DISCLAIMER: This Wynonna Earp recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Wynonna has utilized puns to alleviate sticky situations. You know, make them less sticky. She is a lover of humor, after all. You’ve been warned. Make your peace, and enter at your own peril. 

Welcome back, Earpers! Wynonna Earp continued to pull no punches this week with a jam-packed installment. So much happened, folks! Firstly, we learned of Bulshar’s true objective, which is to locate the Garden of Eden. Yes, that one. Secondly, Bulshar revived his wife Clootie and she terrorized our crew in search of a few tarot cards. Said cards spelled out Bulshar’s potential future. Thirdly, we delved deeper into the history behind Doc and Kate’s first meeting all those years ago. History time! Lastly, Waverly tried on Bulshar’s ring and it was a perfect fit. She even used it to supernaturally punch Demon Clootie! Methinks this is related to Waverly’s angelic roots. Well, if Nicole ever wants to propose…

Alright, ready to delve into “Waiting Forever For You?” Just be sure to save a plethora of breadsticks for Wynonna. Our girl needs sustenance to fight off the baddies. 

We open with Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Jeremy (Varun Saranga) playing pool at Shorty’s and chatting boy stuff. Wynonna reveals that Doc is now with Kate, but fails to mention of his newly acquired vampire fangs. Jeremy laments of his situation with his new beau Robin. Wynonna lays on the guy advice, much to Jeremy’s surprise. We see Charlie (Sebastian Pigott) stroll into the bar with his fellow firemen. Wynonna immediately ducks behind the pool table, and she reveals she’s been ignoring Charlie’s texts. Jeremy outs her to the hot fireman. Cornered, Wynonna asks Charlie out to dinner, at Purgatory’s finest establishment. Let the date night commence!

Next, we see Bulshar himself (Jean Marchand) standing at the site where Constance Clootie, his wife, was buried. He’s holding an ancient tome in his hands, clearly in the midst of casting a spell. Suddenly, Clootie’s body rises from the ice, headless. Bulshar procures her barbecued skull and places it atop her body. He urges her to do his bidding. Demon Clootie has risen! 

Meanwhile, Doc (Tim Rozon) returns home to find a human surprise courtesy of Kate (Chantel Riley). Dinner is served! However, Doc refuses to partake, even though the man has been glamoured. It would appear someone is attempting to resist his vampire urges. Doc leaves Kate to devour dinner all by her lonesome. She proceeds to suck the main course dry. 

Later, Robin (Justin Kelly) is out in the woods doing woodsy stuff while simultaneously chatting with Jeremy. Waverly is hosting a “big gay dinner” that evening at the Homestead for the quartet. During this interaction we also spot Doc on the loose, hunting down something innocuous to munch on. Like a squirrel, for instance. He stumbles upon Robin and, his blood lust teetering on the border of uncontrollable, launches himself bodily at Jeremy’s beau. Uh oh. This may not end well. 

Then, Doc brings Robin back to the police station. Fortunately, Doc only sipped a tiny bit of blood from him, citing that his blood tastes foul. However, Jeremy is furious to discover that not only is Doc a vampire, but he also tried to eat Robin. Not cool, dude. Jeremy turns his back on Doc, very much disappointed in his hero. 

Pictured: Tim Rozon, syfy.com

Later, Wynonna and Charlie are at Purgatory’s finest diner munching on breadsticks. Both are enjoying each other’s company when Jeremy crashes the occasion, informing Wynonna of Doc’s attempt to drain Robin of his blood. Never a dull moment in Purgatory. Charlie heads to Shorty’s to trap Doc while Wynonna heads to La Casa de Kate’s for some girl time. Well, in Wynonna’s case, it’s usually just her brandishing Peacemaker at a supernatural threat. 

Next, Doc waltzes into Shorty’s under the guise of a text Wynonna sent him. He apologizes profusely for the Robin incident, but is immediately trapped inside a circle meant to bind vamps. Charlie is standing on the other side of said ring. This could get interesting…

Meanwhile, the Big Gay Dinner is underway at the Homestead. Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) is putting the final touches on the meal. Jeremy nervously chats with Nicole (Katherine Barrell) outside the kitchen. She soothes his nerves by reminding him that it’s just one meal with friends. 

Later, Wynonna arrives at Kate’s place for an impromptu question and answer session. Kate reveals that Doc’s actions turned her into a vampire, which is not the direction I saw that going. She tells Wynonna that she traveled to America from Hungary. Her family was incredibly wealthy. Once they made it to Purgatory, Kate took up work as a fortune teller. One day, a mysterious man demanded Kate tell his fortune, but she refused to do so. That’s when Doc Holliday swooped in to her rescue. Ah, romance!

Pictured: Chantel Riley, syfy.com

Meanwhile, Charlie and Doc are chatting it up at Shorty’s when Demon Clootie lurches inside, brandishing a weapon. She’s on the hunt for something Bulshar desires. Charlie releases Doc from his circular prison so he can help the fireman fight. Doc utilizes his newfound vampire strength and sucker punches Demon Clootie. Said demon lands limply on the ground, unconscious. Doc realizes that a witch was involved in reviving Constance, and urges Charlie to call Wynonna. 

Next, we hear Wynonna’s phone ring as she continues her conversation with Kate. However, our girl refuses to answer her cell as she is riveted by Kate’s words. We flash back to the past once more, with Kate revealing to Doc that she’s planning on returning home to Hungary. Doc’s reaction is lukewarm at best – certainly not what a lover wants to hear. We see the beginning stages of Doc’s illness as he sputters and coughs. 

Later, we return to the present with the BGD at the Homestead. Waverly and Robin are peeling potatoes and gossiping about the old days. Suddenly, Robin morphs into someone entirely different as his eyes glaze over. He claims he can hear the roots and trees talk to Bulshar. Bulshar is like a modern day Snow White! Anyway, Robin licks a potato, much to Waverly’s alarm. Bulshar’s magic still holds sway over Robin. 

Then, the trio realizes that Robin sneaked out the back door, presumably to do Bulshar’s bidding. They discover him inside the Earp barn, shoe-less and shirtless. He’s kneeling with his back facing the group, appearing to act as a radio tuning in to the Bulshar station. Well, this dinner took a strange turn. 

Pictured: Justin Kelly, syfy.com


Meanwhile, Wynonna and Kate’s story time is interrupted when Demon Clootie crashes the party. She snatches something of import from the vampire and dashes off. Kate knew it was Clootie despite her unrecognizable appearance. 

Next, Robin snaps out of his reverie and realizes he’s shirtless in a barn during the winter. Our now foursome is about to head inside when Demon Clootie also crashes their party. Party crasher Clootie! She knocks some people about, and Waverly dons Bulshar’s ring, which is a perfect fit. Not only that, but it doesn’t burn her. Clootie launches for the ring, but Waverly summons a newfound supernatural strength and knocks Clootie outside the barn. Whoa! Could Waverly’s angelic roots be the explanation for her ability to wear Bulshar’s ring? 

Later, Wynonna arrives at the Homestead and Waverly reveals that Demon Clootie was rummaging through Doc’s cigar box. She stole three tarot cards. Said cards were meant for Bulshar, who at the time was Sheriff Clootie. Flash back time! We see Kate sitting at her fortune teller table as Sheriff Clootie arrives for a reading. A young Constance is standing behind him. He beseeches Kate for her help in searching for something that the Ghost River Triangle is cloaking. Kate also reads his tarot, and procures three cards. However, she is unable to reveal the final card. Kate refuses to continue this exchange, and that’s when Doc swoops in to help scare off Bulshar. Doc pocketed said cards for himself. 

Pictured: Dominique Provost-Chalkley, syfy.com

Now, Kate warns Waverly regarding the power of Bulshar’s ring. Waverly discovers that, much to her dismay, she cannot remove the ring. It’s permanently stuck on her finger. 

Next, we see Demon Clootie handing over the goods to Bulshar. Finally, he can see his last card with his own eyes. Bulshar is delighted at what said card holds regarding his future, which is now certain. Demon Clootie returns forlornly to the spot of her burial. Wynonna and Kate find the former Constance here. Demon Clootie drops to her knees and urges Wynonna to put her out of her misery with Peacemaker. Despite their past as enemies, Wynonna does as she is bid. We learn that, should Wynonna slay Kate, Doc will return to mortality. Well, it’s a myth, but one that may prove to be true. Wynonna asks Kate if she recalls Bulshar’s cards. This is when the light bulb goes off in Wynonna’s head…

Since Wynonna is inexplicably linked to Bulshar, perhaps her future is also intertwined with his. She urges Kate to read her tarot. This may give them an idea into Bulshar’s own cards. 

Later, Wynonna returns to the Homestead with some news for our crew. She reveals her cards that Kate read, since Wynonna is “tarot twins” with Bulshar. We see Nicole and Jeremy are hard at work attempting to remove Bulshar’s ring from Waverly’s finger. Jeremy notices something in Arabic is inscribed on the back of the ring – something that wasn’t there previously. Said inscription alludes to the “Garden of Paradise.” Our crew surmises that Bulshar is on the hunt for the Garden of Eden, the original paradise. They also surmise that the Ghost River Triangle is cloaking it, which would explain why Bulshar sought Kate’s help all those years ago. Robin pops in to the kitchen with another bombshell – Bulshar isn’t searching for the Garden…he already found it. Uh oh. 

Next, Wynonna finds Kate on the front porch. Kate delves into more of the story, after Bulshar was slain and Constance sentenced Doc to immortality in the well. Kate approaches a young Constance in her search for Doc, but the latter reveals that Holliday will never be found. Thus, Kate returns to Hungary and is turned vampire by her uncle Otto. Kate became immortal so she could search for Doc, for as long as it took. Of course, we know that Wynonna retrieving Peacemaker and starting her reign as the Earp heir is what released Doc from his well prison. 

Pictured: Melanie Scrofano and Tim Rozon, syfy.com

Later, Doc discovers Wynonna in the barn. He lurks there, like a creepy vampire, since Wynonna banished him from the Homestead proper. Doc urges Wynonna to make peace with him, and that his decision to become a vampire was purely for her benefit. He hopes to protect the Earp sisters and little Alice for as long as necessary. While Wynonna may not agree with him being a vampire, Doc’s thought process behind it is rather sweet. Of course, we know our girl is hellbent on turning him human again. So, our two former lovebirds decide to let bygones be bygones and work together to defeat Bulshar. Bulshar makes his grand entrance and blows a mysterious powder on our duo. Mysterious powders never lead to anything good. 

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Wynonna Earp most certainly delivered one of its finest episodes to date. While yes, there may have been an overwhelming amount of information to absorb, we finally learned of Bulshar’s objective. The story catapulted forward significantly, and we have a concrete direction for the remainder of the season. This episode reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer more than Wynonna Earp‘s past installments, especially with Doc’s “origin story” involving Kate. Kate is akin to Drusilla, turning Spike vampire. Spike, of course, is Doc. Doc always reminded me of Spike, with his hardened, jagged casing housing a tender heart within. 

Do you think we’ll see the Garden of Paradise now that Bulshar has found it? Where is Mama Earp in all this, and has she made progress in her search for Julian? Can Wynonna truly forgive Doc for his transgressions? Join me next week as I continue to recap Wynonna Earp, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 9pm on your SyFy affiliate. 




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