Halloween may be over but that doesn’t mean we are missing out on horror games. The upcoming World of Horror comes to us from the the one-man game studio Panstasz and publisher Ysbryd Games. Pawel Kozminski, the founder and man behind Panstasz has been working on this indie horror RPG for the last two years. It pulls a lot of inspiration from retro games, Junji Ito, and Lovecraftian horror. If someone tells you we don’t need anymore Lovecraftian horror stuff, you remove them from your life. Because you don’t need that toxicity ever. Now, back to the important stuff.

World of Horror follows the residents of a rural Japanese seaside town that just so happens to be facing inhuman terrors in this world that is barreling towards madness. Players will be able to choose from five different playable characters in Steam’s early access that all have their own unique stats and perspectives on the events unfolding. The roguelite play style features turn based combat. The best part is that the game setting, characters, and monsters are all illustrated and animated using Microsoft Paint and follow the classic 1-bit graphic style. I don’t even want to tell you what my old paint masterpieces look like.

Players can choose from among ten mysteries that have set generated events that will test players’ stamina and sanity. World of Horror will have us exploring dark corners for clues and hidden items in order to reach the best of ghastly endings. The game play isn’t the only thing to be most excited about. Panstasz collaborated with Cassandra Khaw, a well known script write from Ubisoft. She has worked as a writer on several games including Wasteland 3, Sunless Skies, and She Remembered Caterpillars. This game is shaping up to be a staple in every horror fiend’s library.

World of Horror will be available on PC through Steam early access starting on February 20, 2020. It will also be available on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 in late 2020.

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