DISCLAIMER: This recap of Wynonna Earp episode “Holy War Part One” is rife with spoilers galore. You’ve been warned. Proceed with caution. 

Welcome back, Earpers! This week, Wynonna Earp blessed us with the first half of a two-parter. Our sh*tshow continued to surprise us at every turn in “Holy War Part One.” Wynonna and Doc embarked on a sojourn to retrieve Peacemaker that led them to none other than…wait for it…Rosita! Yes, everyone’s favorite Revenant (besides Bobo Del Rey — RIP) made her triumphant return. Nicole made a sour deal with Mam Clanton that had lasting repercussions. Rachel searched high and low for her not-boyfriend Billy. Finally, the episode ended with Nicole’s drowning. Yes, you read that correctly. Nedley and Jeremy purposefully drowned Nicole to hopefully sever the nasty hex on her courtesy of Mam Clanton. Waves was none too happy about that. 

Ready to delve into “Holy War Part One?” Let’s get to it. 

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Now, we open with Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) escorting Nicole (Kat Barrell) down a snowy wedding aisle. Both are dressed in sultry black for WayHaught’s wedding, which gets my seal of approval. Nedley (Greg Lawson) is standing at the end of said aisle, purportedly there to serve as the minister. Jeremy (Varun Saranga) and Doc (Tim Rozon) are also present as members of the wedding party. Suddenly, Wynonna lights a cigar and reveals that Waverly has fled the scene. She won’t be marrying Nicole after what the latter did. Everyone bursts into laughter…then fits of coughing. And coughing. And more incessant coughing. Then…

Still of Melanie Scrofano in Wynonna Earp.

WYNONNA EARP — “Hell Raisin’ Good Time” Episode 405 — Pictured: Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Nicole wakes up. Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) is slumbering peacefully next to her. Nicole realizes that the Homestead is aflame. She attempts to wake up Waverly, but our half-angel is in a deep sleep. Nicole slings Waves over her shoulder and wends her way through the flames. 

Meanwhile, Wynonna is nestled in her barn bed. Doc tiptoes inside and catches Wynonna with her pistol at the ready. You can’t be too careful when demons are running amok in Purgatory. The pair are just about to do the beast with two backs when they also discover that the Homestead is on fire. Thankfully, Nicole, Waverly, and Rachel (Martina Ortiz-Luis) make it out safely. After a few nervous moments have passed, Waverly finally regains consciousness. 

Later, everyone tries to suss out who set the Earp home aflame. Naturally, the Clantons are prime suspects. Doc remarks that the Homestead can withstand just about anything, including fire. Everyone agrees that Wynonna needs Peacemaker now more than ever. Time to hunt for a sword-gun!

Next, Wynonna and Doc pay Aemon (Noam Jenkins) at The Glory Hole. Aemon is entranced by Wynonna and vice versa, much to Doc’s chagrin. I don’t blame her — he is quite alluring for a demon. Aemon reveals that he knows where Peacemaker is. There’s a “lost and found” of sorts consisting of cherished and/or lost items. Aemon directs them on where to go. Of course, Doc and Wynonna are bewildered regarding Aemon’s intentions. Why would a demon help a demon hunter find her weapon? Because Clantons. Everyone despises the Clantons. 

Meanwhile, Jeremy pops into Cleo’s (Savannah Basley) office and reveals that he’s been promoted to captain courtesy of Black Badge. That supersedes her ruling, promptly ousting her and Holt (Ty Olsson) from their positions of power. Boom! Cleo isn’t happy, but she begrudgingly obliges and hightails it out of there. 

Still of Tim Rozon and Melanie Scrofano in Wynonna Earp.

WYNONNA EARP — “Hell Raisin’ Good Time” Episode 405 — Pictured: (l-r) Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp, Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Then, Waverly and Nicole reunite with Jeremy. Reunited and it feels so good! Waves is overjoyed to see her best friend. However, Nicole feels rebuffed by him, especially since he ended their correspondence. Nicole attempts to call Rachel, but the latter is on the outskirts of Clanton territory. She’s ensuring that her not-boyfriend is still in the Land of the Living. 

Next, Doc and Wynonna end up in Purgatory’s finest museum as per Aemon’s directions. Doc is distracted by video footage of an elder Wyatt Earp from, presumably, the 1920s. Wynonna’s great-great-grandfather is describing how he met Doc. Naturally, Doc is whisked away to another time. Meanwhile, Nicole is feeling intense stomach pain. We see her vomit frogs. Yes, frogs. Flashback time! Nicole is meeting with Mam Clanton (Paula Boudreau). She’s been brought low, as 18 months have passed and Waverly hasn’t reemerged from the Garden. Nicole tearfully pleads with Mam Clanton to help her. The pair strike a formidable deal.

Still of Noam Jenkins in Wynonna Earp.

WYNONNA EARP — “Hell Raisin’ Good Time” Episode 405 — Pictured: Noam Jenkins as Amon — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Now, Waverly and Jeremy find Nicole vomiting. Every time Nicole tries to explain what happened, she proceeds to puke up the town’s amphibious population. Totally par for the course on Wynonna Earp. We return to the Clanton residence, wherein Mam Clanton is essentially sh*t-talking her own children. She doesn’t believe that Holt or Cleo are worthy of her magical gifts. Mom of the Year, everyone. 

Then, Waves and Jeremy bring Nicole to Shorty’s. Nedley is in the process of tending bar when the trio burst through the double doors. Nicole apologizes for trying to kill Nedley for a year and a half, but he was a puff ball monster, after all. He proceeds to supply Nicole with booze aplenty so she can hopefully expel the remainder of the frogs squirming inside her. Ah, what wonderful imagery. 

Meanwhile, after movie time, Wynonna and Doc not-so surreptitiously swipe a bland painting as per Aemon’s instructions. It’s called “The Scorned Woman.” After Wynonna makes a slew of Mean Girls references, the duo flee the museum and wait for the collector to find them. Said collector should lead the lovers to Peacemaker. However, Wynonna inexplicably vanishes with the painting, leaving Doc all alone. 

Suddenly, Wynonna winds up in what appears to be a church surrounded by nuns. One of the nuns leads Wynonna to a room chock full of “cherished” items. The sanctuary is meant for women who despise themselves and need to be cleansed of their self-loathing. I approve of that. The painting, which was initially a bland piece comprised of multiple gray hues. Suddenly, the gray vanishes to reveal a cavernous valley with a woman standing solitary in said valley. The scorned woman. Wynonna must find her in order to retrieve Peacemaker. As Wynonna roams the cherished items room, she senses Peacemaker is near. Unfortunately, it rejects our Earp heir. That’s not cool, sword-gun!

Still of Tim Rozon in Wynonna Earp.

WYNONNA EARP — “Hell Raisin’ Good Time” Episode 405 — Pictured: Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Later, Doc confronts Aemon regarding Wynonna’s disappearance. However, our favorite demon bar owner reveals his own ignorance in the matter. Doc finds Holt sitting alone in The Glory Hole. The pair finally meet and pull their guns on each other (not a euphemism). Obviously, they’re sworn enemies that both take pride in how quickly they can whip out their pistols (again, not a euphemism). 

Meanwhile, Jeremy, Waverly, and Nicole are back at the Homestead. Jeremy is looking up various ways in which the gang can eradicate the hex on Nicole. Nicole reveals to Waves that she did something truly terrible, which is why the frog-vomiting is happening. Jeremy informs the pair on a handful of methods…and all of them sound painful or they result in death. However, their options are limited. 

Then, Wynonna returns with the painting. She sits outside with Nicole and the duo discuss the situation at hand. Nicole is afraid to reveal the exact mechanics behind her deal with Mam Clanton for fear that Waves won’t want to marry her. I have a sneaking suspicion that Waverly isn’t one to judge. 

Next, Doc reunites with Wynonna in the barn. Doc broaches the idea of abandoning ship altogether. Perhaps making peace with the Clantons is most prudent. Suddenly, Nicole appears with a knife in hand. She chucks it at Wynonna’s head, but thankfully it narrowly misses her. Prior to that, Nicole dumped out the potion Waves and Jeremy had been working on. Wynonna and Doc effectively seize Nicole and snap her out of her reverie. After coming to, Nicole realizes that she was the one who set the Homestead on fire. Something is awfully amiss. Wynonna urges Waves to bind Nicole. 

Later, Nicole and Waverly are in the latter’s room rummaging for handcuffs. They find a pair of pink fuzzy cuffs that are clearly meant for the boudoir. Nicole professes her undying love for Waves and then proceeds to handcuff her lover to the bedpost. Jeremy and Nicole flee the scene and plan on testing a remedy that Waves surely won’t like. 

Meanwhile, Wynonna and Doc travel to the cavernous valley in The Scorned Woman painting. They find said woman standing in the valley. And she just so happens to be Rosita (Tamara Duarte). Plot twist!

Still of Tim Rozon in Wynonna Earp.

WYNONNA EARP — “Hell Raisin’ Good Time” Episode 405 — Pictured: Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Next, Waverly wriggles free of the handcuffs and barges into Shorty’s. Nedley is drowning Nicole in a tub while Jeremy is reciting a spell. Waverly is shocked by the scene, because Nicole looks to be very much dead. Yep. Nicole chose an option that would kill her, but it would break the Clanton hex. Jeremy urges Waves to trust him, so he must have a surefire method of reviving Nicole. But still…not good. I love killing my friends so I can expel the hex on them!

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So…this episode literally killed off one of our leads. Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve lost someone dear on Wynonna Earp, but I’m curious to see how they revive Nicole. Perhaps Waverly’s angel touch will do the trick? We haven’t explored her angelic abilities much this season thus far, so I hope that my theory can be our foray back into angel territory. And Rosita! Talk about a blast from the past! I know she has beef with Wynonna, but I’m tickled pink to see her return. I have so many questions, Earpers. So many forking questions. 

How do you think our gang will revive Nicole? Why does Rosita have Peacemaker? Will Mam Clanton sick Billy on Rachel? Join me next week as I recap Wynonna Earp, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

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