An essay may exhibit the command of the student over the language and knowledge and may reflect their critical thinking as well. An essay may also reflect how well a person can put their thinking into a written and academic content piece. A great essay directly addresses the task/topic and is focused. It has a convincing argument and supports the position, and makes appropriate use of the relevant sources. An essay should also be organized coherently. Below are the five essential tips for authoring a good essay.

Analyzing the Essay Topic/Question

The academic essays and those written by the students provide responses and arguments to the specific questions. Therefore, it is important to analyze the question and the subject matter thoroughly. The content terms of an essay question include the concepts and topics that are relevant to a particular task. While analyzing the question, you may also have to evaluate the limiting terms or the scope of the topic. Lastly, the directive terms include the action points of an essay or what the students need to do (for instance define, analyze, compare, or discuss).

Creating an Argument

A specific argument is based on a well-informed point of view and position on the question of the topic or the essay. Your argument will define your position and will set the path and direction for the entire essay. Therefore, you need to decide your main and overarching theme carefully and after intense evaluation of the essay question and the information available.

Using Reasoning and Evidence

Your essay will present your argument and point of view on the subject matter and the topic of the essay. You can use methods (including reasoning and evidence) for convincing your audience and for presenting your position in an elaborate, strong, and definitive way. Essay writing experts at leading academic portals like RapidEssay writing website may carry out extensive research for gathering the evidence.

  • Evidence: it is the concrete information or data that you may provide for supporting your argument and claim and for convincing the readers. You may have to go through a variety of knowledge bases and resources to find out the right set of facts, examples, statistics, quotations, and illustrations to highlight the specifics of the argument and to make a desirable impact on the readers.
  • Reasoning: the “reasoning” part will connect the evidence to the argument that you present to the audience. Remember that the readers will be convinced only when you can evaluate your evidence and show how these facts, statistics, and data support the main argument that you present.
  • Scholarships: a scholarship is the use of certain specific works and literary pieces that reveal how the argument that you present has a clear relation with the main subject or topic of the essay. As it may be clear, the scholarship part may also be used as evidence and can be a source of reasoning for supporting any argument.

Stress on Coherence

The important components or parts of an essay include its introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.

The “Introduction” begins with a general statement about the subject or topic of the essay and creates a context for the argument of the writer. The thesis statement will reveal the argument. You can also give a road map to your essay by revealing to the readers how you aim to develop and present your main argument. The “body” of the essay will further elaborate the argument and stress the scholarships, while the “conclusion” restates your position and summarizes the themes. Other important aspects of authoring an essay and with coherence include:

  • Ensure that all your paragraphs are based on one main idea.
  • All the sentences of the paragraph should support the main idea of that paragraph.
  • Stress correct spellings and grammatically complete sentences.
  • Link the sentences clearly and avoid repetition and redundancy.
  • Ensure that your paragraph and main points are supporting your argument.

Citing Sources

While writing a clear and focused essay, it is also important to cite all the evidence and sources that you use as pieces of evidence for presenting your argument. References or citations will make your essay credible, complete, and accurate. There are a variety of citation styles (including APA or MLA) that you can choose from. Sometimes the students must follow a definite citation style.


It is important to work on the various aspects and components of an essay to ensure that the final writing is impactful and makes the right impression on the readers. A leading academic service like RapidEssay writing website can help you write clear, focused, and professionally researched essays as well at an affordable price.