DISCLAIMER: This Wynonna Earp recap of “The Other Woman” contains more spoilers than the number of times Doc has endured the wrath of a woman scorned. Our favorite mustache-toting vampire cowboy sure knows how to anger those around him. You’ve been warned. Make your peace, and enter at your own peril. 

Welcome back, Earpers! We’re almost to the finish line for Wynonna Earp Season 3! This episode put the pedal to the metal in every sense of the phrase. Wynonna and Waverly explored a new potential solution to the Bulshar problem thanks to a mysterious woman named Kevin. Meanwhile, Doc and Nicole attempted to fend off a scorned witch. All in the name of Bulshar’s extermination, of course. Oh, and poor Charlie bit the dust, no thanks to Doc. He may be outside the purview of Wynonna’s forgiveness on this one. Here’s hoping she has it in her to pardon him, because I’m in dire need of more lighthearted WynDoc scenes. 

Alright, ready to delve into “The Other Woman?” Just be sure to safely stow away your pickle jars from Kevin. Apparently, supernatural supervisors are really keen on them. 

We open with a familiar face: Juan Carlo (Shaun Johnson), back in his priest days. He’s inside his church with Maeve, and the two are sussing out their grand plan to put Bulshar in the ground for good. Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund), aka Robert Svain, barges in. Juan Carlo urges Bobo to join him in securing Peacemaker for “The Champion.” Said Champion will need it to eradicate Bulshar. 

Now, fast forward to the present. We see Bobo is trapped inside a glass-like box inside the Purgatory precinct. Bobo was having the aforementioned flashback and relaying what he knew to our heroes. However, spending all that time sequestered away inside the well did quite a number on Bobo’s mental state. Thus, he incessantly spews out riddles with only brief moments of clarity sandwiched in between. Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) are interrogating Bobo with little results. Our Peacemaker-slinging heroine decides to head out for some fresh air. She urges Waverly to stay behind and do more research. Jeremy (Varun Saranga) enters the scene and vows to help our Waves. 

Next, Waverly and Jeremy begin to recap what they already know regarding Bulshar. Their recapping grounds to a halt when they stumble upon a name that Bobo kept repeating: Maeve. Now, we know that Maeve was the woman with Juan Carlo at the church back then. They decide. at Bobo’s behest, to consult Doc on the matter. Vampire Doc to the rescue! Perhaps this Maeve knows the secret to defeating Bulshar…

Later, Wynonna arrives at the Homestead and discovers Charlie (Sebastian Pigott) inside her barn. He’s tinkering with her lawn mower. Who knew Wynonna possessed such a contraption? She fills him in on all things Bulshar. As it turns out, he was turning people into trees and using them to help pinpoint the Garden of Paradise. Wynonna admires Bulshar for his ingenuity in that aspect. Pretty smart dude. 

Suddenly, a mysterious woman (Anna Silk) arrives, parking herself on Wynonna’s front porch. Our girl and Charlie, naturally, launch into action mode. However, this woman reveals herself as a future asset to the Earp heir – one who has the solution to the Bulshar problem. Her name is Kevin, and she works for a covert supernatural watching group that overlooks these kinds of situations. They only step in when necessary, i.e. Bulshar annihilating humanity. However, they’re generally advised not to interfere. 

Pictured: Anna Silk, syfy.com


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Then, we see Nicole (Katherine Barrell) waltzing into Shorty’s to ask for Doc’s (Tim Rozon) help. Of course, he recalls Maeve with vivid clarity. The two set out to her cabin to rummage through her belongings. He knows that she wrote a book in coordination with Juan Carlo, one that will help them take down Bulshar for good. Doc hands over his gun to Nicole, urging her to slay him if he starts jonesing for blood in her presence. However, we see that Nicole already has wooden bullets on her person. Clever girl. 

Meanwhile, Kevin reveals that she has her sights set on a Bulshar-killing weapon. However, she refuses to divulge more information until Charlie leaves. Wynonna attempts to tread carefully as she politely asks him to “scoot his boots.” Charlie tries to confront her regarding their relationship status, but her mind is elsewhere. You know, being the only one capable of saving the world is a lot to put on one’s plate. I’m on Team Wynonna – relationship stuff can wait until the impending apocalypse is safely diverted. Charlie storms off. 

Later, Waverly returns to the Homestead and is taken aback to find Kevin munching on pickles from the refrigerator. Dear diary, Today I encountered a strange woman named Kevin eating food from my fridge. Kevin reveals that the Bulshar-killing weapon is actually the demon’s arm – you know, the one that was torn off during the kerfuffle with the widows. Said arm is ensconced within the mine Bulshar emerged from. Sounds dangerous. Yes, there’s always the possibility the mine could collapse, but the Earp sisters are on the case! Yes to a Wynonna/Waverly adventure! 

Next, Doc and Nicole arrive at Maeve’s cabin. Back in the day, she was burned at the stake for being a witch. However, her sisters still reside there. They find the cabin empty and begin their search. Doc strikes a match to light a fire in the fireplace. Said fireplace erupts into flames, seemingly of its own volition. We hear the voice of Maeve (Sydney John) ring out loud and clear. As it turns out, she’s cursed to live out her afterlife inside the fire. 

Pictured: Tim Rozon and Katherine Barrell, syfy.com

Meanwhile, Waverly and Wynonna arrive at the mine, armed with lots and lots of rope. You have to improvise when Peacemaker is in the hands of your enemy. Waverly reveals that Mercedes is back in town. She was the one who provided the fashionable oven mitt for Waves to wear over her angelic ringed hand. Suddenly, a Revenant emerges from the mine toting Bulshar’s arm. He storms toward our duo. Waverly recognizes the man from her research – he was a Revenant that Wyatt Earp trapped inside the mine. Well, one-armed Clint now has two arms thanks to Bulshar. 

Now, Doc calls Jeremy to help him with his Maeve issue. Maeve’s spirit embedded itself within Nicole, and is demanding Doc kill Nicole so she can live there forever. Uh oh. Maeve taunts Doc, claiming that she won’t hand over the Bulshar book until Doc gives her a freshly dead body to inhabit. Then, Maeve jumps out of Nicole and into the unsuspecting Jeremy. She ping-pongs back and forth between the pair. Well, that escalated quickly. 

Next, we see Wynonna and Waverly attempt to fend off the approaching Revenant. Wynonna tries to attack his face. Unfortunately, her hand is instantly plastered with skin-searing welts courtesy of the acid on his face. The pair continues to flee from him as he follows them. They decide to take shelter at the Gardner mansion, as it’s nearby. 

Meanwhile, Maeve currently resides in Nicole. She coughs up a page from the Bulshar book as a means of tantalizing Doc and Jeremy. Maeve threatens to burn the book unless Doc does as he’s bid – drain Nicole dry. However, he refuses to harm his friend. Jeremy and Doc discover that the Bulshar book is inside the fireplace. Maeve leaps from Nicole’s body and returns to the fireplace. She unleashes a massive firestorm on our heroes, setting the cabin ablaze. 

Pictured: Varun Saranga and Tim Rozon, syfy.com

Later, Wynonna and Waverly reach Mercedes’ (Dani Kind) humble abode. Our Earp sisters are amazed at how flawless Mercedes looks. Mercedes gives Waverly due credit for utilizing her angelic powers. Suddenly, the Revenant bursts into the mansion, murder gleaming in his eye. Wynonna is unable to defeat him, so Waverly resorts to using her ring. Although she can’t touch the Revenant without getting burned herself, she learns she can control Bulshar’s arm with said ring. She forces the Revenant to choke himself with Bulshar’s arm. Smart move! With the Revenant good and properly eliminated, the girls remove Bulshar’s arm after some effort on their part. Weapon acquired! 

Next, Kevin arrives on the scene and congratulates Waverly on a job well done. She wasn’t sure Waves was capable of defeating a Revenant with only being half angel. As it turns out, Waverly is the present day Champion, not Wynonna. Plot twist! She is the key. Her father Julian was one of the two angels assigned to guard the Garden, along with Juan Carlo. Wynonna asks Kevin what will happen to her sister. Kevin reveals that, when Waverly takes her place on her father’s throne, she will turn to stone. This act will seal the Garden permanently. Wynonna blatantly refuses to allow that to happen, shooing away Kevin’s grand plan. Kevin leaves. 

Pictured: Melanie Scrofano and Anna Silk, syfy.com

Then, we see Charlie and the Purgatory fire department arrive to extinguish the flames consuming the cabin. Charlie rescues Doc, bringing him safely outside. In repayment, Doc drains Charlie of his blood, effectively murdering Wynonna’s current beau. No, Doc, no! Don’t go down this road! Nicole and Jeremy discover what Doc has done. Nicole banishes Doc from their circle, vowing to use her wooden bullets on him if she ever saw the vampire again. Doc flees the scene, and we see a mischievous grin envelope his features. Doc is now Evil Doc. 


Now, we learn that Bulshar is actually the Snake from the Garden. Yes, that one. We see Jeremy reading the Bulshar book back at the police station, surrounded by Nicole and Robin (Justin Kelly). Jeremy also reveals that the night of the apocalypse is upon them – as in, the following day. That is the day Bulshar will enact his plan of grand destruction. Time to don your best demon-slaying outfit, Earpers!

Later, Charlie’s body is at the police station. Nicole has her own plan set in motion. She hopes that the spirit of Maeve will inhabit Charlie’s vacant body. That would be interesting to see a grown man act like a teenage girl. However, Jeremy forlornly informs Nicole that Charlie is actually gone for good. Now, how will they break the news to Wynonna?

Pictured: Michael Eklund, syfy.com

Meanwhile, Waverly and Wynonna are sitting at home, discussing their next move in preventing the apocalypse. Wynonna refuses to allow Waverly to sacrifice herself, but they are running out of options. Suddenly, they notice that the sun still hasn’t set. It’s 9pm. Interesting…

Next, Mercedes answers a knock at her door. We learn that she’s all dressed up for a date. However, she finds her doorstep empty. That is, until a hand shoots into the frame and carts Mercedes away. How ominous!

Wynonna Earp Season 3 has taken us to some unexpected places. Now, I’m really digging the “Garden of Eden” angle. There’s so much to explore, and plenty of material to delve into. Waverly’s origin story is definitely a highlight for me. I’m curious to see if Julian finally appears in the two-part season finale next week!

Do you think Julian will help our heroes save the day? How will Wynonna handle the news of Charlie’s demise at Doc’s fangs? Who kidnapped Mercedes? Why hasn’t the sun set? Join me next time as I recap Wynonna Earp, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

Wynonna Earp will air its two-part season finale Friday at 9pm on your SyFy affiliate. 


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