DISCLAIMER: This Wynonna Earp recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Wynonna wishes she could drink. Don’t even think about it, Earp. Make your peace, and proceed at your own risk. 

Welcome back, Earpers! Would you be so kind as to pass me the smelling salts? I’m still recovering from this week’s Wynonna Earp. We’re three episodes away from the end of Season 2, which means all the Purgatory craziness is cranked up to an eleven. This week was rife with unexpected twists and turns, not to mention plenty of heart wrenching moments for WayHaught fans. Emily Andras certainly knows how to tug at the heartstrings. 

Alright, Black Badge agents, grab a box of doughnuts and your favorite whiskey. Time to delve into the episode!

We open right where we left off – Not Really Mercedes (Dani Kind) storms inside Nicole’s (Katherine Barrell) house. She believes that her demon husband Cloodie led her to the third seal. Of course, our Haught hasn’t the faintest clue what this widow is going on about. She launches her attack on Nicole. Then, Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) swoops in to save her girlfriend. We see her wield two long sticks as weapons. Nice to see her training with Wynonna has paid off! 

It’s ginger versus ginger.

Then, at a moment when Mercedes has Waverly cornered, Nicole jumps on the widow’s back. Mercedes takes this opportunity to sink her teeth into Nicole’s forearm, leaving a nasty gash behind. However, just when Waves is about to shoot Mercedes the latter flees, having realized Nicole doesn’t actually have the third seal. Nicole is losing consciousness due to the widow’s bite, and a lot of blood. Almost too much blood. 

Later, at the hospital, we see Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Nedley (Greg Lawson) walking down the hallway in tandem. Nedley grants our Earp gunslinger his blessing to do what she has to do to prevent the apocalypse. Nedley forever, guys. He just takes everything in stride. 

Then, Wynonna visits the real Mercedes, who is lying unconscious in a hospital room. Her face is completely covered, which makes sense given that she doesn’t have one. Dolls (Shamier Anderson) tells her that he found the real Mercedes and Beth in the basement of their home. Unfortunately (or fortunately considering the circumstances), Beth didn’t survive. Mercedes is barely hanging on by a thread. Dolls vows to track down a pack of Twizzlers for our hungry mama-to-be. That’s true friendship right there. 

Meanwhile, Waverly brings in Nicole, who’s wavering (heehee) in and out of consciousness. Once the doctors take Haught away Waverly, overcome with emotion, collapses into her big sister’s arms. Then, she tells Dolls and Wynonna about her kissing Rosita. Waves also confesses that Rosita is a Revenant, which takes our pair by surprise. After describing what Mercedes wanted with Nicole, Wynonna tells Waverly that only she knows where the third seal is. Secrets don’t make friends, Wynonna. 

Then, Dolls pulls Wynonna aside and reveals how Juan Carlo really died – a bite from the widows. Venom from said bite usually spreads quickly and unbelievably painfully. Dolls gives Nicole two, three hours tops. Talk about a time crunch. The heat is on! Time to kick it into Earp gear!

Meanwhile, Waves heads outside for some fresh air. She has a run-in with Not Really Beth (Meghan Heffern). Beth tantalizes our Waverly with the prospect of a cure for Nicole, but only if the youngest Earp can procure the third seal. Oh, those pesky ultimatums. Waves vows to keep it away from the widow’s clutches. But will she allow Nicole to die for a ring? 

Never trust a widow, Waverly.

Then, we see Wynonna having a chat with Nicole, who is now awake. She’s already in an excruciating amount of pain, and can feel the venom spreading. Nicole makes Wynonna promise to pull the plug if things go South. She doesn’t trust Waverly to let her die, but Wynonna could make that call with a clear head space. Waves would forgive her sister. Well, at least I think she would. Wynonna begrudgingly vows to honor Nicole’s wishes. 

Later, Waverly pops in to visit Nicole before the doctors put her under. What unfolds is one of the most heartbreaking scenes in Wynonna Earp history. Hats off to Barrell and Provost-Chalkley for having off the charts, electrifying chemistry. Waverly vows to save her, while Nicole confesses that she’s never loved anyone as much as she loves our Waves. No, I’m not crying. I’m simply cutting onions and they’re producing a rainfall’s worth of tears. Nothing to see here. 

Then, Jeremy (Varun Saranga) appears on the scene, ready to Jeremy it up. Yes, his name is now a verb. Our favorite new Black Badge agent is currently working on a serum that protects against the widow’s freeze powers. Now, his next task is to create an anti-venom serum to save Nicole. He just needs a sample of actual widow’s venom. That shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain, right? 

Our Black Badge Scoobies, hard at work.

So, while Jeremy works toward a usable anti-venom serum, Dolls decides to pay The Order a visit. Perhaps they still have Juan Carlo’s body and it can be utilized for testing? Wynonna plans to drop by Shorty’s to pick up Doc. You know, for widow tracking purposes. Waverly is tasked with staying at the hospital and keeping the team updated on Nicole’s state. 

Meanwhile, Doc (Tim Rozon) seems to be having the time of his life. He’s embroiled in a card game at Shorty’s with a slew of Revenants. Old habits die hard, right Holliday? Wynonna makes her entrance, disrupting the card game. She withdraws Peacemaker and almost takes out a Revenant who recognizes her, but Doc stops her. Initially, our once immortal sharp shooter seems annoyed. However, when Wynonna informs him of Nicole, he immediately snaps into action. 

Then, Waverly is visited a second time by Beth. The widow is just checking in on Waverly’s progress with locating the third seal. Beth coyly waves the cure to her venomous bite in front of Waverly. But, of course, her ultimatum still stands. Give her the seal or else. Nedley approaches Waves and offers his sympathy, in a way that only Nedley can. Then, he reveals that Nicole’s next of kin has been informed. Waves is confused, considering Nicole doesn’t talk to her parents. Which begs the question: who has been notified? 

Next, Waverly heads inside the hospital to find a mysterious woman standing by Nicole’s bed, perusing a report. She reveals that she’s a doctor, but not Nicole’s doctor. Her name is Shay, and she’s Nicole’s wife. Yes, you read that correctly. Nicole has a wife! Who knew Haught led such a secretive life?



Meanwhile, Dolls pays Ewan (Brendan Fehr) and The Order a visit. Unfortunately, they just burned Juan Carlo’s body, leaving nothing but ashes behind. Well, there goes the venom plan. However, not all is lost. Ewan gives Dolls the special plate that he fought so hard to obtain a few episodes back. He claims it is a weapon. Fancy old plates can be used as weapons? Good to know. Ewan also offers to take in Wynonna’s baby when it’s born, as a form of protection. No, that’s okay. He or she will be raised by Wynonna, her aunts and her three dads. As any baby should be. 

The Order of The Phoenix will now commence…wait. Wrong series.

Then, Shay tells Waverly the story of how she met Nicole. Rock climbing in Nevada. Sparks (and rocks) flew, which culminated in a speedy wedding ceremony in Las Vegas. However, the sparks died out, and nothing was left. Nothing to worry about, Waves. Nicole loves you. 

Meanwhile, Wynonna chats with Rosita the Revenant (Tamara Duarte) while waiting for Doc. She nonchalantly places Peacemaker on the bar, as a subtle threat. Rosita takes the hint. Wynonna tells Rosita to help Jeremy create the anti-venom serum for Nicole. Then, once she’s finished her task, Wynonna will put her down. A Revenant’s a Revenant, even the cool ones. No hard feelings, Rosita. 

Later, Rosita arrives at the police station to work with Jeremy. She takes a syringe filled with whatever Jeremy has in terms of a cure and injects herself with it. She isn’t human, and she can only die by Peacemaker anyway. Jeremy watches her eyes flash red in pure surprise, not expecting this twist. 

Then, Wynonna and Doc are perusing Nicole’s home for any clues that can lead them to Mercedes. Wynonna confronts Doc regarding Rosita. He knew, but of course he wasn’t going to tell Wynonna about his lady love. What’s the fun in that? Next, Doc notices fresh blood pooled on the floor. A sheriff’s hat is hanging on the hat stand. Nicole’s cat, Calamity Jane (adorable name and musical) is hiding in the closet. Our duo realizes that Mercedes has taken Nedley. You leave my precious Nedley alone, Not Really Mercedes!

Meanwhile, Mercedes has Nedley trapped in a barn, and is already immersed in her methods of torture. She believes Cloodie led her to him, and that our Nedley has the third seal. Nedley, however, remains steadfast in his efforts to keep everything a secret. Instead, he launches a string of comebacks at the widow that are classic Nedley, really. Keep it up, Sheriff! 

Face-off: Wynonna Earp Edition.

Then, Waverly arrives with Doc at the police station. She rushes over to Rosita and pulls out the needle. Dolls decides to be Jeremy’s guinea pig instead. He is a Lizard Man, after all, and not entirely human. Dolls takes the syringe in his arm, and the air is rife with his screams. Waverly leaves them to their science. 

Now, Mercedes decides to get nasty with her torture tactics. She pushes one of Nedly’s fingers all the way back, breaking it. We hear poor Nedley scream. Mercedes vows to do it to each finger and toe. Thanks but no thanks. 

Meanwhile, Waverly spots someone very familiar waltzing about the hospital. She thinks it’s the Blacksmith back from the dead. No, instead it’s her sister Greta (Rachael Ancheril). Waverly tries desperately to get the Iron Witch to help save Nicole. Finally, she relents, but everything comes with a price. Greta chants a spell under her breath. She informs Waverly that the cure she seeks is written on the folded piece of paper she gives our young Earp. However, Waverly has to give Greta whatever she wants. Anything at all. Waves eagerly agrees. Uh oh. This won’t end well. 

We don’t do deals with witches, Waves!

Later, Waverly is at the police station. She uncovers Doc’s ring in Nedley’s coffee mug. Now, she puts two and two together, realizing the ring is the third seal. It’s all making sense now! 

Meanwhile, Doc and Wynonna are outside a large barn, where Nedley and Mercedes are probably hiding. Doc makes our pregnant Earp promise to stay in the truck, which the latter reluctantly agrees to. Then, we see Mercedes torturing poor Nedley inside the barn. Suddenly, a truck bursts through the wall. Wynonna slams Mercedes into a wall with her vehicle. Yes, Team Earp! Get it! Then, Doc goes in guns blazing, riddling Mercedes with bullets. She taunts our pair that bullets are ineffective on her. Wynonna then shoots her with Peacemaker, which is enough to at least cause pain. Widow down, if only for a brief time. 

Doc Holliday, expert gunslinger.

Wynonna releases Nedley, and praises him for his resolve. Our Earp heir vows to return to the police station to pick up the ring. But first, time to bring in a widow for Jeremy to test on! 

Then, Wynonna and Doc wheel in a tied up and muzzled Mercedes. Jeremy retrieves a sample of her venom from her mouth. Ah, victory is sweet. And now Jeremy has everything he needs to craft a cure!

Later, Wynonna skips down the hallway of the hospital, waving the cure in the air. She jovially hops into Nicole’s room, but notices that the latter is awake. Yes, Nicole is sitting upright and seemingly healthy again. Wynonna suspects something is wrong. However, just when she broaches the subject to Waves, the latter flees the room. 

Then, we see Beth approach the ruins of the church with Doc’s ring, ready to unleash her terror of a husband on the world. Should be fun!

Meanwhile, Greta visits Shorty’s, where a forlorn Waverly sits solo at the bar. Waverly knows that Wynonna won’t forgive her for giving up the seal. Greta is back for her end of the bargain. She points to the same trophy that summoned the demons from earlier in the season. Waverly warns her against it, but Greta brushes it off and begins chanting in foreign tongues. Suddenly, Doc arrives and witnesses the sight. He hears Greta now chanting in German and yells at the witch to stop what she’s doing. Then, Doc reaches out and touches the trophy. He vanishes into thin air. What the what?

Then, we see Wynonna chatting with Dolls back at the police station. Wynonna is furious at her sister. Dolls procures the special plate that Ewan gave him. Just when Wynonna is about to comment more, she also disappears into thin air. What is happening, y’all?

Next, we see Waverly beg with Greta to stop, that she takes back her request. Greta reveals that she’s on the path of vengeance – they killed her sister, so now it’s time for our Purgatory gang to suffer. So, one of the Earp sisters will disappear while the other one must live with it. Hence why Wynonna vanished. Doc was collateral damage, unfortunately. Then, after Greta leaves, Waverly’s outfit magically changes to her Shorty’s ensemble. Jeremy bustles in, and the two don’t even know who Wynonna Earp is. Instead, they have a wedding to plan. Say what now?

Then, we see Doc is back to where he was for so long – at the bottom of a deep well. Not again! 

Stuck in a well with you.

Holy Mother of Earp! Wynonna Earp pulled no punches this week. We were blessed with twist after twist, with wonderful moments peppered in between. That ending was probably the biggest cliffhanger to date. I loved the introduction of Greta, and that it seems out of left field. Her motives make sense in this case. Nicole being married took me by surprise! I sincerely hope WayHaught can work through this, because honestly they’re my only totem of faith when it comes to love. Bad*** Wynonna is so good, and even better when pregnant. Maybe all those hormones and doughnuts help. 

Where do you think Wynonna went? How will Doc get out of the well this time, and without the ring? Will we see demon Cloodie in the next episode? Are Jeremy and Waverly getting married? Is this an alternate timeline? Where is Bobo Del Rey? So many questions, and only two episodes left to answer them!


Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10pm on your SyFy affiliate. 


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