It’s the most wonderful time for Earp-ing! Christmas is right around the corner, which means it’s time to snag some gifts for the Earper in your life! Thankfully, I’ve got a comprehensive list of wonderful Wynonna Earp goodies that’ll surely make your Earper grab some whiskey and doughnuts in celebration. No, there aren’t any tampon angels worth gifting. You can craft one for yourself in the privacy of your own Homestead without busting open the piggy bank. 

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The best part of waking up…
Photo of Wynonna Earp-inspired merchandise on Etsy: a "WayHaught" coffee mug.

Get yourself a steamy cup of WayHaught.

Does your Wynonna Earp fan indulge themselves with a steamy cup of joe in the morning? Are they also fans of Purgatory’s best couple a.k.a. the affectionately named “WayHaught”? Then this coffee mug on Etsy is for them! This ceramic mug has “CAUTION This Coffee Is Wayhaught” emblazoned on the front. The word “Wayhaught” is appropriately doused in rainbow colors. Now, the body of the mug is white. However, you can choose between four colors for the handle and interior of the mug. There’s black, blue, yellow and red. Not to worry — the rainbow stays put regardless of your chosen mug color. Give your Earper the gift of puns and WayHaught this Christmas. Available through TheGiftZoo

You can buy the mug here

Crazy chick with a gun!
The cutest Wynonna Earp doll to ever exist, currently sold on Etsy.

Now, she just needs a doughnut.

Give your Earp heir their own crazy chick with a gun! This adorable plushie is of Wynonna Earp herself, armed with her trusty Peacemaker and a cheeky expression. She stands at 10 inches tall and her gun is composed of felt material. Complete with Wynonna’s signature necklace, leather pants, leather jacket and combat boots. Demons and Donuts sells the cutest, Earp-iest plushie you’ll ever see, and you can find it on Etsy. Your Earper will be more than ready to take on the baddies with the heir at their side. 

You can purchase the plushie doll here

A Goo-ey portrait.
Sketch of Waverly Earp possessed by the "Goo" from Season Two of Wynonna Earp. Available on Society6.

If you stare into her eyes long enough, you’ll start eating lipstick.

This stunning sketch of Waverly as “Gooverly” is by artist Emilia Apreda. It features our favorite half-angel with blackened eyes from her time under possession at the beginning of Wynonna Earp Season Two. You know, when she ate lipstick and everything besides what was in her fridge. Admittedly, this is one of the best portraits I’ve seen. It’s a keenly life-like sketch. I’m pretty sure that’s actually Dominique Provost-Chalkley glaring back at me. Here’s hoping I don’t get possessed by the “Goo” too. The portrait comes in five different sizes, ranging from eight inches by eight inches to 28 inches by 28 inches. Additionally, prints are 50 percent off today, so mosey on over to Society6 and get your Waverly a Gooverly! 

You can buy the print here

World saver. Whiskey wielder. 
Print of Wynonna Earp in a tarot card style. Sold on Etsy.

Save the world. Drink whiskey. Eat doughnuts. Not necessarily in that order.

This gorgeous print is of our titular heroine Wynonna Earp in a tarot card entitled, “The World.” Our Earp heir is posing with a fiery Peacemaker in one hand and the flaming blue sword from the Season Three finale in the other hand. She’s surrounded by flowers in a purplish hue while the snowy tundra of Purgatory is faintly present in the background. RoseMakesArt has multiple tarot card prints featuring more of our Ghost River Triangle favorites in her store. The print comes in one size: 11 inches by eight and a half inches. It’s printed on premium silk cover paper with archival inks “to best enhance color and longevity.” Your Earper will love having this on their wall. 

You can purchase the Wynonna print here

Merry Earpmas!
Earpmas gift bundle inspired by Wynonna Earp. Available on Etsy.

Merry Earpmas, one and all!

Here’s an excellent “Merry Earpmas” gift bundle that’s available through EarpBands on Etsy. Get your Earper into the Christmas (or rather, “Earpmas”) spirit with a bundle consisting of five gifts. There’s a “Merry Earpmas” card, which can be prefilled. A “Merry Earpmas” sticker. Six character buttons containing artwork from “If We Make It Through December,” the sixth episode of Wynonna Earp Season Three. Additionally, there’s a “Merry Earpmas” wristband. Lastly, the bundle has a print that, like the buttons, is plastered with beautifully simplistic artwork from Wynonna Earp‘s Christmas episode. The perfect festive gift to make your Earper’s season bright. 

You can buy the Earpmas gift bundle here

Make your peace.
Peacemaker replica necklace inspired by Wynonna Earp. Sold on Etsy.

Tell the baddies to make their peace.

Your Earper will be ordering all the demons in and out of the Ghost River Triangle to make their peace with this Peacemaker replica necklace. It features a miniature, metallic Peacemaker pendant on a black necklace. Simple, yet effective. Vanquish Revenants and more with only the finest replica weapon money can buy. You can also wear it around your neck. It’s functional fashion! RichellesTherapy sells this one-of-a-kind necklace on Etsy. 

You can purchase this Peacemaker pendant necklace here

 I am all in … for this print. 
Wynonna Earp Doc Holliday print. Sold on Society6.

How do you like my mustache now?

If your Earper incessantly swoons over a certain dashing gunslinger with a top-tier mustache, then give them the gift of this Doc Holliday print. They can have it on their wall while watching Property Brothers. Doc would love that. Plus, this black and white print perfectly captures the majesty of Doc’s award-worthy mustache. How do you like his mustache now? Apdrea sells this print on Society6. It’s available in three different sizes. But that’s not all! This print of history’s greatest gunslinger is on sale for 50 percent off its regular price. 

You can buy the Doc Holliday print here

Ride through the Triangle like the coolest Revenant in school.
Ghot River Riders t-shirts inspired by Wynonna Earp. Sold on Etsy.

Ride through the Ghost River Triangle in style.

A motorcycle is, unfortunately, not included with the purchase of this too-cool-for-school t-shirt. It’s a black tee with “Ghost River Riders” and a skull emblazoned on the back. The front says, “Ghost River Motorcycle Club” with “Purgatory” scrawled beneath it. Your Earper will look sleeker than Wynonna’s precious steel horse. Not to mention, it’s a unique shirt that pays subtle homage to Wynonna Earp. If “subtle” is the name of your Earper’s game, then they’ll dig this t-shirt. AllyBaldwinDesign sells it on Etsy. 

You can purchase the Ghost River Riders t-shirt here

Where in the world is Nicole Haught?
"Haught" t-shirt featuring Nicole Haught of Wynonna Earp. Sold on Etsy.

It’s getting Haught in here.

So Haught! This retro ’80s t-shirt features Purgatory’s finest sporting a crimson wide-brimmed hat with a positively rad background. The word “Haught” is scrawled below her. This shirt is giving me all the Carmen Sandiego vibes. If your Earper is a fan of the ’80s, all things nostalgia and Nicole Haught, then they’ll love this t-shirt. VikingElfDesigns has this shirt available for purchase in their Etsy store. 

You can buy this too-Haught-to-handle shirt here

Who needs a weapon when you have you?
"I'm my own damn weapon" rings inspired by Wynonna Earp. Sold on Etsy.

Use yourself wisely.

Wynonna Earp has been quoted as saying, “I’m my own damn weapon.” Well, now your Earper can wear this statement proudly on their fingers! This aluminum quote wrap ring comes in two variations for the text: uppercase and lowercase. But that’s not all! The color finish for the lettering has 13 different options! That’s right — 13 colors to choose from for your ring. Although classic black is always a great choice. GemsAndMoreCreations has these beautiful babies available for purchase in their store. 

You can purchase this badass ring here

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This guide was originally published 11/27/20


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