DISCLAIMER: This Wynonna Earp recap contains more spoilers than the number of times the Earp sisters have uttered the phrase “tacos are tasty.” Which is a phrase that rings with truth. Proceed at your own risk, and make your peace. 

Welcome back, Earpers and Purgatory residents! Wynonna Earp hit all the right notes this week. One of the best episodes to date. We learned so much! We cried so much! I don’t know about you, but I had many feelings and I’m still processing them. Emily Andras and co. crafted one heck of a game changing episode. We saw the return of good ol’ Bobo Del Rey and honestly, I didn’t realize how much I missed seeing Michael Eklund until tonight. There was also the revelation regarding Waverly’s relation. Waves may not be an Earp by blood, but she’s still the Earp of my heart, and that’s what truly matters.

Alright, shall we dive in to the past? Snatch up a bottle of Jack and a box of doughnuts, friends!

We open with a little girl running across an icy pond, clutching her rabbit doll. Suddenly, she slips and plunges through the ice. Now, we see Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) recounting that story to Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) in the present day. Turns out, that little girl was a little Waverly. She tells Wynonna that Willa flat out refused to save her. The conversation turns to the bombshell Waves dropped on her older sister at the end of last week’s episode – that she’s not an Earp. Wynonna insists that she remembers Waverly coming home from the hospital. Then, as the elder Earp is about to leave for her doctor’s appointment, Waves reveals that Wynonna was the one who saved her from the ice. Aw, how sweet.

Meanwhile, Juan Carlo (Shaun Johnston), being the sweet old soul he is, pulls behind a car that’s motionless on the road. We see Mercedes Gardner (Dani Kind) emerge from said car. Juan Carlo suddenly looks as if he’s seen a ghost, which, maybe he has? He insists that he put her in a box. Then, her sister Beth (Meghan Heffern) slithers up behind him and takes a big ol’ bite out of his shoulder. No! Leave the nice old mysterious man alone!

Then, we’re at Shorty’s with Rosita (Tamara Duarte) and Doc (Tim Rozon). Doc has some top secret errands to run, errands of the kind he can’t disclose. He encourages Rosita to reach out and mingle with the Earp sisters. You know, prove there’s no hard feelings that her boyfriend may be Wynonna’s baby daddy. Rosita reluctantly agrees to this.

Later, Wynonna is at her ultrasound. Her doctor is pestering her with questions regarding her vitamin usage, sleep patterns, etc. Wynonna gets a glimpse of her baby’s ultrasound and immediately launches into flight mode. It’s becoming too real for her. Of course, the baby could also be a hybrid Revenant demon of sorts. Just before Wynonna tears it out of the doctor’s office, her doc asks her if she wants to know the baby’s gender. Wynonna brushes the offer away. We see Dolls (Shamier Anderson) is waiting outside for her. Her doctor hands him an envelope containing information regarding the baby’s gender. He heads outside to find her, but sees a black truck speeding away with a pool of blood in its wake. Uh oh. Wynonna has been kidnapped…again. 

Goin’ to the OBGYN and we’re gonna get an ultrasound…

Well, first thing’s first, Dolls heads to the police station. Sheriff Nedley (Greg Lawson), United States National Treasure, is dozing off in his office. Dolls asks him to look up the license plate of the kidnapping truck. Unfortunately, his search comes up empty. Dolls rattles off other attributes of the vehicle, which turns on the light bulb for Nedley. Juan Carlo, that sneaky little tomcat! 

Meanwhile, Waverly and Nicole (Katherine Barrell) are playing pool at Shorty’s. Waverly discusses the potential results of the DNA test she took, while Nicole tries to reassure her. Who’s she going to believe anyway, the sister that saw her emerge from the hospital or…science? I would personally go with science, but that’s just me.

Then, Rosita presents the lovebirds with a proposition: an Earp-tastic baby shower! There’ll be mocktails, a pinata, gifts galore. Waverly even has the perfect method of luring the pregnant and perpetually hungry Wynonna – nachos. No one in their right mind turns down nachos. Side note: we here at Geek Girl Authority wrote about crafting the perfect Wynonna Earp themed baby shower. Go here to read more!

It’s okay, I promise that’s not a real baby.

Meanwhile, Dolls takes in Ewan (Brendan Fehr) for questioning, since Juan Carlo volunteers at his fire station. During said questioning, Wynonna calls Dolls. The pool of blood actually came from Wynonna’s sweet left hook into Juan Carlo’s nose. Yes, my girl doesn’t go down without a fight. She drops hints regarding her whereabouts, but Juan Carlo insists nobody will find her. We see she’s at a church. Luckily, Dolls puts two and two together and begins to make his way toward said church. Ewan vows to continue staying out of their business, but Dolls reminds him that the worst of the supernatural worst is yet to come. It’s going to be all hands on deck soon. 


Then, Juan Carlo ushers Wynonna into the church, under the guise that it’ll provide her with the answers she seeks. He hands her a piece of paper and tells her to recite the spell scrawled on it. Wynonna, not one for backing away from a challenge, heads inside with Peacemaker on hand. She stands inside the hexagram etched into the wooden floor (always a good idea) and says the words. 

Nothing seems to happen. Wynonna shrugs it off and we see her step into Shorty’s to tell Doc all about it. However, Doc seems to act as if she doesn’t exist. She notices that everyone inside Shorty’s is dressed in an antiquated fashion, as if a steampunk convention were happening in Purgatory. Well, surprise twist: Wynonna Earp is in the past. The 1800s, to be exact. Back to when Wyatt Earp is still alive and the curse began. Time travel, y’all!

Now, she tries to grab anyone and everyone’s attention inside the bar, but nobody even spares her a glance. Suddenly, a familiar face looms into view. Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund) strolls through the double doors. Well, here he’s Robert, a soft spoken gentlemen. He beseeches Doc to meet with Wyatt, but our gunslinger refuses. Interesting that Doc in this time seems more gruff, while Bobo (erm, Robert) is gentler. Wyatt wants Doc to meet him in Purgatory. Bobo even mentions an opening for Sheriff, and we know that Doc was a Sheriff at some point. Once again, Doc isn’t interested. Bobo takes his leave.

Suddenly, a gun shot rents the air, causing everyone to run and take cover. Wynonna overhears a couple talking about Wyatt Earp, and the name “Clootie.” Uh oh. Wynonna figures out that her vision quest has to do with how the curse began. Getting back to the roots!

Later, Wynonna ends up in the same church she was in pre-quest but, you know…129 years earlier. She sees Bobo is injured, possibly dying. A scuffle appears to have happened, as papers and debris are strewn all over the sanctuary. 

Meanwhile, back in the present, our trio of gals is in the process of throwing the best Earp-tastic baby shower that ever Earped. Rosita even hangs a baby pinata, that may initially seem offensive but is actually filled with doughnuts. We all know Wynonna loves her some doughnuts. Waverly and Rosita bond over secretly making the mocktails more like cocktails. 

Later, Dolls shows up at the church. Juan Carlo informs him that he must not wake Wynonna while she’s questing. Otherwise, she will die. Instead, Dolls goes inside to make sure she’s still breathing, and whispers words of encouragement in her ear. Aw, WynDolls can stay. 

Meanwhile, back in the past, Wynonna sees a bevy of familiar faces inside the church: a young Constance Clootie, for starters. Juan Carlo strolls in, dressed as a priest. So he’s not human! Then, we see the black widow sisters in all their evil glory. The gang’s all here! It’s revealed that Constance’s husband is dead, thanks to Wyatt Earp. Our trio locks up the black widow sisters in crates (which explains why Juan Carlo claimed to lock them away in the beginning of the episode). Constance issues a ring to Juan Carlo that will not only grant immortality but act as a seal against the sisters, ensuring they never rise again. The three seals! So much information!

This is the N’Sync reunion I’ve been waiting for.

Then, present day Juan Carlo reveals to Dolls that he has gangrene, no thanks to the black widow sisters. Unfortunately, it’s enough to wipe out even an immortal like himself. Speaking of which, one of the sisters appears, luring Dolls into the woods. He is then ambushed by the second sister as well. They use their magical freezing shield on him, which also paralyzes Dolls. Well, that’s not good. 

Meanwhile, Constance tells a dying Bobo that her husband cursed Wyatt for killing their sons. Whomever he kills with his gun (and he shot Bobo) will be sent to Hell, and will also rise again upon his death. Then, the cycle repeats with his heir. A vicious circle. Bobo desperately wishes to avoid this fate. Constance asks him to dig up the bones of her dead sons. Bobo refuses. 

Then, we see our gals in the present day drinking it up at their makeshift baby shower. Rosita leaves to grab her version of “Pregnant Pictionary.” Well, this should be fun. Waverly spots a stack of documents inside Nicole’s purse. They happen to be her DNA results. Waves confronts her, asking why Nicole’s holding on to her results and lying about them not arriving. Our Waverly takes this as a sign that she’s not an Earp by blood, and storms out. No, I don’t want WayHaught to fight! This isn’t the way to go!

No one wants a WayHaught fight!

Later, Constance takes Bobo to the well – the very same well that houses none other than Doc Holliday. Constance informs him that Doc’s ring is one of the seals, and should any of said seals rupture then her demon husband will rise. And he won’t be a happy camper. So, the seals can keep the sisters away, but not the husband? Crazy. So, Constance asks Bobo to fetch Doc’s ring for her. He throws down some thread in the hopes that Doc will attach his ring to it. However, Doc wishes to be saved from the well first. I would wish to be saved first as well. Common sense.

So, the two bicker and Bobo leaves in a huff – no ring, and Doc is starting his 100-some year sentence in a dank well. 

I don’t think I can imagine going 100 plus years without changing my clothes…

Meanwhile, we see the sisters in present day feeding off Juan Carlo. Yes, literally feasting on his insides. Dolls is still paralyzed by the frozen shield, but thankfully he harnesses his Lizard Man (or Dragon Man?) powers and breaks free. He finds Juan Carlo on his last leg and, with the immortal’s permission, shoots him in the head. Well, RIP, Juan Carlo. We hardly knew ye. 


Then, Dolls barricades himself inside the church with the sleeping Wynonna. He begins to burn because, well, demon being inside a church. The sisters try to claw their way inside to kill Wynonna once and for all, but are prevented from doing so since Dolls “claimed” the space for his own. 

Later, Wynonna finds Bobo lying on the church floor, reciting the Bible. She’s shocked that he can see her, but then again he is close to death. She tries to explain that they will meet again in the future. Bobo insists that he will protect her, and never lay a finger on her. Wynonna herself begins to fade away from the vision quest, almost as if she’s dying too. Bobo cradles her in his arms, and asks for the name of his “guardian angel.” “Waverly,” Wynonna whispers. And cue my heart being shredded via paper shredder. Eklund and Scrofano are absolutely magical together. Wynonna slips away.

Pictured: Melanie Scrofano and Michael Eklund making magic.

Then, we see the church is engulfed in flames in the present day. The sisters set it on fire, again with every intention of killing Wynonna. Thankfully, the fire department safely rescues Dolls and our girl. Then, after a close call Wynonna wakes up, to Dolls’s delight. 

Later, we see Waverly standing by that icy pond, reading her DNA results. Tears stream down her face. It’s okay, Waves, you’re still an Earp to me. Then, she flashes back to getting rescued from falling through the ice, and we see it’s actually Bobo who saved her. Her guardian angel. 

Name one person that enjoys watching Waverly cry…that’s right. You can’t.

Next, Dolls and Wynonna are canoodling in bed together. WynDolls fans, this is your moment. Dolls reveals that Wynonna was actually dead for 77 seconds. Wynonna doesn’t seem that shocked by it, but she does begin to wonder if this means something regarding the Revenants she sent back to Hell. 

Then, we see a certain Bobo Del Rey rise from the snow, like a demon that’s just returned from Hades. 


Wynonna Earp has done it again! This episode was a roller coaster of emotion for me. I’m so tickled that Bobo is back, and curious to see if he helps Wynonna defeat the sisters or continues to try to thwart her. Also, Wynonna pulling a Buffy? I can dig it. All protagonists should die at least a couple times on their respective shows. Builds character.

Do you think we’ll find out who Waverly’s real parents are? What will Bobo’s intentions be? Did all of the Revenants killed under Wynonna’s tenure return? What will become of WayHaught? Is Wynonna having a boy or a girl? So many questions, and only four episodes left to answer them!


Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10pm on your SyFy affiliate. 


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