DISCLAIMER: This Wynonna Earp recap contains more spoilers than the number of times various people have yelled “Wynonna!” on the show. We all know this happens is a lot. Make your peace, and proceed at your own risk. 

Welcome back, Earpers! Wynonna Earp returned to us this week with a banger of a penultimate episode. People died, people cried, people below up from the inside…of a barn. Well, I tried to keep the rhyme scheme going. Bobo Del Rey (no relation to Lana Del Rey) is back, baby! How about that ending? Cloodie’s coming and so is Baby Earp. Perfect timing. 

Alright, Purgatory residents, grab a box of doughnuts and a bottle of Jack. We’re diving headfirst into tonight’s episode! 

We open with a battle scene on the Homestead, with Nicole (Katherine Barrell) and Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) are attempting to escape said battle. There are Revenants galore, all battling each other. Waves and Nicole seek refuge in the barn, where Jeremy (Varun Saranga) meets them. We see the Revenants are gathering outside the barn, trying to gain access. Waverly mentions that she knows how to save Wynonna, and she hopes it works. Suddenly, the barn explodes, going up in flames. 

Now, we go back to the beginning of the Iron Witch’s spell. Our very own Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) is stuck in his favorite spot in Purgatory – the well. Thankfully, Stevie (Reamonn Joshee) comes to his aid. Wait – why is this Revenant dude referring to Doc as his boss? Doc discovers that he now lives on the Homestead with a horde of Revenants who work under him. Who knew Doc was such a boss? I did, in case you were wondering. Stevie informs him, when Doc mentions that he must find Wynonna, that even saying the word “Earp” is practically illegal. 

Pictured: One Doc Holliday at the bottom of a well.

Then, Doc arrives on the Homestead, which is now dubbed as “Holliday Haus.” He’s greeted warmly by the Revenants that live there. He stumbles on Rosita (Tamara Duarte), who’s imprisoned inside the barn. Apparently, Doc forced her to create the drug concoctions he sells, and bound her there. Doc is realizing that the alternate reality he’s in does not paint him in a good light. Also – nobody knows who Wynonna Earp is. A travesty, I tell you! Doc decides to release Rosita from her restraints. 

Later, we see Mercedes (Dani Kind) is being held at the police station. She appears to have seen better days, looking more and more like the demon who inhabits her. Mercedes is elated that Wynonna has disappeared, and rejoices at the news. Dolls (Shamier Anderson), of course, has no idea who Wynonna is. Mercedes is aware that a spell of some sort has been placed to erase the Earp heir from time. Wynonna may have been blotched out from time, but she’ll always remain in my heart.

Then, Doc makes an appearance at the police station. Dolls and Jeremy immediately raise their guns at the ready. Doc is a bad*** crime boss, apparently. Doc tries to remind them of Wynonna and rally them to his cause. Instead, Dolls throws Doc in the fancy containment chamber with Mercedes. Aw, roommates! Officer Haught barges in and knocks Doc unconscious, doing the honors. 

Later, Nicole is sitting at her desk, on duty with another officer. We see a photo of Nedley above her, commemorating his memory. In this reality he died at the hands of the widows, and wasn’t saved by Wynonna. Suddenly, the clock strikes noon and Waverly marches in, bringing Nicole her lunch. We discover that Waverly is engaged to a dude (what?), and Nicole is still wearing her wedding ring from her marriage to Shae. Regardless of their marital/relationship statuses, the chemistry between these two is still off the charts. Be still my WayHaught heart.

The tension is palpable…much like the pickles in Nicole’s salad.

Another interesting fact about this version of reality? Waverly’s last name is Gibson, but only because she was taken in by a woman with that name. She divulges to Nicole that her real last name is Earp. But after her father and Willa were slaughtered, the name left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Well, and after Doc took over the Homestead. 

Meanwhile, Doc is trying to keep Mercedes at arm’s length. I don’t blame him, with how quickly her body is decaying. Mercedes is relishing her potential victory, especially with Wynonna out of the picture. Mercedes tries to use her widow’s poison on Doc, but nothing comes out. She’s growing ever weaker. Good!

How to be a Widow 101: rot from the outside.

Later, outside the police station, none other than Perry (Patrick Kwok-Choon) is waiting for Waverly. She’s engaged to Perry? This universe is weird. Of course, just like with Champ in the real world, you can see how distant she is from the menfolk. Perry informs her that he looked into who murdered her father and sister. Waves admits that she’s irritated he went behind her back and withheld this information from her. Sound familiar? Anyway, Perry mentions he’s in a mental hospital. Guess where our Waves is going?

Next, we see Waverly enter a padded room, where a man is laying curled up in the corner of said room. Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund) whirls around to face her, especially when she mentions she’s an Earp. Waves begins asking questions. Bobo knows that a spell has been put into motion, and recognizes the Wynonna-shaped hole left in the world. Of course, Waverly is confused as to why she keeps hearing that name. Bobo reveals that Wynonna actually killed their father and Willa. Eklund is so, so good in this scene. I sincerely hope he never leaves the Earp universe. Such a gifted, generous actor. Bobo continually refers to Waverly as his “angel,” making the events of the time traveling episode a permanent fixture in time. 

A Revenant with his angel.

Then, Waverly leaves Bobo alone, with more questions than answers. 

Meanwhile, Beth (Meghan Heffern) is attempting to break the third seal over the ruins of the church. However, she keeps hitting a brick wall. She throws Doc’s ring in frustration. Then, an epiphany hits her. “It takes two,” she grumbles. Meaning, she needs her sister to successfully execute the spell. 

Later, Waverly is at Shorty’s opening a box that contains family heirlooms. She finds old, weathered photographs of family members that supposedly had the “Earp curse,” which she then denounces as “bull****.” Then, she locates her mother’s wedding dress. Waves is getting married after all. 

Meanwhile, Beth arrives at the police station to pick up her sister. She uses her super widow powers (that Mercedes no longer has) to shatter the containment facility. This also helps Doc escape. After the widows take their leave, Jeremy points his gun at Doc. He wonders how Doc knows the combination to the gun safe. Come on, big brain! Figure it out. Finally, after some convincing, Doc rallies Jeremy to his side. He tells our favorite Black Badge agent that they’re in an alternate reality. Doc places his hat on Jeremy’s head, which is the turning of the tides for the latter. That hat has magical powers. Doc, with Jeremy at his side, then sets his sights for Shorty’s. Jeremy asks Doc out for drinks, which is adorable and now I want that to happen in the real world. 

Sisters gotta stick together, right?

Later, we see Waves is wearing her mother’s wedding dress, marveling at it in the mirror. Then, Doc enters the bar. Waverly brandishes a shotgun and points it in his direction, knowing his reputation in this reality. Doc tries desperately to convince her of the truth. Dolls enters the bar and is also pointing a gun at Doc. Waverly takes cover as the two duke it out, shooting at each other. Doc brings up his knowledge of Dolls’s powers, which befuddles the Black Badge agent. Suddenly, Doc shoots Dolls in the shoulder. He’s shocked to discover, upon closer examination, that Dolls isn’t wearing a bullet-proof vest. This is when Dolls seizes the moment to shoot Doc in the stomach. 


Then, Waverly rushes out from behind the bar, and sits with a dying Doc. Dolls takes advantage of the moment to escape, bleeding heavily himself and also probably dying. Waves is shocked at how emotional she is over Doc, considering she hates him and is frightened of him in this world. Doc, in his final words, urges Waves to locate the Iron Witch and break the trophy, thus effectively destroying the spell. Only Wynonna can save them. He dies. Phew, that scene killed me too. Of course, our gang will break the spell so Doc won’t be dead forever. 

Don’t worry, guys. Doc only died in the weird reality, not reality reality. Really.

Later, Nicole picks up a distraught Waverly. She decides to skip work and help Waves pin down the Iron Witch. That’s true love, right there. 

Meanwhile, Jeremy finds a dying Dolls at their rendezvous point. Dolls tells Jeremy to complete their mission. Even though Dolls relishes the knowledge of him killing Doc, he mentions that it doesn’t fill the emptiness inside. That’s because only Wynonna can fill that doughnut hole (sorry not sorry for the bad jokes). 

Later, WayHaught arrives at the Iron Witch’s house. Gretta (Rachael Ancheril) tells the girls that her life has gone down the toilet since casting the spell. Her sister is still dead, for starters. Revenants are roaming free, hanging out at the Homestead in droves. In short, everything sucks for her. Then, Gretta is able to break the spell for several seconds, so Nicole and Waverly can see what life is actually like. Waves realizes in those seconds of clarity that she betrayed Wynonna in order to save Nicole, the woman she loves. We see they’re in the clothes we last saw them in. However, reality shifts again to the alternate version. Gretta tells the girls they must destroy the trophy in order to bring Wynonna back.

Then, Waves returns to the mental hospital for another chat with Bobo. She tells him that she wants to get on the Earp Homestead. We know it’s for the trophy, because according to Gretta that’s where it’s buried. Bobo asks Waverly to untie him. Next, we see the duo walking free from the padded room. Bobo takes a hospital worker’s boots because he likes them, and nicks a fur coat off an innocent bystander. Thus, the Bobo Del Rey look is complete. All you need is some boots, a fur coat and a Revenant swagger. Also snarl a lot. Our pair clambers into their getaway car, with Nicole as the driver. 

Later, Jeremy is at the meeting place where he’s supposed to find Rosita. However, Rosita zooms up behind him and puts a gun to his head. A lot of that happening this episode. Jeremy informs Rosita that Dolls and Doc are dead, and this reality isn’t real. They come to the conclusion that Black Badge is behind all this – they’ve been harboring secrets from their agents. Jeremy asks Rosita if she can remember how she wound up on the Homestead, or how she became a Black Badge agent. She admits she can’t. Jeremy’s theory involves the mind-altering drugs Rosita was making on the Homestead contributing to their memory loss/altered reality. Thus, that’s the target. So off they pop, to the Holliday Haus. 

Rosita the Revenant is not amused.

Meanwhile, the Gardner sisters are performing the seal-breaking spell in tandem. Again, nothing. Beth blames Mercedes for being too weak. You are the weakest link. Goodbye!

Then, our trio is outside the Homestead. Bobo orders Waves to “dig under the hamster.” “Pikachu?” Waverly asks. Aw, she would name her childhood hamster Pikachu. Bobo explains that the talisman (trophy) is neutralizing the ground. Sully said ground by digging and it will break that neutralization, thus blowing the Revenants off the Homestead. 

Next, Bobo enters the fray, amid a chorus of shouts from the Revenants that Doc is King, and no one will bow to Bobo. A singular Revenant walks outside to discover Waverly and Nicole frantically digging. Thankfully, Nicole shoots him down. Well, we know that won’t kill them, but at least regular bullets might slow them down. Then, the girls run into the fray themselves. We’re back to the beginning of the episode, where chaos reigns and everyone’s fighting. Nicole shoots at Revenants as they try to make their way to the barn. 

Once inside the barn, they encounter Jeremy and Rosita. They explain to the girls that said barn is wired to explode, with explosives out the wazoo. Perry calls Waverly, and before hanging up with him tells him she thinks she’s gay. This catches Nicole’s attention. 

Then, the widows find Bobo amid the Homestead fighting. They drag him back to the church ruins for some third seal breaking fun. Well, he was there at the conception of the curse, after all. 

Meanwhile, Rosita nonchalantly drops the location of the trophy, much to Waverly’s delight. Then, our Rosie puts on her Revenant face and decides to join the fight outside. Things do not end well for her out there. Now, Waves tells them that destroying the trophy with fire will reverse the spell. Of course, detonating the explosives within the barn will cause a whole lot of fire, and perchance some brimstone. Waverly knows the only way out for them is to die, especially since all the Revenants are gathered outside the barn. They won’t escape the Homestead in one piece. Nicole says she will follow Waverly wherever she goes. Thus, my WayHaught heart is satisfied. They share a smooch before getting blown to smithereens. 

Pictured: the source of WayHaught fans’s happiness.

After the trio detonates the explosives, they find themselves standing inside the same barn…but in the correct reality. Yay, it worked! Now, Waverly says, they must find Wynonna. 

Later, we see the widows and Bobo are at the church ruins. Bobo realizes the spell has been broken, and is bewildered at why he’s still around. However, he informs the sisters that he refuses to go back to Hell. Demon Clootie also has the power to make sure he stays on Earth. Then, he takes the ring from Beth with his super Revenant powers, and effectively smashes it to pieces in his hand. Who needs a fancy spell to break things when you’ve got Bobo Del Rey? Beth shrieks with joy. She can feel Clootie’s presence, and knows that breaking the final seal will enable his arrival. Then, the sisters usher Bobo along with them, and they leave the church site. 

Help us, Wynonna Earp. You’re our only hope.

Then, we see Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) lying on the grass, finishing her line about the plate she was saying to Dolls when she vanished. Yes, our girl is back! She ponders on how she wound up outside. Then, she spots Bobo with the widows, and is thoroughly alarmed. But, it doesn’t end there. She finds the fragments of Doc’s ring in the grass. The seal has been broken. But oh no, we’re not finished yet. Wynonna clutches her stomach, and we assume her water breaks. Baby Earp is coming, y’all! We see with a flash the eyes of old demon Clootie, awakening for the first time since the 1800s. S*** is about to hit the fan. 

First task on Clootie’s list: invest in a hydrating face mask.

Whoa! So much happened in just the final minute of this week’s Wynonna Earp! Our Earp team knocked the penultimate episode out of the park. What a great setup for the season finale (sob). And, since Wynonna Earp was renewed for a third season, we’ll have so much to explore when the show returns next year. The mythology of this series is so fascinating, and I loved all the little details that comprised this alternate reality. Thankfully, though, our Earp heir is back and ready to kick butt…after she has a baby first, presumably. 


Do you think Wynonna will actually give birth in the finale? Where is Doc? Will we finally confirm that Waverly could be part Revenant (maybe even Bobo’s daughter)? Can the gang successfully fight off Clootie, or at least take out the sisters? Will Bobo survive, or be sent back to Hell courtesy of Peacemaker (I hope he stays)? Guess we’ll have to wait for the Wynonna Earp season finale next week to find out! 

Wynonna Earp will air its Season 2 Finale Friday at 10pm on your SyFy affiliate. 







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