DISCLAIMER: This Wynonna Earp recap of the episode ‘Undo It’ contains more spoilers than the number of times Doc has been left for dead. He sure knows how to cultivate enemies. You’ve been warned. Make your peace, and enter at your own peril. 

Welcome back, Earpers! Wynonna Earp reached the home stretch with episode 309. Bulshar’s little game served as a catalyst for the impending apocalypse, one where he unleashes death and destruction on the human race. Oh, and he intends to open the Garden of Paradise with Peacemaker, which he now has in his possession. Things are all doom and gloom for our protagonists, especially with Wynonna being bereft of her weapon. This episode is one of the show’s most inventive thus far – everything from the dialogue to the premise to the gorgeous cinematography. Not to mention Wynonna Earp’s quip-wielding heroine Melanie Scrofano doling out one of her best performances to date. 

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Alright, ready to delve into “Undo It?” Just be sure to leave Doc and Wynonna some munchies to aid them in their quest to beat Bulshar’s game. Fighting in a fantasy land can work up quite the appetite. 

We open with Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Nicole (Katherine Barrell) seemingly in the throes of horizontal tango ecstasy…that is, until we see they’re merely trying to extricate Bulshar’s ring from the former’s finger. Way to get our hopes up, Wynonna Earp Powers That Be. All seems hopeless, especially since the girls are running out of lube. They decide to take their ancient demonic jewelry issue to a professional – a jeweler. 

Meanwhile, Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Doc (Tim Rozon) have just finished tangoing in the Homestead barn. Hey, at least someone is having fun. This scene made my WynDoc heart fit to burst. Exhausted from said tangoing, our pair decides to fall into a deep slumber in each other’s arms. We see Bulshar (Jean Marchand) and his lackeys looming above them. Wynonna and Doc are actually upright and clothed, their eyes glazed over with a milky hue. As it turns out, that dust Bulshar blew on them had a hypnotic affect, making our duo believe they’re having sexy fun times. It was all a lie!

Later, Waverly and Nicole meet with the premier Purgatory jeweler to examine Bulshar’s ring. He tries to remove said ring by slicing through it, but is met with resistance. Of course Bulshar’s ring is protected by demonic energies. The jeweler’s interest is suddenly piqued, and he seems mighty suspicious. Too suspicious for a mere mortal. Then, Sheriff Haught is called away for police business, and the pair takes their leave of the peculiar jeweler. 

Pictured: Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Katherine Barrell, syfy.com

Next, we see Wynonna and Doc taking a post-coital stroll through the Purgatory forest. They seem blissfully unaware of their actual state. That is, until Wynonna is jolted from her reverie by a sneaking suspicion that their world isn’t real. She sees Bulshar standing before her. Bulshar is bewildered by Wynonna’s ability to resist his parlor tricks. He decides to up his game by blowing some feathers in Wynonna and Doc’s direction. This instantly knocks our duo unconscious. Let the game continue!

Then, Wynonna regains consciousness in the basement at Shorty’s. She searches feverishly for Doc, and finds only his face reflected on the surface of crates. He has no idea where he is, but he knows Bulshar is cooking up something wicked for him. Wynonna ascends the stairs leading to the bar proper. Said bar is desolate of life. Suddenly, an arrow whizzes toward Wynonna, piercing her square in the chest. She falls lifeless to the ground. Wynonna wakes up, once again, in the basement at Shorty’s. So, Bulshar has her in a video game of sorts. This should be interesting…

Later, Nicole and Waverly arrive at the Gardner mansion thinking the “disturbance” the former was warned of is associated with Kate. However, our lovebirds are shocked to find Mercedes Gardner (Dani Kind) alive and well, rummaging among her possessions for something of import. Welcome back, demon-free Mercedes! She explains that she’s headed out of the country to undergo extensive reconstructive surgery for her face, since Bulshar’s widow really did a number on it. Nicole and Waverly are overjoyed at the sight of human Mercedes. 

Next, Wynonna finds Doc’s face reflecting on a different surface. He still has no idea where Bulshar has sequestered him. Wynonna races upstairs to attempt to fight her way out – but is sent back to Level 1 time and time again. Each time she “dies” in a different way – poison, gun shot, etc. 

Meanwhile, the demon jeweler finds our trio at the Gardner mansion. He knows the ring belongs to Bulshar and is hellbent on extracting it from Waverly’s finger. He goes all Revenant and knocks Mercedes and Nicole aside. However, he wasn’t prepared for Waverly to utilize her newfound angelic powers on him. She literally melts his face off. Go, Waves! 

Then, we see that Wynonna has carved into wood all the times that she’s “died” and reverted back to Level 1. Suddenly, the floor underneath her begins to melt, and she makes a beeline for the door. However, instead of winding up in the Shorty’s bar proper, she enters her own home. Plot twist! 

Later, Bulshar is standing before a bound Wynonna in the forest and he reveals his ultimate plan. He’s going to wreck havoc on humanity and force our heroine to watch. What an evil, slimy dude. 

Meanwhile, Doc’s face reappears to Wyonna inside the Homestead. He confides in Wynonna where he actually is, and that he’s known since this sick game began. Doc is being buried alive underneath the floorboards of the Homestead. Each time Wynonna fails and reverts back to the previous level another layer of dirt coats Doc’s body. The stakes are higher than ever before, Earpers. 

Pictured: Tim Rozon, syfy.com


Then, we see Nicole, Waverly and Mercedes discussing the events that just transpired. You know, Waves’ angelic abilities melting a demon’s face off. Typical day in Purgatory. Mercedes laments that the Earp girls have always been cursed. Waverly touches Mercedes face, and the act comforts the latter. Mercedes leaves the duo to head off to her out of country facial reconstruction surgery. 

Later, Wynonna reaches a new level and gains a new opponent in the game. A ravenous Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund) greets Wynonna inside the Homestead barn. Wynonna brandishes Peacemaker and shoots him between the eyes, sending the Revenant back to Hell. Success! That is, until Wynonna ends up back where she started in her home. So, there’s no winning this game. Doc reveals that Wynonna has been fighting Bobo and dying countless times as a result. Over and over again. 

Next, Wynonna enters the barn with a proper plan. She beseeches Bobo for his help. However, Bobo reveals that the person who once banished Bulshar alongside Constance and Juan Carlo doesn’t exist anymore. The duo squares off in another bout of fisticuffs, which results in Wynonna and Bobo receiving fatal blows. As they both lay on the ground, dying, we see their hands are interlocked. Wynonna urges Bobo to aid her in her quest to defeat Bulshar. We see the camera zoom out ever so slowly on the pair, and my hat’s off to DP Gavin Smith for the extraordinary shots in this episode. So ethereal and dream-like. 

Pictured: Melanie Scrofano and Michael Eklund, syfy.com

Then, Wynonna returns to the Homestead and almost admits defeat. She has a heartfelt conversation with the physically intangible Doc, and he urges Wynonna to continue her search for him. Scenes like this constantly remind me of just how great Scrofano and Rozon are together. They are among a select few of actors with the best on-screen chemistry I’ve ever witnessed. They play off each other with ease, and incessantly bring out their best qualities. Wynonna abides by Doc’s final wish, and sets out to find him.

Pictured: Melanie Scrofano, syfy.com

Meanwhile, Waverly and Nicole are joined by Jeremy (Varun Saranga) in the forest as they search for Wynonna and Doc. They stumble upon the unconscious Bobo, and rouse him from his reverie. Bobo reveals that Wynonna and Doc are stuck in Bulshar’s twisted fantasy. 

Later, Wynonna enters the barn to find it bereft of a certain Revenant. She believes she’s finally found Doc’s hiding place and heads out the front door. Suddenly, she’s confronted with Bulshar himself. Bulshar reveals that Wynonna’s most prized weapon, Peacemaker, plays a vital role in gaining access to the Garden of Paradise. We see a red door is erected behind Bulshar. One can assume stepping across its threshold leads to the outside “real” world. Bulshar vows to get his hands on Peacemaker, one way or another. However, only Wynonna can grant him permission to have it. Take that, demon dude! Bulshar disappears. 

Next, Wynonna is inside her home and finally locates the nearly buried alive Doc. She pulls away the floorboards and hoists up the dirt-caked Doc. The two reunite with an embrace. I’m not crying – you are. Wynonna fills Doc in on her conversation with Bulshar. They exit the Homestead and hesitantly make their way toward the red door. Bulshar reappears, and Wynonna shoots him with Peacemaker. The blow causes the demon to disperse in a flurry of bats. He leaves behind a dirt-like residue, and our heroes believe they’ve finally won. Bulshar is defeated! They exit Bulshar’s fantastical world and seemingly arrive in the present. All seems right…

…that is, until Wynonna ends up right where she initially started – in the basement at Shorty’s. Doc is back to being trapped in an unknown location. Wynonna bursts into tears. She ends up standing before a handful of crudely marked graves outside her home. We see Waverly and Doc’s graves. Presumably Nicole and Jeremy’s are behind them. Wynonna asks Bulshar if he made her dig her friends’ final resting places. Bulshar tries to convince Wynonna that nobody is looking for her. No one wants her around. We learn that Peacemaker is the actual key, the “Tower” on Bulshar’s final tarot card. Wynonna’s gun is the real key to the Garden of Paradise. Bulshar strikes a deal – should Wynonna relinquish Peacemaker, the demon lord/creator of the Earp curse will leave her loved ones alone. Wynonna tearfully relents, handing over the one weapon that could stop Bulshar. 

Pictured: Jean Marchand and Melanie Scrofano, syfy.com

Later, Waverly and co. find Wynonna and Doc. Nicole and Jeremy rouse Doc from his reverie, while Waverly is able to use physical contact to wake up her sister. Wynonna is in a stupor of sorts. However, our duo is once again safe and sound, and that’s what counts. 

Next, we see Wynonna and Waverly sitting in front of the fireplace at the Homestead. Wynonna reveals that she gave up Peacemaker to save her loved ones. Waverly asks her if she noticed the ancient and dilapidated staircase leading to nowhere nestled in the woods. Wynonna admits to seeing nothing of the sort. However, Waverly, Jeremy and Nicole all took note of the strange phenomena. They believe that staircase may lead to the Garden. Waverly fills her sister in on her decision to leave on her father’s ring. Yes – the real owner of the ancient ring is Julian the angel, not Bulshar. Wynonna is ready to admit defeat with this whole Bulshar ordeal but Waverly, ever the cheerleader, coerces her elder sister and Earp heir to keep fighting. They’ll find a way out of this mess. Our Purgatory protagonists will succeed. Go team! 

Meanwhile, Mercedes is still at her home. She unravels the bandages on her face and marvels at her reflection. Her face has been restored! She cites Waverly as the source of her healing. Waverly did touch Mercedes’ face before leaving the Gardner mansion. Mercedes praises Waverly Earp for her angelic powers. Will Purgatory hail our girl Waves as a Messiah of sorts? 

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Guys – Wynonna Earp effectively blew my mind with this episode. So many wonderful twists and turns! This show has struck a creative gold mine, and most certainly hit its stride pacing wise. Wynonna Earp has been compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer countless times, which is certainly not a bad comparison. However, the show has finally stepped out of Buffy’s shadow with the current season. Wynonna Earp is its own world, carving out its own niche in the world of genre TV. We’re firing on all cylinders here, people. I can’t wait to see how the season ends. 

Do you think Waverly will ascend the staircase and play a vital role in unlocking the Garden of Paradise? How will our gang defeat the seemingly unstoppable Bulshar? Where is Michelle, and has she successfully found Julian? Join me next time as I recap Wynonna Earp, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

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