Previously on Wynonna Earp!

Oh Lord. This episode.  Last week, the episode opened up with Waverly showing her cheerleading skills for  future Sheriff Haught. This week, we get Waverly in a much more ominous fashion with a hauntingly beautiful shot of her walking from the Homestead to the barn with a knife in hand and black eyes. She takes a moment to pick up Dolls’ dog tags, and is chased down by a jacket wielding Wynonna as she snaps out of her demon trance. The fact that Waverly is doing something she never does, sleep walking in the dead of winter, finally tips Wynonna off that there is something goo-ing on with Waverly.

Some strange man with a briefcase rolls into a local coffee shop, stealing the biggest croissant I’ve ever saw. Following, enters two other mysterious  people, Jaxon and Cujo,  and they follow him to the back. A huge fight ensues and as it would have it, Briefcase man literally handed them over the suitcase because his hand was cut smooth off.


At the BBD office, our precious Jeremy and Waverly are trying to figure out some symbols on the broken seal when Lucado strolls all hyped up about the the newest case because she thinks it’s her golden ticket to get back in the good deeds of Moody. She wants Wynonna to help, but Wynonna is more concerned with the seal, leaving Waverly the oppurtunity to step up to the plate and show Lucado what she can do. Wynonna of course is heistant, but eventually gives Lucado the green light to take Waverly with her.

Back at Shorty’s Rosita and Doc are trying to concoct this medicine for Dolls. Rosita is worried about getting the dosage wrong, but Doc says that they are pressed for time and trying is better than doing nothing at all. Wynonna is shown going to the break room where she and Nicole bump into each other. The last time we saw those two, it didn’t end well. Though, this time, Wynonna is apologizing because she to now notices the weird behavior coming from Waverly that Nicole alluded to and gets her up to speed about the Waverly’s new habit of sleepwalking out in the cold. Wynonna then attempts to look for a spoon when Nicole conveniently points out that they’ve been going missing. That’s when the light bulb and in Wynonna’s brain flickers and she takes the knife out of the coat Waverly was wearing earlier noticing that it must’ve came from that very break room.  It was then she reached into the other pocket and pulled out Doll’s dog tags in shock and races it back to the barn.When she gets there, he’s all lizarded up and charges Wynonna slamming her down on a table. She takes out Peacemaker, preparing for the worst, but there’s just enough Dolls in that layer of hulked out reptile to come out and cool down the seering red hot gun. Before he can go back to being full out lizard mode, Wynonna smacks him in the head with Peacemaker, knocking him out.

Lucado and Waverly arrived to a nightclub to carry out the suitcase mission. When I watched the trailer for this episode, I swore that Waverly’s code word was “Tacos are Tasty”, but I thought “Nah, maybe I just think she says that because either I’m really hungry and I love tacos and they’re life.” Y’all, her code word for help was actually “Tacos are Tasty”. Lucado is just like “whatever”. Cujo and Waverly bump into each other and one look at those big shiny earrings, Goovery takes over and agrees on Waverly’s behalf to be the entertainment for the evening. Wynonna and Dolls somehow get to Shorty’s. While the medicine is getting ready, Dolls is able to warn Wynonna that Waverly isn’t quite Waverly.

Cut to the Garner’s residence and MERCEDES! That’s exactly how I shouted her name because I’m pretty positive that she was maimed at the end of last week’s episode or atleast sounded like she did. Anywho, she’s sitting in the kitchen, going to town on a plate of bacon. Tucker strolls in (not even an extremely cute kitten shirt will make him less creepy) interrupting Mercede’s bacon feast about her sticking up for Nicole and The Earp Sisters. She tells him to go away and go play with himself. Once he leaves, Beth is heard screaming bloody murder from the nearest room.

While Wynonna is back at the BBD office (finally) trusting Jeremy enough to get his help, she’s almost bursts into a fireball, but James is able to smell the ammonia in time to take rip the jacket off of her and throw it on the ground. The mix of chemicals Jeremy smelled on the jacket helps him realize that Dolls is alive (though, not quite well). While being excited about Dolls, Jeremy’s loose lips accidentally lets out that Lucado is not exactly telling the truth about her current situation. Wynonna is off to find Lucado and Waverly.

Waverly is currently  on stage holding a microphone getting ready to sing. As she began to sing, I had to turn the subtitles on to understand what someone of the lyrics were because I was too mesmerized by the sound of her angelic voice (while looking like an angel)  to even try to decipher it. Is there anything Dominique can’t do?! While singing she sneaks in glances at at the suitcase and Jaxon. Once the song is over, she follows him to the back and eventually listens in on a conversation about selling the briefcase. Suddenly, TACOS are sounding really TASTY because the prospective buyer is now dead.

Wynonna finds Lucado outside looking all types of concerned. Part of me thinks that she may be genuinely concerned for her and another thinks that she’s probably more concerned with what Wynonna would do her if something happened to Waverly. Especially, considering that when she told Wynonna she was Blackballed and the case was basically to try and get back in the good graces of BBD, Wynonna introduces her fist to Lucado’s face. There may be no back up, but there’s a pissed off Wynonna Earp ready to save her sister. Once she’s inside, Wynona finds Waves still in the same spot. Wynonna is trying to get Waverly and skedaddle, but the three baddies all come around the corner guns ready to shoot.  

Back to Shorty’s where Doc and Rosita are about to inject Dolls, but Jeremy makes the save because they were very close to giving Dolls a lethal dose.

The Earp sisters are being held captive. While the bad guys are attempting to get the briefcase opened, Waverly is reflecting over the failed mission, realizing that there was no back up and Lucado basically played her. Saying she just wanted to “go all Wynonna”. During this moment is when Waverly fesses up that something isn’t quite right with her. Going as far as describing the moment that led up to her touching the black goo. Meanwhile, Doc and Dolls are bromancing it up. Dolls admits that it was Juan Carlo  that took him to the Homestead. Seriously, who is Juan Carlo?

In the Sheriff’s office, Nicole was thinking that the worst part of her day was the gluten free pizza, but it wasn’t. Tucker weasels his way into the office, telling Nicole that there’s not only something wrong with his sister, but there was something extremely wrong with Waverly, putting Nicole in a difficult position.

In the nightclub basement, the briefcase is unable to open so the baddies try a new tactic. Jaxon has Waverly unrestrained and lays her on the table, putting her hand in a vice.  After not being satisfied at the answers of the series of questions, he takes off his glove some type of sharp bone skewer slips out of wrist ready to cut anything in its path. He threatens Waverly as Wynonna tirelessly pleads, saying that she doesn’t know. He then slices Waverly on the side of her wrist. After Waverly offers some suggestions, Jaxon wields back and CHOPS her hand off. Next thing you know, Wynonna is screaming “Oh my GOD!” and a whole mess of expletives….wait. That was me screaming.

Wynonna is just as horrified as everyone watching. Thankfully more things aren’t cut off as Doc comes in and saves them. What do you know? He’s got a new hat! Rugged and Cujo take the briefcase and bounce. While Waverly is helping her handless baby sis down the hallway, they run into Rugged again. Waverly takes this opportunity to give him a swift kick in between the legs. Since he took her away her hand, it’s only right that she takes away his manhood.

At the Basement Pharmacy in Shorty’s, Rosita makes an advance at Jeremy, but it doesn’t work. Not because Jeremy doesn’t thinks he’s pretty and smart, but because she’s a girl. This confirms our suspicions that Jeremy is indeed a Gay. Realizing the hints, Rosita chalks it up to not being serious. Jeremy is just his adorable self and goes to get everyone coffee.  Now that she’s alone with Dolls, Rosita takes the syringe and before she could do anything with it, he rips one arm free and injects himself. He starts to go full on Lizard and tells Rosita to book it out of there.

Just when you thought Jaxon was down, he’s back up and going after the Earp girls again only to get knifed thrown into his back by Doc. Wynonna tells Doc that Jaxon took Waverly’s hand before scurrying off to find the limb to put it in ice. Waverly’s eyes turn black for a very brief moment and when she’s snapped back into reality, she freaks out at the bloody towel, thinking someone was hurt. When it falls off, she no longer has a bloody stop, but a hand that is completely intact. 

They head back to Shorty’s where Rosita is trying to block the basement door since Dolls is unpredictably out of control. After a moment of bickering back and forth about it, Wynonna takes it upon herself to open the door. Jaxon reappears like a movie villain who refuses to die. If a knife in his back isn’t going to do it, you what will? Dolls coming into the room and breathing fire onto him like a Dragon.  An actual dragon!

After making Jaxon look like burnt turkey bacon, everyone is able to let out a sigh of relief to see that Dolls is indeed back. Rugged ruins the little moment with a warning of something big coming before Wynonna is able to finally finish him off with Peacemaker.

Now, back at the Gardner’s. Tucker walks in to find not only one, but both of his sisters being alive and acting much weirder than usual. They say they’ve been waiting for him as Mercedes opens the door, revealing the real Gardner sisters only that they’re faceless. The only thing that Tucker really does is blink. Faux Mercedes said that Tucker can have whatever he wants if they let him harness his darkness.  What does Tucker want? Money? To become Governor of Purgatory? It the most creepiest way, he says he wants a girl. Of course, the first thing that comes to my mind is that girl better not be Waverly Earp.

Deep breaths for what’s about to come, y’all. Back at the homestead Waverly and Wynonna are actually able to get the suitcase to open, but there was nothing super important or cool inside. Just a stupid plate. Wynonna expresses her concern about the state of Waverly. Waverly has her back turned and when she whips around, she’s in full Gooverly mode with the black eyes and creepy voice. Wynonna doesn’t even hesitate to hold up Peacemaker, preparing to face the music. Gooverly tries to call her bluff with, “you’re not going to kill another sister”. Wynonna says better for her to do it than a soulless demon taking full control of her body. Even though Peacemaker is glowing, Wynonna still tries to talk to Waverly, but no mas. Dark Waverly is still there and as it begins to go on about not having fun in Waverly’s body, it inching closer to the older Earp. Wynonna is completely caught off guard when Gooverly lurches forward and brushes their lips for a nano second as the demon transfers from Waverly’s body to Wynonna’s.

Oh boy. It just got real. The first 4 episodes have already been crazy and it’s only going to get much more crazier.

Final Thoughts:

  • Okay, I’m very excited and terrified for next week’s episode. Demon possessed Wynonna! Also, Melanie Scrofano is going to be fantastic. That’s a given.
  • The Demon has the ability to transfer which opens up a whole new can of possibilities in regards to whose body it’s going to shift to. 
  • JEREMY IS GAY. I’ve immensely enjoyed him as a new addition to the cast and can’t wait to hear more about his backstory involving Dolls and the BBD.
  • I still don’t know what the heck is up with Rosita. Like, I want to trust her, but every time I do, she gives off these signals that make think she’s in this for something else that could potentially hurt the gang.
  • I didn’t expect to be as happy as I was about Dolls returning, but here I am. Grinning from ear to ear at the fact that he’s back and he’s a fire breathing dragon!
  • Is it weird that I kind of feel bad for Lucado? Interested to see where she goes since she’s blackballed from BBD.
  • I HATE TUCKER (nothing new here).