Merry Earpmas! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and with that comes the traditional anxiety accompanying gift-giving. If you’ve got an Earper on your list this holiday season, we’ve got a Wynonna Earp gift guide that’ll whisk them away to Purgatory, where doughnuts and tacos grow on trees, and special guns send demons back to hell. Read on. 


A maroon-colored sweatshirt with the angel wings, shield and sword emblem in white from the TV show Wynonna Earp.

Protector of the Ghost River Triangle.

Dub your Earper the Protector of the Ghost River Triangle with this simple sweatshirt from Etsy featuring the Angel’s Shield. This cozy top comes in multiple colors, including maroon, black, white, navy blue and more. It’s perfect for those frigid Purgatory winters. Then, there’s this hilarious hoodie boasting one of our titular Peacemaker wielder’s most iconic quotes: “Guaca-cuse Me?” It even has a Chipotle-style logo. 

Next, your Earper can showcase their Earp sister pride with this t-shirt from Redbubble. It has a beautiful illustration of Wynonna and Waverly, guns in hand, with the quote “Baby girl, we IS the team” from Season 2’s “Shed Your Skin.” And if your Earper just so happens to be a Haught redhead (or otherwise), gift them this comfy holiday-themed sweatshirt on Etsy featuring Nicole Haught icons. Nothing says “festive” quite like doughnuts and sheriff hats. 

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A silver ring that curls around your finger with the words, "I am all in" in black, a quote from the TV show Wynonna Earp.

Go “all in” or go home.

Is there anything more romantic than Doc Holliday’s note to Wynonna in Season 2? Let your Earper know you’re “all in” with this ring, whether they’re a fan of a certain mustachioed gunslinger or as a representation of your feelings. If your Earper is a hero of the highest caliber, consider investing in this Waverly Earp prop necklace. It’s a replica of the one our angel wears in Season 1 when she faces off against Constance Clootie. Continuing on the prop replica train, Wynonna’s signature Aonva key necklace with the evil eye is available for purchase here

Perhaps your Earper is of the Fandras camp, making this bracelet a choice gift. It says “Team Fandras” in silver with a unicorn charm and rainbow-colored straps. 


A black and white sketch of Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp.

Whiskey-soaked and reckless.

This gorgeous print of our fave crazy chick with a gun features a hyperrealistic sketch that would look like the genuine article if it was in color. If your Earper is also a WayHaught fan (Who isn’t?), this hand-drawn illustration showcases Waverly and Nicole right before they smooch. It’s adorable (and haught).

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Then, there’s a piece of minimalist art that boasts silhouettes of the cast with a Western-esque backdrop. You can choose between two for your Earper: one with only the words “Wynonna Earp” at the bottom and the other with a list of the cast and creators’ names. Lastly, this comic book cover poster features the OG crew and the phrase “Tacos Are Tasty” emblazoned at the top. 


A mug with icons from the TV show Wynonna Earp, featuring a black mustache, a chocolate sprinkled doughnut, a taco, a purple unicorn head, a Purgatory sheriff badge, the hashtag #Earper written in black, and a glowing Peacemaker gun.

An ICONic mug.

Get your Earper an ICONic mug with everything that represents Wynonna Earp. It’s a beautiful tapestry for the sh*tshow that could. This mug boasts a black mustache, a taco, a sprinkled doughnut, a purple unicorn head, a Purgatory sheriff badge, a glowing Peacemaker and the hashtag #Earper.

Next, this mug might be my favorite (and I’ll probably buy it for myself). It features three versions of Wynonna: the first shows her brandishing Peacemaker with “Shhh” next to her. Then, we see Wynonna holding a teacup beside the word “Almost.” Lastly, Wynonna gives you a thumbs up next to the words “Now you may speak.” It’s perfect for the Earper in your life that thrives on coffee. 

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This adorable mug has an illustration of the Purgatory crew, i.e., Dolls, Waverly, Wynonna, Nicole, Doc and Jeremy. If your Earper is a fan of Patagonia, this mug features the words “Purgatory” in white with the mountain outline complemented by a rainbow sky. 


 A cross stitch with blue, pink, yellow and purple flowers that says, "I never blow jobs without a please first," a quote from the TV show Wynonna Earp.

Without context, this quote looks pretty dirty. It also looks dirty with context.

Wynonna has no shortage of sardonic, witty one-liners and clever quotes. This rare cross-stitch on Etsy spotlights a famous line from the Earp heir: “I never blow jobs without a please first.” The floral accents complement the quote beautifully. Then, this WayHaught enamel pin set features Waverly’s cheerleading uniform and Nicole’s bulletproof vest. 

If your Earper is a culinary genius, give them the gift of this cutting board with the words, “The Randy Nedley Memorial Chili Cook-Off! For Freedom!” They’ll make their best chili with it, one worthy of a cook-off for freedom (that maybe includes a smattering of seitan — don’t tell Wynonna). 

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Lastly, if your Earper is big on the holidays, present them with this Merry Earpmas tree ornament. It’s a festive treat they can use to show their Earper spirit every year (along with the requisite Menstrual Angel). 

What gifts do you plan to give your Earper this year? Sound off in the comments below!

Wynonna Earp Seasons 1 through 4 are now streaming on Netflix. 

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