DISCLAIMER: This Wynonna Earp recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Wynonna has insulted someone. Our Purgatory protagonist is quite keen on verbal mudslinging. You’ve been warned. Make your peace, and enter at your own peril. 

Welcome back, Earpers! Wynonna Earp was a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows this week. As per usual, Emily Andras and the Earp Powers That Be continued to test our collective emotional fortitude with some key Wynonna/Nicole and Michelle/Doc scenes. Not to mention that flawless eleven o’clock number exchange between Wynonna and Doc, wherein the former effectively rescinded the latter’s invitation to her home. You know, because Doc is now a creature of the night courtesy of his vampire wife Kate. Michelle hightailed it out of Purgatory in the hopes of tracking down Julian, Waverly’s father. Oh, and Bobo Del Rey is still on the loose. Probably sulking at one of the many biker bar establishments that Purgatory has to offer. 

Alright, ready to delve into “I Fall To Pieces?” Just be sure to keep some handcuff keys handy. Wynonna and Nicole may need them. 

We open with some horizontal tangoing! Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Charlie (Sebastian Pigott) are going in for round two in the latter’s firetruck. Who needs Doc when a fireman will do? Meanwhile, in an effort to mend some fences Nedley destroyed, Nicole (Katherine Barrell) is paying a visit to the Purgatory fire department. She vows to show them the utmost respect as she makes the transition to sheriff. Nicole even promises to buy their calendars. That’s dedication! Even Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) is present, providing emotional support for her beau. 

Next, after setting off the siren, Wynonna stumbles out of the fire truck to the surprise of everyone present. Waverly and Nicole escort her out. This was a walk of triumph, folks, and not a walk of shame. Wynonna doesn’t do shame. 

Meanwhile, Doc (Tim Rozon) has been hibernating for weeks at Kate’s (Chantel Riley) place. Hey, baby vamps need their rest. He discovers that his body is rejecting Bulshar’s ring now that he’s a creature of the night. Doc stares at his translucent reflection in the mirror. Instant regret suffuses his face. Maybe turning vamp in an effort to stay immortal wasn’t the best idea, Doc? 

Later, Nedley (Greg Lawson) assigns Wynonna and Nicole with a task – sort through his closet of supernatural curiosities. Over Nedley’s storied career in law enforcement, our favorite curmudgeonly sheriff has stumbled upon some inexplicable cases. Things that just didn’t sit right in the grand scheme of things. Immediately, Nicole and Wynonna dive headfirst into their usual bickering. Quite the odd couple, these two. 

Pictured: Katherine Barrell and Melanie Scrofano, syfy.com

Then, Mama Earp (Megan Follows) pinpoints an intruder in the Homestead barn – Doc. She brandishes her gun in true Earp fashion. She’s irked that he skipped out on her Christmas feast. Doc apologizes, and Michelle proposes a solution to remedy his error. She urges Doc to help her leave town so she can hunt for Julian. But you just got here, Mama Earp! Side note: I absolutely adored the scenes between Rozon and Follows. Both are truly stellar character actors. 


Meanwhile, Nicole and Wynonna are still verbally sparring. Well, the verbal quickly morphs into the physical when the two are tugging back and forth on an ancient mirror. Said mirror slips from Nicole’s hands and promptly breaks. Get ready for all the bad luck, Haught. 

Next, Wynonna finds Nedley drinking at Shorty’s. She joins him with her standard whiskey. He reveals that he staged this “errand” of going through the supernatural oddities at the station so Nicole and Wynonna would finally start getting along. Nedley urges Wynonna to cut Nicole some slack. Both of them need to learn to cooperate, especially with Bulshar on the loose. Wynonna procures a photo she found at the station and shows it to Nedley. We learn that it’s a young Nedley with an adolescent Nicole. As it turns out, Nedley was the one who saved Nicole during the aftermath of the Bulshar massacre. And cue the tears…

Meanwhile, Nicole invites Purgatory mayor Bunny Loblaw (Jann Arden) over for a chat. She hopes to gain Bunny’s official endorsement for sheriff. However, Bunny is a tad stuck in the 18th century and turns her nose up at a photo of Nicole with Waverly. Get with the times, lady. It’s 2018!

Then, Wynonna barges in on their meeting. Bunny vocally announces her desire for our Earp heir to become sheriff. The Purgatory mayor cites that Wynonna is blunt, ballsy and a member of one of the founding families. She looks down on Nicole for being “an outsider.” Methinks Bunny needs to, once again, get with the times. Suddenly, while Nicole and Wynonna are privately chatting, Bunny spots a grizzly looking man peering in through the window. She instantly faints at the sight of him. Luckily, Nicole is able to revive her. Our duo escorts the mayor to Nicole’s police cruiser in an effort to drive her to the hospital. 

Next, in another turn of bad luck, two civilians hijack the cruiser and drive off…with the mayor in the back seat. Wynonna is probably jonesing for a whiskey right about now. Thankfully, Wynonna is an expert at hot wiring cars, so our pair hops into Bunny’s vehicle and follows the police cruiser. 

Later, Wynonna and Nicole arrive at a biker bar that’s rife with revenants. They discover the parked cruiser with Bunny inside. Nicole attempts to use her own key to unlock the cruiser, but said key breaks. This must be that broken mirror working its magic, Earpers. Thus, the girls resort to heading inside the bar to track down the civilians who stole the car to begin with. 

Pictured: Katherine Barrell and Melanie Scrofano, syfy.com

Meanwhile, Michelle and Doc visit Ward and Willa’s graves. Mama Earp adorns the tombstone with flowers. She reveals that Ward was the one who shoved Julian outside the Ghost River Triangle line. You know, after he discovered that Waverly was the child of an angel. Michelle hopes to leave Purgatory and explore the regions beyond, keeping her eyes peeled for her beloved. Doc seems to be understanding – that is, until Mama Earp reveals that she released Bobo Del Rey from his well prison. Michelle retorts that it’s better to have a monster on their side fighting Bulshar. You know, like fighting fire with fire. Can’t argue with that logic. 

Next, Wynonna and Nicole barge inside the revenant bar and discover the car thieves being held hostage. The revenants plan on feasting on some jocks tonight! Wynonna proposes a deal with the group by challenging them to a drinking game. If Nicole and Wynonna win, then the revenants must release the car thieves. However, should they lose, the revenants are free to feast on our heroes. Game on! 

Later, back at the police station, Waverly and Jeremy (Varun Saranga) plot a plan to get Wynonna and Nicole out of their sticky situation. Waverly spots the supernatural mirror that broke while Nicole and Wynonna were rummaging through Nedley’s closet. Well, that explains the heaping helping of bad luck. Waverly and Jeremy get to work on restoring the magical mirror. 

Pictured: Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Varun Saranga, syfy.com

Now, Wynonna and Nicole are handcuffed together and will team up during the drinking game. While Nicole is getting increasingly intoxicated Wynonna barely wavers, despite all the shots she consumed. Even the revenant they’re competing against upchucks some of his alcohol. Thus, Wynonna is crowned the winner. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! However, the revenant picks up Wynonna’s bottle and his Spidey senses begin tingling. Wynonna was stealthily spitting out her shots. Suddenly, the horde of revenants go into full rage mode and close in on our heroes. Wynonna and Nicole stumble out of the bar, making a break for the woods beyond. 

Meanwhile, Doc heads back to the Contessa’s home and grabs some items Michelle requested for her journey. Kate senses that Doc is wishing to return to Wynonna. However, she knows that our Earp heir won’t invite him back to her bed. Not after she learns that he’s a vampire. Doc ignores Kate’s warnings and leaves. 

Later, Wynonna and Nicole decide to tag team as they take out the revenants, one by one. As it turns out, they make a pretty bad*** team. Wynonna uses peacemaker to send a few demons back to Hell. However, the Alpha revenant snatches up the duo and prepares to do his worst. Thankfully, said revenant is slain by the giant grizzly man from previously. He’s holding a pair of large scissors that are now doused in revenant blood. The giant bellows that one of them must become his wife. That’s not really how the heroic thing works, dude. 

Next, Wynonna and Nicole return to the police station with the grizzly man in pursuit. Waverly tries to fight him off, but the giant flings her aside like a rag doll. Jeremy attempts to convey Gandolf and even quotes the wizard verbatim, but even that isn’t enough to quell the giant. As if I couldn’t love Jeremy more…

Now, after learning of the giant’s desire to marry Wynonna or Nicole, Jeremy and Waverly frantically search for another artifact that may have been broken from Nedley’s closet. They discover a shattered gnome – a female gnome. So, the giant is a gnome and the tiny gnome statue is his wife! Waverly and Jeremy begin piecing said statue together. Meanwhile, Mr. Gnome Giant allows the pair to choose which one of them gets to marry him. Aw, at least he’s giving them a choice. I’m a “glass half full” kind of gal. 

Finally, Waverly puts the last piece of the female gnome statue together. Some magic happens, and the male gnome notices Monique’s return to form. He embraces his statue of a wife and the two ride off into the snowy Purgatory sunset. Love is love, folks. 

Pictured: Tim Rozon and Megan Follows, syfy.com

Later, Doc returns to the Homestead with the items Michelle asked for. He already knows Wynonna will be furious at her for leaving, and potentially even more furious at him for aiding in Mama Earp’s escape. Doc tries to give Michelle unsolicited advice, which ends in Mama Earp spitting a mic drop of a retort in his face. She replies that she doesn’t take advice from vampires. And with that, Mama Earp drives away. You just got burned, Doc, and not by the sun!

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Next, Bunny pops into the police station. She reveals that the hospital released her, and that she still refuses to give Nicole an endorsement for sheriff. Wynonna launches into defensive mode and overtly threatens to release every supernatural creature dwelling in Purgatory on Bunny’s front lawn. Thankfully, this threat is enough to simultaneously silence Bunny and elicit that endorsement. Killing two birds with one stone – that’s how Wynonna Earp works. Nicole overhears this exchange and decides to forge a truce between her and Wynonna. Aw, everyone is friends again!

Then, Nicole pays Nedley a visit after learning that he was the one who saved her after the massacre. Nedley reveals that he always kept close tabs on her after that, and he knew she was a perfect fit for the Purgatory police squad. Nicole divulges that she cut off ties with her parents after they essentially shunned her. Nedley replies that she always felt like a daughter to him. Nicole tearfully embraces the former sheriff, and my eyes are leaking once again. Such a beautifully simplistic scene between these two. No supernatural hullabaloo. Just a man and a daughter strengthening that father/daughter bond they share. 

Later, Wynonna returns to the Homestead and finds a weeping Waverly pouring over a letter left by Michelle. Waverly reveals that Mama Earp left them…again. Wynonna finds a letter addressed to her and snatches it up. She finds Doc lingering at her doorstep. He hands her Bulshar’s ring. Of course, Wynonna questions why he has the ring since Nicole previously possessed it. Then, Wynonna reads aloud an intriguing section of her mother’s letter, where Mama Earp urges her to steer clear of Doc. “He’s not who he says he is,” she warns. Wynonna attempts to coax it out of Doc, but Doc refuses to budge. She even resorts to slapping and, as you may know, vampires are quick to anger. Suddenly, Doc’s eyes flash yellow and we see his fangs extend. Wynonna is appalled at the sight. So, not only was he hiding his marriage to Kate from her, but now he’s a vampire. Wynonna tearfully banishes Doc from her home…permanently. 

Pictured: Tim Rozon, syfy.com

Now, that last scene drove a stake through my human heart. Scrofano is such a force to be reckoned with, and she holds nothing back in this episode. In fact, that last scene may be her best work to date. Rozon was also in top form in 307, playing off Scrofano with broody perfection. These two have a chemistry that can’t be beat. 

Do you think Wynonna will ever invite Doc back to the Homestead? Will this action cause Doc to revert to his evil ways and embrace the dark side of being a vampire? Will Michelle successfully track down Julian? Join me next time as I continue recapping Wynonna Earp, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 9pm on your SyFy affiliate. 



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