DISCLAIMER: This recap of Wynonna Earp episode “Holy War Part Two” is rife with spoilers galore. You’ve been warned. Proceed with caution. 

Welcome back, Earpers! The Wynonna Earp midseason finale delivered on all fronts. There was action, romance, and comedy aplenty. Frogs. Reapers. A returning Revenant. We were even blessed with a proper WayHaught marriage proposal! And on the Homestead surrounded by family, no less. “Holy War Part Two” was a lovely homage to the Earper fandom. It was a culmination of everything we love about Wynonna Earp. All the boner jokes, a big-ass gun reunion, frog hexes, marriage proposals, and oodles of drama one could ever crave. Not to mention, Nedley’s profession of love for the Spice Girls has been duly noted and appreciated. 

Ready to delve into “Holy War Part Two?” Let’s get to it. 

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Now, we open with Nedley (Greg Lawson) and Jeremy (Varun Saranga) hammering out the salt water drowning details with Nicole (Kat Barrell). Of course, this is prior to Waverly’s arrival. Nedley recites an ancient incantation while Jeremy essentially drowns Nicole in freezing salt water. Her soul will be transferred to a frog. Then, once she’s firmly ensconced within said frog, Jeremy can slowly revive her. No harm, no foul. Well, besides temporarily dying. 

Next, Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) barges into Shorty’s to find her deceased girlfriend. Jeremy attempts to assuage Waverly’s pain by explaining the process. Waverly begins to understand the whole shebang. Jeremy asks her to watch Nicole Frog. Nicole Frog rib-bits in response. Haughtpants sure makes a nice looking amphibian!

Meanwhile, Mam Clanton (Paula Boudreau) notices that our posse of dipsh*ts are attempting to foil her hex. Well, two can play that game! She begins marking Waverly for reaping. We see Reaper Billy (Billy Bryk) emerge from the shadows at Mam’s behest. Rachel (Martina Ortiz-Luis) silently observes the scene unfolding. 

Then, we see Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Doc (Tim Rozon) discover, much to their surprise, a breathing Rosita (Tamara Duarte). She’s The Scorned Woman that Nun Lady is so keen on snatching. So, how did Rosita manage to survive once Bulshar broke the curse? As it turned out, the cavernous outpost in which she’s standing is composed entirely of ammonite. Now, ammonite was Revenant kryptonite, but since the curse was reversed ammonite became Rosita’s salvation. She noticed the 76 remaining Revenants vanish around her. However, keeping incessant contact with the substance saved her from that fate. We see the portal to the nunnery appear. Wynonna urges Doc to find more ammonite so Rosita won’t go “poof” when they leave the outpost. 


WYNONNA EARP — “Holy War Part II” Episode 406 — Pictured: Tamara Duarte as Rosita Bustillos — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Then, back at Shorty’s, Reaper Billy tracks down our Waves. Nedley and Jeremy are unable to see Reaper Billy, especially since our BBD scientist accidentally knocks over the jar containing Nicole Frog. Oh, and Nicole Frog isn’t alone — she has other amphibious friends dwelling within her little habitat. So, while Jeremy attempts to hunt down Nicole Frog(s), Waverly tries to fend off Reaper Billy. Nedley continues to look fashionable in his bear hat. 

Suddenly, an ethereal being knocks Reaper Billy down the basement stairs. Waverly utilizes the moment to barricade the basement door. We see that said ethereal being was Ghost Nicole. Even in death, she’s still defending her baby. Meanwhile, Doc manages to find enough ammonite to construct stepping stones that lead through the nunnery portal. However, he receives a pressing phone call while Wynonna and Rosita cross the threshold into Nunnery Land. 

Next, Waverly has taken to kissing frogs in an attempt to find Nicole Frog. Ghost Nicole is futilely trying to communicate with her girlfriend. She’s not in any frog at the moment. Side note: I hope Waverly doesn’t get a wart from kissing those frogs. Amphibious little devils. 

Then, Wynonna presents Rosita to the nuns who help self-loathing/scorned women. Rosita feels betrayed since Wynonna didn’t specifically disclose that she’d be handing the former over to a group of strangers. So, what now? Wynonna demands that the Head Nun procure Peacemaker. But, not so fast! Head Nun is about to go full Fight Club. She demands Wynonna and Rosita brawl it out — a good ol’ fashioned “fight to the death.” Oh, and Head Nun is clearly a demon. Which explains the lust for blood and violence. Rosita launches into survival mode. Wynonna is doing her damnedest not to harm a hair on Rosita’s head. Especially since the pair decided to let bygones be bygones. 

Meanwhile, Waverly has kissed all the frogs. Not one of them has morphed into a hot redhead. Balls! Ghost Nicole is attempting to send Waves a message. She discovers that she has control over the light switches, so she proceeds to hammer out something in Morse Code. Waverly, Jeremy, and Nedley interpret Ghost Nicole’s note loud and clear: she’s not in a frog. Also, go to the basement. It’s time to party with Reaper Billy!

Next, Nedley accompanies Waves to the basement wherein Reaper Billy is currently holed up. Ghost Nicole briefly possesses Reaper Billy’s body. She explains to Waves that she made a deal with Mam Clanton. Said deal was essentially a “life for a life” scenario. Mam ensures that Waverly returns to Purgatory in exchange for, presumably, Nicole. The only way to truly obliterate the curse is to kill both parties. Since Nicole is still dead, that just leaves Mam. Waverly is about to go on the warpath, folks. 

Still of Greg Lawson and Varun Saranga in Wynonna Earp.

WYNONNA EARP — “Holy War Part II” Episode 406 — Pictured: (l-r) Greg Lawson as Sheriff Randy Nedley, Varun Saranga as Jeremy Chetri — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Then, Wynonna and Rosita are duking it out badass style. Wynonna asserts that both of them will die if she can’t track down Peacemaker. They temporarily distract the nuns and make a break for that lost and found room from the previous episode. They find themselves among a plethora of magical objects. However, Peacemaker refuses to come to heel. A stubborn gun for a stubborn Wynonna. A match made in heaven. 

Later, Doc meets with Holt (Ty Olsson) at the police station. He caught Rachel snooping about the Clanton estate. He has no plan to harm Rachel, thankfully. In fact, he reveals he’s been mulling over Doc’s words from The Glory Hole. Perhaps it would do Purgatory a world of good if the Earpers and Clantons could make peace. Doc vows to hash it out with Wynonna and Waverly. Holt also vows to take the peace offering back home to Mam and Cleo. 

Meanwhile, we hear the nuns banging outside the door to the magical lost and found room. Ravenously, I might add. Rosita grabs a weapon while Wynonna attempts to verbally coax Peacemaker out of hiding. She launches into a speech about how, despite the broken Earp curse, she still wishes to be a hero. To take down the baddies as they come knocking on her doorstep. Suddenly, we see a glowing blue sword nestled among the other weaponry. It flies into Wynonna’s hand and takes the form of our favorite Buntline Special pistol. Huzzah! The Head Nun makes her way inside with her nun posse in tow. She reveals that she’s actually Medea. Wynonna orders Medea to make her peace and boom! Down goes the demon nun. 

Now, the other nuns fall prostrate before Wynonna. Apparently, the Head Nun a.k.a Medea had quite the hold on them. All hail Wynonna! However, Wynonna urges the women to follow their own respective paths. She’s not exactly Mother Teresa. Rosita recognizes a slew of the women in the group. Apparently, they were all slaughtered by Wyatt Earp — collateral damage in his never-ending quest to slay demons. Wynonna vows to find a way for Rosita to live her life without the threat of vanishing. However, Rosita decides to stay in the church with the demon nuns. Besides, a building is better than living out the rest of her days in a cavernous outpost. Get it, girl. I sincerely hope this means we’ll see more of our favorite (and the last) Revenant (RIP Bobo Del Rey). 

Next, Waverly approaches Mam Clanton on the latter’s land while brandishing a rifle. Mam reveals that Nicole’s “life for a life” deal included Doc. The Clanton matriarch would ensure that Doc brought Waverly back to Purgatory. Then, Nicole was to hand Doc over to the Clantons. Waverly refuses to believe that Haughtpants would so callously give up one of their own. Mam asserts that she’s a powerful, formidable enemy. But so is our Waves. Waverly places her hands on Mam’s face and goes into full angelic mode. She proceeds to slaughter Mam Clanton with just one touch. Yes, baby girl! Use those angel powers! 

Then, Nicole returns to the Land of the Living! Huzzah! Apparently, since Waverly killed Mam, that in turn nixed the hex. Meanwhile, Wynonna finds Waves in a daze on the Clanton property. Holt also discovers his dead mother and makes a beeline for the Earp girls. So much for the peace deal. He’s hellbent on taking them out now, especially since Mam’s passing automatically makes him the Clanton heir. Doc shows up and attempts to quell some flared tempers. He delivers an impassioned speech about maintaining peace for their kin. About how the past shouldn’t define their future. Doc persuades the shaken Holt to join him for a drink. As their backs are turned, Wynonna seizes the opportunity to pull the trigger.

Still of Melanie Scrofano in Wynonna Earp.

WYNONNA EARP — “Holy War Part II” Episode 406 — Pictured: Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

And down goes Holt Clanton. Wynonna bitterly thanks Doc for “distracting” Holt. Today is not a good day for the Clantons. Later, our crew is back at the Homestead. Doc reveals that he didn’t like what Wynonna did at the Clanton residence. In his mind, there’s nothing more cowardly than shooting a man when his back is turned. Additionally, Doc also provides some insight into the O.K. Corral fiasco. He was the one who killed the Clantons, which is why they never returned as Revenants. Doc knew that Wyatt Earp became a little too trigger-happy. Wynonna is hellbent on ensuring the safety of her family. That, and killing anything and anyone that attempts to screw her over. Doc is trying to turn a new leaf and learn the ways of peace. He believes that Wynonna and Peacemaker “belong together.”

Next, Waverly urges the pair to head inside. We see Nedley, Rachel, Nicole, and Jeremy are all inside. Loads of shots are being passed around. Nicole decides to abstain because, you know, she died and was puking up frogs for a bit. That’s when Waverly makes a sweeping marriage proposal to Haughtpants, in front of our posse of dipsh*ts. Tearfully, Nicole accepts said proposal. There’s loads of kissing and crying and drinking. It’s a damn beautiful sight. Doc heads outside post proposal. We see Wynonna wiping away tears. 

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Now that’s a midseason finale! While it appears the Clanton threat is mostly eradicated, there’s still Cleo to contend with. Not to mention, Eve is still at large. Wynonna reuniting with Peacemaker made me weepy. The WayHaught proposal fully brought on the waterworks. No other show on television has given the LGBTQIA+ community so much love. This is what should be the norm in our media. Here’s hoping Wynonna Earp‘s mere existence will open the floodgates for more open representation. 

Of course, the proposal was a lovely way to end the episode. But there was a tinge of the bittersweet as well with Wynonna and Doc’s painful conversation. We learned from Rosita that she was planning on handing baby Alice over to the Clantons. I can’t help but wonder if Cleo will enact her revenge by attempting to track down Alice herself. The wedge being driven between Wynonna and Doc is not unfamiliar territory for us, but it hurts all the same. Scrofano and Rozon are just so damn good together. It’s hard not to feel something while watching them. 

Do you think Cleo will get her revenge on the Earps? Will Eve make a reappearance and take her place as the back half of Season Four’s Big Bad? Will we get a WayHaught wedding by the end of the season? Did Nicole really plan on giving Doc over to the Clantons or was Mam fibbing? Guess there’s one way to find out…

Wynonna Earp will return for the remainder of Season Four in 2021. 



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