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Geeks Who Drink (dot com) Pub Trivia
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~by Brenda Shea

This is the trivia challenge of choice for the Alamo Drafthouse.  That alone gets them all kinds of street cred.

The first time I wrote about trivia for Working Class Dweeb, I featured JumpCut Cafe and their awesome Dead Right Horror Trivia Night.  Those kiddos are hardcore though.  Advance registration and whatnot.  So what if you just got off work and have nothing to do?  Here’s a much more casual dweeb themed trivia enviro.

I’ve been a few  times and it’s crazy fun.  This is far from the console based trivia most bars offer. There’s a live host who has contributed to the questions.  The categories are varied and challenging – one of them will most likely mean nothing to you (it was NFL sports quarterback stats for this lady).  They keep it creative.  The MultiMedia is employed via projection screens, audio, and snappy patter.

The first time I went there was a category called “Chewbacca Sings the Hits.”   It’s exactly what you think it is —  a wookie sings and you identify the song.

Not a real wookie, just a recording) 🙁

The host takes pictures and interacts with the audience and then blogs about it later on the Geeks Who Drink website.  There’s a nice photo collage of the participants. If you rise victorious, you can see yourself on the interwebs.  As a wonderful prize, the bar gives tab credit to the winners.  And you meet like-minded folk.  It’s a win-win.

 Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 1.19.08 PMYour host in El Segundo, Alex


Click here to check out their website or to find a location near you. Or check out their Facebook page, here.  The website is a little wonky sometimes, but it always comes back.

For me, it’s Tuesday nights in El Segundo (near Los Angeles) but there are tons of other options across the country as well.  I’ll be at The Tavern on Main,  7:30 Tuesday.  Here’s a fun fact:  I dominated the category “Two Choads Diverged In a Yellow Wood” – where you had to know the right word in a classic poem.  If you can handle that realness then it’s on like Donkey Kong!

BONUS: Tavern on Main is right next to a nice Tiki Bar — The Purple Orchid — if you’re into that kind of thing, and if you’re like me, then you are.