so many meanings. There’s WayHaught, there’s the Dolls/Wynonna/Doc triangle, but when it comes down to the it, there’s is nothing like the sisterhood of Waverly and Wynonna. They’re the  glue that holds each other together and keep themselves from falling apart. One glance at each other and they’re screaming like Serena Williams on a tennis court while smashing the eggs into yellow ooey gooey yokey goodness. What’s a Wynonna Earp episode without a badass slow motion strut walking montage to equally bad ass music after destroying demons.  They make it back to Mercedes who’s probably chain smoking her 10th cigarette of the night. I know I would’ve. Especially if I had to stop my little siblings from destroying the family fortune after almost getting eaten alive by gigantic spiders.

While cleansing themselves of yoke goo, Wynonna catches Lucado up to speed about what happened. Lucado barely listens and tells her to go to Jeremy before leaving. Jeremy explains that the spider is a Krakinos and they’re usually kept in water. Which causes them to piece together the supernatural puzzle of all the things being drawn to the same place when they should technically be in other places.

Rosita looks to have made up her mind about helping Doc as she arrives at the bar, saying she changed her mind because she’s tired of running and hiding. Doc assures her that she won’t have to do anymore running as long as she’s working for him. Rosita tells him to show her his set up. Doc agrees, but unfortunately, we don’t get to see what he has up is sleeve just yet and why is he keeping it from Wynonna and Waverly.

Speaking of Wynonna and Waverly, they return to the basement of the condo to find Stupid Earl bound and tied with his throat slit. Wynonna expresses disappointment in herself for not being more careful about what is really going on, feeling that she would’ve let Dolls down. What I love about this scene is that even though Wynonna thinks Dolls is gone and isn’t returning to Purgatory, she’s not going to wallow around and drink away her feelings. She’s going to continue to fight and do whatever it takes to get the curse broken, protect Purgatory, and most importantly, Protect Waverly at all costs.

Okay. OKAY. Now here comes THE Nicole and Waverly scene. Nicole catches Waverly decorating the last bit of Willa’s old bedroom and she brings gifts. No, not flowers and chocolate. Applications forms for birth certificate, medical records, school documents to help prove that she’s an Earp. While proving that she’s an Earp is fantastic, Waverly is apprehensive by the chance that possibly she isn’t an Earp after all. Nicole, being the beautiful human being and wonderful girlfriend that she is, says as long as Waverly wants her, she will be by her side.

I can dissect this scene all day and just gush about how perfect it is. The song just makes it that much better. Upon watching it live last night, my mind was in so much over drive and I was on the usual Wynonna Earp high that it was taking a bit to process it all (especially this scene). Watching it again this morning, I was fully aware of what was going to happen, but  had to pause and take a moment to gather myself because a flood of emotion just slapped me when Nicole said “…As long as you want me, I will always be by your side” and then the song drops hard. It was just so raw and felt so real. Kat and Dominique did a fantastic job, as always, bringing this scene to life. The biggest take away about this is the consent. Nicole is so gentle and caring with Waverly. You could see it her face when she her gathered her libido, her loins, and everything else right in the heat of it just to ask if Waverly was sure. The best part is that if Waverly said she wasn’t ready, Nicole would’ve been 1000% fine with it. Also, Nicole Haught is just so wonderful. As disappointed and pissed as she was about everything that happened with her being apart of Black Badge Division, she was still able to put it all to the side and get those forms for Waverly. 

Wynonna stops by the bar to see Doc to have a drink and make some truce small talk. He continues to warn her that she needs to keep on her toes about Lucado. Wynonna begins to get him up to speed about what she think may be actually happening, but Doc says he has to do “inventory”. Apparently, “Inventory” is going down stairs to a lab of possible illegal and no good shenanigans being set up by Rosita. Now, what I’ve learned from watching Wynonna Earp is that somethings aren’t what they seem and there’s always a good swerve up the sleeve of the writers. Could it be possible that Doc, even though he’s still hurt from what happened at the party, be concocting medicine for Dolls to come back to? He could’ve have easily found the chemicals that was needed in the classified documents he took from Lucado’s safe.

At the homestead, Waverly was going over Willa’s journal, but quickly hides it when she hears Wynonna about to enter the kitchen with Willa’s half burnt teddy bear, Mr. Plumpkins, that she had to rescue. Wynonna is still processing and grieving over having to kill Willa like she did her father and, at the same time,  Waverly dropping subtle hints about how she’s possibly not an Earp. Not being able to join Wynonna because Nicole is still up stairs, Waverly urges her to go out and sit any way because “even Fury Road has pit stops”. Wynonna walks out the door leaving Waverly to look for a post coital snack. Black eyed Gooverly came to life and  decided she was going to much on the dead Spider to end the episode.

Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this episode. One of the biggest things that stood out to me was the fact that Wynonna is still grieving. A lot of shows only give one episode for a character to grieve a very traumatic event and it’s back to business as if nothing ever happen. She’s grieving for both Willa and Dolls. The fact that she’s taking these moments in between all the badassery to pause and acknowledge them in some way or form, gives it a realistic view of how the grieving process actually is. This episode was a real example of how even though they’re going through their own respective problems, Wynonna and Waverly continue to have the utmost loyalty and can put it all aside to be there for each other when needed.