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~Brenda Shea

Holla Dweebs! What’s good? So here’s the thing, my blog, my two month old blog, has a MANDATE.

1. Socially interactive
2. Cheap
3. I go to the place and see the people (and take pics)

Yup. That’s it.

Sometimes though stuff hits my radar. It’s cool. But it’s not cheap. Or I can’t go to there. Or it’s closed when I’m off. Or it’s web dedicated. Still, I think it deserves a wider audience. So here’s my sub-blog. Working Class Dweeb — Wishes and Dreams. Which will include pics I randomly stole from the interwebs rather than taking my ownself.



This is gonna be pretty random stuff…

Numbah 1:

Watch this:

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The animated Star Trek is available for streaming on Netflix. Much like the original show (which I love beyond reason) it’s an uneven journey. If you only have half an hour, watch Yesteryear. (and if you watch any other episode may I ask, how rad is M’ress?)

Also this:


The Shat interviews cool folks and then they rate a brown bag wine. A sommelier tells them how their ratings rack up.

Ora only saves a half dozen eps. The Alton Brown one is still avail on youtube. A tiny clip of the LeVar Burton interview too.

(P.S. If anyone knows where I can watch Raw Nerve, please let me know.)

That’s it for a Thursday.

NEXT: Where to shop for the dweeb that has everything.