Welcome back to Wynonna Wednesday, Earpers! This week, I want to delve into episode nine of Wynonna Earp‘s fourth season, “Crazy.” The Trivia Night episode! Our posse of dipsh*ts dealt with a brain-munching cannibal, a genie not in a bottle and blessed us with Chicken Kicker goodness. Winner, winner, chicken kicker dinner! So, hold on to your butts. Grab some whiskey and doughnuts. Let’s get to Earping. 

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The performances!
Still of Varun Saranga, Melanie Scrofano, and Dominique Provost-Chalkley in Wynonna Earp episode "Crazy."

WYNONNA EARP — “Crazy” Episode 409 — Pictured: (l-r) Varun Saranga as Jeremy, Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp, Dominique Provost-Chalkey as Waverly Earp — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

This episode was difficult to determine a clear winner on the performance front because everyone brought their A-game. Kat Barrell‘s lovely sheriff reinstatement speech at Shorty’s springs to mind as a wonderfully raw, honest moment. Even in the face of an embarrassment of the chicken-kicking persuasion, Nicole still conducted herself with grace and aplomb. Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Varun Saranga‘s verbal sparring earlier in the episode is nothing short of comedic gold. This cast just radiates chemistry on every level. They’re so adept at playing off each other. 

In addition, Tim Rozon and Barrell’s scene at Shorty’s is a tenderhearted example of real, tangible friendship in the face of hardship. Doc, more than anyone, understands that we all make mistakes. Nicole declaring that she’d fight for him is proof that if Doc really was seized by Mam Clanton, our Chicken Kicker would battle the hounds of Hell to get him back. 

Nikki Duval and Melanie Scrofano‘s moment at the end of “Crazy” is an intriguing peek into Wynonna’s psyche. Not just her current mental state, but how she’s viewed herself throughout the course of Wynonna Earp. She thinks she’s poisonous. Ginny points out that they’re both cut from the same cloth. The only difference is that Peacemaker is Wynonna’s “master.” Ever since the midseason finale, Doc has hinted at Wynonna falling under Peacemaker’s spell. Allowing a gun to control her. Scrofano’s subtle facial expressions and nuanced work make this scene an episodic standout. 

The story!
Still of Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Kat Barrell in Wynonna Earp episode "Crazy."

WYNONNA EARP — “Crazy” Episode 409 — Pictured: (l-r) Dominique Provost-Chalkey as Waverly Earp, Katherine Barrell as Sheriff Nicole Haught — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Now, we open with Wynonna (Scrofano) and Nicole (Barrell) duking it out at the police station. Lots of boob punches and verbal jabs. Waverly (Provost-Chalkley) appears, and that’s when Nicole realizes she was lured to the station under false pretenses. The Earp sisters want Nicole to reclaim her rightful role as sheriff again. However, she remains stalwart in her decision to stay out of the law. Wynonna shrugs on the mantle of sheriff for the day. 

Meanwhile, a body is found! A dead one! A local werewolf stumbles upon said corpse during his late-night stroll in a dark alley. As werewolves are wont to do. Nicole helps Nedley (Greg Lawson) set everything up for Trivia Night at Shorty’s. Nedley also prods Nicole in the sheriff direction. It’s a very “fatherly tough love” moment. After Wynonna listens to everyone’s menial problems like Guy Fieri flame cars and a worrying moisturizer shortage, Jeremy (Saranga) shows her the deadie. Wynonna decides to pay Doc (Rozon) a visit to see if he knows anything about a deceased man with peculiar markings on his neck. Doc has found a morally sound way of obtaining blood, one that doesn’t involve sucking necks. 

Then, Nicole and Rachel (Martina Ortiz-Luis) have an honest chat about the latter releasing Reaper Billy into the wild. Mama Haught kicks into high gear as she divulges that she’d support Rachel regardless of her sexuality. If Rachel was gay, Nicole and Waves would make sure she listens to the right music. What a wonderfully supportive mama. 

Later, Waverly and Jeremy bicker over whether the killer is human or a supernatural creature. Both of them are preparing for the impending Trivia Night festivities and their innate competitiveness is taking over. But Wynonna’s a “smart also,” so she knows about stuff and such too! The trio learns of a domestic dispute, so Wynonna and Waves decide to investigate the situation. 

Next, they arrive on the doorstep of Doug (Ennis Esmer) a.k.a. Kuru. Waverly finds Ginny (Duval) sitting by her lonesome. She assumes that Ginny’s the victim of Doug’s abuse, so she tries to extract the latter from a presumably dangerous scenario. Wynonna discovers that Doug is the Purgatory murderer and he loves to munch on brain sandwiches. Thankfully, Wynonna and Waverly escape with Ginny in tow. 

Now, Wynonna and Jeremy learn that Ginny is a genie, but she doesn’t live in a bottle. Nor is she blue. Stereotypes, am I right? She caters to Doug’s every whim. He wished to be the smartest man in Purgatory. Ergo, she’s been slaughtering the most intelligent folks in town so Doug can consume their smarty-pants brains. He’s expecting to chow down on the noodle of whoever wins Trivia Night. A spell has overtaken the town, hence why Jerbear and Waves are extra competitive. Wynonna urges Jeremy, Nicole, Waverly and Doc to attend Trivia Night while she keeps watch over the genie in a jail cell. 

Then, Nicole and Waverly arrive at Shorty’s. Nicole is instantly referred to as “Chicken Kicker,” which makes her want to flee on the spot. However, Ginny/Kuru’s spell forces her to stay put, much to her dismay. Nedley is the trivia host extraordinaire. Thus, he oversees the proceedings. Doc is ousted after incorrectly answering a question regarding Wild Bill. It’s down to Waverly and Jeremy as the finalists. 

Meanwhile, Kuru appears inside the jail cell to free Ginny. Oh, he asked for infinite wishes and the ability to walk through walls. He decides that he’s keen on eating Wynonna’s brain because she’s “street smart.” Next, we see Wynonna on a slab while Doug is lording over her with a knife. Doc attempts to leave Shorty’s so he can come to Wynonna’s aid, but the spell prevents him from doing so. Nicole has an idea to distract Nedley and the contestants from the competition at hand. It’ll involve losing a bit of dignity. 

We’re introduced to Chicken Kicker! Nicole plays a video wherein she drunkenly storms the police station to find a sumptuous feast in celebration of Sheriff Clayburn’s win. She proceeds to chastise everyone present and promptly punts a roasted chicken breast. As one does. 

Later, just as Doug is about to cut open Wynonna’s head, he keels over. Ginny reveals that she was buying time because she knew Kuru was about to bite the dust. Mad Cow Disease had rotted his brain. Doc arrives right after Doug perishes. Back at Shorty’s, Nicole approaches Doc and they have a truthful, transparent conversation regarding Nicole’s dangerous bargain with Mam Clanton. Doc is understanding and he forgives her. Additionally, he urges her to reclaim her sheriff position. Nicole is empowered to move forward with purpose again. 

Now, Nicole imparts a vulnerable, eloquent speech straight from her chicken-kicking heart. After a series of raucous cheers and one man admitting that the town needs her, Nicole is reinstated as Sheriff Haught. She embraces Waverly and all is right with the world. 

Meanwhile, Wynonna can’t allow Ginny to leave the police station in one piece. Ginny pleads for her life. She vows to make Doc love Wynonna again. After Wynonna’s own admission that she’s “poison too,” our Earp heir sends Ginny to Hell. 

The supporting acts!
Still of Tim Rozon and Martina Ortiz-Luis in Wynonna Earp episode "Crazy."

WYNONNA EARP — “Crazy” Episode 409 — Pictured: (l-r) Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday, Martina Ortiz-Luis as Rachel Valdez — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

All hail Nikki Duval! Her performance as Ginny had me in stitches. She’s a comedic natural who deftly stole every scene she was in. Duval went from being hysterical to heartbreaking in seconds flat. She could have easily taken that character and embellished it too much. But over-exaggeration, especially on camera, is never a good look. Her grounded, realistic approach is proof that less is more. 

Ennis Esmer is an actor I’ve revered for quite some time. His appearance on Wynonna Earp was a pleasant surprise. His physicality and overall demeanor really fit the tone of the episode. Not to mention, his comedic chops are perfect for this show’s style. Give Red Oaks on Amazon a shot if you want to see more of Esmer being a genuine gem. 

Stray observations!
  • Our very own @TheSciFiBard had a brief cameo in “Crazy”! If you look closely during the scene wherein Wynonna and Waverly pay Doug a visit at his house, you’ll see Wynonna holding an envelope with “The SciFi Bard” emblazoned front and center. Get it, Bard!
  • Doc’s intricate knowledge of all things pop culture never ceases to make me smile. It’s an inherent part of his character development. Notably, I had a “proud mama” moment when Doc named all five members of NSYNC without missing a beat. 
  • Wynonna and Waverly have both said variations of the “Genie, you’re free” line at different points in Wynonna Earp. Waverly told Bobo Del Rey that he was free after she utilized her angel powers to kill him at his behest. Then, Wynonna declared Ginny the Genie free whenever she shot the latter with Peacemaker. Earp sister parallels for life!
  • Waverly wholeheartedly supporting Nicole and not wanting to “blunt her ambition” made my heart grow three sizes. Three whole sizes! This is a prime example of a healthy, loving relationship, Earpers! 
  • You know this won’t be the last time we hear about Chicken Kicker. I’m secretly-not-so-secretly hoping they replay the video at WayHaught’s wedding. A girl can dream. 
  • Doc and Nicole’s beautiful reconciliation. He knew that Nicole meant well and was desperate to get Waverly back. Nicole emphatically stating that she fights for Doc as well was a salve for my soul. And, despite what happened, Doc still encouraged her to reclaim her sheriff position. That’s true friendship. Forgiveness and understanding. 
  • I’m pretty certain that all Earpers died and ascended to Earper heaven with that opening WynHaught scene. 
  • “Not my cherry pie, but a cherry pie that we need to investigate because whoever’s making these cherry pies is still out there and might bake again.” –Jeremy
  • “Well, usually, they’re all like, ‘I want guns for hands,’ or like a laser dick, but not Doug.” –Ginny
  • “Isn’t that the whole point of a glory hole?” –Wynonna
  • “Hello, you losers didn’t vote for me for sheriff, but I stayed. I’m the one who stayed. Now you just want to stuff your dumb faces while celebrating Holt. Well, f*ck your votes. F*ck your dinner. F*ck this chicken!” –Nicole “Chicken Kicker” Haught 
  • “You got to listen to the screams. You have to look the cost of this in the eye and tell it to go f*ck itself.” –Wynonna 
  • “Badge alone does not give the authority.” –Doc 
  • “Genie, you’re free.” –Wynonna 

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What was your favorite part of “Crazy”? Sound off in the comments below! I’ll be back for more Wynonna Earp shenanigans next week when we dive into “Life Turned Her That Way.” Until then — tacos are tasty. 



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