DISCLAIMER: This Wynonna Earp recap contains more spoilers than the number of times WayHaught made us vomit from their sickeningly sweet cuteness. We Earpers are huge proponents of the WayHaught Movement. You’ve been warned. Make your peace, and enter at your own peril. 

Welcome back, Earpers! Wynonna Earp was chock full of twists and turns in 304, while still filled to the brim with the trademark humor we know and love. Jeremy went on an impromptu outing with a mysterious male courtesy of Waverly. They shared vegan sticks together, so love is clearly on the horizon. Mama Earp broke lose from prison, and Sheriff Nedley pulled back the veil on her shrouded past. Doc met Bulshar through some freaky daydream triggered by a decrepit staircase. Oh, and murderous trees are all a-root in Purgatory. Murder trees are no joke, folks. 

Alright, ready to delve into “No Cure for Crazy?” Just be sure to save some vegan sticks for Jeremy. He gets hangry when he’s bereft of snacks. 

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We open with Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Doc (Tim Rozon) chasing down a fleeing Revenant. Apparently, he’s the last of the demons who nicked Dolls’ Black Badge serums. A tree (yes, a tree) stretches its roots into the middle of the road, stumping the Revenant (pun very much intended). The Revenant informs Wynonna and Doc of this once they catch up to him, but naturally they assume he’s still high on Lizard Man juice. Wynonna doles out her usual biting one-liners before brandishing Peacemaker. However, Peacemaker refuses to fire. Uh oh. That can’t be good. Thus, Doc resorts to knocking the Revenant unconscious and dragging him back to the police station in town. 

Meanwhile, Nicole (Katherine Barrell) and Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) are scavenging for clues through the forest where the Cult of Bulshar massacre occurred. You know, the one that Nicole narrowly escaped unscathed. Nicole comments on how quickly the trees returned to form, given that the incident happened only twenty years prior. Something doesn’t quite add up. 

Then, we close in on a new face in the outskirts of Purgatory – a man named Robin (Justin Kelly) is seen roaming the forest. He notices something peculiar regarding the trees though. They appear to be bleeding. Robin launches into action and commences his search for Sheriff Nedley. As he flees, we see a lone eye peering out from inside one tree. Thanks for fueling my nightmares, Emily Andras.

Later, Robin runs into Waverly and Nicole en route to Purgatory proper. As it turns out, he knows our Waves from high school. Robin pseudo explains the situation and the girls decide to escort him to the sheriff’s office. Remember that large, gaudy ring Nicole procured from inside a manila envelope during the Season 2 finale? She chucks it deep into the forest trees. Methinks this is related to Bulshar somehow. 

Now, our gang congregates at the police station. Jeremy (Varun Saranga) is doing his usual science-y stuff. Wynonna and Doc arrive with their captured Revenant in tow. Unfortunately, with Peacemaker on the fritz and our crew’s severed connection from the Black Badge Division, resource for slaying demons are very limited. Robin fills out paperwork for Sheriff Nedley (Greg Lawson). Wynonna decides to hand over all the documents regarding Mama Earp to Waverly. No more secrets – which is also why Waverly told Wynonna of Nicole’s connection to Bulshar. Secrets don’t make friends, you guys. 

Meanwhile, Mama Earp (Megan Follows) is currently terrorizing her therapist by smearing the latter’s blood all over the walls of her padded room. The therapist is screaming, wailing for help. Michelle scrawls “never, ever get out” in blood. Halloween has arrived early, Earpers! 

Pictured: Megan Follows, syfy.com

Next, Wynonna and Doc are rummaging about in the basement of Shorty’s for anything they can sell to procure some funds. In order to buy demon slaying weaponry, one must have money to purchase said demon slaying weaponry. And with Dolls gone, their in with BBD is no longer. Wynonna discovers a beautiful wooden cradle Doc had crafted before the former gave up Alice. Is someone cutting onions again in close proximity to me? Wynonna is still beating herself up for relinquishing her daughter, and for supposedly giving up on Michelle. 

Flashback time! We see a younger Wynonna visiting her mother in jail for the last time. This is prior to Wynonna’s prolonged stint in Greece. Michelle is rambling on incoherently about, presumably, Bulshar’s rise. Then, Michelle urges Wynonna to keep Waverly away from her. She also shoos away Wynonna as well. Wynonna storms off. Mother/daughter relationships aren’t easy. 

Now, back to the present! Doc reassures Wynonna that she was only doing what she thought was best. Our duo shares an intimate smooch and, right on cue, Nicole barges in unintentionally. Hey, Wynonna is always interrupting Nicole’s snogging sessions with Waves. It was only a matter of time before the roles were reversed. 

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Meanwhile, Waverly decides to play Cupid with Jeremy and Robin. She assigns Jeremy with the task of solving Robin’s tree crisis. Of course, the potential lovebirds bond over vegan sticks, and that’s all she wrote. Initially Jeremy is uncomfortable with Waves’ matchmaking, but he soon warms up to Robin. The two embark on a journey to the forest to examine some murder trees. 

Later, Waverly receives a phone call on one of Wynonna’s old phones regarding Mama Earp. Apparently Michelle is being transferred to a larger facility. The warden needs a signature from Mama Earp’s next of kin, which happens to be Wynonna. Waverly decides to make a pit stop at the Purgatory jail to pay Mama Earp a visit. Uh oh. This probably won’t end well. 

Then, Waves meets Michelle for the first time in years. Mama Earp becomes agitated, which swiftly evolves into a bout of violence. She threatens to kill Waverly. Michelle also refers to her daughter as a “demon,” which of course has a profound effect on our Waves. I can’t imagine having your estranged mother threaten to murder you is a walk in the park. The guards subdue Michelle before she can cause any tangible harm. 

Next, Waverly returns to the police station and informs Wynonna of her secret visit to Mama Earp. Waverly begins frantically rummaging through all the documentation on Michelle Gibson. After hearing Waverly tearfully explain that Mama Earp wanted to kill her, Wynonna sets out on the war path. She makes a break for the Purgatory jail to “end this s**t.” Hell hath no fury like Wynonna Earp. 

Meanwhile, Robin and Jeremy bond while examining some murder trees. They stumble upon a mysterious, ancient staircase. Said staircase appears to lead to nothing, however. Perhaps a staircase to Heaven (I’ll see myself out)? Jeremy decides to call upon the only other being equipped to handle supernaturally spooky stuff – Doc. Bring in the cavalry!

Later, Wynonna finds Mama Earp being escorted to a vehicle that’ll transfer her to a larger facility. Murdering therapists is generally frowned upon. Wynonna lays down the law, urging her mother to steer clear of Waverly. Suddenly, Michelle wrestles Peacemaker away from Wynonna and frees herself of her restraints. She knocks one of the guards unconscious. Then, Michelle makes a break for freedom, unencumbered. However, another Earp takes her place behind bars – Wynonna. She’s arrested on the spot for being an accomplice, which is bananas, I tell you. Bananas! Wynonna is escorted inside the Purgatory jail. 

Next, Waverly and Nicole are perusing Michelle’s files. They notice that Mama Earp was sentenced to 20 years behind bars for merely burning down a barn. To top it off, only one page of the arrest report exists. Nedley reveals that he pulled the file, and is willing to divulge everything he knows about Mama Earp’s case to Waverly. All will soon be revealed, Earpers. 

Pictured: Greg Lawson, syfy.com

Then, while Doc is en route to Jeremy and Robin, our favorite gunslinger runs into an infamous foe – Bulshar himself (Jean Marchand). Of course, this happened with the staircase in view, so it (super)naturally reeks of supernatural origins. Doc believes he’s being sent back to Hell. However, Bulshar is willing to help Doc escape his fate, as long as he swears fealty to the demon. Doc serving anyone seems out of left field. Before Doc can answer though, Bulshar vanishes. Jeremy finds Doc standing next to his car. Perhaps the whole ordeal was a vision? Jeremy reveals that the staircase disappeared. Doc fails to disclose his potentially imaginary interaction with Bulshar. Apparently, he hasn’t learned that secrets don’t make friends. 

Pictured: Jean Marchand and Tim Rozon, syfy.com

Meanwhile, we learn that one of the guards holding Wynonna captive is a Revenant. Of course, he relishes the fact that Wynonna is bereft of Peacemaker. He uses his taser on our Earp heir, which hardly seems like a fair fight to me. She doesn’t have a weapon!

Now, Nedley finally reveals the truth behind Michelle’s arrest all those years ago. She was arrested because she burned down the barn on the Homestead…with Waverly in it. The peculiar aspect of this case, besides the entire thing, is that Michelle used to be a mentally sound, friendly woman. Nedley and Ward both couldn’t believe Michelle would be capable of such an act. Sheriff Nedley chalked it up to a psychotic break. However, Michelle thought demons were afoot, and this is before Nedley knew about Revenants and the Earp heir. Nedley covered up the case and Michelle was carted away. 

Then, we return to Wynonna’s face off with the Revenant guard. She manages to get the upper hand even while restrained by handcuffs. Finally, in true Wynonna style, she marches into the warden’s office with the head of the Revenant. She tosses it nonchalantly into the trash can. Wynonna used her handcuffs to decapitate him. Wynonna=1, Revenant=0. The warden reveals that this isn’t the first time Michelle tried to kill Waverly. Wynonna absorbs this information in a way only she can, and heads for the Homestead. 

Pictured: Melanie Scrofano, syfy.com

Meanwhile, back at the police station, Robin and Jeremy examine their photos of the ancient staircase. Unfortunately, the staircase fails to appear in said photos. Like a vampire who cannot be captured on film. Jeremy theorizes that perhaps they’re experiencing “shared” psychosis” regarding the staircase. Maybe it’s not there at all, just like the sentient murder trees. Welcome to Purgatory, where everything possible exists and nothing is real. That’s the new town slogan, writers. Take note. 

Later, Waverly and Nicole are listening to tapes of Michelle from over the years with her many psychiatrists. She rambles on about how she loves jail, and seems somewhat normal. Doc storms inside and makes a beeline for the liquor. A man after my own heart. However, whiskey is sorely bereft, so Waverly heads outside to the barn to fetch some. She discovers Mama Earp within, gun in hand and a spell in the works. Mama Earp is exorcising a demon tonight! Waverly believes that she is the “demon”, however Michelle reveals that our Waves is thoroughly human. She’s trying to rid the town of another demon – the one standing behind Waverly. Well, that escalated quickly. 


Next, Robin arrives home to find a cluster of plants outside. He wonders if his dad left them on their lawn. Suddenly, a tree limb surreptitiously slithers up behind Robin and drags him away. Murder tree strikes again! And he was about to go on a second date with Jeremy, too. 

Then, Wynonna barges inside her home to find Waverly, Nicole, and Doc sitting happily at the table. They seem blissfully unaware of Mama Earp’s jailbreak, and are stuffing their faces with tasty cupcakes courtesy of Jolene (Zoie Palmer). Apparently, Jolene has always been a part of the group, and an integral member at that. She bakes yummy treats! Wynonna takes a bite out of a cupcake and melts with happiness, joining her family at the table. Cupcakes for all! Methinks Jolene is that demon, and she clearly has our protagonists under her spell. 

Pictured (L to R): Zoie Palmer, Katherine Barrell, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Tim Rozon and Melanie Scrofano; syfy.com

Wynonna Earp Season 3 has been on a roll, Earpers. Just when I thought this series couldn’t top itself with the stellar Season 2, Season 3 proves me wrong. The stakes have never been higher, especially with the passing of Dolls and our crew’s lack of proper weaponry. Not to mention Peacemaker is on the fritz. Everything seems stacked against our heroes. This is television at its finest. I have no chill for this season, folks. 

Do you think Mama Earp will be crucial in breaking Jolene’s spell? Will Jeremy discover Robin’s disappearance and link it to the murder trees? Can Wynonna get Peacemaker to start working properly again? Join me next week as I recap Wynonna Earp, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 9pm on your SyFy affiliate. 



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