DISCLAIMER: This Wynonna Earp recap is riddled with more spoilers than the amount of shots Nicole consumed this episode. Proceed at your own risk, and make your peace. 

Welcome back, Earpers! Wynonna Earp returned this week with a blast from the past and…a strip club? Yes, we were blessed with a sober Wynonna infiltrating a strip club with Nicole for the covert Operation: Baby Daddy. So blessed. Doc was almost dealt a death sentence from ghosts of Colorado past, while Jeremy performed a binding spell gone terribly, hilariously wrong. The new kid fits right with our Purgatory gang. Not to mention, Waverly doles out the bombshell cliffhanger to end all bombshell cliffhangers – she confesses to Wynonna that she may not be an Earp. Waves, you’ll always be an Earp sister in my heart! 

We open with Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Dolls (Shamier Anderson) popping in to visit the Gardner siblings’ abode. Our favorite Earp heir is on a quest to pin down resident cretin Tucker for assaulting poor Poppy in Waverly’s room. The duo finds Mercedes (Dani Kind) and Beth (Meghan Heffern) sequestered away in another room, claiming they were locked in and sleeping like the rest of Purgatory. Wynonna and Dolls grill them about the black widows, but once again the sisters claim ignorance. They also claim to not know where their brother is. Wynonna and Dolls leave their residence empty handed. 

What’s better than pregnant Wynonna brandishing a gun? Nothing, I say.

Meanwhile, back inside the Gardner’s home, Mercedes is studying the bullet wound on her shoulder, courtesy of Peacemaker. Beth reveals that she believes Wynonna is on to them, sniffing out their black widow-y scent. They curse Tucker for his “humanity” and wonder if the decaying head of Constance the Stone Witch will give them answers. Answers of the third-seal-locating variety. Mercedes scoffs at this, knowing that if they aren’t “hurting” Constance they can’t trust her. She tosses the head into the flames as the evil duo promises to locate the third seal. 

Later, we see a man (Adrian Holmes) dressed like Doc sleeping soundly. Cobwebs decorate his cowboy hat. A boy wakes him up, claiming to have located Doc. Mystery man tells the boy to “mark him with fire” and that Doc will hang for his crimes. Uh, no he won’t. You may sport the Docstache, but only Doc can truly pull off said Docstache. 

Naptime is over, cowboy.

Then, we see the gang at the Homestead. Wynonna is murdering a tub of yogurt like it’s her last supper. Pregnant Wynonna might be my favorite Wynonna. Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Jeremy (Varun Saranga) are discussing their research regarding the seal fragments they located. Waverly tells Wynonna that she was able to translate some of the writing. It’s in Phoenician, saying “Let Thee Rise.” Very ominous and apocalyptic. 

Next, Dolls and Doc arrive on the scene with a doctor in tow. She administers a brief checkup on Wynonna and baby Earp. However, she hopes to see Wynonna in her actual office where she has access to all her medical gadgetry. She informs our Earp heir that she will need blood samples from her and the father in order to assess the health of the fetus. Uh oh. 

That spoon has seen its fair share of yogurt.

Meanwhile, Dolls enlists Jeremy as his latest sidekick in going on a stake out. Agent Jeremy couldn’t be happier at the opportunity to work alongside a reputed agent such as Dolls. This buddy cop movie practically writes itself. 

Then, Doc is paid a visit by mystery boy outside the Homestead. Said boy “marks him with fire,” promising that his sentence will be carried out. Doc is shocked, thinking the boy a Revenant and wondering how he was able to cross the Homestead’s protective wards. 

Next, we see Wynonna tell Waverly that Doc may not be the father after all. Waves thinks Doc will be crushed at this potential revelation, while Wynonna believes he might be relieved. Doc always claims he’s a “no strings attached” kind of guy. Then, Doc comes back inside after his encounter with mystery boy. Wynonna informs him of the blood samples business, to which Doc doesn’t bat an eye. He asks her about her current state, and even places his hand affectionately on her tummy to feel for the baby. Aw, Doc is so sickeningly sweet when he’s in daddy mode. 

Afterwards, Doc heads out, presumably to Shorty’s. Waverly calls Nicole for a favor, seeing how Doc left the Homestead in such a hurried state. She believes Wynonna broke the news about the possibility of him not being the father. 


Meanwhile, Team Dollermy (Dolls and Jeremy) are on their first official stakeout together. They’re parked outside the Gardner residence, their eyes peeled for any and all evil doings. This scene is perfection, and definitely the highlight of the episode. Jeremy, the overly enthusiastic newbie, coupled with a seasoned veteran like Dolls makes for comedy gold. Beth heads outside and begins sweeping her porch, well aware that our guys are watching her. Jeremy finds a swatch of black lace, presumably from the widows, and hopes to test it in order to locate said widows. Good job, Jeremy!

Later, Wynonna attempts to leave the Homestead but is intercepted by Nicole (Katherine Barrell). Pregnant Wynonna will not be thwarted in her mission, so she asks Nicole to join her. I’m liking these two together more and more. Our duo heads to a bar, but which bar is to be determined. 

Meanwhile, Waverly visits Doc at Shorty’s as he loads up his extensive firearm arsenal. Waverly sympathizes with him, and accidentally lets slip about Doc possibly not being a baby daddy. Of course, we know that Doc is in the dark regarding that bit of news. Doc’s face falls, in shock. 

Waverly, always providing support when others need it.

Then, we see Nicole and Wynonna are at a strip club. Nicole is drinking for the both of them. Wynonna reveals that she slept with the bartender Jonas (Mark Ghanime) months back when she went on a drinking bender after killing the last of the Original Seven. So, there’s a good chance he’s the father. Wynonna instructs Nicole to buy him a drink and pocket a sample of his saliva so they can test if he’s the father. 

Suddenly, they see Jonas’s eyes flash a deep red, indicating that he’s a Revenant. Our pair freaks out at the idea of Wynonna sleeping with a Revenant, and that her baby might be a demon. Waverly calls Nicole, inquiring of Wynonna’s whereabouts. Wynonna urges Nicole not to tell Waverly about the Revenant revelation. However, when Nicole is close to spilling the details Wynonna takes drastic measures and drops the former’s phone into a glass of beer. Hey, those things are expensive nowadays. Jonas wanders over to our duo. 

Meanwhile, Doc, Dolls and Jeremy are at the police station. Doc tries to leave in a hurry after Dolls tells him there’s no hard feelings between them regarding Baby Earp. Jeremy tells the two he only needs five minutes of their time. 

Then, we are blessed with a delightfully intoxicated Nicole, regaling Wynonna and Jonas with outlandish stories. Jonas admits to liking both women, even if Wynonna is there to kill him. Uh oh. He’s on to them. 

Drunk Nicole is the best Nicole.

Next, we see Jeremy amidst a plethora of tubes and glasses, ready to science it up. He begins chanting a spell, which raises a red flag for Dolls and Doc. Jeremy admits it’s a spell to summon the black widows and bind them to the space, so our gunmen can kill them. Unfortunately, said spell backfires tremendously. Instead, it binds Doc and Dolls to Jeremy. Hilarity ensues! Seriously, Jeremy is the best addition to the Earper family. So, every time he moves, the other two move with him. 

Then, Jonas threatens Wynonna at the bar, claiming that a bevy of Revenants would surround the girls before Wynonna could use Peacemaker on them. Wynonna elbows him in the jugular while Nicole shoots her gun at the electrical box, knocking the power out. Dynamic duo right here! 

Meanwhile, mystery cowboy shows up at the police station. He lassos a rope around Doc’s neck and strings him up in a hangman’s noose. The other two attempt to release Doc from his holds, but since they’re bound together they all move n’sync (not to be confused with the boy band). Finally, Doc breaks free from the noose. Jeremy launches an object at mystery cowboy but it goes straight through him. Yes, he’s a ghost. Doc tries to punch him and fails. However, Dolls is able to throw a right hook and knock the ghost off his feet. Doll’s a ghost fighter!

Our boys are in trouble.

Then, Nicole and Wynonna escape the bar. Jonas follows them out, asking if the baby is his. He says that it’s not possible for them to conceive. However, since they potentially did a hybrid was created. Wynonna pulls out Peacemaker, but Jonas runs away. Thankfully, Waverly shows up, opens her car door and unintentionally knocks him unconscious. A happy accident. 

Later, back at the police station, Doc confesses to the other two that the Baby Earp might not be his. Jeremy excitedly tells them the binding spell should wear off after “one rotation,” meaning a year. Mystery cowboy shows up once again. Jeremy, in a panic, flees outside, taking the Doc and Dolls with him. They encounter a plethora of angry cowboy ghosts. Well, they certainly aren’t Ghostbusters. 

Meanwhile, our trio of ladies debates on what to do with Jonas. Wynonna is all for sending him back to Hell, since he knows she’s pregnant. That, of course, means every Revenant in town will know she’s with child. Wynonna opens the trunk of the car Jonas is stashed in and points Peacemaker at his head. She thinks Jonas might know how to solve this conundrum they’re in. 

Next, mystery cowboy leads our trio of men into the snow-covered woods to carry out Doc’s sentence. Just as he’s about to kill Doc, Dolls swoops in to save the day. He recognizes that mystery cowboy is the famous US Marshall Reeves from the past, one that apparently inspired him to go into the police force. Dolls brandishes his own Marshall badge. Mystery cowboy acknowledges that Dolls is higher up than he is. He submits to whatever Dolls instructs, to which Dolls responds with pardoning Doc of his crimes. Dolls tells the cowboys they can rest the case and, hopefully, rest in peace. They leave without quarrel. Doc thanks Dolls, and his ability to improvise. Smooth moves, Dolls!

It’s Jeremy vs. The Ghost Cowboys.

Later, Jonas and Wynonna discuss their options. Jonas then launches into memories of their one night stand, and how easily she submitted to him. Waverly tells him to quit spewing his sexist filth. Seriously, woman up, dude. Finally, Wynonna emphatically tells Jonas that she will raise her baby to be a good person. He or she will never be like their father. Wynonna then shoots Jonas back to Hell. 

Never taunt a pregnant woman, Revenant or otherwise.

Then, Dolls tells Doc that we was able to punch Marshall Reeves because they’re both of the same station. Jeremy is fast asleep, which leads the other two to believe the spell has worn off. Doc ruminates about his time in the well, and says there’s someone he needs to visit. I believe he means Constance, but unfortunately he’s not going to find her where he left her. 

Later, Wynonna sits forlornly on the stairs inside her house, Waverly standing beside her for support. Waverly admits she accidentally told Doc about the possibility of him not being the baby daddy. Then, she also drops a bombshell on her sister. Waverly confesses that she might not be an Earp. Oh, snap. 

Wynonna Earp turned up the action and humor to an eleven this episode. So many wonderful scenes – drunk Nicole teaming up with Wynonna. Jeremy and Dolls on their stakeout mission. I loved that the team split up for a bit, with the guys and girls having their own adventures. This cast has incredible chemistry. Season 2 is shaping up to be the best yet, and we’re now at the halfway point. 

Do you think Doc is the father of Baby Earp, or Jonas? Will said baby be a hybrid of demon and human? Who exactly are Waverly’s parents, or was Bobo trying to pull the wool over our Waves’s eyes? What is the end game for the Gardner sisters? World domination? Also, where is Rosita in all this? Watch this space next week as I continue to dissect Wynonna Earp, here at Geek Girl Authority. 


Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10pm on your SyFy affiliate. 




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