DISCLAIMER: Spoilers for this week’s Wynonna Earp frequent this article as much as Wynonna frequents a bar, so read at your own peril. Otherwise, make your peace. 

Greetings, Earpers! How do we feel after the most recent episode of the deeply possessing Wynonna Earp? I, for one, might need a lie down to recover from all the insanity. We had a Wynonna vs. Waverly showdown as both Earp sisters struggled with possession by the demon Mictian. Lucado met an unfortunate end. We met a group of firefighters called The Order, who also patrol the Ghost River Triangle for demons to expel. Jeremy delivered a shocking revelation regarding Black Badge – that, you know, it no longer exists. Of course, the most shocking moment of all was saved for last: our Wynonna has a bun in the oven, and not one of the hot-crossed variety. 

Shall we dive right in, Earpers? Grab a bottle of whiskey and a box of doughnuts! 

We open with a man being mercilessly dragged through a darkened room to a literal chopping block. A group of figures shrouded in red robes with masks surround him. The leader of the group (Brendan Fehr) chants and we see the eyes of the condemned man turn a deep black, a la Waverly when she was possessed. Said leader chops the man’s head clean off. After the deed, he pulls off his mask and asks the group if they want to go out for nachos. Slaying demons can sure work up an appetite. 

If you were eating something right now, I’m sorry…

Meanwhile, we see an overtly chipper Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) blending a breakfast smoothie of sorts: milk, bacon, eggs, a whole rat…a completely normal food combo. She blends the entire concoction and offers it to a tied up Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley). We see that Wynonna is possessed by the same demon Waverly was previously. Demons are just like bed bugs – they hop from body to body. Good to know. Possessed Wynonna threatens to take out Waverly’s closest companions.

However, she changes her mind immediately and guns for her sister instead. Waverly desperately pleads with Wynonna to snap out of it, as the latter approaches the former with a hacksaw. Thankfully, Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) makes his episodic grand entrance just in time to distract Wynonna. She stuffs a cloth in Waverly’s mouth and saunters outside to meet Doc. When Doc asks after Waverly, Wynonna convinces him that she’s hungover, so the duo makes a break for their Black Badge headquarters. We see Waverly attempt to free herself, but instead she topples over, still tied to the chair. 

Later, the gang examines the special plate that was in the briefcase from the previous episode. Jeremy (Varun Saranga) sniffs the plate with his finely-tuned nostrils and discovers that the “paint” covering the plate is not lead-based. In fact, it’s disguising another sigil taking up residence on the plate – one that belongs to the Purgatory Fire Dept., according to the doughnut-inhaling Wynonna. Even Demon Wynonna is my spirit animal. 

Meanwhile, Dolls (Shamier Anderson) finds the prostrate Waverly and erects a gun at her head, thinking she’s still possessed. Waverly, once again, pleads for her life. She apologizes repeatedly for what she did to Dolls when she was possessed. Dolls finally accepts that our Waves is indeed our Waves. Now to figure out how to save Wynonna…

Pictured: Waverly taking back The Homestead.

Then, we see Wynonna and Nicole (Katherine Barrell) discuss Waverly. Possessed Wynonna decides to drop her own version of the truth on our favorite policewoman. She says that Waverly needs her space, and she’s not what Nicole wants her to be. Nicole storms off in a huff, obviously hurt by Wynonna’s words. Don’t you destroy my WayHaught, Possessed Wynonna! Next, the Real Wynonna makes a quick appearance and drives a pencil through her hand. However, Possessed Wynonna takes over once again and the puncture injury heals itself quickly. I wish I had crazy fast regenerative powers! Without the possession bit, of course. 

Later, Waverly and Dolls discuss Dolls’ own demons. How Dolls isn’t living with a “passenger,” but the demon is him. I can respect that. Just when our duo is about to get down to business to defeat a demon, Lucado (Kate Drummond) makes her grand entrance, gun pointed at Dolls. It’s go time. Then, the two Black Badge agents break into fisticuffs (I just really wanted to use that word), with Lucado seemingly in the lead. Waverly unties herself and lets out a warning shot, causing the fighters to stop their fighting. Lucado realizes the situation is dire, and now Waverly has her attention. “The situation, Lucado, is balls,” Waverly pronounces candidly. I love me some frank Waves.

Pictured: Kate Drummond

Meanwhile, Doc and Wynonna arrive at the Purgatory Fire Dept. in search of answers regarding the special plate. Doc realizes something is fishy when he sees a plethora of antiquated axes hanging in a cage. They speak with Ewan (Brendan Fehr), the same leader of the cult group from the beginning of the episode. Also moonlighting as a firefighter? I guess cult leader doesn’t pay the bills. He notices Wynonna’s strange behavior and mentions that the fire station was built on consecrated ground, so those with sin will have an adverse reaction to it. Doc immediately pulls her aside, citing she’s sick, and the duo leaves the station. Ewan knows that the demon is possessing Wynonna.

Pictured: Brendan Fehr.


Then, Doc stuffs Wynonna into the trunk of his brand spankin’ new car. Yes, he knows she’s possessed. Once he arrives at the police station, Doc and Dolls throw Wynonna in a small cell, to keep her contained. Lucado suggests they retrieve a sample of the black goo Waverly touched at the cemetery where Willa met her end. Doc joins her, excited to test out the cassette player in his new car. oh, Doc. Your childlike exuberance for the 1980’s is so refreshing. Dolls knows this is a diversion tactic, and that said goo will be long gone. Our Black Badge/fire breathing super soldier has another method up his sleeve – plucking a finger off Possessed Wynonna for a sample to study. 

Meanwhile, the elusive Juan Carlo (Shaun Johnston) pays Ewan a visit at the fire station. Juan Carlo suggests Ewan and The Order team up with Wynonna to protect the Ghost River Triangle. He reminds the fireman that Earp’s position shouldn’t be taken lightly. Ewan, however, refuses to do so and reminds Juan Carlo that his men only follow his orders. Ewan plans to eradicate the demon possessing Wynonna tonight, as it’s the last of the Mictian’s forms. 

Pictured: Brendan Fehr and Shaun Johnston.

Later, Dolls extracts a finger from Possessed Wynonna, when the real Wynonna appears briefly and urges him to do so, despite the immense pain it’ll put her through. Dolls returns the finger sample to Lucado for study. 

Then, while Doc and Waverly are searching the cemetery for the black goo, Juan Carlo pays them a visit. He’s getting around today. Our mysterious friend or foe (not sure which) advises our duo that they give The Order the thing they want most. And with that, Juan Carlo disappears. So mysterious!

Now, back at the police station, Lucado touches the sample because it was “calling” to her. It’s like putting a “Do Not Press the Red Button” sign next to a red button. Unfortunately, Lucado becomes possessed by the Mictian but cannot handle the demon taking up residence in her body. Suddenly, the Black Badge agent’s head violently explodes. Well, RIP Lucado. We loved to occasionally hate you. 

Then, Waverly seeks out her possessed sister, with Peacemaker in tow. She realizes that Wynonna can stop the demon if only she has access to her favorite Hell-condemning gun. Waves allows the demon to travel back into her body so Wynonna can do the dirty work. Wow, this Mictian really gets around. 

What’s some demon transferal between sisters?

Later, we see The Order, donning their crimson robes, gathered outside The Homestead. Possessed Waverly returns home and finds Nicole waiting for her. She pretends that Wynonna tried to seriously hurt her in order to gain Nicole’s sympathies. Meanwhile, Wynonna, Dolls and Doc arrive on the scene, but unfortunately Ewan won’t allow the older Earp inside her own house. The Order is consecrating the ground with holy water. Ewan believes that Wynonna is also possessed, along with Waverly. A standoff commences between the two groups, our heroes with their guns brandished and The Order flaunting their axes. 

Inside, Nicole solemnly vows to protect Waverly. Outside, Wynonna slaps a member of The Order with Peacemaker and chugs the remainder of the holy water to prove she’s not possessed. Doc hands over the special plate engraved with The Order’s insignia to Ewan. Ewan finally admits Wynonna inside, while Doc and Dolls hold down the fort, keeping The Order at bay. 

Wynonna tries to convince Nicole that Waverly is possessed, but Haught is hearing none of it. Possessed Waves knocks her lover unconscious. After a bout of verbal sparring, Wynonna knocks Waverly on her back and forces her to drink a concoction in a flask meant to draw out the demon. Waves then vomits said demon, which materializes into a pretty gruesome looking creature that Wynonna puts down with Peacemaker. And the good guys win! The Ghost River Triangle is now contains one less demon. 

Bottoms up, Waverly!

Later, Dolls finally reveals that Lucado is dead to an itching Jeremy, whose eczema is acting up “something fierce.” I know your pain, Jeremy. Anyway, our favorite new member of the gang also has some shocking information to drop: Black Badge is gone. He traveled to their headquarters, only to find that any evidence of their existence has been erased. Uh oh. That can’t be good. 

Then, Wynonna drops by the fire station and speaks with Ewan, who also suggests that they be allies. Wynonna declines, admitting that she has enough friends. Ewan then cheekily replies that he wasn’t suggesting friendship. You sly dog. Just don’t get in the way of Doc and Wynonna, my ideal pairing. 

Later, Waverly informs her sister that Mictian revealed some classified info regarding Wynonna to her. Then, we see a shocked Wynonna sitting on the bathroom floor, holding a positive pregnancy test. Waverly vows to stand by our demon-slaying Wyatt heir. Wynonna Earp is such a pro when it comes to these insane cliffhangers. 

Sisters gotta stick together.

Wynonna is pregnant? I actually think motherhood would suit her – she’d be the very definition of the “cool mom.” Whether she goes through said pregnancy is another story. Wynonna Earp brought us a game-changing episode this week, as we closed the book on the demon that possessed the Earp sisters. We introduced a new group to the mix, The Order. Lucado met her demise, and Black Badge is seemingly gone. We’ve transitioned into new territory here.

Now, we have the pregnancy bombshell and potentially Juan Carlo to deal with. Who is he? What is his role in the grand scheme of things? What happened to Black Badge? So many questions, and seven episodes left to answer them. Join me next week as I continue to dissect Wynonna Earp here at Geek Girl Authority! 


Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10pm on your SyFy affiliate. 

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