DISCLAIMER: This recap of Wynonna Earp‘s season finale episode “Old Souls” is riddled with spoilers. You’ve been warned. Proceed at your own peril. 

Welcome back, Earpers! If you’re a hot mess right now, don’t worry. You’re not alone. The Wynonna Earp Syfy finale, “Old Souls,” hit all the right notes. It was a damn perfect season finale. The best word to describe this episode? “Hopeful.” Such a beautifully, viscerally hopeful outing. I don’t know about you, but I feel like these weirdos are my family. Every single actor turned in tenderly nuanced performances and brought their A-game. 

Ready to delve into “Old Souls”? Let’s get to it. 

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Now, we open with a flashback! Purgatory in the summer of 1968. A bride wanders outside a chapel covered head to toe in blood. She slaughters everyone therein and then kills herself, all while armed with a massive ax. We see the inlaid sapphires on her dress begin to glow. 

Next, we’re back in the present with Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) revealing her wedding dress. Sure enough, it’s the same one that murder lady donned all those years ago. A Purgatorian wedding wouldn’t be complete with a magical murder dress! 

Then, Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) is fretting over every minute detail. Nicole (Kat Barrell) is placing some flower arrangements in the bed of Wynonna’s truck. The scenery is absolutely stunning. Rachel (Martina Ortiz-Luis) and Nedley (Greg Lawson) are preparing for an impending fishing trip. I love that Nedley’s become a father figure to Rachel. He’s the town dad. 

Meanwhile, Wynonna catches a glimpse of Waverly’s dress in the barn. We see the inlaid sapphires are glowing. So, as one is wont to do, she puts on the magical murder wedding dress. She’s sort of in an entranced state. We see her run through the yard while concealing the dress with an oversized coat. The buttercream cake explodes in her presence. Decorations are decimated or knocked askew. All because of a magical murder dress. 

Now, Wynonna knocks on Doc’s (Tim Rozon) camper door. She needs help in removing the wedding dress because it’s stuck. “Getting you out of your clothes used to be my specialty,” Doc teases. I’ve melted. If you need me, I’ll continue being this puddle on the floor. Doc tries to cut open the dress but to no avail. Their chemistry is off the charts here. 

Waverly arrives on the scene, so Wynonna dashes into Doc’s camper. She brings Doc Wyatt Earp’s saddle as a gift. Then, she asks him if he’ll be her Best Man. Cue the waterworks. Wynonna is Nicole’s Maid of Honor because besties. 

Still of Varun Saranga in Wynonna Earp episode "Old Souls."

WYNONNA EARP — “Old Souls” Episode 412 — Pictured: Varun Saranga as Jeremy — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Later, Doc and Wynonna pay a visit to Cursey’s Vintage, the store where Waverly purchased her dress. The proprietor (Charlotte Sullivan) is sitting in silence while covered by a wedding veil. Everything’s creepy. It’s no big. She reveals that you can’t “kill” the dress without killing the one who wears it. The only way they can successfully remove the dress is to find silkworms that are endemic to the area and paint them. It all sounds cockamamie, but this is Wynonna Earp. Implausible is the Earp way. 

Meanwhile, Nicole and Waverly discover that things have gotten Earped. Oh, and Wynonna and the dress are conveniently missing. WayHaught comes to the conclusion that the wedding dress is haunted. They even say their joint revelation in tandem. Soulmates! We learn that Jeremy (Varun Saranga) is officiating the wedding. In an effort to pinpoint the culprit regarding the Earped mess, he confronts the caterer, Damon. He accuses Damon of being a demon, but the latter thinks Jeremy is outing him for being gay. Jeremy felt it in his groin!

Then, we see Doc diving for silkworms. Nada. Wynonna procures a letter from his pocket. It’s addressed to her. Apparently, he’s leaving Purgatory. Uh oh. More waterworks. Back at the Homestead, Nicole and Waves have concocted their first WayHaught murder board. Nicole researches the 1968 wedding massacre. Waverly traces the wedding murder trend back to the 1920s with a certain witch that was left at the altar. 

Next, Wynonna and Doc are arguing. He was just going to skip town without telling her? He claims that he needed to write down what he wanted to say. Doc accuses her of being cowardly in love. “Prove me wrong. Come with me.” Go with him, Wynonna! 

Later, Jeremy walks in on some WayHaught barn sex. We knew it was only a matter of time. Wynonna and Doc bring the silkworms to the witch at the vintage store. They even painted them as requested. However, she scoffs at them for gathering “common earthworms.” But that’s WynDoc’s cup of love! Suddenly, Waverly barges into the room while armed with a silk banner. She incapacitates the witch and ties her up. Apparently, silk is her kryptonite. Wynonna can finally remove the wedding dress. 

Meanwhile, Wynonna admits that she tried on the dress because she wanted to pretend to be normal. My heart breaks for her. At the Homestead, Waverly settles on Mama Earp’s wedding dress. This is reminiscent of the Season Two episode, “Gone as a Girl Can Get.” Am I right? Anyway, we learn that Wynonna has been receiving correspondence from Mama Earp in the form of racy postcards. She’s in Turkey right now! I appreciate the Mama Earp update. 

Still of Greg Lawson in Wynonna Earp episode "Old Souls."

WYNONNA EARP — “Old Souls” Episode 412 — Pictured: Greg Lawson as Randy Nedley — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Then, we see Nicole is sporting her wedding suit. She’s nervous as all get-out. Nedley brings her a corsage. Nicole asks him if he’ll walk her down the aisle. Excuse me, I’m just cutting onions here, no big deal. 

Now, it’s wedding time! An aerial shot shows us a giant banner that says, “Where You Go, I Go.” Wynonna walks her baby girl down the aisle. Jeremy delivers a moving speech as the officiator. Nicole and Waverly exchange vows. The tears are flowing. We can see that the chairs in the “audience” are marked with the names of people who couldn’t be there — Mama Earp, Mercedes, Julian … and Dolls. Dolls is right there in the front. More tears from me. 

Next, our newlyweds kiss! Everyone shouts “Opa!” and it’s party time. Billy (Billy Bryk) shows up too! We see a montage of everyone dancing, drinking and cake-eating. Wynonna proffers a short but sweet toast. Jeremy catches the bouquet! Rachel belts out a beautiful number. I’m glad Wynonna Earp found a way to utilize Ortiz-Luis’s ethereal voice. After her song, she persuades Nedley to let Billy join them on their fishing trip. 

Meanwhile, Doc bids farewell to everyone and departs. Wynonna watches, flabbergasted. Jeremy approaches Damon the caterer. As it turns out, he’s Bunny Loblaw’s nephew. Jeremy receives a phone call wherein he learns that he’s now the Deputy Chief of the Black Badge Division. Fun fact: that’s our Mother of Unicorns a.k.a. Emily Andras delivering the news to him. Apparently, there was a lot of turnover and rearranging. So, he’s going on a date with Damon on Monday night and Tuesday he starts his new position. Somebody’s winning at life!

Later, Wynonna confronts Doc while he’s packing. He regales her with a story from his days in the well. While revenge was certainly a motivating factor that kept him going, he also thought a lot about love. Now, he’s referring to his love for Wynonna. “I can’t leave her,” Wynonna replies. She feels duty-bound to the Ghost River Triangle. God, Scrofano is so incredible here. What a force. Wynonna apologizes for hurting him to which he responds with, “We only ever hurt ourselves.” Wynonna Earp and simplistic poignancy go hand-in-hand. Doc leaves. I’m crushed. He feels like he has to move forward.

Still of Melanie Scrofano in Wynonna Earp episode "Old Souls."

WYNONNA EARP — “Old Souls” Episode 412 — Pictured: Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Then, back at the Homestead, the gang chastises Wynonna for letting Doc go. Nicole mentions that Wynonna’s relationship with Doc has been toxic. An inebriated Nedley chimes in with “That’s my fourth favorite Britney Spears song.” God, I love one Randy Nedley. Waverly barges out, drops a boatload of f-bombs and proceeds to drag Wynonna into the barn. 

Next, Waverly gives her older sister a “Come to Jesus” talk. It’s abundantly clear that both Wynonna and Doc love each other. Waves wants Wynonna to go after him. “I want to protect you,” Wynonna replies. Waverly urges her to stop punishing herself. Purgatory will be fine. Nicole’s the shield and the sheriff. Jeremy’s been promoted. Waverly’s an angel. Demons and humans will have to learn how to get along. “We’ll be okay,” Waverly tells her. It’s time for Wynonna to be happy. To allow herself to be happy. 

After a tearful and emotional Earp sister embrace, we see Wynonna change clothes and get in her truck to chase after Doc Holliday. But the truck chooses that moment to malfunction. Thankfully, Jeremy installed a tracker on Doc’s phone, so he knows our cowboy is nearing the edge of the GRT. Wynonna decides to hop on her motorcycle instead. How very Wynonna. 

Then, we see her chasing Doc down. She withdraws Peacemaker and expertly shoots his tires. They both approach each other. Wynonna finally says what we’ve known for years out loud: “I love you, Doc.” She lists what she loves about him, including the fact that he loves her too. They kiss. I returned to my solid form earlier, but I’m officially a puddle again. We see Doc get on the back of Wynonna’s motorcycle. She’s traveling light. They race through some devastatingly gorgeous scenery. 

Later, they’re at a gas station. Wynonna suggests they make a pit stop in Miracles, Montana to see their baby girl — Alice. “I’m all in,” Wynonna says. Good gravy. This show. 

Still of Melanie Scrofano in Wynonna Earp episode "Old Souls."

WYNONNA EARP — “Old Souls” Episode 412 — Pictured: Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Next, we get a closing scene with the wedded WayHaught. Nicole reassures her wife that Wynonna will come home. Waverly asks her wife if she wishes they were the ones traveling for their honeymoon. Nicole asserts that everything she has is here in Purgatory. She’s home. The camera pans on the Earp mailbox with a sign above it that says “And Haught,” then “Sometimes Holliday” and a final sign that boasts “Everyone Welcome.” The Earp mantra. 

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If this truly is the end, what a fantastic ending it was. “Old Souls” encompasses the pervasive love and positivity that radiates throughout Wynonna Earp. I loved that everyone got to be happy, not just WayHaught. Wynonna and Doc finally opened themselves up to each other in a beautifully vulnerable way. And that’s really been the crux of this show — Wynonna allowing herself to be happy. To stop punishing herself and insisting that she’s undeserving of love. 

“Old Souls” showcases the sizzling chemistry of Scrofano and Rozon. Scrofano has always been a force to be reckoned with, but this episode was on another level. I hope we see her career really soar. She deserves it. Provost-Chalkley and Barrell never fail to deliver truthful, grounded performances. The wedding was so special. This season truly drove home the “found family” aspect of the series, especially with the addition of Rachel. Everyone taking her under their wing is a stark reminder that family isn’t always found in blood. 

While I don’t want this to be the end, if it is, I’m satisfied. I want to be grateful for what we have. Emily Andras brought a once-in-a-lifetime show into our lives. One that celebrated love, authentic living and reminded us that heroes always win. 

I have more feelings, so tune in for Wynonna Wednesday for more incoherent rambling and gushing.

Until then, I’m all in. E4L. 


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