“Previously on Wynonna Earp….”

They’re baaaaack! The season 2 premiere kicks off hot on the heels of the season 1 finale where Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) had to kill her older sister, Willa (Natalie Krill). And it ended with Dark Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) pointing the gun at what looked like Doc (Tim Rozon) and Wynonna.

The faded gunshot is heard before Doc and Waverly are sprinting through the snowy woods like they’re in a horror film. Doc even almost nails the famous tripping over his own feet gag. After sliding down a little hill, the demon jumps from outta nowhere, smacks the hell out of him, before proceeding to munch on his hat. Doc shrieks, “MY HAT. HE’S EATING MY HAT!”. Waverly is like “Bro, sorry about it, but we have to go or else he’s gonna be eating us too!” The monster attempts to do so by lunging at them both on the ground, but is stopped when Wynonna comes and clobbers it with a huge tree branch.

This is when it happens. A re-introduction to the viewers for the ages. Wynonna pulls out Peacemaker, suavely introduces herself as “Wynonna…Wynonna Earp” with the smoothest hair flip. (That’s right, eat your damn heart out, James Bond.) Part two of this amazing sequence is after they ponder what to do with the mystifying creature before deciding to use it as leverage to get Dolls (Shamier Anderson) back. Wynonna twirls Peacemaker back into her holster and the three of them march back through the snow, showing how slow motion should be done.

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Dolls is stuck at some suspicious facility calling off the missile dispatch for Lucado (Kate Drummond). She informs him that he is about to be transferred to prison in the morning. She continues to treat him like he’s a dirty revenant by tasing him and having him escorted away by the guards.

Wynonna is then show entering the Sheriff’s office only to walk in on Pam, the nosy news reporter, squeezing all the juicy details from Nedley (Greg Lawson) about what the hell happened in Purgatory in the past 24 hrs. Wynonna and Nedley have small talk where Nedley  reassures her that she’s not the hero Purgatory needs despite her sacrifice. She starts to get misty eyed. Not because of the emotions, but the stink of dead possum coming from a thorough search and clean up of Dolls’ office. Nothing important was found and Wynonna stayed one step ahead of the Black Badge Division by going to search the motel room that Dolls stayed in.

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Once finally finding his room, Wynonna finds a suitcase full of anti lizard medicines and…bra and panties? A noise emerges from the bathroom. Wynonna whips out Peacemaker while kinda, sorta, technically announcing herself as the cops. Before she could even try to enter, the door is flung open and a bra and pantie wearing ninja comes rolling through. A fight ensues. Once she and Wynonna are dead even and pointing guns at each other, it is brought to light that the mysterious woman is a partner of Dolls. Wynonna makes truce by complimenting her taste in underwear.

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Waverly is getting the WayHaught foreplay started by rubbing some neosporin where Nicole (Katherine Barrell) was shot at in the end of season 1. Nicole makes a quip about how they’re always patching each other up and Waverly suggest there are other things they should be doing.

The make out session was broken up due to them remembering Nicole’s tender bruise under her shirt. The red head immediately points out that something isn’t quite Waverly when making a remark about her tasting different. Doc excuses himself as he enters the kitchen to drown the sorrows of his lost hat in some sweet tea. When Nicole is off to feed her cat, Doc asks the younger Earp how she’s doing. Waverly deflects by making the question into being concerned about Wynonna. Again, Doc, asks how SHE’S doing with everything. Waverly insists that she’s fine and feels strong as a hint of scary music lingers in the background.

Scene cuts back to Wynonna at the hotel with Eliza (Rachael Skarsten). It’s revealed that Eliza has been staying with Dolls for a few weeks. After they show off their amazing chemistry with their bantering, Wynonna informs her that Black Badge Division took Dolls and plans to send him to prison for treason. Apparently, Dolls told Eliza that if he was ever gone for 24 hrs to burn all of his files. But of course she didn’t because she’s a smart woman. She reveals that Black Badge Division isn’t going to send Dolls to prison, but to Black Rock where he will only have a couple of months to live. They both agree to devise a plan to rescue their mutual friend.

Earp Scoobies and Eliza assemble at the homestead with Dolls’ files to put together a plan to rescue him. While being introduced to everyone, Nicole was introduced as Officer Haught. She was quick to let everyone know that she’s not an Agent and no longer being shunned out. Wynonna begins to get fatigued which leans into a sisterly talk with Waverly in private about taking care of themselves. Waverly played the deflection game again saying that Dolls is her friend, she loves Wynonna, and that’s why she’s not going anywhere.

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Eliza, Doc, and Wynonna are back at Sheriff’s department cracking open the safe where Dolls kept his ejection gun. This leads to Doc telling Wynonna that Dolls isn’t as human as she thought he was. Wynonna realizes that Dolls is in more danger than she initially thought and threatens information out of one of the Black Badge agent cleaning up his office.

Doc and Wynonna test their stealth skills by arriving to the factory where Dolls is being held captive by the Black Badge Division hazmat team. After being told that they stink of poop, they were able to make it pass the metal detecting wielding guard and into the building. Eliza jumps in through a vent to meet up with them, letting them know that she had to disable the alarms from the outside.

WayHaught are off on their own at the barn searching for weapons take with them in the adventure of saving Dolls. Nicole asks Waverly if she’s alright with them working together side by side. Waverly is like “You’re hot and badass. Of course I’m okay with it.” While Nicole starts to go off on a tangent about possibly having to face out of control revenants, Waverly is sporting a new smoking look of black pupils while eyeing the axe she’s holding. Nicole doesn’t notice as she spots that hidden dead monster from the beginning of the episode. She uncovers it for a closer look while her black eyed girlfriend wields the axe and it almost looks like she just chopped off Agents Dimples head.


This, of course, sends me into spiral of panic and I just spend the entire commercial break convincing myself that Waverly was just giving Nicole that hair cut she was thinking about. Nicole is like “You’re my girlfriend and all but you can’t be holding an axe over my head without telling me, Waves”. Waverly says that she promised Wynonna she wouldn’t tell Nicole about the plan, but it was for her protection. Nicole said it’s fine, but she just wants to make sure Waverly is still her Waverly, and not a Waverly that’s possessed by black goo.

Wynonna, Eliza, and Doc are making their way through the building when Eliza’s clearance is revoked and they find themselves trapped in stairwell. Doc and Wynonna thinks they’ve been betrayed, but truth is Eliza is just as screwed as they are unless they get help. Wynonna makes the call to Plan B.

Plan B is Waverly (in the cutest red, Sally Jessie Raphael eye glasses) as a British woman smuggling demon heads for the Black Badge Division. She’s able to get access into the building, but she obviously needs to work on that accent because Nicole told her it’s the absolute worse. Meanwhile Lucado is scarfing down some left over Chinese. She’s happily gloating to Dolls about how he’s going to be sent off to die and his friends are going to suffer as well. Even when Dolls informs her that he didn’t just leave her husband to die, no mercy is shown from the ice queen.

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Back to Plan B. Waverly stumbles upon a  creepy lab that harbors the a demon identical to the one who’s head she’s dragging around in a suitcase. Wynonna beeps her and tells her that she is no longer Plan B, but Plan C.

Doc, Eliza, and Wynonna are still stuck in the stairwell with no idea that Lucado is on the way. Eliza explains why she came to Purgatory. Black Badge turned her and Dolls into something and lied to them about it. She shows off her lizard eyes as proof and creeps Doc out in the process. Wynonna assures that if she has to take care of Dolls then she’ll do it. Even though she’s not too thrilled about possibly having to end the life of another person she loves within a 24 hr timeframe. Doc just wants to know what the hell is Waverly doing to get them out.

What Waverly is doing is failing spectacularly at trying to seduce the young scientist into showing her how to open all of the doors. Once he shows her, Waves smacks him in the back off the head. But instead of knocking him out, she makes him bleed. Bleeding is not good because the demon is like a shark. Once it smells blood, it stops to no end to stalk its prey. Waverly and Jeremy (Varun Saranga) escape the lab unscathed and they have a hilarious exchange where Waverly, in the shortest version that she could, explains who she is and why she is really there.

The door to the stairwell finally opens for Doc, Eliza, and Wynonna. Recognizing that it’s a possible trap, Eliza urges Wynonna to leave. “You must be yanking my Va-chain” Wynonna snarks back, letting her know that she ain’t leaving without Dolls. Eliza says to get Dolls but leave her be because it’s all over for her anyway. Wynonna refuses while Doc tricks her by leaving the stairwell and closing the door back, trapping himself outside of it. Wynonna is yelling at him to open it, but Doc, being the gentleman that he is, wants to take the burden of having to kill Dolls if possible off of her. With assistance from Eliza, Wynonna is off to save Waverly.

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Doc finds Dolls nearly unconscious in his cage when Lucado emerges from the shadows calling him stupid and poking fun at his moustache. Lucado swerves him by pulling out gun (guns aren’t allowed in the facility), but Doc comes back with a swerve of his own by opening his jacket and revealing dynamite. When Lucado calls him insane for risking their lives for Dolls, Doc has the biggest clap back to ever clap. “How do you like my mustache now?”

A brief cut to Eliza and Wynonna being the best butt kicking duo by fighting off evil Black Badge Agents in the elevator.

Lucado tries to test Doc’s bluff. He backs her into the cage where Dolls is able to grab a hold of her and wrestle her to the ground, allowing Doc to get the key card and free him from the cage.

Waverly and her new friend Jeremy (well….mostly Waverly) decided to take their chances by going back into the lab and confront monster demon. Waverly tells Jeremy to stand back. She boldly walks up to it, eyes turning completely black, and scares it away. This allows Wynonna to swoop in, grab Peacemaker from the suitcase and shoot it between the eyes.

Doc is helping an injured Dolls. When they hear the Agents getting closer, Doc tells Dolls to go on while he fights them off. Before making the escape, Dolls whispers a message into Doc’s ear that causes his eyes to almost pop out of his ancient skull. Promising that he will pass the message on to Wynonna, Dolls makes a getaway leaving Doc to tip his ghost hat and distract the bad guys.

The rest of the bunch meet up with Eliza in the elevator. They make their way down to their escape route only to be met by Lucado. She’s prepared to shoot them all, but a voice from the above tells her to stand down. Black Badge Division leader, Moody (played by Kevin Hanchard), scolds Lucado for her use of guns. He demands that they all work under Black Badge or there will be consequences. Eliza steps in and tells Wynonna that they’re liars and not to sign anything. Lucado said this is treason someone has to pay. Moody says that indeed someone does before taking Lucado’s gun and shooting Eliza in the head right in front of Wynonna and company. Lucado then brings out the contracts where they are all forced to sign in blood at gun point.

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The deal is to work with Black Badge in exchange for breaking the Earp curse. Wynonna is asked if anyone else knows about Black Badges mission in Purgatory. Waverly says no while her answer is confirmed by Wynonna. A unhappy Agent Haught is shown listening to the conversation on radio and starting up the police cruiser to leave.  

Wynonna, Waverly, and Doc are shown leaving. Wynonna wants to know if Dolls said anything to Doc before he left. He lies and says no. 

Back at the Earp residence, Nicole apologizes for leaving. Waverly insists that she had to lie in fear of Nicole being killed as well, but Nicole wonders out loud if she would’ve been signing the contract to join them in the division. Waverly goes to kiss Nicole goodbye, but the disappointed red head turns her face forcing a kiss on the cheek.

Wynonna is shown going into Willa’s old bedroom. She lays in the bed hugging the stuffed rabbit and begins to shed tears of grief, guilt, and sadness. A reflection shines through the window causing her to go outside and find her key necklace hanging from a tree branch. Dolls is shown standing on the snowy hill, smiling down at her. They just exchange tearful looks and smiles before Dolls is off on his journey.

Wynonna and Waverly conclude the episode by sitting on the porch and pondering what to do next over a cup of much needed coffee. Wynonna says to hell with Black Badge, their real enemies are and will always be demons. She says she has one job, keeping her baby sister safe. She steps off the porch, not noticing Waverly’s new black eye shade. 

Someone needs a manicure.

Back in the Black Badge storage room, a ugly bedazzled demon hand snakes it’s way out of one of the wooden crates. It claws at a stick of dynamite and blows up the room. Something tells me that whatever that thing is didn’t blow up with it.

HOLY CRAP. That was a premiere. You know an episode is good when you just sit in your room for an hour after watching it to process everything that happens because that’s exactly what I did. This episode has brought about so many questions. And possible theories that will no way prepare us for the emotional thrill ride that Emily Andras and this wonderful cast is going to put us through. It’s as if it did not miss a beat from last season.

Some personal highlights and thoughts:

  • I yelped when Waverly called Nicole her girlfriend. It came out with so much ease for her. That is a big deal because it is difficult for someone who is just coming to terms with their sexuality to admit something like that out loud at first.
  • I wish Rachel Skarsten could be on the show for the rest of the season, but I’m grateful for this one time. She was hilarious and kick ass as Eliza.
  • The new addition to the cast, Varun Saranga (Jeremy) fits like a freakin’ glove. He will bring so much to the show and I’m excited to see how Jeremy handles everything that comes with fighting demons with the Earps.
  • I’m VERY interest in the direction Nicole is going to go. I feel like this is going to be a big, breakout season for Kat Barrell. 
  • Speaking of breakout seasons, Dominique as Dark Waverly is everything.  If her eyes never turned black at all, everyone would still know something is wrong with Waverly just because the little subtle changes from her interactions with others on the show.
  • Melanie Scrafano is a comedy genius and a drama queen. She can do it all.
  • I’m going to miss Dolls, but I know this won’t be the last that we see of him. 

What did you all think of the episode? Are you ready for the rest of season 2? I’m sure as hell not and I cannot wait for next week’s episode.