DISCLAIMER: This Wynonna Earp recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Wynonna has gone on a drinking bender at Shorty’s. It’s all part of her “method” when she’s saving Purgatory. You’ve been warned. Make your peace, and enter at your own peril. 

Welcome back, Earpers! Wynonna Earp blessed us with another knockout episode. We witnessed the highly anticipated reunion between Mama Earp and her daughters. Megan Follows is a wonderful new addition to an already stellar cast. Honestly, she passes as a biological mother to both Wynonna and Waverly – she has the former’s temperament and the latter’s physical resemblance. We also reunited with the infamous Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund), who had a surprising revelation to impart regarding our Waves. Apparently, being trapped in a well has makes you contemplative of life’s little mysteries. 

Alright, ready to delve into “Jolene?” Just be sure to save some room for desserts post supper. You know how much Jolene loves to share her sweets!

We open with Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) tying up Mama Earp (Megan Follows) in the Homestead barn. They’re very wary to trust her for obvious reasons. Michelle laments about the demon that’s on the loose, the one hellbent on slaughtering our Waves. She reveals that said demon materialized when Waverly was born. However, Michelle was able to temporarily detract this demon from its mission when she made skin-to-skin contact with Waves. Thus, the demon was transferred to Michelle, tormenting her for years inside the Purgatory jail. Wynonna is reticent to believe Mama Earp. Again, for obvious reasons. 

Meanwhile, Waverly heads inside to confer with her best pal Jolene (Zoie Palmer). You know, the gal that’s always been there for the Earp sisters. That one. Waverly is consumed with thoughts of her mother, but Jolene assures the youngest Earp that everything will turn out as it should. Well, just so long as Waves trusts her. Jolene presents Waverly with one of her famous cupcakes, and as the two embrace we see the former brandish a scary looking blade. Jolene is the demon! 


Later, Doc (Tim Rozon) arrives at the Earp Homestead. Wynonna reveals that the prison warden will arrive any second to scoop up Mama Earp. Of course, our protagonist is conflicted after hearing Michelle’s story of the demon. If Michelle is right, this demon could be a major threat to our Waves. Jolene vows to act as lookout for the time being – a lookout for demons, wardens, anything or anyone that may be approaching the Homestead. This is all bad news bears, Earpers. 

Next, Waverly revisits Mama Earp in the barn. Michelle delves deeper into the elusive demon that materialized when Waverly was born. Waves recalls seeing “rows and rows of teeth” in a mirror at school. Michelle reveals that the demon always appeared in photos in tandem with Waverly. This is some creepy M. Night Shyamalan stuff. 

Pictured: Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Megan Follows, syfy.com

Then, Wynonna and Doc enter the scene. Wynonna releases Michelle from her bonds, and introduces her to the dashing Doc Holliday. Mama Earp already senses the sexual tension between the two lovebirds. Jolene arrives baring tasty treats (not tacos, unfortunately) for our gang, effectively wooing Mama Earp with her masterful culinary skills. Jolene vows that the way is clear of any supernatural entities. Michelle takes our crew to the Gibson family barn, where Waverly was born. She hopes to lure the demon there and bind said demon to her. Here’s hoping this works!

Later, Jolene encounters the Revenant security guard perched outside the Homestead. She cuts out his tongue in the most gruesome way imaginable, because why not? Then, she enlists him in her services.

Meanwhile, our Earp women arrive at the Gibson barn. As they scout the area for any potential demons, Waverly decides to inquire about her biological father. Michelle reveals that his name was Julian, and that’s all she’s willing to divulge at the moment. At least we have a name now! 

Next, we see Jolene speeding away in the Revenant’s vehicle. Nicole (Katherine Barrell) pulls her over. Jolene reveals that our heroes are en route to the Gibson barn to slay a demon. Nicole is upset that Waves didn’t include her in their plans. Jolene rubs salt in the wound by adding that our Earp sisters never include Nicole in their heroic escapades. It would appear Jolene is attempting to disperse the group. 

Later, the Revenant from the previous episode barges into the barn, having regenerated his formerly decapitated head. Thankfully, Peacemaker has stopped acting out and Wynonna is able to properly dispatch the demon. Bravo! Michelle triumphantly hugs her girls, thinking that was the demon. Crisis averted! This is a cause for celebration!

Then, Waverly hears her name being whispered like wind whistling through trees. Jolene is bound to the trap Mama Earp had initially set for that elusive demon. She urges Waverly to help free her. Jolene reveals her true mission to Waves – you know, the one that involves killing the youngest Earp. Waverly is, naturally, frightened. She strikes Jolene, and the demon falls out of the circle. Of course, Jolene triggers the water works and utilizes this opportunity to throw Waverly under the bus. She accuses our Waves of acting out, and unfortunately Wynonna and Mama Earp side with her. 

Pictured: Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Zoie Palmer, syfy.com

Next, Wynonna and Mama Earp indulge in a smattering of celebratory boozing at the Homestead. Both have a strong affinity for whiskey, and I can see where Wynonna inherited her wild side. Both are shunning Waverly for her attack against Jolene. 

Later, Doc returns to a certain well to pay a visit to a certain Revenant…Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund). My Earper heart is bursting with joy at the sight of my favorite villain. He urges Bobo to spill the beans on everything Bulshar. Doc tosses Bobo a bottle of his finest banana liquor to soften his request. Of course, in return, Bobo wants Waverly to visit him. Doc vows to do his best on that front. Bobo reveals that Bulshar’s ring, the one that Nicole discarded in the woods, is a big proponent to the demon’s power. It was apparently lost when his widow wives cut his finger off. Bargaining chip! Doc leaves Bobo to his banana liquor, and sets out to find the magical ring. One ring to rule them all…

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Pictured: Michael Eklund, syfy.com

Then, our crew partakes in the Shorty’s nightlife scene. Even Kate (Chantel Riley) is present, doling out fortunes to paying customers. Mama Earp and Doc initially bond over the former’s peculiar drink mixing. That is, until Michelle reveals that she knows Doc has a wife. She chastises Doc for doing the horizontal tango with Wynonna while being married to another. Mama Earp is now in mama bear mode. 

Meanwhile, Nicole and Jolene engage in some blatant flirting…in front of Waverly. This drives a rift between our favorite couple, causing my WayHaught heart to split in two. After Wynonna learns that Kate is Doc’s wife, all hell breaks loose. Suddenly the bar bursts into a collective bout of fisticuffs as everyone delivers punches. Everyone. It’s like a food fight, but without the food. Chaos reigns supreme in Shorty’s, and even our own crew fights each other. Jolene takes the stage for a karaoke performance, as she gleefully basks in said chaos that she created. She really is a demon. 

Pictured (L to R): Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell and Zoie Palmer, syfy.com

Later, Nicole arrests Wynonna and Mama Earp for assaulting a police officer. Waverly arrives at the police station to pay their bail, but Nicole refuses to relinquish the Earps until they’ve sobered up. WayHaught is still fraying at the seams, it would appear. I just want everyone to like each other again! Doc finds Waverly sobbing in a corner, and she reveals the fight that erupted between her and Nicole. He seems initially sympathetic, until he takes a chunk out of a Jolene delicacy and instantly changes his tune. He criticizes Waves for having a vicious streak. Jolene is forcing everyone to turn against our Waves. 

Then, Jolene tries to put the moves on Nicole as the final straw that broke Waverly’s back. Of course, Nicole is loyal to Waverly and resists Jolene’s charms. Suddenly, Bulshar’s ring magically appears, landing in Nicole’s hand. You know, the one she chucked into the forest. What the what? Jolene attempts to extract said ring but it sizzles in her hand, searing her demon skin. Jolene realizes that Bulshar has risen. She knocks Nicole unconscious, tossing her bodily into a closet, and slams the door shut. 

Meanwhile, Wynonna and Mama Earp are lounging about in a Purgatory jail cell, attempting to stave off their hangovers. Nedley (Greg Lawson) swoops in to pay the criminals a visit. He’s about to munch on the cookies Jolene made. Mama Earp urges Nedley to release them so they can save Waverly. Wynonna mentions Jolene, but Nedley has no idea who she is. He inquires after Jolene’s last name, and of course our Earps have no clue. It’s then that they realize Jolene is the demon, and they frantically urge Nedley to put down the cookies. They’re demon cookies!

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Later, Waverly returns to the Gibson barn to find Jolene waiting for her. Jolene reveals her motivation behind her intense disdain for Waverly. Both were born at the same time, and both are bonded together. Waverly was given everything and reveled in the light while Jolene wallowed in darkness. Jolene tries to break down our Waves, just enough to go in for the kill. Thankfully, Waverly fights back. Wynonna and Michelle show up just in time. Wynonna fires Peacemaker, shooting Jolene in the stomach. Jolene flees outside but is instantly bound to Michelle’s demon trap. Suddenly, the trees behind her stretch their woodsy limbs outward, snapping Jolene’s neck and swallowing her bodily into the forest darkness. Sentient trees, y’all. 

Next, Waverly and Nicole reunite after their fight. Waverly pokes fun at Nicole for being ironically trapped in a closet…again. They engage in the horizontal tango, and all is right in the WayHaught universe. 

Pictured: Tim Rozon, syfy.com

Then, Doc traipses into the woods and calls out for Bulshar. He raises Bulshar’s ring as a method of luring the demon. However, he refuses to give up said ring. He also launches into a monologue regarding his refusal to swear fealty to Bulshar. He vows to continue fighting for the Earps, and makes his peace with his potential fate. Then, like the true bad*** he is, Doc saunters away, ring in hand, and gives the unseen Bulshar the middle finger. Mic drop!

Later, Wynonna pays Bobo a visit at the well. Wynonna reveals that Waverly will not be chatting it up with the Revenant. Bobo takes this moment to drop a whopper of a revelation – Waverly’s father, Julian, is an angel. Yes, you read that correctly. Waverly is part angel. Plot twist!

Wynonna Earp is chock full of twists and turns this season. Everything from Dolls’ unfortunate passing to Waverly’s true parentage has sent us Earpers into a tizzy. Follows is a standout this episode, and her chemistry with Scrofano is off the charts. Eklund was a welcome sight as well. 

Do you think we’ll meet Waverly’s father this season? Will Bobo escape the well? When will Bulshar make his next move? Join me next week as I recap Wynonna Earp here on Geek Girl Authority.

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 9pm on your SyFy affiliate. 



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